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Effectiveness of Hearing-aid Based Wind-noise Algorithm

Wind-noise is highly disturbing to hearing impaired individuals wearing hearing aids who wish to participate in outdoor conversations where wind is present or during activities such as walking or running. In these situations, wind noise significantly reduces signal-to-noise ratio and, consequently, the intelligibility of speech and sounds may be significantly impaired. This negative effect is exacerbated with the use of directional microphone schemes in the hearing iads. The ob...


Comparing Rates of Glaucoma in Professional Wind Versus Non-Wind Instrument Players

The purpose of the present study is to compare rates of glaucomatous optic neuropathy in professional wind versus non-wind instrument players in the Philadelphia Orchestra. A secondary objective is to evaluate intra-ocular pressure and choroidal thickness of wind instrument players under variable playing conditions.

Thoraflex Hybrid Post-Market Study

This is a global, prospective non-interventional, multi-centre, post-market study of the Vascutek Thoraflex™ Hybrid system in patients with acute thoracic aortic syndrome, subacute/chronic dissection of the aorta and aortic aneurysm.

Effect of Solar Salt Diet in Elderly Hypertensive Patients

High sodium intake causes hypertension. Various efforts for reducing salt consumption are proceeding all over the world. Solar salt contains reduced sodium and abundant mineral, such as calcium, potassium, and magnesium, comparing to ordinary salt. Use of solar salt, instead of ordinary salt, may have beneficial effects to blood pressure. The investigators are going to conduct a preliminary study that can support antihypertensive effect of solar salt intake.

Hybrid SA RGP Center/S-H Skirt Daily Wear 90 Day Multicenter Study

The purpose of the study is to demonstrate that the SynergEyes SA Hybrid Contact Lens clinical performance is substantially equivalent to that of the SynergEyes A Hybrid Lens when studied: - within the corresponding range of lens powers - in a population randomized within multiple investigational sites - with a study ration of 2/1 test vs control lenses - for a duration of 90 days.

Solar Lighting to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Rural Uganda

This study evaluates the impact of a solar lighting system on kerosene lamp use, levels of indoor air pollution, and health in women living in rural Uganda. Half of the participants will receive the lighting systems immediately, while the other half will receive them after an 18 month delay.

Advanced Harmonic Generation Microscopy for Treatment Assessment of Cutaneous Pigmentary Disorder

Objectives: The aim of this pilot study is to determine if implementation of a three-dimensional (3D) face tracking system with HGM can improve the reliability of lesion localization for clinical follow-ups as well as accuracy of diagnosis for Solar lentigo or Nevus zygomaticus. Methods: We will recruit 30 subjects and each of them has Solar lentigo lesions on the face, and we will recruit other 30 subjects and each of them has Nevus zygomaticus lesions on the face. A 3D facial...

Hybrid APC Assisted EMR for Large Colon Polyps

The purpose of this study to evaluate and examine, weather use of Hybrid Argon Plasma Coagulation (APC) as adjunct to endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR) will reduce the risk of residual or recurrent neoplasia at 6 months. Hybrid APC is an existing FDA approved device for assist of ablation of abnormal tissue anywhere in GI tract.

Electricity Access and Maternal Care in Rural Health Facilities in Uganda

The investigators will conduct a stepped wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial in maternity care facilities in Uganda to evaluate the impact of the provision of a reliable light source on the quality of delivery care provided. The facility-level intervention is the installation of a "Solar Suitcase", a complete solar electric system providing essential lighting and power for charging phones and small medical devices and a fetal doppler. The intervention will be rolled-out s...


This study evaluates the performance of new technology "CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE" against a classic cryotherapy "Nitrogen Liquid " to treat solar lentigines. The hands and the neckline will be randomised, either left or right side and treated by two cryotherapy devices: 1. CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE is the device under evaluation. 2. Liquid nitrogen is a comparator device.

Solar Disinfection of Drinking Water

SODISWATER is a European Union funded health impact assessment study investigating the effect of sunlight to inactivate microbial pathogens in drinking water. This study was done by observing whether children younger than 5 years old who drink solar disinfected water were healthier than those who did not. Health was measured by how often the children had diarrhoea. Participants were given plastic bottles to place in the sun, water samples were then collected from these p...

Study of Glycogen Storage Disease and Associated Disorders

Glycogen, is the storage form of glucose. It is usually formed from sugar and stored in the liver. When tissues, such as muscle, need glucose for fuel the stored glycogen is converted into glucose with the help of enzymes produced in the body. Glycogen storage disease (GSD) refers to a group of conditions characterized by abnormal storage of glycogen due to the absence of particular enzymes needed in the process of storing and using glycogen. This study addresses the relate...

Cryogenic Preservation of Spermatozoa

The reference technique for the conservation of gametes is storage in liquid nitrogen but new vats of nitrogen vapor (storage over liquid nitrogen) or in dry phase (storage in an insulated compartment of liquid nitrogen in a tank Liquid nitrogen) also allow the storage of flakes. The purpose of this work is to evaluate the dry-phase cryopreservation technique of liquid nitrogen compared with liquid-phase storage, depending on the duration of cryopreservation.

Evaluation of Pathway Modulation by Raf, MEK, & Kinase Inhibitors

This is a pilot study designed to evaluate the cutaneous effect of systemic inhibition of the tyrosine kinase pathway in the presence or absence of solar simulated light exposure. A maximum of 45 subjects will be accrued into the overall study we anticipate approximately 25 patients in the Raf inhibitor group and 10 patients each into the Tyrosine Kinase and MEK inhibitor arms of the study.

Laparoscopic Transvaginal Hybrid Cholecystectomy: a Prospective Data Collection.

Transvaginal hybrid procedures especially the transvaginal hybrid cholecystectomy are of interest as an available NOTES-Procedure for the clinical routine. Few authors have demonstrated the feasibility and safety in a selected patient collective. The aim of this prospective data collection is to evaluate the feasibility in the clinical routine in a non select patient collective. Therefore all patients giving the informed consent to the transvaginal hybrid cholecystectomy...

Firearm Storage Device Distribution to Families of Children With Mental Health Complaints

This study aims to describe the baseline rate of safe firearm storage device use in the homes of pediatric patients with mental health complaints treated in the Emergency Department (ED) and/or inpatient psychiatric unit of an urban tertiary pediatric hospital. Follow-up data will be collected to ascertain any change(s) in the rate of safe firearm storage device use after patients have been treated for a mental health complaint, which includes standardized recommendations for ...

Comparison of One-stop Hybrid Revascularization Versus Percutaneous Coronary Intervention for the Treatment of Multi-vessel Disease

The "one-stop" hybrid coronary revascularization combines minimally invasive direct coronary artery bypass (MIDCAB) and PCI to be performed in the hybrid operating suite, an enhanced operating room equipped with radiographic capability. This study is to compare 1-year clinical outcomes of "one-stop" hybrid coronary revascularization with percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) in selected patients with multivessel coronary artery disease.

Thoraflex™ Hybrid IDE Study

The study will assess the effectiveness and safety of the Thoraflex™ Hybrid Device in the treatment of aortic disease affecting the aortic arch and the descending aorta, with or without involvement of ascending aorta. The study will also assess safety and early clinical outcomes in patients who receive an extension procedure within 1 year of Thoraflex™ Hybrid Device implantation. Lastly the study will assess the safety and clinical outcomes of patients who receive a ...

Comparison of Hybrid and Bismuth Quadruple Therapies for Helicobacter Pylori Eradication

According the Maastricht IV consensus report publish in the Gut 2012, bismuth containing quadruple therapy was suggested to be the first choice for eradication therapy of Helicobacter pylori in the area with high clarithromycin resistance. Whether hybrid therapy or 14-day bismuth containing quadruple therapy can replace standard triple therapy as the recommended first-line treatment is unknown. The investigators compared the efficacy of 14-day hybrid therapy and 14-day bismuth ...

Laparoscopic Transvaginal Hybrid Anterior Resection: a Prospective Data Collection

Transvaginal hybrid procedures are of interest as an available NOTES-Procedure for the clinical routine. Few authors have demonstrated the feasibility and safety of such procedures (e.g. cholecystectomy) in selected patient collectives. In 2008 Lacy at al. published the experience with a transvaginal sigmoidectomy as a first in human report. The aim of this prospective data collection is to evaluate the feasibility and safety of the transvaginal hybrid anterior resection in the...

Two-stage Hybrid Ablation or Thoracoscopic Epicardial Ablation for Long-standing Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

Hybrid ablation, as an emerging strategy for atrial fibrillation (AF) in recent years, shows encouraging outcomes in many medical centers. A lot of cases demonstrated hybrid ablation has higher success rate than surgical ablation on patients with persistent AF, especially long-standing persistent AF (LSPAF). But it is still lack of high level evidence to prove it. This study focus on patients with long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation (LSPAF). In order to compare the ef...

Comparison of Therapy in Treatment of Patients With Helicobacter Pylori Infection: Concomitant Versus Hybrid Therapy.

The aim of the study is to compare the effectiveness of two therapeutic protocols in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection. The hypothesis of our research is that the two therapeutic options (hybrid and concomitant therapy) will be equally successful in the treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection. In other words, in both therapeutic groups we expect successful treatment of Helicobacter pylori infection in or more than 90 % of patients. In other studies, both...

Environmental Influences on Vitamin D Status

Vitamin D deficiency is a common problem. The principal source of vitamin D for humans is solar exposure, with cutaneous synthesis of vitamin D by photoconversion of 7-dehydrocholesterol in the skin to pre-vitamin D3. Latitude, altitude, season, skin pigmentation, and age are recognized factors that influence how much vitamin D can be made by solar exposure. However, the relative influences of each are largely unknown and we cannot reliably answer the question of how much sun ...

A Hybrid Emotion-focused Treatment for Chronic Pain Patients With Emotional Problems

The aim of this project is to evaluate a hybrid emotion-focused treatment protocol, specifically developed for individuals who suffer from co-occurring chronic pain and clinical levels of anxiety and/or depressive symptoms. Specific questions relating to treatment outcome: 1. Does a hybrid emotion-focused treatment lead to a decrease in comorbid emotional symptoms (pain-related fear, anxiety, depression)? 2. Does a hybrid emotion-focused treatment lead to an i...

Randomized, Controlled Trial With Hybrid Fractional Laser

This randomized, controlled trial will evaluate hybrid fractional laser treatment for vulvovaginal atrophy in breast cancer survivors and menopausal females

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