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Effect of Maternal Body Mass Index on Labor Progress in Nulliparous Women

Study the rate of progress of labor among nulliparous women belonging to different body mass index groups, & observe how does this variation in maternal body mass index may affect the course of labor.

Liver Stiffness Measurement (LSM) in Predicting Progress of Liver Fibrosis After TACE for Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of preoperative liver stiffness measurement(LSM) by FibroScan in predicting the progress of liver fibrosis and prognosis after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization (TACE) in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC). Background: Progress of liver fribrosis and liver failure and related poor prognosis after TACE which are not completely predictable by current method including Child-Pugh Classification. LSM is used to calculate the degree of liver fi...

Control of Metabolic and Cardiovascular Risk in Patients With Schizophrenia and Overweight

To analyse the progress of modifiable metabolic risk factors (Blood pressure, cigarette smoking, waist perimeter, BMI, glycemia and lipidic profile) in schizophrenic patients with overweight for 12 months. To analyse the perceived health status and the level of functioning and disability of patients with schizophrenia and overweight and their progress at 3, 6 and 12 months. To assess the progress of the symptoms of the disease at 6 and 12 months.

Research on the Blood- Cooling - Toxin - Removing - Stasis - Dispersing Protocol Evaluation of Hench-schonlein Purpura

Due to high incidence of renal damage by Hench-schonlein Purpura(HSP) is the key to affect prognosis, this project moves the research emphasis forward in line with the idea of "prevention of progress of disease", Which concerns on Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) clinical research scheme evaluation of HSP, evaluates the renal damage and disease recurrence as the end event, and comes to the evaluation through the comparative study that the vantage point of the scheme of syndrom...

The Association Between Epidural Labor Analgesia and Pregnancy Outcomes

Labor analgesia can alleviate intrapartum pain, in the importance of the delivery is very obvious.But some researches think labor analgesia may affect the progress of labor, increase the cesarean section rate.This research adopts the epidural anesthesia to study labor analgesia effects on labor and pregnancy outcomes.

Implementation of Work in Progress (WIP) Sequences in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Trial of new work in progress (WIP) sequences in MRI.

A Study on Psychopathological Progress of Early Schizophrenia-Like Disorder (SOPRES)

This PPG entitled “A Study on Psychopathological Progress of Early Schizophrenia-like Disorder (SOPRES)” is designed to study the “Progress of Psychopathology” of pre-psychotic state of schizophrenia (SCH) using a prospective follow-up design. Based on the neurodevelopment hypothesis of schizophrenia, the neurobiological dysfunctions, such as cognitive impairment, neurophysiological dysfunction, neuroanatomical pathology, is the core pathology. The pathology may exist p...

Weekly Docetaxel and Fixed-Dose Rate Gemcitabine Combination Chemotherapy

To determine the activity of weekly Docetaxel and Gemcitabine in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcoma previously treated with anthracycline and/or ifosfamide 1. Primary endpoint: response rate 2. Secondary endpoint: progress-free survival, overall survival, safety

An M-Health Intervention in Rural Veterans

MapTrek is a mobile-phone-based web app that allows participants to take a virtual walk in interesting locations around the world while tracking their progress against the progress of other veterans on an interactive map. Steps are counted using a commercially available triaxial accelerometer (e.g. Fitbit), and users see their own updated progress overlaid on Google Maps, with Google Maps features (e.g. zooming, street view, etc.) available. The objective is to report activity ...

Feasibility of Using Functional Progression to Guide the Treatment of Adolescent Low Back Pain

The goal of the proposed research is to test the feasibility of a functional progression program to reduce cost and possible radiation exposure for adolescent athletes with low back pain. Specifically the investigators plan to test the feasibility of using progression in rehabilitation to pragmatically differentially diagnose and treat adolescent athletes with low back pain, instead of using advanced imaging which is the current practice. The investigators propose to recruit 20...

Case Volume and Adenoma Rate During Screening Colonoscopy

Screening colonoscopy has been established as the most effective means of colorectal cancer prevention. This is based on the fact that colonoscopy detects and removes colonic polyps (adenomas) which are known to progress to cancer if left untreated. The present study examines the question whether case volume (i.e., the number of colonoscopies performed per year) correlates with colonoscopy quality, i.e., adenoma detection rate.

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PRospective Observation of Aortic reGuRgitation aftEr TAVI and progreSS Over Time: PROGRESS PVL Registry

The purpose of this post-market registry is to collect and monitor ongoing safety and performance clinical data of the ACURATE neo™ Aortic Bioprosthesis, and the ACURATE TF™ Transferral Delivery System, when used as per IFU.

RespiraSense Versus Capnography & Manual Counting

Your respiratory rate is your number of breaths per minute. The standard way for this to be measured is by a nurse looking at you for one minute and manually counting your breaths over this time. They normally do this once every few hours. At times, it can be useful to have your respiratory rate continuously monitored. A device that can do this is a capnograph. For the patient, this involves wearing a tube in their nose and around their ears while trying to minimise their movem...

Correlation Between the Polymorphism ofβ2 AR and the Labor Progress After Labor Analgesia

Labor and delivery is a unique physiological experience of women. Inappropriate length of labor progress during vaginal delivery may produce great risks for mother and fetus. Especially the slow progress is one of the most important reasons for the occurrence of cesarean section during vaginal delivery, which still with a high incidence in recent years.Previous studies have found that there was a significant correlation between the genetic polymorphisms of β 2-adrenergic recep...

China Lymphoma Patient Registry Study

Lymphoma is the most common hematologic tumor. It is derived from lymphoid tissue, including Hodgkin's lymphoma(HL) and non Hodgkin's lymphoma(NHL). The treatment of lymphoma includes chemotherapy, radiotherapy, stem cell transplantation, targeted therapy and surgery etc. With the progress of treatment, the survival rate of lymphoma patients has been improved. But the 5 year survival rate of lymphoma in China is shorter than that in United States. The reason is that there is st...

Preoperative Anxiety and Relaxation: Effects on the Autonomous Nervous System

Anxiety is an emotional disorder. It's a painful concern caused by uncertainty. It is a complex phenomenon misunderstood in spite of medical progress. Relaxation is a technical for reduce anxiety and is effective and safe. Previous study demonstrated the impact of session relaxation on the autonomous nervous system by the heart rate variability. Primary objective of this new study is to demonstrate a link between heart rate variability and reduced anxiety during relaxation ses...

Clinical Feasibility of Computerized Labor Monitor (CLM) -Heart Application (HA)

The study is a feasibility study to check the possibility of tracking the heart rate of the fetus and to translate the outcome to the progress of the labor

Treatment for Psychogenic Disorders

This study will examine whether biofeedback treatment is effective in lessening or stopping movement symptoms in people with psychogenic movement disorder. People with this condition have increased or decreased movements that are not under their control and are not associated with any know problem with the nervous system. Biofeedback is a type of therapy that uses electronic instruments to monitor breathing and heart rate. This treatment has been effective in patients with anxi...

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Tissue Donation Program

Despite significant progress in the identification of mechanisms involved in motor neuron degeneration in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and other motor system diseases, the actual pathogenesis and cause of these diseases remains unknown. Effective treatment of these diseases are dependent on the elucidation of their causes. The availability of diseased and control human tissues will be a critical resource for this research progress. . Samples of serum, spinal fluid, and u...

Ergot and Oxytocin During Cesarean Delivery Following Failure to Progress in Labour

Despite of marked improvements in clinical management, early postpartum hemorrhage(PPH)remains a significant contributor to maternal morbidity and mortality both in developing countries and in hospitals equipped with all that modern medicine has to offer. This complication is amongst the most challenging that a clinician will face in the obstetric patient. Prevention, early recognition and prompt appropriate intervention are the keys to minimizing the impact of PPH on women’s...

Oncology Research Information Exchange Network in Improving Genetic Screening Rate in Patients With Cancer

This research trial studies how well Oncology Research Information Exchange Network (ORIEN) works in improving genetic screening rate in patients with cancer. Implementation of Progeny Genetic Pedigree and Family History Questionnaire software across all ORIEN member institutions may add value and utility for recognizing and caring for patients with an inherited susceptibility to cancer.

Parallel Trial of Decitabine and Peg-Interferon in Melanoma: Phase II Portion

The goal of the first phase of this clinical research study was to find the highest tolerable dose of decitabine and peginterferon alfa-2b that can be given in combination to patients with melanoma. The first phase was completed but the study did not progress to the second phase. The goals of the second phase of this clinical research are to learn if decitabine and peginterferon alfa-2b combined can help to control melanoma, and to find out which doses are more effective...

PROGRESS-AMS 1.0 Clinical Long Term Follow-Up

The primary objective of this study is to collect long term clinical follow-up data on all patients enrolled in the PROGRESS AMS-1.0 study to assess long term safety of the AMS-1.0

Endometrial Local Injury Before First IVF : Evaluation of Pregnancy Rate

In spite of all progress realized in the field of assisted reproduction the pregnancy rate by In vitro fertilization (IVF) in France, across indications, is only 23% after IVF cycle. Different causes may account for these failures and that, during all stages of pregnancy. Recent studies have investigated an essential step in fecundation : uterine receptivity. Some teams have shown that a lot of immunological factors would have very significant in this step, by them possible ...

Comparison of Phenprocoumon and Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA)

In this open, prospective, non-randomised, parallel group, unicentric pilot-study will be compared the progress of valvular and coronary calcification with regard to the therapy with either acetyl-salicylic acid or phenprocoumon. The progress of calcification is documented by comparison of cardial stratified computed tomography. It is supposed that treatment with phenprocumon leads to increased coronary and valvular calcification as well to decreased blood levels of carboxylat...

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