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Hypertension and Diabetes Initiative - Improving Hypertension Control in Individuals With Diabetes

Twelve health organizations from around the US were selected to participate in a chart review Hypertension and Diabetes Initiative with the goal of improving blood pressure control in persons with diabetes. Hypothesis: A three-phase quality improvement initiative facilitated and monitored through the International Diabetes Center (IDC) will result in improved population-mean systolic blood pressure in the aggregate data pool of patients from all 12 participating sites a...


Enhancing Connections Program in Improving Communication Between Patients With Incurable Cancer and Their Children

This pilot clinical trial studies the use of the Enhancing Connections Program in improving communication between patients with incurable cancer and their children. The Enhancing Connections Program is an educational program that may provide patients with new competencies to improve communication with their children and help them to cope with their parent's incurable cancer.

Eisenmenger Quality Enhancement Research Initiative

Eisenmenger Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QuERI) is a multi-center, observational, US-based longitudinal program, with enrollment of consecutive Eisenmenger patients who meet enrollment. Patient data will be collected prospectively for three years. Individual physician feedback will be provided on data collected with the purpose of improving the management of patients - quality enhancement research initiative (QuERI) process.

MYnd Analytics Directed Therapy in Depression

The MYnd Analytics PEER Online strategy utilizes EEG diagnostics to direct patients with psychiatric illnesses to the best medication treatments. This trial will evaluate patients with a diagnosis of depression who will either receive (1) PEER Online directed therapy or (2) conventional treatment without EEG guidance and will compare 6 month clinical and economic outcomes between these groups.

Resident Wellness Initiative: Improving Physical Activity, Nutrition Education and Mental Health of Residents

This wellness initiative is aimed to assess the activity level, sleep habits and nutrition status of resident physicians. The investigators will monitor for improvement in these areas with initiation of an exercise program suited to the lifestyle needs of resident physicians.

Minnesota Healthy Brain Initiative

Minnesota Healthy Brain Initiative will be an ongoing project that aims to increase awareness regarding brain health and its maintenance as well as increasing awareness of the impact of alcohol on brain function. In the immediate future, we hope to obtain data from a non-injured normative, diverse population represented by the state fair patrons.

The Impact of Workplace Food and Beverage Choices on Health and Wellness

The study is designed to determine if instituting a Healthy Beverage Initiative (HBI) at hospitals influences health and wellness of employees over a 12 month period.

Improving the Quality of Care for Adults With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Innovative programs exist that suggest that care for people with chronic conditions is optimized when patients and providers have the information they need at the point of care and over time, to engage in shared planning and execution of treatment goals and care plans. This project aims to build an Inflammatory Bowel Disease Learning Health System, a shared information environment, that highlights collaboration among patients, clinicians and care team members, and researchers; ...

TAPESTRY With Health Connnectors for Diabetes Management

The TAPESTRY-HC-DM approach is designed to support self-management of chronic disease by strengthening connections between patients and the primary healthcare system through "health connectors" -both volunteers and technology including the TAPESTRY Healthy Lifestyle App and McMaster Personal Health Record (PHR). It will explore whether strengthening primary care connections across patients, providers, and community organizations through TAPESTRY-HC-DM - i.e., the deployment of ...

Enhancing Connections Program in Improving Family Adjustment in Patients With Incurable Cancer

This pilot clinical trial studies how well the Enhancing Connections program improves family adjustment in patients with incurable cancer. Participating in an educational program with a co-parent to learn about ways to talk to a child about cancer may help parents and co-parents support their child with the parent's cancer and may help families communicate and function better.

Control Systems Approach to Predicting Individualized Dynamics of Nicotine Cravings

Nicotine is the most common drug of abuse in the United States, and has addiction strength comparable to cocaine, heroin, and alcohol. It is the primary addictive component of tobacco, and its use markedly increases risk for cancer, heart disease, asthma, miscarriage, and infant mortality. Addiction is thought to be caused primarily by the intersection of two components: 1) the impact of drug pharmacokinetics on the dynamics of dopamine response, and 2) dysregulation of the bra...

Healthy Corner Store Initiative

The proposed research will evaluate the efficacy of an intervention in urban corner stores. Community-based, environmental manipulation of corner stores is an understudied area and represents the next step in understanding and improving the nutritional intake of school students to prevent obesity.

Women's Health Initiative Study of Cognitive Aging

The Women's Health Initiative Study of Cognitive Aging (WHISCA) is a two-armed, randomized, placebo controlled, clinical trial designed to assess the efficacy of postmenopausal hormone therapy (HT) on age related changes in specific cognitive functions. WHISCA is an ancillary study to the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) and the WHI Memory Study (WHIMS) and has enrolled 2303 women aged 66 to 84 years who did not meet the criteria for dementia. WHISCA is investigating the effect...

Baby-Friendly Community Health Services Evaluation

The Norwegian Government's "The Norwegian Action Plan on Nutrition" (2007-2011) goal is to increase of the proportion of children receiving breast milk. The initiative "Baby-Friendly Community Health Services (BFCHS)" is one of the action plan's initiatives to reach this goal. BFCHS is developed from the concept "The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative" by WHO/UNICEF, and the intention is to increase the quality of breastfeeding counselling at Norwegian well-baby clinics. ...

Occupational Therapy's Role in Promoting Community Wellness Utilizing Sit-Stand Workstations

The aim of this study is to combat the growing global health issue of sedentary behavior and the associated health consequences of prolonged sitting in the workplace. The population of desk-based workers makes up a relatively large population and are an important target for this health promoting initiative with a focus on improving posture, encouraging movement, and fostering a more active and healthy business community. It's important to recognize that occupational therapy pra...

Reducing the Burden of Depression Related Disability

The purpose of this research study is to test the effectiveness of a new telephone counseling program for employed veterans with depression called the Veterans Work and Health Initiative (V-WHI). 250 participants will be recruited and randomly assigned to one of two groups: the V-WHI experimental group or usual mental health care. The V-WHI counselors will address mental health and job-related issues that interfere with working. This counseling is provided solely over the phone...

Women's Initiative for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health (WISH) Program in the Department of Urology at Beaumont

Comprehensive database from the WISH (Women's Initiative for Pelvic Pain and Sexual Health) program in the department of Urology at Beaumont.

Medical Self-Management for Improving Health Behavior Among Individuals in Community Mental Health Settings

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of a medical illness self-management program in improving the health and health behavior of people who are receiving care at a community mental health center.

Health TAPESTRY Ontario

The Health Teams Advancing Patient Experience: Strengthening Quality (Health TAPESTRY) is a community-based program led by primary care teams, that creates connections between trained community volunteers, interprofessional health care teams, novel technology and community engagement through improved system navigation. The overall vision is to help people stay healthier for longer in the places where they live.

Enhance Access to Kidney Transplantation and Living Kidney Donation

Compared to dialysis, kidney transplantation is associated with improved survival, better quality of life and substantial cost savings to healthcare systems.Despite these advantages, many individuals with kidney failure never receive a kidney transplant. A multicomponent quality improvement initiative was developed to enhance access to kidney transplantation and living kidney donation in Ontario's chronic kidney disease (CKD) programs. These CKD programs provide care to individ...

Hispanic Secondary Stroke Prevention Initiative

Stroke is a leading cause of death and functional impairments and stroke risk factors (SRFs) disproportionately affect Latino populations. In the Hispanic Secondary Stroke Prevention Initiative (HISSPI) the investigators propose a study using Community Health Workers (CHW) and mobile technologies using cell phones to reduce the risk for a recurrent stroke among Latino stroke patients. The project examines the effectiveness of a combined multilevel intervention consisting of ...

The PAINFREE Initiative, a Stepped Wedge Cluster Randomized Trial

The PAINFREE (Improving PAIN control following FRactures; towards an Elder-friendly Emergency department) Initiative is a patient-centered multifaceted intervention which aims to improve pain management in patients 75 years and older presenting with a fracture at 7 Emergency Department of participating Montreal hospitals: 1. Montreal General Hospital 2. Royal Victoria Hospital 3. Ste Mary's Hospital 4. Hôpital de Verdun 5. Hôpital du Sacré-Co...

Evaluation of Novartis Access; a Non-communicable Disease (NCD) Access Initiative

Countries throughout the world are facing a growing non-communicable disease (NCD) burden. In developing countries, medicines to treat NCDs are often difficult to access or too expensive for many households. Novartis/Sandoz has recently launched Novartis Access, an initiative to subsidize a basket of NCD medicines sold to purchasers in program countries and delivered through the public and non-profit health sectors. This study will evaluate the impact of Novartis Access on the ...

A Wireless Bed Sensor for Monitoring Coughs

Aging of the population is dramatically increasing the number of hospitalized patients, with the consequent challenges of limited medical personnel and resources in hospitals. Wireless technologies that create highly connected healthcare environments are developed to help hospitals address these issues, once these technologies are perfectly integrated in the hospital environment with respect to IT infrastructure for big data storage. Such devices have proven remarkable efficien...

The Women's Health Initiative Memory Study (The WHIMS Study)

Excessive memory decline or dementia affects an increasing number of women as they become older. The frequency of dementia doubles every 5 years beginning at age 60, making the discovery of ways to prevent or slow the disease imperative. Previous studies have indicated that changes in memory may be associated with the female hormonal decline that occurs after menopause, but more research is needed to establish the link between menopause and poorer memory function. It is believe...

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