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Comparison of Global, G-TL, & Cornell Media

This is a prospective, randomized clinical trial to compare the Global commercial single step media to 1) G-TL (Vitrolife), 2) Weill Cornell's single step and sequential steps media, which all support human embryo development in the laboratory using the Vitrolife Time-Lapse system. The main goal of the study is to identify the best culture medium for optimal embryo development.

FS-1 Drug for Treatment of Multiple Drug-resistant Tuberculosis

Drug-resistant tuberculosis is becoming a major problem for the whole humanity, and development of new Anti-TB drugs is of great importance. Since Kazakhstan is a country with the high burden of tuberculosis, The Government of The Republic of Kazakhstan has founded initiative on the development of new Anti-TB drug to treat drug-resistant forms of this infectious disease. JSC "Scientific Center for Anti-infectious Drugs" has developed original drug FS-1 for the treatment of mult...

Efficacy of the START-Play Program for Infants With Neuromotor Disorders

The purpose of this project is to evaluate the efficacy of Sitting Together And Reaching To Play (START-Play), an intervention designed to target sitting, reaching, and motor-based problem solving to improve development and readiness to learn in infants with motor delays or dysfunction. There is limited research examining the efficacy of early physical intervention on infants with neuromotor dysfunction. In addition, most early motor interventions have not been directly linked ...

An Arts Intervention for Drug-Using Homeless Youth

In the study, homeless youth from a drop-in site and faculty from UCLA and California Institute of the Arts will develop, pilot test and evaluate a youth-based drug and health-promoting program. It is hoped that this program will help in the development of a program that can be further tested in a larger study and lead to the development of an innovative and effective drug counseling program that youth situated in homeless sites will utilize.

Development of Escitalopram Genomic Device by Using Candidate Gene Approach and Genome-Wide Scanning

To reveal the genetic determinants of the treatment outcome of escitalopram in depressed patients (by using candidate gene approach and whole genome scanning).

A Pilot Scheme - Specimen Collection of Health Management Center

Biomedical and biotechnology industry is internationally regarded as the most brilliant star performer of the future. The development of biomedical depends on a high quality academic research environment, while innovation and uniqueness should be emphasized for the development of biotechnology industry. The successful development of biotechnology industry will be impossible if the development is not based on extensive and in-depth research work and verification acquired from cl...

Development of a Screening Strategy for Community-Based Adverse Drug Related Events in the Emergency Department

Adverse Drug Related Events (ADREs) are a leading cause of Emergency Department (ED) visits in Canada. However emergency physicians recognize only half of all ADREs in patients presenting to the ED, missing opportunities to intervene. The objective of this study is to develop a screening strategy that identifies patients with ADREs. Our hypothesis is that the development of a user-friendly, reliable screening strategy for ADREs in patients presenting to the ED is feasible. We b...

Isolated Mild Fetal Ventriculomegaly and Neurodevelopmental Outcome

Isolated mild fetal ventriculomegaly is a common finding in fetal ultrasound examinations. When the ventricular diameter is more than 15 mm it is usually considered as severe and connected to other malformations. Most of these children will be severely affected later in life. Less than 10 mm ventricular width considered as normal. The current medical knowledge can not answer questions regarding future development of children who were diagnosed to suffer from mild (10-14.9 mm)...

Choline Supplementation During Pregnancy: Impact on Attention and Social Withdrawal

The goal is to determine if providing a nutritional supplement, phosphatidylcholine, to pregnant women improves early brain development with improved brain-related development during the first four years of life. Participating pregnant women will receive either phosphatidylcholine or a placebo from approximately 16 weeks gestation through birth. The primary outcome is the child's behavior at four years of age as reported by the primary caregiver. Secondary outcomes include moto...

Zinc and Biobehavioral Development in Early Childhood

Zinc is necessary for growth and development, including the central nervous system, and zinc deficiency which is common in resource-poor settings, may adversely affect social, behavorial, cognitive and sensorimotor development. The project, located in Lima Peru, utilizes an experimental model in which children receive 10 mg supplemental zinc (or not) daily along with 10 mg iron and 1/2 mg copper from 6 months of age to 18 months of age. Beginning at 6 months of age, and at 9, ...

Data Collection for Next Generation Ultrasound Technology Development

The purpose of this study is to enable longitudinal data collection of a library of ultrasound images and associated case data in a diseased population with varied sonographic findings. This data is required to support future engineering development of new ultrasound technologies.

Correlation of Volumetric Brain Analysis With Development at 18 Months

The study will correlate the volumes of the brain obtained from magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans done at term gestation for infants born prematurely who weighed less than 1000 grams at birth with their corresponding development at 18 months corrected age.

Development, Validation and Evaluation of an Adult and Pediatric Eosinophilic Esophagitis Activity Index

Eosinophilic Esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic inflammatory disease of the esophagus affecting children and adults. The most frequent symptoms are swallowing difficulties and thoracic pain. The disease has first been described in the 1980s and is found with rapidly increasing frequency mainly in industrialized countries. The factors that lead to EoE are until now incompletely understood, of importance, the disease is found more frequently in men and patients suffering from allergi...

The Balance Influence of Shoe Inserts on Motor Development Delayed Children

Flatfoot, one of the most common foot problems experienced by preschool-aged children, characterized by the collapse of the foot's medial longitudinal arch. Children with motor developmental delay often have flatfoot, according to clinical observation, and research indicates that preschool age is the main stage of the medial longitudinal arch development period. There flatfoot symptoms due to poor arch shock effect, poor walking endurance, likely to cause gait problems while gr...

Developmental Effects of Infant Formula Supplemented With LCPUFA

The purpose of this study is to compare the effects on visual development, growth, cognitive development, tolerance, and blood chemistry parameters in term infants fed one of four study formulas containing various levels of DHA and ARA.

The Burden of Childhood Anemia in Bangladesh: Does Socioeconomic Status Matter?

Childhood anemia is a global public health problem that is associated with life-threatening consequences such as growth retardation, impaired motor and cognitive development, and increased morbidity and mortality. Anemia can be caused by a variety of factors such as nutritional deficiencies (i.e., iron, folic acid, vitamin B12, and vitamin A), infections (i.e., helminth), and blood disorders (i.e., hemoglobinopathies). The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that approxim...

Early Movements as a Predictor of Future Developmental Delay

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a major developmental problem. Major risk groups of CP, are preterm infants and multiple pregnancies. Previous studies using the General Movements methodology demonstrated early identification of CP, as early as 3 month of age. This method was implemented mainly on preterm infants this study goal is to enlarge the scope of the methodology to infants of multiple pregnancies. A second goal is to study early motor development and its future consequences by c...

DÉCISION+, a Continuous Professional Development Program to Improve Optimal Drug Prescription : a Feasibility Study

The objective of this project is to evaluate the feasibility of a larger randomized trial of the efficacy of DECISION+, a continuous professional development program integrating multiple components, to promote shared decision making concerning drug prescription.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Brain Development in Autism

The purpose of this study is to investigate brain development in autism by longitudinally assessing children with autism, as well as typically developing controls, using advanced MR techniques. We will use longitudinal diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) measures to investigate the protracted development of long-range white matter fibers in autism. In addition, we will investigate the effect of autism risk genes on brain development.

To Investigate the Pharmacological Effects, Drug Blood Levels and Safety of an Intrauterine System Releasing the Study Drug BAY1007626 in Comparison to Mirena and Jaydess in Healthy Young Women Treated for 90 Days to Determine the Drug Dose for Further De

Investigation of pharmacological effects, drug blood levels and safety of an intrauterine system releasing the study drug BAY1007626 in comparison to Mirena and Jaydess in healthy young women treated for 90 days to determine the drug dose for further development

Dabrafenib and/or Trametinib Rollover Study

This study is to provide access for patients who are receiving treatment with dabrafenib and/or trametinib in a Novartis-sponsored Oncology Global Development, Global Medical Affairs or a former GSK-sponsored study who have fulfilled the requirements for the primary objective, and who are judged by the investigator as benefiting from continued treatment n the parent study as judged by the Investigator at the completion of the parent study.

Immune Mechanisms of Rejection in Human Lung Allografts

The investigators have obtained compelling evidence that the development of anti-human leukocyte antigen (anti-HLA) antibodies against mismatched donor antigens significantly correlates with the development of bronchiolitis obliterans (BOS). Further, these anti-HLA antibodies are developed at least 15 months prior to any clinical evidence of BOS. This lag period between the development of anti-HLA antibodies and the onset of BOS gives us an opportunity to intervene to delay and...

Effects of Exposed to Antipsychotics Throughout Pregnancy on Infants Development: A Prospective Study

The primary aim of this prospective study is to evaluate the effect of antipsychotics on infant development especially neurobehavioral development which evaluated by the Bayley-III when mothers are treated with antipsychotics throughout their pregnancy.

An Examination of Infants' Microbiome, Nutrition, and Development Study.

This study is examining the relationship between infant nutrition, gut health, and development. The fecal microbiota changes and develops, in large part due to the food that infants eat. These changes are important for many aspects of development. This study is designed to examine how the fecal microbiota changes when exclusively breastfed infants are first introduced to solid food, and how changes of the fecal microbiota are related to other aspects of development.

Effect of Abstinence Duration on Embryo Development

The aim the investigators study is to analyze the embryo development if oocytes of the participants are injected with sperm from a longer or shorter (2 hours) abstinence duration.

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