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Central Obesity and Cancer Prevention for Chinese American Women

This project examines the feasibility of a smartphone-based intervention to reduce obesity and breast cancer risk among Chinese American women in San Francisco. The proposed intervention is to use the mobile application and an activity tracker device to promote a healthier lifestyle and physical activity. Ultimately, the findings will advance the NIH mission of enhancing health promotion and disease prevention.


Translational Investigation of Growth and Everyday Routines in Kids (TIGER Kids) Fitness Ancillary

The purpose of this ancillary study is to examine cardiorespiratory fitness, cognitive factors related to appetite, and objectively-measured food intake in a subsample of children and adolescents with overweight to severe obesity enrolled in the TIGER Kids prospective cohort. The primary study also collects data on habitual physical and sedentary activity, body weight and body composition, and cardiometabolic health markers.

In-home Obesity Prevention to Reach Low-income Infants

Existing obesity prevention efforts have had limited success among underserved, low-income children. This study capitalizes on the strengths of a nationwide ongoing Home Visitation Program (HVP), which serves at-risk, low-income, ethnically/racially diverse mothers and their infants, to test the effectiveness of delivering obesity prevention as part of their weekly, in-home services. The study will evaluate whether the integration of an obesity prevention enhancement module int...

Impact of Comprehensive Intervention on the Cardiometabolic Risk in Children With Central Obesity (IGENOI)Obesity

Central obesity, present in the metabolic syndrome (MS), is associated with increased risk of insulin resistance (RI). The aim of the project is to evaluate the protective effect of comprehensive intervention (Mediterranean diet + physical activity) in the development of RI in children with central obesity based on genetic and epigenetic markers.

Relationship Between Normal-weight Central Obesity and Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Comparison of the prevalence of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), measured by polysomnography in normal weight patients with central obesity by body mass index (BMI) and waist hip ratio (WHR), with normal weight patients without central obesity by BMI and WHR. Evaluation of arterial stiffness and vascular age in normal weight patients with central obesity and in normal weight patients without central obesity. Determination of the exercise response characteristics in OSA patients...

Electro-acupuncture for Central Obesity

In this study, a 8-week, single blinded, randomized controlled clinical trial will be conducted to examine the efficacy and safety of body acupuncture in the treatment of central obesity in Hong Kong.

Fit 5 Kids Screen Time Reduction Curriculum for Latino Preschoolers

Childhood obesity and metabolic risk are at record high levels in the US, and Latino children are at very high risk. This project will test an intervention called Fit 5 Kids, designed for Latino preschoolers to decrease their screen time in order to promote physical activity and healthy eating, and to prevent obesity. Ultimately, this line of research has the potential to provide an effective program to reduce risk of obesity for Latinos in the Head Start program and other pres...

Shape Up Kids Fitness Ancillary

The overall objective of this study is to quantify the decision-making process and underlying biases around leisure activity behaviors using the Activity Preference Assessment (APA), a novel psychological task. The investigators plan to validate the APA against objectively measured sedentary and physical activity time, and examine its potential to predict health-related outcomes in children and adolescents. The Shape Up Kids Fitness Ancillary protocol will add exercise testing,...

STRONG Kids 2: A Cells-to-Society Approach to Nutrition in Early Childhood

STRONG Kids 2: A Cells to Society Approach to Nutrition Overview Using a cells-to-society approach to nutrition, this transdisciplinary project will provide unique insights into how individual biology interacts with the family environment to promote healthy eating habits in young children. It is one of the first studies to take a longitudinal look at the habits, including milk and dairy consumption, from birth. STRONG Kids 2 is built upon previous research from STRONG Kids 1 w...

The Association Between Microbiota, Endotoxaemia and the Host Obesity/ Insulin Resistance (MiPOOP Study)

The objectives of this study are to examine the effects of ethnicity, central obesity and dietary components, on the human gut microbiome. The investigators hypothesize that these factors have an influence on the composition of the gut microbiome. Healthy subjects (n=35) provided stool samples for gut microbiome profiling using 16S rRNA sequencing and completed a dietary questionnaire. The serum samples were assayed for a panel of inflammatory cytokines. Their associations with...

Healthy Kids & Families: Overcoming Social, Environmental and Family Barriers to Childhood Obesity Prevention

The study will test the impact of a community health worker (CHW)-delivered intervention aimed at helping families overcome barriers to childhood obesity prevention. Barriers include social, environmental, and family issues. This intervention will be compared to a control condition consisting of a community health worker (CHW)-delivered intervention aimed at helping families improve positive parenting skills.

Kids' Choice Restaurant Program

This study will introduce healthy child menu items into 8 independent full service restaurants in San Diego County. The restaurants will be assigned either to receive new, healthy kids' menu items or to receive the new menu items in addition to marketing materials and staff trainings to support promotion of these new menu items. The primary outcome for the study is sales of kids' menu items. Additional customer observation and interview data will be collected, as well as man...

Genetics of Obesity in Chinese Youngs

The purpose of this study is to explore the pathogenesis and genetic susceptibility of obese subjects,providing a convincing argument for further treatment of obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Childhood Obesity Prevention Program for Hispanics

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of a culturally-appropriate childhood obesity intervention with Hispanic families. The program aims at preventing childhood obesity by targeting parents to address nutrition, physical activity, and sedentary behaviors in their children.

Evaluation of the Spark of Duval Intervention

The S.P.A.R.K (Speaking to the Potential, Ability, and Resilience inside Kids) Teen Pregnancy Prevention and Mentoring program is being administered to youth (ages 11-17) living in out-of-home foster care in Duval County, Florida. Children's Home Society of Florida in Jacksonville received grant funding for the implementation and evaluation of the S.P.A.R.K program. The University of South Florida is examining the effects of intervention on reducing youth involvement in risky s...

Community Based Obesity Prevention Among Black Women

This study will evaluate the efficacy of a behavioral intervention, designed to prevent weight gain among overweight and low obese (25-34.9 kg/m2) Black women (aged 25-44), compared to usual care.

Little Flower Yoga for Kids: Evaluation of a Yoga and Mindfulness Program for Children With Increased Levels of Emotion Dysregulation and Inattention

An initial evaluation of Little Flower Yoga for Kids will be conducted in a small sample of 18-30 Kindergarten and First Grade students (3-5 per class) enrolled in Girls Preparatory Charter School of the Bronx. The overall aim of this study is to ascertain the short and longer-term effects of Little Flower Yoga for Kids, a promising yoga and mindfulness program for children, which incorporates five elements (connect, breathe, move, focus, relax) to improve the child's ability t...

Improving Health Behaviors for Pediatric Cancer Survivors

The objective of this study is to examine the efficacy of Harvesting Hope for Kids (HH4K), a biobehavioral intervention delivered in the context of a university-based, cancer survivor garden, to increase produce intake and physical activity in survivors and caregivers.

An Effectiveness Study of the Cool Kids Programme

The aim of the present study is to investigate the effectiveness of the Cool Kids programme after implementation in two outpatient psychiatric clinics for children in Southern Jutland, Denmark. The Cool Kids programme is a manualised cognitive behavioural treatment programme for children aged 6 to 12 years with anxiety disorders. Previous efficacy studies have found that 60-80% of all children who complete the program show marked improvement. However, only one previous effectiv...

Upstate New York Infant Development Screening Program

The goal of the Upstate KIDS Study is to track the growth, development and long-term health of children given the increasing use of infertility treatment, occurrence of maternal obesity and pregnancy complications, and rising maternal age at birth.

Lorcaserin and Behavioral Modification for Overweight and Obesity Management in Chinese Obese Patients

The purpose of this study is to assess the safety and weight loss effect of lorcaserin at the end of the first year of treatment (Week 48) in overweight and Chinese adult obese patients compared to placebo.

Prevention and Reduction of Obesity Through Active Living

We will perform a randomized, controlled trial, the primary aim of which is to assess the effectiveness of a behavioral-based physical activity program in the prevention and treatment of obesity and related co-morbid conditions in a primary care setting. We hypothesize that the prevention and/or reduction of obesity and related co-morbidities in patients randomized to an individualized education and behavior counseling group will be greater by comparison to those randomized to...

The Effect of CrossFit Kids on Social Skills in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder (CrossFit KAMP)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 1 in 59 U.S. children have been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Peer relationships, social skills, and repetitive behaviors are a challenge for those with ASD. Exercise in the ASD population has been examined as a means to improve some of these challenges for children with ASD. This research study will try to see if a structured exercise program called CrossFit Kids can help with these challenges. T...

School and Family-Based Obesity Prevention for Children

To conduct an integrated, multiple-component, school- and community-based intervention targeting both primary and secondary prevention of obesity among third-fourth-and fifth-graders ("School- and Family-Based Obesity Prevention for Children").

Turkish Version of Kids BESTest, Validity and Reliability for School-Aged Children

The aim of this study is to present the Turkish version of Kids-BESTest and Kids-Mini-BESTest and practice of validity and reliability on school-aged children will be performed by utilizing the Turkish version of Kids-BESTest and Kids-Mini-BESTest in this study.

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