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Three-Chamber Bags Retrospective Study in Spain

The primary study objective is to assess the rates of blood stream infection (BSI) from the use of Three-Chamber Bags (e.g., SmofKabiven®, Kabiven®, others) compared to Hospital Compounded Bags (HCBs) in patients requiring parenteral nutrition in Spanish hospitals.

Power Morcellation Systems for Laparoscopic Hysterectomy and Myomectomy

The purpose of this study is to determine the safety and efficacy of insufflated bags for electromechanical power morcellation during laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy for tissue removal and to observe the integrity of the bags throughout and after insufflation and power morcellation. The hypothesis is the bags will remain in tact without leakage from the bags during and after power morcellation using the described contained system, confirming the safety and effic...

Inflammation Impact on Pain in Knee Osteoarthritis

The aim of this study is to use gold particles as a model compound to modulate specifically and selectively the function of macrophages and mast cells and investigate how this modulates pain and pain sensitization in the osteoarthritic knee assessed by mechanistic pain assessment technologies

Value of an Integral Color Scale on Urine Collection Bags Versus Use of a Strip in Description of Hematuria.

The investigators hypothesize that incorporation of a colorimetric scale on urine collection bags to estimate degree of hematuria would allow better characterization of urine by healthcare staff thus leading to improved patient care.

Consequences of Parenteral Nutrition Photoprotection on Oxidant Related Diseases Among Extremely Low Birth Weight Infants

The antioxidant system of very low birth weight infants is immature. This immaturity is implicated in the pathogenesis of diseases such as bronchopulmonary dysplasia or retinopathy. The main source of oxidant is oxygen, and parenteral nutrition is contaminated with oxidant. Photoprotection decreases the oxidant load infused with parenteral nutrition. In a preliminary study, photoprotection reduced the frequency of pulmonary bronchodysplasia, increased the quantity of enteral nu...

Multifaceted Intervention for Protection Against Cotton Dust Exposure Among Textile Workers

Textile workers are exposed to various harmful substances during work, including cotton dust, which is the dust present in air during the handling or processing of cotton. Previous research found a link between cotton dust exposure and impaired respiratory health. This study will comprise of administration and workers' training regarding preventive measures for protection against respiratory illnesses. Workers will be provided free, disposable face masks and measures to reduce ...

Bag Mode BreathID Hp Validation Versus Endoscopy in Detection of Helicobacter Pylori

A new method of breath collection for testing for Helicobacter Pylori infection has been developed by Exalenz. In this study, it will be compared to the gold standard- endoscopy results to prove its accuracy.

Phase 2b/3 Study of XAF5 Ointment for Steatoblepharon (Undereye Bags)

This randomized, placebo-controlled, double-masked, Phase 2b/Phase 3 study will assess the efficacy of two different concentrations of XAF5 Ointment for reduction of lower lid steatoblepharon (undereye bags).

Trial Comparing Parenteral Nutrition (PN) Using Eurotubes® vs. 2/3-chamber Bags in Subjects With Advanced Cancer Requiring PN (PEKANNUSS)

Patients with inoperable metastatic or locally advanced solid tumors who have an indication for parenteral nutrition will be enrolled and receive standard parenteral nutrition according to randomization using either 2/3-chamber bags or Eurotubes®, the latter either with or without reduced glucose. The main goal of the trial is to compare the incidence of catheter-related infections as well as the frequency of self-administered parenteral nutrition at home (autonomy rate).

GI Fluids Collection for an Ex-Vivo Development of Ingestible Capsule Devices With Real Time Biosensors

Up to 500 subjects undergoing standard endoscopy / pouchoscopy, or having ileostomy or colostomy bags or having an ileal pouch and who meet the eligibility criteria will be enrolled to this study during up to three years at up to 4 clinical sites. GI fluids samples will be collected from: (i) fluids suctioned during standard endoscopy procedures / pouchoscopy, (ii) from ileostomy/colostomy bags removed for bag replacement and (iii) from stool samples collected by patients after...

The Comparative Study of Intra-articular Injection of Tocilizumab and Compound Betamethasone

Aim: Comparing the efficacy and safety of intra-articular injection of tocilizumab and compound betamethasone. Study design: A randomized, single-blind, parallel controlled and one center trial design. Sample size: 60 cases. Study content: Patients who meet inclusive criteria will be randomly divided into tocilizumab group and compound betamethasone group. In the baseline period, we will collect patients' general information, disease information, disease activity score, ...

Efficacy Study of Clinical Nutrition to Treat Lung Neoplasms And Breast Carcinoma

This study evaluates the efficacy of clinical nutrition to treat lung neoplasms and breast carcinoma.We estimate there will be 480 patients accepted.120 patients will receive GLSE compound,120 patients will recrive Maitake mushroom extract compound,120 patients will recrive Rinseng compound,and 120 patients will be as blank countrol group.Efficacy Study of Clinical Nutrition to Treat Lung Neoplasms And Breast Carcinoma

Transtibial Pin Lock Suspension at Varying Distraction Values Using a Modified Air Bladder Casting System

To assess the effects various distraction values have on the 'slippage' effect of a transtibial pin-lock system

Comparing Consistency of QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus and QuantiFERON-TB Gold for Latent Tuberculosis in Dialysis Population

In patients receiving long term dialysis, using new generation of QuantiFERON-TB Gold Plus can have less result variability in inter-experiment and serial follow up in comparing with QuantiFERON-TB Gold In-tube.

B181 Metobes-III: Weight Loss Maintenance of a New Bioactive Compound (Metobes-Long)

To investigate the 5-hour acute effect on energy expenditure, substrate oxidation and ad libitum food intake after intake of the Metobes-compound (green tea extract, capsaicin, tyrosine, caffeine). Furthermore, to investigate if the effect of the Metobes-compound can be inhibited by blocking the β-adrenergic receptors. The effect of the Metobes-compound will be investigated by: 1. 5-hour energy expenditure and respiratory quotient (ventilated hood). 2. 5-h change ...

Methylene Blue Injection for Nonneoplastic Epithelial Disorders of Vulva

The aim of this study is to demonstrate the safety and effectiveness of mixed methylene blue compound Injection for the treatment of nonneoplastic epithelial disorders(NNEDS) of vulva. NNEDS of skin and mucosa of vulva refer to a group of chronic diseases including squamous hyperplasia and lichen sclerosus, which mainly cause vulvar itching and hypopigmentation. Usually the itching is severe may influence social activities and sleep. In addition, NNEDS cause scarring of th...

This Is The First Study Using Escalating Doses Of PF-03758309, An Oral Compound, In Patients With Advanced Solid Tumors

This is the first study using PF-03758309, an oral compound, in patients with advanced solid tumors. In this study different doses of PF-03758309 will be administered to different groups of patients. The study will assess the compound's safety, the blood levels of PF-03758309 during the treatment and the effect of the compound on the tumor cells.

An Observational Pre-post Study Evaluating the Safety of Tabernanthe Iboga Exposure

This is an observational study aiming to investigate the risks and consequences of naturalistic tabernanthe iboga exposure in a population with a history of head trauma, combat or blast exposure. We will assess the safety profile of the compound through psychological and cognitive testing. Participants will also have an MRI before and after their exposure to the compound, to examine if there are any brain changes associated with its use. Participants must independently schedule...

Stool Composition and Stool Characteristics in Healthy Term Infants Fed Human Milk or Infant Formulas

The primary efficacy objective was to determine and compare stool composition (stool soap and non-soap fatty acids, total fatty acids, minerals, and other stool constituents) among the feeding groups.

F 18 T807 Tau PET Imaging in Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Network (DIAN Project)

The purpose of this research study is to evaluate a new radioactive compound used in positron emission tomography (PET) scans in identifying tau tangles (a certain protein that might be associated with Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer's Disease) in the brain, and if the amount of tau tangles in the brain has a relationship to cognitive status. This study involves a PET scans using the radioactive compound, F 18 T807 for measurement of tau deposition. This radioactive compound is...

Effect of a Specific Phenolic Compound on Blood Pressure

The study's main objective is to investigate the effects of acute consumption of a preparation containing 100 mg of a specific phenolic compound (patent pending, P201531587) on systolic BP after ingestion of a high fat meal.

Gold Against Pains From Osteoarthrosis in the Knee

Goldimplantation around arthritic joints is a very popular treatment - but the effect has never been controlled.

A Study Of The Effects Of CB2 Compound Of GW842166 In Patients With Osteoarthritis

This is a double-blind, two-period, placebo controlled cross-over Phase IIa study. This study is to use CB2 compound of GW842166 in patients with osteoarthritis. The pain assessments and WOMAC questionnaires will be used in the study after the repeated dose to evaluate the efficacy of CB2 compound of GW842166.

Multidisciplinary Treatment of Chronic Vulvar Pain

Vulvodynia (i.e. chronic vulvar pain without identifiable cause) is a heterogeneous clinical entity with a complex multifactorial causation. It is long lasting and difficult to treat, and the general consensus of current guidelines states that patients with vulvodynia benefit from a compound multidisciplinary intervention targeting mucosal hypersensitivity, pelvic muscle floor dysfunction and general pain management. However, there is little empiric evidence to support this rec...

Meat Derivative and Satiating Compound Effect on Satiety

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the satiating effects of a meat derivative and a satiating compound on overweight subjects (BMI ≥25 and

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