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The Georgia Latino AIDS/HIV Diagnosis and Linkage in Youth (GLADLY) Project

This study aims to understand the barriers to receiving HIV testing and retention of care for at risk and HIV positive young adults. This study also seeks to determine the feasibility and acceptability of HIV testing in a non-clinical setting.

Evaluation of HCV Viremia Testing Approaches Among PWID in Georgia

This study will evaluate two novel approaches to improve access to Hepatitis C virus (HCV) confirmatory viremia testing. Both approaches are "Harm reduction site-based (HRS)" because HCV viremia testing will be initiated and test results will be provided at the HRSs. These approaches will be compared to the current standard of care (control) in which anti-HCV-positive individuals must travel to a HCV treatment centre for HCV viremia testing. The investigators hypothesize that i...

Checking Out Checking In: The Development and Validation of an Electronic Screening Tool for Pediatric Psychosocial Distress

Background: - Medical problems and treatments can cause stress in some people. Researchers want to learn more about how to measure distress in young people with medical illnesses. A screening tool called Checking In will be developed in order to help researchers find ways to identify concerns and stresses common to this group. Objective: - To create a screening tool that will help health care providers identify psychological and social distress in young people wi...

Water as Therapy in Autosomal Dominant Polycystic Kidney Disease (ADPKD)

Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease (ADPKD) is the most common single gene disorder that is potentially fatal. ADPKD is caused by mutations in either of two genes (PKD1, PKD2). Cysts begin to develop primarily in renal collecting tubules in utero and continue to form and expand throughout the patient's life. One of the goals of the study is to formulate a water prescription for use in clinical trials to determine the effect of sustained water diuresis on the progressi...

The Q in the Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY): Exploring New Methods

Aim: The aim of this proposal is to investigate the potential use and value of experienced utility, as measured by the Experience Sampling Method and the Day Reconstruction Method, in the economic evaluation of health care. Methods: Three samples of 46 patients with different conditions one sample of 46 healthy controls will be included in the study. The Experience Sampling Method (ESM) and the Day Reconstruction Method (DRM) will be adapted and subsequently used to measure ex...

Cognitive Checking Intervention for Maladaptive Beliefs About Memory

A small (N = 24) pilot study developed a new and brief cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) module for checking symptoms (CBT-C) in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). CBT-C targets maladaptive beliefs about memory and results show that it is effective at significantly decreasing checking symptoms as compared to a waitlist control. The objectives of the current investigation are to further investigate CBT-C by (1) replicating the pilot results in a larger sample; (2) using an a...

Living Well With a Disability Curriculum Adaptation Evaluation Plan

The purpose of this proposal is to implement a joint project with Georgia Southern University and the Effingham County Navigator Team to improve the quality of life of families with a child with a disability in southeast Georgia. The final outcome of this project will be a new curriculum, Living Well Together, which builds on a previous implementation of the Living Well with a Disability curriculum in Bulloch County.

Pharmacokinetics of Two Eletriptan Oral Formulations Given With and Without Water and the Commercial Tablet Formulation Given With Water

The study will evaluate whether the blood concentrations of eletriptan administered using two test formulations of oral disintegrating tablets are comparable to those observed with the standard commercial tablet.

Does the Cap Increase the Finding of Polyps When Water Exchange Colonoscopy is Used

This is a study to compare two different, but normally, used methods of colonoscopy in patients that require a routine or repeat colonoscopy. There will be three arms in this study: WE water control, water plus Cap-1, and water plus Cap-2. The patient will prepare himself/herself for the colonoscopy as per normal instructions and he/she will be given the information for the study at that time so that he/she can make a decision to participate in the study. The control method wil...

Low Pulse Amplitude Focal ECT (LAP Study)

This protocol proposes a pilot randomized clinical trial to examine whether Low Pulse Amplitude Focal ECT (LAP) has a more favorable cognitive profile compared to conventional unilateral ECT and that it has similar effects as traditional ECT in reducing suicidality. The study will enroll 10 patients recruited from the Medical College of Georgia (at Georgia Regents University/Augusta University, GRU/AU) as the only site of the study. Eligible participants will be randomly assign...

Study of the Effects of a Mineralized Water Ingestion Upon Lipidic Absorption Mechanisms

The principal objective of this research is the evaluation of the effect of mineralized water consumption upon evolution of LDL Cholesterol and triglycerides, compared to a low mineralized water consumption.

Hidrate Me Smart Water Bottle Use in Patient With Nephrolithiasis

The primary objective of this study would be to determine whether utilization of this technology improves adherence to recommended increases in hydration for stone forming patients with low urine volume relative to standard techniques such as education and reading materials. We hypothesize that the addition and utilization of the smart water bottle to standard recommendations will lead to measurable increases 24 hour urine output for affected patients.

Cannabinoids Effects on the Pain Modulation System

Effective treatment of acute pain, chronic and persistent is the most important concern in the world today. Although a variety of pain medications including anti-inflammatory painkillers and opiouids, patients continue to suffer from pain constantly. For over a century ,International committees studied the issue of cannabis, and almost uniformly recommended the use of cannabis for various medical applications ,especially those that include pain treatment. Despite the wid...

Water Oxygenation and Brain Activity

The primary purpose of this interventional, placebo controlled, crossover, double blind, basic science exploratory study is to investigate whether there is a difference in brain electrophysiological oscillatory activity in healthy adults before and after oral consumption of water containing very small bubbles of oxygen (electrokinetically modified water).

Water Induced Thermogenesis in Obese Children

Drinking water is largely advocated for obesity prevention and management. Recent studies have suggested that water has a thermogenic effect, this has not been examined in children. In this study, we will measure the resting metabolic rate of 21 obese children before, and during drinking cold (4 degrees centigrade)water for up to 60 minutes.

Oral Water Ingestion in Heart Transplant Patients

In this study the investigators propose to assess the hemodynamic response to the ingestion of 16 fl oz of water. The investigators will test the hypothesis that water ingestion will increase the systemic vascular resistance.

Effectiveness of Environmental Measures to Eliminate the Risks of Lead Exposure in Infant Lead Poisoning

Infant lead poisoning is the clinical expression of lead poisoning. This environmental disease, still present in France, is the only notifiable non-infectious disease. Its complications include, in the foreground, disorders of psychomotor development but also include in adults the attack of other systems. The fight against lead poisoning mainly involves the removal of lead sources. Several methods of eviction exist: a modification of the practices, a palliative rehabilitation...

Removal of Dermal Exposure to Phthalate Ester by Hand Washing

The aim of the study is to evaluate the effectiveness in removing chemical exposure on hand, we compare removal efficiency of Di-(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) on hands by hand washing with soap and water vs. water only. In two three-day N-of-1 trials, residual DEHP was measured in a single female adult who washed exposed hands with soap-and-water or water-only. Subsequently, a crossover study was performed by randomly assigning another 28 subjects equally to wash with soap-and...

Effects of Naturally Silicon-Rich Water on Bone Metabolism in Women

The aim of this research study is to determine by laboratory analyses the effects of drinking silicon-rich water on bone health. This will be determined from blood and urine samples from subjects who will be asked to drink 1 liter per day of either silicon-rich water or water without silicon for 12 weeks.

The Effect of Coconut Water on Varsity Basketball Performance

This study will assess whether there is a performance enhancing effect associated with hydrating with coconut water. There have been only two studies in the past that have examined this phenomenon, however these studies have limitations due to their design parameters. Kalman et al. (2012) ".... while treadmill time to exhaustion is routinely used in laboratory studies, the use of a time trial test as the measure of exercise performance may be more appropriate." While Peart et a...

Metformin to Treat Obesity in Children With Insulin Resistance

This study will examine the safety and effectiveness of the medicine metformin to help overweight children control their food intake, weight, insulin, cholesterol, and triglyceride (blood fat) levels. Obesity and high insulin levels can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and triglyceride levels and heart disease. Metformin-approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus-helps lower insulin levels and may control w...

The Hydration to Optimize Metabolism (H2O Metabolism) Pilot Study

This study evaluates increased hydration (1.5 L of water daily during 6 weeks) on top of habitual water intake in the lowering of the vasopressin marker copeptin and in the lowering of plasma glucose concentration in adults with signs of low water intake at recruitment (elevated levels of copeptin, high urine osmolality, low urine volume).

A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Water Protocol for Clients With Thin Liquid Dysphagia

The Purpose of the GF Strong water protocol is to allow clients who have thin liquid dysphagia to drink water under certain specified conditions according to the rules of the water protocol. Water Protocols have been shown to improve client satisfaction, and hydration. We wish to assess this in a randomized, controlled fashion, and this is a pilot project to determine feasibility.

Audiovisual Stimulus During Urodynamics

Many women have the need to run to the restroom frequently during the night and day, a condition called "overactive bladder". Embarrassing urinary leakage is also commonly associated with these symptoms. The investigators believe the primary cause in most cases is the bladder muscle contracting too frequently but are still not sure exactly why this happens and if it is triggered by factors in the environment. When bladder testing using pressure catheters ("urodynamics") is done...

The Impact of Distraction on Adenoma Detection Rate

The investigators will review video-recordings of three randomized, controlled trials (NCT01535326, 01699399, and 01894191) comparing air insufflation, water immersion and water exchange during colonoscopy. These studies were all conducted at Buddhist Dalin Tzu Chi Hospital.

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