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Restasis for Treatment of Brittle Nails

This purpose of this study is to assess the safety and effectiveness of Restasis (R) ophthalmic emulsion versus emulsion alone( Refresh Dry Eye therapy) both for the treatment of brittle nails and for the enhancement of normal nail growth and texture. The investigators think that daily application of Restasis (R) to nails and nail beds in patients with brittle nails will enhance nail growth and improve nail texture in both affected and unaffected nails.

Effects of Family Work Shop for Children With Developmental Delays: a Randomized Trial

To identify the therapeutic effects of short-term family-centered work shop for children with developmental delays

Pilot Study of Efficacy of Nail Gel in Finger Nail Surface Abnormality

Nail surface abnormalities is any conditions that affect the nail matrix or nail bed which cause nail plates grow defectively. Common nail surface abnormalities are pitting nails, longitudinal ridging, and transverse ridging/Beau's line. Aging nails usually have nail surface abnormalities as well. Nail gels are artificial nails used widely for aesthetic purposes. Although, their cosmetic use is increasing with day by day, their usefulness in conditions such as nail biting, ...

Treatment of Impending Ulcers Associated With Hammer, Mallet and Claw Toe Deformities in the Diabetic Patient Setting

Patients with diabetes, hammer, mallet and claw toes and impending ulcers associated with hammer mallet and claw toes will be randomized to tenotomy (cutting) of flexor tendons to the afflicted toes, done by needle and standard offloading or offloading alone. Impending ulcers are defined as callus or nail changes that are known pre-stages to ulcers. The effects of the surgery on incidence of ulcers associated with the named deformities, and rate of complications associated with...

Titanium Elastic Nails in the Treatment of Pediatric Femur Fractures

Titanium elastic nails in the pediatric femoral fractures: A prospective randomized clinical trial of eliminating nail protrusion to decrease soft tissue complications

Effects of Family Work Shop for Children With Developmental Delays

The purpose of this study is to identify the effects of family work shop for children with developmental delays.

Evaluation of the Cryotherapy in the Prevention of Nails Toxicity Induced by Taxotere® in Breast or Prostate Cancer

Taxotere® can induce nails changes like dyschromia, hematoma, lines of Beau-Reil (signing the stop of the epithelial proliferation), abscess, or pain. In this context, this randomized, monocentric phase III trial evaluates the cryotherapy, using frozen glove, in the prevention of nails toxicity induced by Taxotere® in patient treated for breast or prostate cancer. Primary objective: Demonstrate a reduction of the nails toxicity using frozen glove during chemotherapy w...

Neem Lotion With Combing for Lice

This was a Phase IIa randomised, assessor blinded, parallel group study in which half the participants were treated with Nice 'n Clear neem-based conditioning lotion plus combing with a head louse detection and removal comb and the remainder were treated with Nice 'n Clear plus combing with a normal grooming comb

Compartmental Overpressures Associated to Reamed Intramedullary Nails

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of reamed intramedullary nails in tibial shaft fractures (as a standard treatment), in raising intracompartmental pressures and therefore determine if they are a risk factor for compartmental syndrome.

Re-Evaluation of GAmma3 Intramedullary Nails in Hip Fracture (REGAIN)

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether Gamma3 intramedullary nails versus sliding hip screws will decrease the rate of revision surgeries at two years in patients with inter-trochanteric fractures of the hip. The investigators will also compare functional recovery, complications, and quality of life.

Clinical Evaluation of the Efficacy of a Marketed Dentifrice on Plaque and Gingivitis

Parallel, double blind, randomized, IRB-approved study involving approximately 160 subjects to complete. Subjects were randomly assigned to either the test product (Arm & Hammer Advance White Brilliant Sparkle) or the control (Crest Cavity Protection Regular) based on baseline mean whole-mouth plaque and gingival scores and age.Subjects brushed with their assigned dentifrice 2X daily and were evaluated for gingivitis, bleeding and plaque at Baseline and after 4-, 8-, and 12-wee...

Treatment of Ulcers Associated With Hammer, Mallet and Claw Toe Deformities in the Diabetic Patient Setting

1. Aim Patients with diabetes, hammer, mallet and claw toes and ulcers associated with the named deformities will be randomized to tenotomy (cutting) of flexor tendons to the afflicted toes, done by needle and standard offloading or offloading alone. The effects of the surgery on time to healing of ulcers associated with the named deformities, recurrence of the ulcers, and rate of complications associated with the surgery. In addition to this all patien...

Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of P-3073 Solution in the Treatment of Nails Affected by Psoriasis

The purpose of this study is to confirm the clinical efficacy and the safety of P-3073 in patients affected by isolated psoriatic nail(s) and/or those with psoriatic nails and concomitant mild to moderate plaque psoriasis.

Topical Cyclosporine Suspension for the Treatment of Brittle Nails

Brittle nail syndrome (BNS) refers to nails that exhibit splitting, raggedness (fraying of the distal edge), and peeling (lamellar onychoschizia).(1) This is a common problem, affecting approximately 20% of women, with higher prevalence among the elderly.(2) A number of factors have been proposed as possible causes of nail brittleness, such as anemia, biotin deficiency, or cysteine deficiency. (3,4) However, most authors believe that brittle nails are usually caused by dehydra...

Effect of Revival Soy on Weight Loss and Skin, Hair, and Nails in Premenopausal Women

The purpose of this study is to determine if dietary consumption of Revival Soy can improve the appearance of the skin, hair, and finger nails and support weight loss in overweight, premenopausal women.

Evaluation of Handling and Possible Complications Related to the Newly Developed Angular Stable Locking System (ASLS)

In many cases, the existing locking bolts and screws in intramedullary nails do not provide sufficient stability. Due to the play between screw and nail, the reduction can be lost and the instability can result in malunions, nonunions, or pseudoarthrosis. Consequently, secondary angular fracture dislocation (defined as a difference of the angle of 10° or more from the post-operative to the follow-up x-rays) can be observed in approximately 30% of patients after conventional in...

Treatment of Medial Humeral Epicondyle Fractures in Children With Absorbable Cartilage Nails

To compare surgical outcomes from medial epicondyle fracture fixation with absorbable cartilage nails to those from traditional Kirschner wire fixation.

Personalized Music Therapy and Agitation in Dementia

Symptoms of agitation include abuse or aggressive behaviour toward self or others, appropriate behaviour performed with inappropriate frequency, or behaviours that are inappropriate according to social standards. In the later stages of dementia agitation can contribute significantly to patient distress and caregiver stress, and has been associated with poor quality of life. Previous research studies have shown some evidence that personalized music played in daily care situation...

Trial of a Distal Targeting System for Cephalomedullary Nails as Part of Surgical Repair of Hip and Femoral Shaft Fractures

This study will be a prospective, case - control trial looking at the use of a previously FDA approved device made by Stryker, a distal targeting system that eases the distal targeting of screws in cephalomedullary nails in hip and femoral shaft fractures. Patients who consent to participate in the study will either be in the control or device arm of the study depending on their surgeon.

Biodegradable Versus Titanium Nailing in Forearm Shaft Fractures in Children

There are disadvantages in Elastic Stable Intramedullary Nailing (ESIN) of forearm shaft fractures, such as soft tissue irritation and the need of implant removal. A new mini-invasive technique of intramedullary nailing with biodegradable material (BESIN) has been developed. The nails are tapped into the medullary cavity and left in place. The aim of this study was to compare BESIN technique with ESIN. This is a prospective, randomized, controlled clinical trial including the ...

Guys/Girls Opt for Activities for Life Trial (GOAL) to Increase Young Adolescents' Physical Activity and Healthy Eating

In this 2-phase trial (R61/R33), we propose Guys/Girls Opt for Activities for Life (GOAL). Guided by Self-Determination Theory and the Information-Motivation-Behavioral Skills Model, GOAL will target the school and home environment to increase young adolescents' physical activity and healthy eating by increasing important factors at the individual-level: motivation and self-efficacy; and socioenvironmental-level: social support. The 4 month (16-wk) GOAL intervention has 3 compo...

Proximal Femur Locking Compression Plates Versus Trochanteric Nails

The purpose of this study is to compare the abductor muscle strength measured with a dynamometer in patients with reverse oblique inter- or subtrochanteric fractures treated either with a proximal femur locking plate or a trochanteric nail. "Proximal femur locking plates" stands for both the PF-LCP (Synthes) and the PeriLoc (Smith & Nephew). Trochanteric nails allowed in this study are the Proximal Femoral Nail Antirotation (PFNA), the Titanium Trochanteric Fixation Nail (TFN)...

Dental Fluorosis Risk by the Use of Acidulated Fluoride Dentifrice

This research aimed to evaluate the risk of dental fluorosis by using an experimental fluoridated acidulated dentifrice compared to conventional dentifrices in two-to-four-year-old children residing in a non fluoridated area by the concentration of fluoride incorporated in childrens' nails, as well as the incorporation of F into the biofilm. Two hundred and ten children participated on this study. They were randomly allocated into three groups differing according to the type of...

Pediatric Femur Research Project

Current treatment protocol for pediatric femoral shaft fractures is immediate spica casting for patients 6 years and younger and for patients over 6 years and older is percutaneous or open placement of titanium elastic intramedullary nails. The investigators would like to evaluate the current treatment protocol by comparing those patients 6 years and younger treated with closed reduction and spica casting to those 6 years and younger treated with percutaneous pinned with titani...

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C-arm Cone Beam CT Perfusion Guided Cerebrovascular Interventions

The overarching objective of our proposal is to develop a One-Stop-Shop imaging using the available C-arm Cone-Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) data acquisition systems currently widely available worldwide in interventional angiography suites to enable acute ischemic stroke patients to be imaged, triaged, treated, and assessed using a single modality in one room.

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