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Use of Stealth Liposomal Doxorubicin HCl ( DOX-SL ) in the Treatment of Moderate to Severe AIDS-Related Kaposi's Sarcoma.

To provide Stealth liposomal doxorubicin hydrochloride ( DOX-SL ) as a therapy for Kaposi's sarcoma patients who have no remaining treatment options other than DOX-SL or patients who have been participating in another DOX-SL protocol and for whom continuation in DOX-SL is medically indicated. Also, to evaluate the safety and efficacy of DOX-SL in patients with Kaposi's sarcoma who have previously received systemic chemotherapy with or without an anthracycline.

Individual Choice of Delivery Mode

The primary aim of the study is to investigate personal attitudes regarding mode of delivery among both medical health care professionals and non-professionals. We are also investigating whether providing detailed information that might influence one's decision regarding mode of delivery (such as education on pelvic floor disorders or advantages or disadvantages of epidural anaesthesia) will change participants´ opinion how to determine their preferred mode of delivery.

Comparison of Different Ventilation Mode During One-lung Ventilation

It is controversial as to which ventilation mode is better in one-lung ventilation(OLV), volume controlled ventilation(VCV) or pressure controlled ventilation(PCV). This study was designed to figure out if there was any difference between these two modes on oxygenation and postoperative complications under the condition of protective ventilation(PV).

Randomized, Comparative Trial of DOX-SL (Stealth Liposomal Doxorubicin Hydrochloride) Versus Bleomycin and Vincristine in the Treatment of AIDS-Related Kaposi's Sarcoma

To determine the efficacy of Stealth liposomal doxorubicin hydrochloride (DOX-SL) in the treatment of moderate to severe AIDS-related Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) by comparison with the established therapy BV (bleomycin/vincristine). To evaluate the safety and tolerance of DOX-SL compared to BV in a population of AIDS patients with moderate to severe KS.

The Chinese Mutation Hotspot of ENaC Causing Liddle's Syndrome and the Association of ENaC Variations and Hypertension

The variations of ENaC have an impact on the degradation of epithelial sodium channels and sodium reabsorption, and thus are associated with hypertension and hypokalemia. Liddle's syndrome is a rare monogenic form of autosomal-dominant hypertension caused by truncating or missense mutations in the C-termini of epithelial sodium channel β- or γ-subunit encoded by SCNN1B or SCNN1G. Our purpose is to determine the hotspot of mutation causing Chinese Liddle's syndrome. Th...

External Ventricular Drain Placement Stealth Study

External ventricular drain (EVD) placement is performed very often in neurosurgical practices. EVD's are most commonly placed at the bedside using external anatomical landmarks to guide the catheter into the frontal horn of the ipsilateral lateral ventricle. EVDs are often placed due to acute neurological compromise and require timely insertion. Accurate catheter placement is essential to achieving effective external CSF drainage without complications or occlusion/failure of t...

SYNCHRO. Evaluation of the Forecasts Parameters of Real Time-Three-Dimensional Doppler Echocardiography in Selecting Patients With Chronic Heart Failure for Cardiac Resynchronisation Therapy

Patients showing a normal value of SDI (< or + 8%) will randomly be assigned to CRT in "ON" or "OFF"mode at one month after implantation. In any case of emergency, an automated rescue mode is included in the device for the patients in "OFF" mode.

The Comparison of Postoperative Pain After Colon Resection in Intravenous Patient-controlled Analgesia Between Conventional Mode and Optimizing B.I Mode With 'PAINSTOP' Equipment

Colon resection is one of the major surgery, the postoperative pain is so severe that it is necessary to use additional analgesics as well as a patient controlled analgesia (PCA). The most common pain management of this surgery is the intravenous (IV) PCA. If it is relatively insufficient amount of narcotic analgesics ,in the case of IV PCA, may be failed to reduce the pain effectively. Consequently, it may result in the a lot of rescue analgesics use, which leads to the advers...

Natural History in Fabry Patients With IVS4+919G>A Mutation

Fabry disease is caused by the deficiency or absence of alpha-galactosidase A (α-Gal A) activity, leading to progressive deposition of glycosphingolipids, mainly globotriaosylceramide (Gb3), in the lysosomes of multiple tissues and organs. In Taiwan, Dr. Niu first revealed a surprisingly high incidence (approximately one in 1,600 males) of a cardiac variant GLA splicing mutation, IVS4+919G>A, in newborn screening. Patients who carried the IVS4 + 919G > A mutation and were olde...

Impact of the Assisted Ventilation Mode on Diaphragm Efficiency in Critically Ill Patients

This study evaluates the impact of the assisted mode of mechanical ventilation on diaphragm efficiency in mechanically ventilated critically ill patients. Participants will be randomized to the neurally adjusted ventilatory assist (NAVA) mode or to the pressure support ventilation (PSV) mode.

Evaluation of Conventional Non-invasive Mechanical Ventilation (NIV) Versus an Automatic Ventilation Mode.

To evaluate the polysomnographic performance of an automatic ventilatory mode compared with the gold standard (manual polysomnographic titration) to adjust chronic non-invasive ventilation by means of a randomized cross-over study.

Clinical Performance Comparison of 2 THERANOVA 400 Dialyzer Prototypes in HD With High-Flux Dialyzers in HD and hv HDF Mode

The study investigates the performance of a new dialyzer (Theranova 400) containing a membrane with increased pore sizes. The performance will be determined by the removal of middle molecules (with different molecular size) from the blood compartment. Two different Theranova 400 prototypes (AA and BB) operated in hemodialysis mode will be compared with a Cordiax Fx-80 dialyzer, operated in hemodialysis mode, and with a Cordiax Fx-800, operated in high volume hemodiafiltration ...

Evaluation of a Video-Based Media Series to Promote Effective Parenting

Researchers are developing and experimentally evaluating two variants of a 10-episode, brief (12 minutes per episode), infotainment-style television series targeted at parenting practices, to determine the potential value of television for bringing evidence-based parenting practices to parents. The study compares an "information-only" version of the television series against an "enhanced" version that is designed to actively promote parents' adoption of the targeted strategies....

Smoking Relapse Prevention Via Just-in-Time-Adaptive Interventions

A small-scale randomized controlled trial (RCT) will pilot test a personalized JITAI designed to guide delivery of fast acting nicotine replacement therapy (NRT; lozenge) in real-time, to prevent smoking relapse. Specifically, a smartphone application (app), will integrate pre-quit smoking data with objective location data captured via global positioning system (GPS) to establish relapse risk (hotspot) algorithms. During a quit attempt, the GPS-enabled app (QuitBuddy) will dete...

Unloading Respiratory Muscles During NIV: Comparison of a Spontaneous and Auto-adjusting Controlled Mode

Measurement of Work of breathing (WOB), as well as pressure time product (PTP) of transdiaphragmatic pressures to evaluate the degree of muscle activity and muscle unloading during non-invasive ventilation. The study makes comparison of a new developed auto adjusting controlled mode and a regular spontaneous mode.

Clinical Evaluation of AutoFlow Mode During Mechanical Ventilation

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the long term use of AutoFlow mode during mechanical ventilation in ICU patients

The Comparison of Postoperative Pain After Lumbar Fusion Surgery in Intravenous Patient-controlled Analgesia Between Conventional Mode and Optimizing B.I Mode With 'PAINSTOP' Equipment

The postoperative pain of lumbar fusion surgery is very severe that it is necessary to use additional analgesics as well as a patient controlled analgesia (PCA). The most common pain control method of this surgery is the intravenous (IV) PCA. but, if it is relatively insufficient amount of narcotic analgesics ,in the case of IV PCA, may be failed to reduce the pain intensity effectively. Consequently, it may result in the a lot of rescue analgesics requirement, which leads to t...

Rate Adaptive Atrial Pacing in Heart Failure

The ADAPTION trial is an investigator initiated prospective randomized doubleblind cross-over pilot study in a multi-center setting. Aim: to assess the ability of minute ventilation (MV) sensor driven rate adaptive atrial stimulation to restore functional capacity and quality of life in heart failure patients with chronotropic incompetence. Methods: heart failure patients (left ventricular ejection fraction ≤35% & New York Heart Assessment II or III) who were implante...

Nasal HFO(High Frequency Oscillation) for Respiratory Distress Syndrome

HFO is recommended as a primary mode in preterm infants.However, It is rarely used as the noninvasive supporting mode after extubation.

Sexuality After Different Mode of Deliveris

Pregnancy and delivery usually affect the general women's quality of life. Some studies have reported that sexual health may be affected by the mode of delivery. More than 70% of pregnant women prefer C-section due to several reasons point out the fear of pain and complications of vaginal delivery as the most common reasons. Aim of the work: To explore the relationship between quality of life and the possible sexual dysfunction after normal vaginal in comparison to cesarean se...

To Discuss the Best Mode for Taking Lapatinib Under the Influence of the Diet

Food can make a big difference on the bioavailability of lapatinib in breast cancer patients,and fatty food can increase the lapatinib bioavailability.By examine the steady blood drug concentration in the same individual at different treatment mode for lapatinib,emptiness or taken with fatty food,discuss the best mode of taking lapatinib with fatty food.

Evolution of the PR Interval in Patients Implanted With a Pacemaker Using the SafeR Mode

Observational study on long PR interval using the SafeR mode in bradycardia patients.

Individual Schema-mode Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa: a Pilot Case Series

A reliably effective treatment model for anorexia nervosa is yet to emerge. Recent clinical trials of psychological therapies over 20-30 sessions, have shown modest benefits. There is therefore a need to test new treatments to find more effective treatments. Clinical trials of Schema Therapy have shown low rates of dropout, which is often a problem in the treatment of anorexia nervosa. Treatment with Schema Therapy, for significantly longer than 20-30 sessions, has been shown t...

Evaluation of the Infinity Deep Brain Stimulation Electrode Screening Mode Tool

The objective of this clinical investigation is to characterize the clinical performance of Abbott's Clinician Programmer Electrode Screening Mode tool (InformityTM tool) in programming InfinityTM deep brain stimulation (DBS) systems for patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) or essential tremor (ET).

Dental Plaque Removal Ability of Prototype Power Toothbrush Versus a Manual Toothbrush in Healthy Participants

The aim of this study is to evaluate the ability of a prototype power toothbrush (PTB) versus a manual toothbrush in healthy, right-handed manual toothbrush (MTB) participants with no signs of periodontal disease or excessive recession to remove dental plaque after a single tooth brushing event. Prior to each treatment visit, participants will abstain from oral hygiene for a period of 12 hours preceding a pre-brushing dental plaque evaluation. Participants will then brush once ...

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