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Family Approach to Managing Asthma in Early Teens

The purpose of this study is to test two asthma management programs: (a) a school-based curriculum to empower middle school students to manage their asthma and (b) a parent training curriculum to teach childrearing skills that support the youths' growing autonomy and need to self-manage their disease.

Ergonomic Brace Wear for Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis

This study assesses the effectiveness of a new scoliosis brace design for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis (AIS) patients, named Ergonomic Brace, by comparing the outcome with hard brace in terms of three aspects: 1. To assess the efficacy in spinal correction 2. To evaluate the improvement made to the body appearance of AIS subjects 3. To evaluate the impacts on the quality of life (QoL) of AIS subjects All participants will be fitted with an Ergonomic Brace and...

Evaluating the Relationship Between Hard and Soft Tissue Advancement in Orthognathic Surgery

This study aims to evaluate the relationship between hard and soft tissue advancement during orthognathic surgery. The use of typical pre and post operative imaging consisting of con-beam computed tomography will be used, in conjunction with a 3D camera to evaluate hard and soft tissue points before and after surgery.

A Study to Determine the Relative Bioavailability of Two New Relacorilant Capsule Variants

This is an open-label, randomized, 3 treatment, 3-period, 6-sequence, crossover study conducted at a single study center to characterize the relative bioavailability of relacorilant administered as 3×100-mg softgel capsules (Treatment A), 3×100 mg hard-shell capsules (Treatment B), and 6×50-mg hard shell capsules (Treatment C/reference) in healthy, fasted, adult subjects. Eligible subjects will participate in 3 treatment periods. During each treatment period, subjects...

An Intervention to Help Patients and Caregivers Manage Stress and Improve Communication Skills When Talking About Cancer

This study will test an intervention to improve Latino/a patients' and their caregivers' ability to manage difficult emotions and communicate about the patient's illness. This culturally sensitive intervention has the potential to reduce Latino/a patient and caregiver distress and improve patient and caregiver quality of life, shared understanding of the patient's illness, and patients' and caregivers' ability to discuss, identify, and document patients' treatment preferences. ...

Acute Effect of Cheeses With Different Energy Content on Appetite

A double-blind, randomised crossover design will be employed with three experimental conditions; High protein/high fat hard cheese, high protein/low fat hard cheese, and low protein/high fat creme cheese served at least 7 days apart. After having successfully completed screening procedures, eligible participants will be invited for three separate test days. The test days should be performed at least 7 days apart; however for logistical reasons 4 days can be accepted. On the tes...

Prevention of Hip Fractures With Soft and Hard Hip Protectors

The aim of this study is to compliance with and effect of soft and hard hip protectors in Norwegian nursing homes.

Apply the (MyTransition) App In Transition

Moving from child care to adult care is a hard time for patients and their families. Parents of children with chronic conditions say they need more support around the time of changing care. Care providers say they do not have the tools to provide smooth transitions or help their patients manage their own health. This study is to see if a smart-phone-based app (named MyTransition) can improve healthcare transition experiences and health outcomes for youth, compared to usual care...

Electronic Patient Self-Reported Outcomes to Improve Cancer Management and Patient Experiences

Improvements in cancer treatment have led to an increasing number of patients being cured or in remission, but they are followed up to detect recurrence, manage persistent symptoms and late treatment effects. With growing survivors, traditional hospital follow-up is not sustainable. New models of follow-up care are needed. This research project aims to develop and establish the feasibility of introducing a new electronic care pathway/system for remote monitoring ovarian cancer ...

The Impact of a Virtual Reality Environment on Phantom Limb Pain

Phantom limb pain occurs in the majority of people who lose a limb. It significantly affects quality of life and is hard to manage. Recent evidence suggests that mirror therapy and similar techniques that create a visual representation of the missing limb under the control of the patient may reduce phantom limb pain. The investigators previously explored the use of a virtual reality environment for this purpose with people with upper limb loss but found that using it within th...

Effect of Surfaces on Fall in Elderly

To investigate effects of soft, sand and hard surfaces on functional ability and falls in elderly with or without history of multiple falls.

Socket Preservation Procedure Studying Soft and Hard Tissue Outcomes

Two different surgical protocols for socket preservation were compared. Soft and hard tissue outcomes were measured clinically and radiographically at baseline and six months post operatively.

3D Imaging of Hard and Soft Tissue in Orthognathic Surgery

The primary objective of this clinical trial is to assess the influence of orthognathic surgery on facial soft tissue, such as changes (volume, linear, angular) of facial hard and soft tissue, in three dimensions, so enabling the setup of 3D normative value tables.

Efficacy of a Gluten-free Diet in Difficult to Manage Nephrotic Syndrome: Utility of Plasma Zonulin Levels as a Predictive Biomarker

Elevated plasma zonulin levels, which are supportive of a diagnosis of CD (celiac disease) in children with gastrointestinal symptoms, may indicate patients with difficult-to-manage NS who will benefit from initiation of a GFD (gluten free diet). This pilot study will determine whether high plasma zonulin levels can be used as a screening tool to identify patients with NS (nephrotic syndrome) who are likely to demonstrate a beneficial response to a GFD. It will provide importan...

Reducing Opioid Use for Chronic Pain Patients Following Surgery

Patients with chronic pain are often prescribed long-term opioid therapy, despite the serious risks and growing concerns related to opioid use. The Toronto General Hospital has created the world's first multidisciplinary perioperative Transitional Pain Service Program (TPSP) aimed at reducing the incidence and severity of chronic post-surgical pain. The TPSP incorporates a variety of mechanisms and interventions to help patients manage pain and to wean off opioids. The approach...

Assessment of Duration of Erection With Vardenafil 10 mg

This study assessed the effect of 10mg vardenafil, taken on demand in an 'at home' setting, as compared to placebo (dummy medication with no pharmacological activity), on the duration of erection from the moment when the patient perceived his erection to be hard enough for penetration until withdrawal from the partner's vagina leading to successful completion which may or may not have included ejaculation. The patient used the stopwatch for the above assessments. The efficacy o...

A Study of Duloxetine Hydrochloride Hard Gelatinous Capsule Compared To Cymbalta

In Brazil, duloxetine is currently available as hard gelatinous capsule with delayed release microgranules for oral administration containing enteric-coated pellets of 33.7, or 67.3 mg of duloxetine hydrochloride equivalent to 30 mg or 60 mg of duloxetine (Cymbalta®), respectively. The Sponsor has developed a hard gelatinous capsule with delayed release microgranules formulation containing enteric-coated pellets of 33.7, or 67.3 mg of duloxetine hydrochloride equivalent...

A Study Of Duloxetine Hydrochloride Hard Gelatinous Capsule Compared To Cymbalta Under Fed Conditions

In Brazil, duloxetine is currently available as hard gelatinous capsule with delayed release microgranules for oral administration containing enteric-coated pellets of 33.7, or 67.3 mg of duloxetine hydrochloride equivalent to 30 mg or 60 mg of duloxetine (Cymbalta®), respectively. The Sponsor has developed a hard gelatinous capsule with delayed release microgranules formulation containing enteric-coated pellets of 33.7, or 67.3 mg of duloxetine hydrochloride equivalent...

Improvement of Hard Endpoint in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients Treated With Antiviral Therapy

Patients who have completed 3 years follow-up of the past Beijing Science and Technology Commission Research will receive another 2-years anti-viral therapy. Patients will be assessed at baseline and every six months for blood cell count, liver function test, HBVDNA, AFP, prothrombin time, liver ultrasonography, and Fibroscan. CT or MRI and endoscopy will be performed at baseline and 3 years. At the end of the study, the cumulative rate of clinical hepatic hard endpoint will be...

MyPatientPal: An App to Help Patients Manage Their Cancer Care

MyPatientPal was developed in collaboration with both patient and oncologist stakeholders, is designed to facilitate such patient self-management through the daily reporting of side effects and medications.

Empowering Patients to Better Manage Diabetes Through Self-Care

This study will look at the impact of health insurance benefits on self management of diabetes for people with this condition. Studies have shown that when people with diabetes manage their disease better, they stay healthier. Our goal in this study is to help those with diabetes better manage their disease (self-care). We will compare two types of health insurance benefits in this study. We want to see if one set of benefits improves self-care more than the other one.

Managing Patient Aggression in Mental Health Services

The aim of this study is to generate and investigate the clinical effectiveness of an educational intervention for staff to prevent and manage patient challenging behaviour.

ADAPT: Efficacy of a Dietary Supplement During and After Exercise

Since 1948, health has been defined as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity" . However, a growing school of thought suggests that health represents an ability to be adaptable and flexible in response to daily stressors. It has been proposed that instead, the view of health should be "towards the ability to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges", which has been te...

The Effectiveness of a Smartphone Application in the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol dependence poses a major problem for Irish and UK society, placing a huge burden on the health system. It is difficult to treat and relapse is common. There is an urgent need to develop novel treatment methods. One growing area of intervention is the use of mobile phone technology to develop personalised, patient-centred treatments. These can be used in outpatient settings, allowing patients to manage their own illness and take control of their recovery. In this study t...

Impact of Breast Shield Designs on Dynamics of Breast Pumping

A prospective, randomized, 2-phase/crossover, single center premarket feasibility study. In phase I the comfort will be assessed, the occurence and types of adverse events will be recorded and the assessment how and if the different breast shield designs interact with the lacting breast during pumping. Phase II takes place at home; assessment of adverse events will be recorded and the assessment how the subjects perceives the comfort of the soft edge breast shield during mid te...

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