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Trans-Obturator Tape vs. Trans-Vaginal Tape for Stress Urinary Incontinence in Women

Stress urinary incontinence is a health concern for many women. The transvaginal tape surgery has become a common procedure to address the problem. Another surgery is now available, trans-obturator tape. We will compare these 2 approaches to dealing with SUI and follow the women for 1 year.

Trans-obturator Mid-urethral Sling and the Single-incision Sling in Women With Stress Urinary Incontinence

Mid-urethral slings (MUS) now represent a gold standard in the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence (SUI). Second generation trans-obturator slings (TOT) have proven to be as effective as retropubic tension-free vaginal tape (TVT) with fewer major complications. A third generation of the MUS inserted through a single vaginal incision (SIS) has become a means to overcome significant post-operative groin pain. Novel types of SIS with a more robust and adjustable anchor...

A Clinical Evaluation of the Tension-Free Vaginal Tape Obturator System For Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence (Urinary Leakage)

Stress urinary incontinence affects nearly 30 million women worldwide and the main goal of surgical treatment is to stop urinary incontinence (urinary leakage) that occurs with physical activity, coughing, sneezing, etc.Patients in the study will have an operation to improve urinary incontinence symptoms. This will involve inserting a mesh sling to help support the urethra (tube leading into your bladder). During the operation, the study doctor will use tension-free vaginal o...

Randomized, Multicenter Trial Comparing TVT With TVT-O for Treatment of Female Urinary Incontinence

The Tensionfree Vaginal Tape (TVT) procedure is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for treatment of female urinary stress incontinence. The TVT procedure has a documented efficacy and safety but is still associated with the risk of intra- and post-operative complications. A modification of the TVT procedure called TVT-O (Tensionfree Vaginal Tape Obturator), which utilises the obturator foramen for passage of the tape, is thought to lower the risk of complications. The tria...


A New Membrane Obturator Prothesis Concept for Soft Palate Defects

When soft palate defects lead to palatal insufficiency, the patient's quality of life is affected by difficulties swallowing, hypernasality, and poor intelligibility of speech. If immediate surgical reconstruction is not an option, the patient may benefit from the placement of a rigid obturator prosthesis. Unfortunately, the residual muscle stumps are often unable to adequately move this stiff and inert obturator to properly restore the velopharyngeal valve function. The object...

Comparison of Obturator Nerve Blockade and Neuromuscular Blockade

Patients diagnosed with posterolateral bladder tumors will be invited to participate in the study. Subjects will be randomized to receive an ultrasound-guided obturator block or a neuromuscular blocking agent after the induction of general anesthesia in an attempt to block the obturator reflex during surgery.

Postoperative Analgesia After Elective Hip Surgery - Effect of Obturator Nerve Blockade

The study investigates the effect of an obturator nerve block on the postoperative pain and opioid consumption after total hip replacement.

A Study to Compare FCD105 Foam to Minocycline 3% Foam, Adapalene 0.3% Foam and Vehicle Foam.

A study comparing FCD105 to 3% minocycline foam, 0.3% adapalene foam and vehicle foam in patients ≥ 12 years old for the treatment of moderate-to-severe acne.

Retropubic vs. Transobturator Tension-Free Vaginal Tape

The so-called tension-free vaginal tape (TVT), first described in Sweden in 1996, has become a standard operation worldwide for the treatment of women with stress urinary incontinence. This tape is placed from the vagina behind the pubic bone and exits through the skin of the lower abdomen, just above the pubic bone. In 2001 a urologist in France proposed passing a similar tape laterally (as opposed to behind the pubic bone). This tape is passed through a window of the pelvic b...

Development and Evaluation of a New Diagnostic Test in Female Urinary Stress Incontinence

The investigators hypothesize that an innovative test device simulating transvaginal tape support will increase the performance and reproducibility of the diagnosis of urethral hypermobility before surgery for urinary incontinence. The main objective of this study is to compare two prognostic tests in their ability to predict the success (or failure) of the implementation of a suburethral TVT (tension-free vaginal tape) or TOT (trans-obturator tape) treatment for stress urinar...

The Effectiveness of Kinesio® Tex Tape on Gluteus Medius Activation in Dancers

The purpose of this research is to determine if a specific type of elasticated athletic tape (Kinesio Tex Tape) increases muscle activation among professional level dancers. Investigators will determine if changes in muscle activation with the elasticated tape differ from changes experienced with no tape and/or sham tape, and if it coincides with subjective sense of muscle activation.

Treating Stress Urinary Incontinence: Laparoscopic Obturator Urethropexy vs Burch Urethropexy

Stress urinary incontinence (SUI) is a highly prevalent concern within the female population. Although mid urethral slings (MUS) have been the first line treatment for SUI for almost twenty years, due to recent FDA warnings and many countries banning the use of vaginal mesh, a significant portion of patients now request non-mesh anti-incontinence procedures. In such cases, Burch colposuspension would be the next option discussed with patients. In the short term, the efficacy o...

A Randomised Controlled Phase II Trial Assessing Post-Operative Use of ProSpare, a Rectal Obturator in Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy

A two-arm randomised controlled trial in patients receiving post-prostatectomy radiotherapy in the adjuvant or salvage setting, with patients randomised to receive daily ProSpare (obturator) guided IMRT or Centre standard (non-obturator) guided IMRT.

The Effect of Dynamic Tape ® on Plantar Fascitis

The Dynamic Tape ® (DT) is a new Tape (2009). Dynamic tape ® is a visco-elastic nylon tape material , greater than 200% elastic has manufactured in Asia. The material and adhesive arefast drying and breathable meaning that the tape, if it is correctly applied may stay on for up to 5 days, bearingin mind that if any discomfort, itching, burning, stinging orirritation is felt immediate removal is strongly advised. Usually tapes are applied in plantar fasciitis to improve th...

The Effect of Theraworx Foam in Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Participation will be for approximately 21 days (3 study visits,1 week apart with allowance for scheduling conflicts). A topical (or placebo) foam alone or with a splint will be used. Demographic and symptom information will be obtained. At each visit 3 questionnaires (BCT, CTS-6, and DASH) will be completed and an ultrasound of the wrist (median nerve) will be done to document any change in symptoms and/or in the size of the nerve. Random assignment will be to one of 4 groups:...

Durapore vs. Hy-Tape to Secure The Endotracheal Tube

A variety of adhesive tapes are used to secure the endotracheal tube during anesthesia, including 3MTM Durapore (acrylate- based tape) and the Hy-Tape® Pink tape (zinc-based tape) with no preference for one or the other. In this study, the investigators will compare two tapes to determine if one is less likely to cause skin irritation around the mouth in an effort to improve care for future patients.

Obturator Nerve Block in Total Hip Arthrosplasty

Interest of obturator nerve block for analgesia in total hip arthroplasty remains controversial. This regional anesthesia procedure could provide post-operative pain relief as obturator nerve is responsible for innervation of the internal part of the hip joint capsule. This randomized double-blind study aims to assess obturator nerve block for post-operative analgesia in total hip arthroplasty. Before the surgery, an ultrasound guided obturator nerve block will be performed w...

Adhesive Tape Trauma Evaluation of a New Gentle Tape in Healthy Infant Subjects

The objective of this study is to determine the relative gentleness of a new medical tape. A three-prong multidimensional evaluation consisting of expert grader, subject discomfort assessment, and laboratory assessments was used. One pre-study visit took place up to 7 days prior to the start of the study. The study was conducted over two days with one tape sample applied and removed. Assessments were taken on the final day. This was to mimic a normal tape application in health ...

Complications of Mesh Procedures for Stress Urinary Incontinence

Complications from mesh procedures (i.e. insertion of tension-free vaginal tapes (TVT), trans-obturator tapes (TOT) and suprapubic slings (SS)) used during surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence have caused major concern around the world. The investigators aim to conduct a retrospective cohort study using administrative inpatient data from the Hospital Episode Statistics (HES) database to determine the complications of all first-time surgical mesh procedures in the ...

To Evaluate the Safety, Tolerability and Efficacy of Calcipotriene Foam, 0.005%, Versus Vehicle Foam in Pediatric Subjects (Ages 2-11) With Plaque Psoriasis

Calcipotriene is a vitamin D3 analog that has been used as topical therapy in adult subjects with plaque-type psoriasis since 1993. Calcipotriene foam, 0.005%, was approved in 2010 for the treatment of plaque psoriasis in adults aged 18 years and older. The current study is a multicenter study comparing calcipotriene foam, 0.005% with vehicle foam in pediatric subjects (ages 2 to 11 years, inclusive) with mild to moderate plaque psoriasis. Subjects or their primary caregivers ...

The Immediate Effects of Applying Dynamic Tape, Kinesio Tape and Sport Tape With Chronic Ankle Instability

Injuries to the ankle joint account for 20% of the population that is afflicted with joint injury and the largest percentage of self-reported musculoskeletal injuries (> 10%) are to the ankle. Ankle sprain has a large portion in ankle injuries and occurs not only in the sporting population but also in the general community. Although the acute symptom would be resolve quickly, but many people still report persisting problems, such as pain and instability. Chronic ankle instabil...

Safety and Efficacy of Azelaic Acid Foam 15% in Papulopustular Rosacea

This study will investigate the safety and efficacy of a new formulation of an existing medication for the treatment papulopustular rosacea. The study will test the active ingredient plus foam against foam alone.

A Study to Evaluate Safety and Equivalence of Generic Azelaic Acid Foam and Finacea® Foam in Patients With Rosacea

The objectives of this study were to compare the safety and efficacy profiles of a generic Azelaic Acid Foam, 15% to the reference listed Finacea® (azelaic acid) Foam, 15% and to demonstrate therapeutic equivalence and safety of the two active foams in the treatment of moderate facial rosacea, and to demonstrate superiority of the Reference and Test products over the Vehicle

The Acute Effect of Foam Rolling on Elbow Joint Sensorimotor Function

The purpose of this study is to investigate the acute effects of foam rolling on elbow joint sensorimotor function with healthy participants . Study group will receive foam rolling exercise. Control group will receive no foam rolling exercise. Control group will be given a brochure including information about proprioception and foam rolling.

Clinical Study to Compare 3 Multi-Layered Foam Dressings for the Management of Chronic Wounds

A prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial (RCT) using a cross-over (repeated measures) design to evaluate safety and efficacy of three foam wound dressings in the local management of chronic wounds.

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