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A Post-market Study of the Endo GIA™ Reinforced Reload With Tri-Staple™ Technology

A post-market study of the Endo GIA™ Reinforced Reload with Tri-Staple™ Technology.


A Post Market Study to Confirm the Safety and Performance of the Signia™ Stapling System.

The objectives of this prospective, two-arm, multicenter post-market study is to confirm safety and performance through the incidence of subjects reporting serious adverse device effects (ADEs) up to and including 30 days following use of Signia™ Stapling System with Endo GIA™ with Tri-Staple™ Technology and Tri-Staple™ 2.0 Intelligent Reloads in subjects undergoing indicated abdominal or thoracic procedures for resection, transection and creation of anastomosis per the...

Prebiotic Fiber in the ICU

This is a pilot trial testing enteral feeds that are high versus low in prebiotic fiber in 20 critically ill adults. The long-term goal is to determine the efficacy of fiber for the prevention of pathogen colonization/infection in the ICU.

Cryo AF Global Registry

Cryo AF Global Registry a prospective, global, multi-center, observational Post-Market Registry

PSD Veritas Collagen Matrix Staple Line Reinforcement for Colorectal Surgery

Purpose of the study is to assess the utility of PSD Veritas as a staple line reinforcement to minimize the risk of leakage during or after colo-rectal surgery.

Tri Staple Technology Stapler Used in Gastric Bypass

The objectives of this clinical trial are to assess in a pilot setting the overall performance and safety of the Endo GIA™ Stapler with Endo GIA™ SULU with Tri-Staple™ Technology when used in a gastric bypass procedure.

The Effects of Fiber on Appetite and Digestion Hormones

In this research study, investigators are interested in how certain dietary fibers in the diet affect certain hormones released from your intestine after eating and how these influence your appetite. The study hypothesis is that certain fibers will slow digestion and absorption of nutrients thereby optimizing fullness,reducing food intake and limiting insulin response in pre- and post-menopausal women.

A Clinical Trial Comparing Monocryl and Dermabond Closure Versus Staple Closure in Total Hip Arthroplasty

Patients undergoing primary hip arthroplasty will be randomized to receive either monocryl closure of fascial and dermal layers with dermabond and tegaderm covering versus standard vicryl closure of fascia layer and staple closure for skin. Short term wound complications, pain and patient and surgeon-rated cosmetic scar appearance will be measured. The investigators will also measure operating room time and costs associated with dressing changes and wound-related procedures (e....

Effects of Fiber on Satiety

The effects of a dietary fiber on hunger and food intake will be tested in men and women. Participants will receive fiber as part of a breakfast meal on two occasions. On another occasion, participants will receive the same breakfast, without added fiber. Their feelings of hunger and fullness will be measured over the day. They will be offered lunch, dinner and an evening snack and how much they eat will be recorded. It is expected that the fiber supplement will enhance their f...

Efficacy of Bioabsorbable Staple Line Reinforcement in Colorectal and Coloanal Anastomoses: A Prospective Randomized Study

The primary purpose of this prospective, randomized multicenter center study is to evaluate and compare the outcomes of colorectal and coloanal anastomoses reinforced with a bioabsorbable staple line reinforcement material compared with standard non-reinforced colorectal and coloanal techniques with respect to the incidence of postoperative anastomotic leakage, anastomotic stricture and time to ileostomy closure.

Fiber and Water Improve Bowel Habit in Humans

Twenty healthy volunteers had their baseline parameters (symptoms, bowel habit, quality of life, fecal characteristics and microbiota) measured during a week of monitoring followed by randomization to a 14 days course of increased fiber in diet or increased fiber and water intake, with repetition of parameters measuring at the end.

Staple Versus Suture Closure for Foot and Ankle Surgery

This study aims to determine if staples or sutures are better for the closure of uncomplicated foot and ankle surgeries. Currently, most surgeons base their choice for closure on previous teaching from a mentor during fellowship or personal experience. There is no standard of care for closure material on hand surgeries to date. This study will prospectively randomize patients to have either staple or suture wound closure if they have a short incision. In surgeries with longer i...

Gastrointestinal Tolerability Following Multiple Servings of a Novel Dietary Fiber

The study will assess the gastrointestinal tolerability of multiple servings of a novel dietary fiber at three different dose levels in generally healthy men and women. Double-blind controlled, cross-over clinical trial with negative (no added fiber) and positive controls. Multiple servings over 24h, with data collection at 24 and 48h and 1 week wash-out between cross-overs. 45 randomized, generally healthy men and women, 18-54 y, BMI higher or equal to 18.5 and smaller or equa...

Dietary Fiber in Severely Obese Children - Pilot

The purpose of this pilot study is to assess the feasibility of a 3-month dietary fiber intervention: 1) engaging adolescents in regularly consuming a dietary fiber preparation (psyllium powder) and obtaining their parents' support, 2) recruit into a clinical pilot trial with liquid meal challenge test to study the metabolic effects of the dietary fiber preparation. A study modification will be submitted to add additional study arms for feasibility (strength training, coaching)...

Anti-inflammatory Effects of the Fiber

This study will help elucidate the mechanism underlying the cardioprotective and anti-diabetes effect of dietary fiber by exploring a comprehensive set of inflammatory and oxidative stress markers, based on a contemporary understanding of this process. In addition, there have been very few studies that explored the immediate change in oxidative stress and incretin secretion after fiber intake. In this study, the investigators will be able assess the short term metabolic impact ...

A Study to Evaluate the Effects of Dietary Fiber on Blood Lipids in Men and Women

There is a need to assess the LDL-C-lowering abilities of a dietary fiber ingredient, in order to confirm the product's efficacy. Thus, the objective of this study is to assess the effect of 3g dietary fiber on lowering serum LDL-C in otherwise healthy men and women.

Efficacy of Pea Hull Fiber - Phase 2

The purpose of this randomized, cross-over study is to explore the effects of pea hull fiber on bowel movement frequency, transit time, appetite, gastrointestinal symptoms, microbiota composition and activity.

The Effects of Increased Fiber Diet Consumption on Outcomes of Subjects With Visceral Obesity

The investigators propose to undertake a controlled dietary intervention study in UAE subjects with visceral obesity to examine the feasibility of a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and/or whole-grain fiber in the UAE population. The research will also investigate the longer-term influence of increased fruits, vegetables and fiber consumption on health and its capacity to sustain lifestyle change.

Thoraflex Hybrid Post-Market Study

This is a global, prospective non-interventional, multi-centre, post-market study of the Vascutek Thoraflex™ Hybrid system in patients with acute thoracic aortic syndrome, subacute/chronic dissection of the aorta and aortic aneurysm.

Impact of Low Fiber Diet on Colonic Cleansing Quality (DIETPREP)

This is a single center randomized controlled trial to compare bowel cleansing for outpatient colonoscopy in two groups of participants: one group will receive instructions of one-day structured low fiber diet whilst the other group will receive three-day low fiber diet. Both groups will receive the same bowel cleansing solution (polyethylene glycol plus ascorbic acid). Bowel cleansing will be assessed according the Boston Bowel Preparation Scale.

Fiber Use in Pediatric Short Bowel Syndrome

Short bowel syndrome (SBS) is a form of disease that results from removal of a significant portion of the intestine leading to poor nutrient absorption. Infants with short bowel syndrome suffer from diarrhea and poor growth. The care of these infants is limited by the lack of effective therapies. Soluble fiber (guar gum) is an indigestible form of sugar that is mostly contained in fruits and vegetables. Soluble fiber can reduce the severity and duration of persistent (constant...

The Use of Dermabond Versus Standard Staple for Wound Closure in Children With Neuromuscular Scoliosis Undergoing Spinal Deformity Correction Surgery

This is a prospective, Phase II (hypothesis generating) randomized pilot study investigating the efficacy of using Dermabond as a method of final wound closure as compared to the standard staple method in children with Neuromuscular Scoliosis undergoing spinal deformity correction surgery.

Post-prandial Glycemic Response to Fiber in Healthy Adults

This randomized, double-blind, comparator controlled trial evaluated the blood glucose and insulin responses in healthy adults, after consuming a high fiber or low fiber muffin top.

Reinforcement of Surgical Staple Lines Using PSD With Veritas Collagen Matrix

The purpose of this study is to verify the performance of PSD Veritas to provide staple line protection during surgical procedures for obesity.

IVIg for Small Fiber Neuropathy With Autoantibodies TS-HDS and FGFR3

The objective of this study is to develop a rationale for the selective treatment of small fiber neuropathy with immune globulin (IVIG) in the appropriate patients. The investigators hypothesize that individuals with auto-antibodies targeting neuronal antigens (TS-HDS and FGFR3) and confirmed evidence of small fiber neuropathy (by skin biopsy analysis of intra-epidermal nerve fiber density) will have an improvement in both nerve fiber density and pain after treatment with immu...

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