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Effect of Nutrition on Muscle Protein Synthesis

The present proposal is designed to examine the effect of carbohydrate and protein co-ingestion on muscle protein synthesis during endurance type exercise activities. We hypothesize that muscle protein synthesis is higher when protein is co-ingested during exercise.


Muscle Glycogen Synthesis When Caffeine and Protein is Co-Ingested With Carbohydrates

The aim of the present study is to investigate the effect of added protein+leucine or caffeine to 1.2 g/kg/h CHO on the rate of post-exercise muscle glycogen re-synthesis in healthy, recreational athletes. The investigators hypothesize that both interventions (the addition of caffeine or protein+leucine) will lead to higher glycogen re-synthesis compared to the ingestion of CHO only, and that the co-ingestion of protein and leucine will result in the highest muscle glyco...

Are the "Ounce-equivalents" in the Protein Foods Groups Really Equivalent?

The investigators will determine effects of different sources of protein on whole-body net protein synthesis and muscle protein synthesis in young healthy participants.

Effect of Dietary Protein Intake Distribution on Protein Metabolism and Skeletal Muscle

The investigators determined effects of 8-week dietary protein intake in mixed meals with uneven or even consumption pattern on the metabolic outcomes of whole-body net protein synthesis and muscle protein synthesis in older participants.

Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) & Platelet-Activating Factor (PAF)-Stimulated Protein Translation in Premature Infants

This is a prospective in vitro cell biology study of polymorphonuclear leukocyte (PMN) protein synthesis in response to PAF. PMNs from cord blood of premature human infants at risk for NEC (birth weight between 501 - 1500 grams) and PMNs from cord blood of healthy term infants will be isolated and stimulated with PAF, a biologically active phospholipid implicated in the pathogenesis of NEC. NEC, a disease of prematurity with an incidence of 10.1% of infants born weighing betwee...

A Meal-based Comparison of Protein Quality, Complementary Proteins and Muscle Anabolism

To highlight the importance of protein quality rather than the total protein content of a meal, we will demonstrate that unlike high quality proteins, a single meal containing 30 g of an incomplete protein source does not stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis. Secondly, we will directly challenge a prevalent, but untested, assertion that has the potential to negatively impact health. Our goal is to demonstrate that complementary plant-proteins (i.e., two or more incomplet...

Dose Response of Whey and Soy Protein Ingestion With and Without Resistance Exercise in Elderly Men

When we age, we lose muscle. It is not exactly clear why this happens, but we do know that this muscle loss can increase health risks and lead to health problems. Lifting weights (i.e. performing resistance exercise) and proper nutrition, in particular eating enough high quality protein, can help slow the loss of muscle mass or potentially even reverse it. Protein and resistance exercise are thought to do this by stimulating your muscle to make more proteins and/or potentially ...

Glutathione (GSH) Synthesis in Healthy School-aged Children

The fractional and absolute synthesis rates of GSH, an antioxidant that protects cells from damage, in the erythrocytes of healthy school-aged children in response to graded intakes of protein to determine if increasing the protein intake above the current recommended DRI produces increases in the GSH synthesis rates in erythrocytes of healthy school-aged children. Participants will consume specially formulated diets with varying protein levels.

Effects of Hydrolysed Porcine Proteins on Muscle Protein Synthesis and Appetite

The purpose of the study is to obtain a better understanding of how hydrolysed porcine proteins affect the human metabolism, including the effects on muscle protein synthesis, appetite and secretion of gastrointestinal hormones. It is hypothesised that hydrolysed porcine proteins will stimulate muscle protein synthesis, affect appetite and the secretion of gastrointestinal hormones similar to hydrolysed whey protein.

Randomized Study of Testosterone and Progressive Resistance Exercise in Men With Burn Injury

OBJECTIVES: I. Determine whether testosterone normalization ameliorates muscle protein hypercatabolism by increasing net protein synthesis in men with burn injury. II. Determine whether the effectiveness of testosterone is enhanced by stimulation of inward amino acid transport as a consequence of hyperaminoacidemia in these men. III. Determine whether testosterone normalization during hospitalization minimizes the need for rehabilitation by increasing net protein synthesis an...

Essential Amino Acids and Protein Kinetics During Caloric Deprivation

The amount of essential amino acids (EAA) necessary to maximally stimulate muscle protein synthesis and optimize whole-body net protein balance during caloric deprivation has not been determined. This study will address that gap in knowledge by examining the resting and post-exercise muscle and whole-body protein kinetic responses to ingesting varying amounts of EAA after a 5 day period of negative energy balance. This study will provide the initial evidence to support the deve...

Systemic Hormones and Muscle Protein Synthesis

This study evaluates the effect of increase in testosterone levels in older males and the effects of decrease in testosterone levels in young males on muscle protein synthesis.

Short-term Metabolic Effects of Ketosteril® Supplemented Low Protein Diet in Pre-dialysis Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Patients

Supplementation of ketoanalogues of essential amino acids improves the protein quality of protein restricted diets without burdening the kidneys. The ketoanalogues are transaminated by aminotransferases to the corresponding amino acids by incorporating nitrogen from amino groups derived from endogenous amino acid degradation. Therefore, less nitrogen needs to be excreted and the kidney's workload is reduced. The purpose of the trial is to investigate the impact of Ketosteril®...

Effect of Whey Protein Hydrolysate on Human Muscle Protein Synthesis

Muscle protein synthesis can be stimulated by ingestion of protein sources, such as whey, casein or soy. Protein supplementation can be useful to restore protein turnover after exercise but also to preserve skeletal muscle mass and function in aging adults. Ingestion of large doses of essential amino acids (EAA) or certain protein supplements may be an effective strategy to induce muscle protein synthesis. However, in many cases, it may not be practical or feasible to consume a...

Muscle Protein Synthesis After Whole Egg vs. Egg White Consumption

In crossover trials, ten (N=10) young men (18-35 y) will receive stable isotope tracer infusions and perform a single bout of resistance exercise. Immediately after resistance exercise, participants will ingest stable isotope labeled whole eggs (18 g protein, 17 g fat) or egg whites (18 g protein, 0 g fat) cooked in scrambled form. Repeated blood and muscle biopsies will be collected to determine whole body amino acid kinetics, muscle amino acid transporters, anabolic signaling...

A Research on Hidden Blood Loss in Open Radical Hysterectomy and Pelvic Lymphadenectomy

The aim of this cross-sectional study is to evaluate the hidden blood loss in patients who underwent open radical hysterectomy and identity its risk factors.

Muscle Perfusion and Protein Metabolism in Elderly

The purpose of this study was to examine the role skeletal muscle perfusion plays in mediating muscle protein synthesis in healthy older and younger individuals. The investigators hypothesized that normalization of muscle perfusion in older men and women via exercise or infusion of a vasodilator would enhance nutritive flow and skeletal muscle protein synthesis in the elderly similar to that of their younger counterparts.

The Impact of Enteral Versus Oral Protein Feeding on Muscle Protein Synthesis in Healthy Young Males and Females

The present study will seek to quantify the muscle protein synthetic response to a protein beverage consumed orally or through a nasogastric tube in healthy, young individuals.

Micro Ribonucleic Acid (RNA) as Cholinergic Tone and Inflammatory Regulator in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

There is a reciprocal relationship between the central nervous system and the immune system. Stimulation of the vagus nerve results in secretion of acetylcholine (Ach) which decreases secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines. Acetylcholine esterase is an enzyme that neutralizes Ach and thus, involves in regulation of Ach levels, and in the cholinergic tone and inflammatory state. MicroRNAs (miRs) are evolutionarily conserved, RNAs that regulate gene expression. The inve...

Protein Balance in Protein Supplemented Frail Elderly Patients: Acute Study With Protein-tracer-techniques

The aim of this study is to investigate potential protein synthesis effects of whey protein high in leucine compared to whey protein with normal leucin content in fragile elderly patients in a acute crossover setting. We will use the method of a 2 X 3 h tracer infusing protocol with 15Nphenylalanine along with blood samples and muscle biopsies.

Protein Intake During Weight Loss

The primary aim of the trial is to determine the optimal dose of protein per meal in relation to enhancing muscle protein synthesis and thereby in perspective counteract muscle loss during weight loss. In addition, we aim to determine whether the response to protein intake is reduced in women on hypocaloric diet compared to in women on an energy-balanced diet.

Resistance Exercise and Muscle Protein Synthesis in Obese Adults

Obesity has numerous comorbidities that are associated with exceedingly high healthcare costs. In addition to well- characterized impairments in lipid and glucose metabolism, obesity is associated with altered protein metabolism. We have recently observed that obese individuals are essentially nonresponsive to protein ingestion with respect to myofibrillar protein synthesis. This suggests that skeletal muscle remodeling in obese individuals is impaired possibly contributing to ...

Comparison of the Tuberculin Skin Test (TST) and QuantiFERON ®-TB Gold Test (QFT-G) In Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis Being Considered for Anti-TNF-Alpha Therapy

This research will help doctors interested in the usefulness of a new test to discover hidden tuberculosis infections in patients diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This new test is called Quantiferon-Gold (QFT-G). After immune system medicines that block TNF-alpha (a protein manufactured by white blood cells to stimulate and activate the immune system in response to infection or cancer) started to be used, the rate of tuberculosis infections in patients treated with ...

Prospective Study of Staphylococcus Aureus Clinical Isolates Versus Colonization: RNAs as Potential Biomarkers for Bloodstream Infections

The primary objective is to demonstrate that the risk of S. aureus bacteremia (SAB) is correlated to the RNA III and SprD RNAs expression

Influence of Carbohydrate on Amino Acid Absorption From Dietary Protein (ICADP)

10 young males will be recruited to participate in a randomized double blinded crossover study to investigate the influence of concomitant intake of two different types of carbohydrate with protein hydrolysate on the absorption kinetics of protein-derived amino acids and the impact on myofibrillar protein synthesis. During the trial days the subjects will perform a bout of whole body resistance exercise and ingest a supplement of meat hydrolysate labeled with D5-phenylalanine t...

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