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Open-Label, Randomized Study Evaluating Treatment With Venlafaxine Extended-Release Plus Dialogues Time to Talk Program

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of the Dialogues Time to Talk program in subjects treated with Venlafaxine Extended Release (ER). Dialogues Time to Talk Program is a patient management program, which aims to help patients achieve successful outcomes by reinforcing physician treatment efforts, providing feedback to treating physicians, and encouraging better physician-patient communications.

STEM Familia Talk: A Bilingual Language Acquisition Smart Speaker App for Latino Students and Their Families

After development of the Talk Stem Familia smart-speaker application prototype, the study will evaluate the prototype's efficacy in a within-subjects pre-post design study. The sample will contain 50 parent-student/child dyads who will use the Alexa skill app for 6 weeks.

Comfort Talk and Economic Outcomes in MRI

Annually, an estimated 700,000 patients do not complete their scheduled MRI scans because of claustrophobia or inability to hold still. Training staffs working in MRI facilities to provide Comfort Talk® will enable patients to complete high quality imaging without medication, which will increase satisfaction and comfort while reducing sedation risks for patients, and increase efficiency and reduce loss of revenue for facilities. The effect of such training will be tested at 1...

Comfort Talk (CT) During Outpatient Chemotherapy

Emotional support and physical comfort are two important components of the patient experience at the oncology outpatient clinic. However, current practices do not seem optimal for meeting the psychosocial needs expressed by patients during chemotherapy treatments. Comfort talk (CT) is a simple, inexpensive intervention that could maximize the feeling of safety and comfort during chemotherapy. Identifying interventions that are interdisciplinary and that can enhance the outpati...

Education Intervention in Encouraging Health Providers to Talk With Cancer Patients About the Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine

RATIONALE: Educating health providers on talking with cancer patients about complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) may help encourage health providers to talk more often with cancer patients about the use of CAM. PURPOSE: This randomized phase III trial is studying how well an education intervention works in encouraging health providers to talk with cancer patients about the use of CAM.

Dignity Talk: Helping Palliative Care Patients and Families Have Important Conversations

Dying patients and their families face many challenges near the end-of-life. Not only do patients often experience physical distress, but they also have feelings of loss of dignity, isolation, and uncertainty. Family members also face many challenges. They bear witness to the suffering of loved ones, and they face uncertainty, loss, and at times a mounting sense of helplessness. The purpose of this study is to introduce and evaluate a new intervention called Dignity Talk...

Physician-Patient Communication About Breast Cancer-Related Internet Information and Its Effect on Patient Satisfaction and Anxiety

The purpose of this study is to learn about how patients who have looked up cancer-related information on the internet talk with their doctors. We are interested in these conversations even if the patients do not think they will talk about the information with their doctor during their visit. We will audio record doctor-patient visits and listen to these recordings to learn about how patients who have looked up cancer-related internet information talk to their doctors and how t...

Health Communication in Families

There are two goals of this research study. First, we hope to develop a plan to guide family discussions that can help parents diagnosed with lung cancer talk about cancer risk with their adult children. Second, we want to understand how families talk about cancer prevention.

A Pilot Study Comparing the Efficacy of Group Versus Individual Anger Management in Subjects With IED

The purpose of this study is to see how different forms of "Anger Management" compare in reducing anger and impulsive aggressive symptoms in people. "Anger Management" is a common form of "talk therapy" used to help people with anger problems. There are different types of "talk therapy" used to help people for anger problems and this study will compare two types of talk therapy in people with Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). IED is a disorder in which there are frequent a...

Supervised Brushing Programme for Intellectual Disabled Students

Intellectual disabled persons faced more dental problems. According to a medical review paper of international and local studies, this group has poorer dental hygiene, more severe gum disease and more untreated caries. In 2010, a report from the guardians in Hong Kong mentioned that most adults with intellectual disability cannot clean their teeth, the have dental problems and it is very difficult for them to co-operate during the dental treatment. In order to alleviate their d...

The Communication of Genetic Risk to Adolescent Daughters of Women With Breast Cancer

The purpose of this study is to first understand how MSKCC Clinical Genetics Service doctors talk to women with breast cancer about any genetic risks they might carry, and if they help women to think about what they might say, in turn, to their relatives, especially their daughters. A second part of the study asks women for their opinions about when and how their daughters should be told about any genetic risks. All of this will help us develop teaching methods to help...

Brain Function in Mentally Ill Adolescents

The purpose of this study is to use brain imaging technology to examine the brain activity of adolescents with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or major depressive disorder (MDD) before and after treatment. Adults with PTSD or MDD exhibit abnormalities in the structure and function of certain parts of the brain. Although PTSD and MDD are psychiatric disorders that often emerge in childhood, the relationship between these disorders and brain structures has not been ...

Pilot Trial of a Telephone Weight Loss, Nutrition, Exercise Study

Many behavioral weight loss interventions have been developed, but still have significant limitations in terms of achieving clinically significant, sustained weight loss. A recent study incorporating Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in a randomized clinical trial resulted in participants who attained significantly greater 12-month weight loss in the ACT arm than those assigned to standard behavioral treatment, suggesting that ACT may have the potential to improve behavio...

Small Talk Big Difference

To ensure that patients who are overweight or obese and have type 2 diabetes are identified, receive personalised diabetes care, have the issue of weight raised and explained in a non-judgemental manner by staff in primary care, and are referred on to weight management services as appropriate ensuring equity of access across NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. Specific aims of the whole project: 1. To improve GP/ primary care staff knowledge of the evidence base for the manageme...

Systemic Cross-talk Between Brain, Gut, and Peripheral Tissues in Glucose Homeostasis: Effects of Exercise Training

Obesity and insulin resistance are worldwide epidemic and taking a major public health toll. Obesity also increases the risk for cognitive impairment which is also an increasing medical, societal, and economic challenge. The ultimate goal of this proposal is to develop a statistical model to assess systemic cross-talk between brain, peripheral tissues, gut microbiota and glucose metabolism. Integrated with exercise training intervention the results will be utilized to provide d...

Self Care TALK Study - Promoting Stroke Caregiver Health

Most stroke survivors return home, where their care is supported by family and friends. Although family caring at home is usually rewarding, it is often challenging, too. The demands and responsibilities of caring for a loved one at home can be stressful. The actual activities of caregiving vary according to the needs of the stroke survivor, but can include helping with bathing, dressing, eating, and many other activities. Caregivers must learn care techniques and how to manage...

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Program ACTIVE II: Behavioral Depression Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Program ACTIVE II is a depression treatment study sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Indiana University, Ohio University and West Virginia University. The purpose of this study is to test the effectiveness of two forms of treatment for depression for adults with type 2 diabetes: talk therapy (counseling) and exercise. Both of these forms of treatment have been proven to be effective in helping people with depression alone. In this study, the investigators will test...

Smoking Cessation Programme in Workplaces in Hong Kong (Phase III)

Smoking causes cardiovascular and respiratory diseases, cancers and diabetes, and it has been a leading risk factor for death globally. Despite the availability of smoking cessation services locally, most smokers do not use such services. Workplace is one of the most convenient platforms to provide smoking cessation services and over 55% of smokers are employed according to the local population-based survey. However, the effectiveness of a smoking cessation programme conducted ...

The Family Talk Intervention in Pediatric Oncology

Even though most children with cancer now survive the ill child has to go through painful treatments which include suffering and uncertainty for all family members. The overall aim is to evaluate a modified version of the Family Talk Intervention (FTI) among families affected by childhood cancer. The goals of FTI are to increase family communication, the family members' resilience, knowledge about the illness, and thereby reduce the family members' long-term psychosocial well-b...

The Human Stress Response in a Simulated ED Setting

Stress is important for health. As emergency departments (EDs) are often stressful places, a better understanding the stress response is important for understanding how & why patients respond as they do when they come to the ED. Since the investigators cannot take up space in the ED for research, the investigators will instead recruit 20 participants to the ED room in the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Simulation Center. The investigators will have participa...

RCT of Advance Care Planning in Primary Care

Sometimes people with health conditions become ill suddenly and can no longer speak for themselves and another person (such as a family member) will make health care decisions for them. This means it is important to think about your wishes and tell others about them. This is called advance care planning. When people have done advance care planning, if they become very sick and cannot speak for themselves they are more likely to get the kind of health care they want and it is ea...

An Exploratory Study in Healthy Volunteers to Investigate the Cross-talk Between Local Drug Concentrations in the Skin and Systemic Concentrations During Topical Bioequivalence Studies Using Dermal Sampling Techniques

This will be a single center, open label, exploratory research study to assess the dermal and systemic PK of marketed products of lidocaine/prilocaine in 26 healthy participants using dermal open flow microperfusion (dOFM) and microdialysis (MD) for dermal sampling. The clinical study aims to identify potential cross-talk between the extracellular compartments of viable skin and blood circulation during (bioequivalence) BE assessments.

Nonpharmacologic Reduction of Periprocedural Distress and Drug Use

Objectives of this Phase I pilot trial are to provide data towards assessing and facilitating feasibility of a larger scale Phase II trial in which the effects of a calmative Comfort Talk® app can be unequivocally evaluated. Towards this goal we will pursue following outcome parameters for Phase I: Feasibility/acceptability assessment: Primary outcome parameter: • ability to obtain complete on-site data sets from at least 90% of patients enrolled (with at lea...

Men's Experience of Prostate Biopsy

Men aged over 18 having a first or second diagnostic prostate biopsy at the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust or Epsom General Hospital may be invited to take part in one to one interview within 6 months of having the procedure done to talk about their experience

We Talk About Our Hypertension

The proposed pilot community-based research project will examine the feasibility, acceptability, and potential efficacy of the Storytelling intervention compared with usual care in hypertension control among rural residents in 4 communities in Vietnam. This is a major clinical and public health problem in this developing country.

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