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Health and Wellness in Healthcare Providers Post-disaster

The purpose of this evaluation is to understand the impact of mental health and psychosocial support (MHPS) programming that AmeriCares (a non-profit disaster response organization) is currently providing to healthcare and social service providers in Southeast Texas and Puerto Rico. The MHPS services are designed to provide skills to reduce stress, improve coping and reduce symptoms of burnout (compassion fatigue).


Disaster Preparedness Among Families Caring for Children With Diabetes

The primary aim of the survey is to ascertain the emergency preparedness among our families with diabetes mellitus and to obtain a percentage of unprepared to the ones who are prepared. The secondary aim is to demonstrate the relationship between disaster preparedness and factors like socio-economic status, parent's marital status, ethnicity and those who had prior experience of a disaster to those who have not experienced a disaster.

Bounce Back Now: A Low-Cost Intervention to Facilitate Post-Disaster Recovery

Disaster survivors need freely accessible resources to self-monitor their emotional recovery and help them address mental health needs they may develop after a disaster. The investigators will evaluate a novel, scalable, and highly sustainable smartphone/web-based intervention that is designed to address post-disaster PTSD and depressed mood. The intervention, Bounce Back Now, will be tested in a study with 5,000 disaster survivors and will be accessible via any internet-connec...

Feasibility and Efficacy of a Digital Mental Health Intervention for Teen Wildfire Survivors

In October, 2017, Northern California experienced devastating and historic wildfires. Sonoma Rises is an app designed for anyone who was impacted by this event and is intended to help survivors of disaster find their new normal. This study will assess the feasibility of efficacy of a self-help post-disaster mental health intervention via mobile app with a sample of teens experiencing post-disaster mental health symptoms.

Rapid Acquisition of Pre- and Post-Incident Disaster Data

Background: - Disasters like earthquakes, floods, and oil spills can give people health problems. Workers who respond to a disaster (like police and firefighters) are directly exposed to contaminants during the emergency response. So they could be at the greatest risk for these problems. Researchers want to gather data about these workers before and right after they go to a disaster. They hope this will help them understand the health effects of disasters. Objectives: ...

Enhanced Smoking Cessation Intervention for Smokers Exposed to the World Trade Center (WTC) Disaster

The purpose of this study was to test the efficacy of a CBT-based smoking cessation treatment enhanced with transdiagnostic skills for the management of anxiety and fear-based avoidance behaviors (CBT-A) relative to a standard CBT-based smoking cessation treatment (CBT-S) for smokers with elevated PTSD symptoms who were exposed to the 9/11 World Trade Center disaster. The investigators hypothesized that the CBT-A treatment would yield more favorable outcomes with regard to smok...

Cohort Study of Healthcare Workers Receiving Imvanex®

During an outbreak of monkeypox in the UK in 2018, a third generation smallpox vaccine, Imvanex, was used for the first time to immunise healthcare workers who had been, or were expected to be, in contact with cases of monkeypox. This study will examine the antibody responses in these healthcare workers compared to control groups, to provide evidence that the vaccine can produce a response consistent with protection when used in this context.

Ubiquitous Healthcare for Elderly Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Ubiquitous healthcare service for elderly patients with type 2 diabetes provides real-time glycemic monitoring and glucose control implemented by clinical decision support system (CDSS) using wire and wireless communication and information technology. To evaluate the clinical efficacy of this system, researchers plan to compare the improvement of glycemic control, self-management, and quality of life among three study groups: control, self glucose monitoring, and U-healthcare ...

Psycho-social Support on Mental Health and Hope of Adolescents Affected by Earthquake in Nepal

Adolescents are prone to mental health problems such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and depression which could become worse in the aftermath of disasters. However, hope can help adolescents cope with the challenges better. For resource poor disaster prone settings, school teachers can provide timely psycho-social support that could improve mental health and hope among adolescents. Nepal is a disaster prone country that faced a devastating earthquake in 2015 that clai...

The Pain Squad+ Smartphone App To Support Real-Time Pain Management for Adolescents With Cancer

Pain negatively affects the quality of life of adolescents with cancer (AWC). It can also represent a high cost to the healthcare system and families. In response, our team has built a smartphone-based app, called Pain Squad+, which can give AWC real-time advice to manage their pain. The app uses pain diaries and personalized pain advice plus support from a registered nurse to give real-time pain management in all settings. This study will look at the impact of Pain Squad+, wit...

The Effect of a Resistance Training Program in Healthcare Workers on Pain, Workability and Physical Function.

The prevalence and consequences of musculoskeletal pain is considerable among healthcare workers, allegedly due to high physical work demands of healthcare work. Performing physical exercise at the workplace together with colleagues may be more motivating for some employees and thus increase adherence. On the other hand, physical exercise performed during working hours at the workplace may be costly for the employers in terms of time spend. Thus, it seems relevant to perform a...

My Life, My Healthcare

This study is designed to answer the following questions: "Is the My Life, My Healthcare Discussion Aid feasible for use in primary care? Does it positively impact patient and healthcare teams' care experience and communication, while reducing patient treatment burden?" Through implementation of the My Life, My Healthcare Discussion Aid for patients with chronic conditions, the study team hypothesizes that it will be feasible to implement in routine primary care practice...

Asymptomatic Flu Project

Although clinical presentation of influenza is often symptomatic, asymptomatic cases also occur. The knowledge of the incidence of asymptomatic influenza among healthcare workers is very important because of the risk of cross-transmission to hospitalized patients. The principal objective of the study is to estimate the incidence of symptomatic and asymptomatic influenza among healthcare workers in short-stay wards. The results of this study will lead to a better understanding o...

Journey of Patients With Vasculitis From First Symptom to Diagnosis

This study seeks to understand the journey that patients eventually are diagnosed with vasculitis experience in the period prior to their formal diagnosis by a healthcare provider. Data elements of interest include average time from the onset of the first symptoms to the time a diagnosis of vasculitis is confirmed. Other aims include identifying factors associated with the time to diagnosis. These factors will be divided into: a) intrinsic factors, or so-called "patient-related...

Ubiquitous Healthcare Service With Multifactorial Intervention in Diabetes Care

Recently, we generated a new multidisciplinary ubiquitous healthcare system by upgrading our clinical decision supporting system (CDSS) rule engine, and integrating a physical activity-monitoring device and dietary feedback into a comprehensive package. We hypothesize that individualized multidisciplinary u-healthcare service combined with exercise monitoring and dietary feedback will result in better glucose control with less hypoglycemia in an elderly population.

Prevention of Influenza and Other Wintertime Respiratory Viruses Among Healthcare Professionals in Israel

The purpose of the study on the Prevention of Influenza and Other Wintertime Respiratory Viruses among Healthcare Professionals in Israel Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccine in Preventing Influenza Virus Infection, Missed Work, and Patient Exposure: A Prospective Cohort Study of Healthcare Personnel (to be called the Healthcare Personnel or HCP study throughout this Data Security Plan) is to investigate vaccine effectiveness and respiratory illness among healthcare personnel (HC...

Implementation of Medical Weight Management by Telemedicine

As the prevalence and associated healthcare costs of obesity continue to increase, the need for obesity treatments that contribute to weight loss maintenance are needed. Through the functionality of a smart device, telehealth can provide quality healthcare to individuals of different socioeconomic communities, expand healthcare access, as well as reduce overall healthcare costs. This research program will uncover the effects of a 12-week commercially available telehealth-based ...

Seroprevalence of MERS-CoV IgG in Healthcare Workers

The investigators aim to do serosurvey of healthcare-personnel who had participated in treatment of confirmed patients of Middle-East respiratory syndrome. The investigators collected the base-line (pre-exposure) serum of healthcare-personnel in a few centers, and will collect the post-exposure serum from about 25-30 centers in which confirmed MERS patients had been treated. The investigators will deduct the seroprevalence of MERS-CoV IgG among the healthy healthcare-per...

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation - Theoretical Knowledge and Self-perceived Skills Among Swedish Healthcare Professionals

Theoretical knowledge of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is the foundation of being able to perform CPR in a cardiac arrest situation. The knowledge and skills received in training is easily lost and after one year the level is equal to pretraining. International studies regarding knowledge of CPR among healthcare professionals, mostly nurses, show poor results. The knowledge of CPR among Swedish healthcare professionals is poorly studied. The aim of this study was to desc...

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Four Conversations RCT

The purpose of this study is to see whether patients with metastatic breast cancer, their caregivers, and their healthcare providers can improve in shared decision making (SDM) and preparedness around end of life (EOL) planning through participation in Reimagine's online Four Conversations™ program. The goal is to close clinical practice gaps and enhance the quality of care for patients with metastatic breast cancer through increased competence and performance of healthcare p...

Telemedicine Makes the Patient Stay in Hospital at Home

The goal of the project is to study whether interdisciplinary follow- up performed via telemedicine to the patient in his or her own home, will improve the quality of the healthcare services offered to a particular group of patients. The investigators believe this could increase knowledge and expertise, give significant socioeconomic benefits, and allow greater accessibility to specialized healthcare services, as well as increase the user-involvement for patients and those work...

A Non-Interventional Study to Evaluate Time to Event and Healthcare Resource Utilisation for Prostate Cancer Participants Throughout the Disease Trajectories Until Progression or Death

Primary objective of this study is to describe the time in each prostate cancer stage from non-metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer (m0HSPC), metastatic Hormone Sensitive Prostate Cancer (m1HSPC), non-metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (m0CRPC), metastatic Castrate-Resistant Prostate Cancer (m1CRPC) to progression or death. The secondary objectives of this study are to describe co-medication at each disease stage, to describe co-morbidities at each disease s...

Predictive Analytics and Peer-Driven Intervention for Guideline-based Care for Sleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a prevalent condition that affects 7 to 12% of the US population and is characterized by repetitive collapse of the upper airway during sleep. Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) has been shown to be highly effective in the treatment of OSA, however, adherence is poor with up to 54% of patients being non-adherent to CPAP therapy by Medicare criteria, which has been attributed to inadequate patient education and support for CPAP therapy. ...

IMVAMUNE® Smallpox Vaccine in Adult Healthcare Personnel at Risk for Monkeypox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Monkeypox is a febrile rash illness caused by the monkeypox virus. Its natural occurrence in the DRC puts healthcare and frontline workers at high risk of acquiring monkeypox virus infections that can prevent them from performing work duties, compromise the overall healthcare delivery in an already fragile system, and can result in death (case fatality estimates are approximately 10%). This is an open-label prospective cohort study in up to 1,000 eligible healthcare workers at...

Experiential Training With Healthcare Coaching in Childhood Cancer Patients

The aim of this study is to examine the effectiveness of an integrated experiential training with healthcare professional coaching program in promoting regular physical activity among childhood cancer patients. Half of the participants will receive the integrated experiential training with healthcare professional coaching program, while the other half will receive the placebo control.

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