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Efficacy of Hylenex in the Treatment of Pain Among Hospice Patients

The overall aim of this study is to find out whether Hylenex recombinant (for short, Hylenex) in subcutaneous (SC) injection improves the speed and effectiveness of SC opioids in hospice patients. Specifically, this study proposes to compare the level of self-reported pain in hospice patients started on SC infusions of morphine and hydromorphone (Dilaudid) over the initial 8 hours of opioid infusion with and without the preceded co-injection of Hylenex. Hospice patients include...

The Hospice Advanced Dementia Symptom Management and Quality of Life Trial

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (dementia) are a group of serious life limiting illness that cause significant challenges to our public health system, with significant illness burden for both the person with dementia and the caregiver. At the end of life, over 230,000 persons with dementia annually are cared for in hospice, yet hospice agencies are ill prepared to care for this population and often resort to inappropriate pharmacologic measures such as antipsychotics ...

Caregiver Assessments of the Quality of Home Hospice Care

The Objectives are to administer the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care (FEHC) questionnaire and The Texas Revised Inventory of Grief (TRIG) to caregivers previously enrolled into the parent grant and conduct supplemental analyses to: 1. examine cross-ethnic differences in the caregivers' quality of hospice care assessments. 2. investigate the association between parenteral hydration status of the patient and the quality of care assessments provided by the ...

D2560C00015 FluMist Annual Safety Study 2018

This prospective annual release study is designed to evaluate the safety of 2 new influenza virus vaccine strains to be included in FluMist Quadrivalent for the 2018-2019 influenza season.

Impact of Massage Therapy on the Quality of Life of Hospice Patients

This is a pilot study to evaluate the impact of massage therapy in hospice patients.

A Cluster RCT of the Dementia Symptom Management at Home Program Hospice Edition

Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders (dementia) poses a significant challenge to our public health. While many persons with dementia are cared for by friends and family in the community with the assistance of home healthcare and hospice, most clinicians and agencies are ill prepared to care for this population and therefore have difficulty assisting patients and caregivers in maintaining quality of life leading to adverse patient outcomes, increased caregiver stress and bu...

Non-Luer Butterfly Needle With One-way Valve for the Epidural Blood Patch: Does it Alter Blood Clotting?

The Department of Health recommends using equipment which prevents wrong route drug administration. However, the epidural blood patch requires equipment that connects to the intravenous and epidural route. To comply with these recommendations a non-Luer butterfly needle with one-way valve has been produced. The one-way valve and length of tubing has the potential to activate the clotting cascade. This could reduce the time clinicians have to utilise the blood in the syringe. Al...

How is the Term 'Harm' Being Interpreted and Documented on Hospice DNACPR Forms Following the Tracey Judgement?

To investigate how discussions surrounding Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions have changed following the Tracey judgement and how "harm" is being defined by clinicians working within specialist palliative care in a hospice setting.

UICC Classification of Esophageal Cancer

Background. The aim of our study was to investigate the ability of the Seventh edition of the classification by the International Union Against Cancer (UICC) to identify patients at higher risk and to predict the overall survival in patients with esophageal carcinoma. Methods. Demographic and clinical data of 605 patients, who underwent esophagectomy for esophageal carcinoma between 1992 and 2009, were analyzed. Tumor stage and grade were classified according to the sixth and s...

Using Rapid Cycle Randomized Controlled Trials to Increase Patient Engagement in the Annual Well Visits Program

NYU Langone Health calls patients to remind them to schedule their annual well-health appointments (including annual well visit, mammograms, etc.). The proposed study will test different iterations of the call script with the goal of increasing call completion rate and the number of scheduled appointments within an appropriate timeframe.

Impact of Massage Therapy and Music Therapy on the Quality of Life of Hospice Patients

This is a cohort study where subjects will receive either massage therapy or music therapy interventions to evaluate their impact on hospice patients.

Advanced Dementia and End-of-life

Palliative and hospice care in advanced dementia: experiences of care givers and benefit of a brochure serving as a decision-making aid Aims: 1. Designing a brochure serving as an information tool and decision-making aid used to answer questions concerning palliative and hospice care for care-givers of persons with advanced dementia. The brochure shall demonstrate the possibilities and offerings of palliative and hospice care and shall serve...

A Problem Solving Intervention for Hospice Caregivers

Hospice care is conceptualized as quality compassionate care for people facing a life-limiting illness, with services that cover clinical care, pain management, and emotional and spiritual support tailored to patients' and families' needs and preferences. Family members, spouses, friends or others who assume the unpaid or informal caregiving role are essential to the delivery of hospice services; however, stress and caregiver burden can negatively affect caregivers' morbidity a...

A Comparison of Ropinirole Immediate Release With Ropinirole Prolonged Release in Patients With Advanced Parkinson's

This study was designed to compare the effectiveness and tolerability of a new prolonged release formulation of ropinirole with the currently marketed immediate release formulation which is prescribed in many countries. The new prolonged release formulation allows the drug to be taken once a day rather than three times a day. This study will also evaluate the side effects of the new prolonged release formulation of ropinirole

Trial of YH12852 in Healthy Subjects and Patients With Functional Constipation

A randomized, double-blind/open-label, placebo/active-controlled, single/multiple dose, parallel, phase 1/2a trial to evaluate the safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of YH12852 in healthy subjects and patients with functional constipation

Pharmacokinetics of Immediate-Release vs. Delayed-Release Omeprazole in Gastroparesis

The purpose of this study is to compare the blood drug levels of two prescribed medications, immediate-release omeprazole 40 mg powder and delayed-release omeprazole 40 mg capsule to determine which drug is better absorbed in patients with a slow stomach emptying (gastroparesis). Delayed-release omeprazole has a protective coating to prevent the drug omeprazole from being neutralized by stomach acid. Immediate-release omeprazole has sodium bicarbonate (antacid) which neutrali...

A Study To Evaluate Different Formulations Of PF-06865571 In Healthy Subjects

An open-label study to understand the effect of different modified release and immediate release formulations on plasma PF-06865571 concentrations after single oral administration under fed conditions

Bioequivalence of Single Dose Phenylephrine Extended Release Tablets and Phenylephrine HCl Immediate Release Tablets Dosed Every Four Hours (P08340)(COMPLETED)

This study will assess the food-effect bioavailability of an extended release formulation of phenylephrine HCl and its bioequivalence to the marketed immediate release phenylephrine HCl product.

Comparison of Biannual Ultrasonography and Annual Unenhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for HCC Surveillance

The purpose of this study is to investigate clinical feasibility of annual non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma in high-risk group, in comparison with biannual ultrasonography.

Annual MRI Versus Biannual US for Surveillance of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Liver Cirrhosis

The investigators will investigate the usefulness of biannual ultrasonography versus annual non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma in single arm patients.

Studying Different Doses of Opioids in Hospice Patients With Cancer-Related Pain

RATIONALE: Opioids lessen pain caused by cancer. Giving different doses of opioids in may give better pain relief. Gathering information about pain control from patients with cancer and their caregivers may help doctors improve patients' quality of life and help patients live more comfortably. PURPOSE: This clinical trial is studying the side effects of different doses of opioids and to see how well they work in hospice patients with cancer-related pain.

Research Into the Quality of the Dying Phase

The aim of this study is to get insight in the quality of life at the end of life and quality of dying for patients died at the hospital in the department Groningen (the Netherlands). The primary endpoint is the quality of life at the end of life and the secondary endpoint is the quality of dying. Both according a numerical rating scale. An explorative analysis will be done for differences for the hospitals in Groningen, effect of using the Liverpool care Pathway for th...

Combined rTMS and Relaxation in Chronic Tinnitus

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation in combination with relaxation therapy is used to modulate the neural pathways contributing to the perception and distress of phantom sounds.

Methylphenidate for Depressed Cancer Patients Receiving Palliative Care

The purpose of this study is to determine whether methylphenidate is an effective treatment for depression and to document the safety and tolerability of methylphenidate in combination with an Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) in SSRI treated, terminally ill, hospice and palliative care cancer patients. The investigators hypothesize that depressed hospice and palliative care patients will be more likely to have a 50% reduction in scores on a clinical measure of dep...

Study of Controlled Release Formulations of CE-224,535 Against the Immediate Release Formulation in Normal Volunteers

This study is to test the idea that a controlled release formulation of CE-224,535 may allow for less frequent dosing and exposure to lower levels of drug than an immediate release formulation.

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