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Potato Consumption and Risk of Hypertension

Government has popularized potatoes as a major staple food in China. Potato, a potassium-rich food with high glycemic responses after consumption, exhibits unclear effects on hypertension. In this study, the investigators aimed to examine the association between potato consumption and hypertension risk among Chinese people.

Glucose Response From Antioxidant Rich Potato Chips

Assess impact of potato phytochemical on post-prandial gastric emptying and glucose release from products in a pilot human study.

Identification and Characterization of Predictive Factors of Onset of Bone Metastases in Cancer Patients

The aim of the present study is to identify deregulated miRNAs in oncological patients with bone metastases present within the circulating exosomes and responsible for the biological mechanisms involved in the process of bone metastasis, in order to obtain a panel of biomarkers predictive of this risk. Through appropriate molecular screening methods a specific panel of significantly deregulated miRNAs will be identified; subsequently bioinformatics analyzes through the use of ...


Potato Consumption and Energy Balance

A randomized, clinical trial will be performed to assess changes in body weight and fat mass with daily potato consumption versus a calorie-matched snack of almonds.

miRNAs Profiling in Parkinson's Disease

microRNAs (miRNAs) regulate fundamental cell processes. Dysregulation of miRNA expression and function is reported in various diseases including cancer, metabolic disorders as well as neurological disorders. Circulating miRNAs have been proposed to mirror physiological and pathological conditions suggesting their use as biomarkers for various diseases. The study will focus on a case-control study cohort (N=1000) of subjects recruited at the IRCCS Neuromed for which a deep clini...

Comparison of Low GI and High GI Potatoes in Relation to Satiety (POSAT)

The study is a single-blind, randomised crossover study, investigating how a high glycaemic potato affects satiety in humans compared to a low glycaemic potato. This is done to shed further light on the discussion about whether potatoes with a high glycaemic index increases the risk of overweight and obesity and thus indirectly type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

microRNAs in Systemic Scleroderma

No studies have investigated the expression of miRNAs in Dig-ScS tissues. In the absence of specific treatment for this frequent impairment in this connectivity, the team proposes to study miRNA profiles in the esophagus and duodenum to identify new therapeutic targets. The team is studying the involvement of pro-fibrotic "key" miRNAs called "FibromiRs", including 3 miRNAs from the DNM3os locus (miR-199a-3p, miR-199a-5p and miR-214 - characterized by the host laboratory) associ...

Potato Consumption and Risk of Mortality

Although previous studies have linked fried potato consumption with the incidence of mortality in the US population, the association between potato consumption and mortality in the Chinese population remains unknown.

Defining Circulating Micro-RNA Biomarkers for the Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Sepsis

The objectives are to: 1. derive and validate a panel of miRNAs that are consistently differentially expressed in the plasma of patients with and without sepsis 2. investigate the prognostic and predictive values of the panel of miRNAs to guide treatment 3. investigate the roles of these differentially-expressed circulating miRNAs in immune modulation during sepsis The methodology involves sampling of blood from controls and subjects in the ...

Effect of White Potatoes on Glycemic Response and Satiety in Children

The purpose of the present study is to explore the influence of cooking methods on post-prandial glycaemia and its impact on satiety in children.

Effect of White Potatoes on Glycemic Response and Satiety in Older Adults

The purpose of the present study is to explore the influence of cooking methods on post-prandial glycaemia and its impact on satiety across the lifespan in healthy older adults.

The Effect of White Sweet Potato Meal Replacement on Weight Control of the Obesity

The purpose of this project is to use white-skinned sweet potato as the main material for weight control for overweight and obesity, the non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular diseases, cancers, chronic respiratory diseases and diabetes) are also included. All high quality sweet potato are provided by CAES in Taiwan to produce special nutrient food and health food that to do functional study in Shih Chien University and Taipei Medical University. In this study, the investiga...

Postprandial Effects of a High Potassium Meal

The investigators aim to evaluate the acute effects of potassium supplementation achieved by ingestion of potassium rich food, on vascular health.

Potassium Supplementation in CKD

The current high-sodium, low-potassium diet contributes to the high prevalence of high blood pressure (hypertension). Indeed, the anti-hypertensive effects of potassium supplementation are well-established. Hypertension is even more prevalent and resistant in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and contributes to further decline in kidney function. Four recent epidemiological studies (published 2014 - 2016) showed that higher dietary potassium intake was associated with ...


Epigenetics has produced a high impact in biomedical research and is providing new biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases. In addition, epigenetics is also contributing to analyze the molecular causes underlying diseases, even so periodontal diseases as it has been recently reviewed. In this regard, changes in the methylation of genes codifying for pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory cytokines has been previously reported. miRNAs are very promising biomolecul...

The Effects of Potassium on Physiological and Cardiovascular Variables in Healthy Persons

In humans living of fruit and vegetables, hypertension is rarely seen. We wish to study if the development of hypertension has a connection to our intake of potassium. We know that fruit and vegetables contain a lot of potassium and we will simulate this intake by giving healthy subjects potassium as tablets.

Identification of Hematological Malignancies and Therapy Predication Using microRNAs as a Diagnostic Tool

MiRNAs are small (~19-25 nucleotides) non-coding RNA molecules that bind to mRNA in a sequence-specific manner. MiRNAs regulate gene expression at the post-transcriptional level. MiRNAs regulate critical cell processes such as metabolism, apoptosis, development, cell cycle, hematopoietic differentiation and have been implicated in the development and progression of several types of cancers, including hematological malignancies. Over-expression, amplification and/or deletion of ...

Potassium-Magnesium Citrate as a Blood Pressure Lowering Agent in Hypertensive Patients

The goal of this study is to compare the effects of Potassium Magnesium Citrate to Potassium Chloride on blood pressure among patients with pre-hypertension or mild hypertension. We will also test whether Potassium Magnesium Citrate increases excretion of large amounts of sodium in the urine.

Effect of Carnosine on Diabetes and Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Carnosine is a naturally occurring compound with a potential health benefits. In animal studies, carnosine supplementation reduces manifestation of chronic civilization diseases, regulates subclinical inflammation, protein glycation and lipid & glucose metabolism. Our preliminary data showed the relationship between insulin resistance and carnosine content in human skeletal muscle. Based on these unique results we plan to perform intervention study aimed at identifying effects ...

Safety of Continuous Potassium Chloride Infusion in Critical Care

Patients in critical care often require supplemental potassium chloride if levels in their blood are below acceptable level. Common practice is to administer a single dose of potassium chloride under controlled conditions via a drip, before checking if a further dose is required. The purpose of this study is to ensure that it is safe to administer potassium chloride continuously with the dose varied according to patient needs.

Bio Fortified Iron OFSP Malawi

To combat Iron deficiency in Low and Middle-Income Countries, sustainable food-based solutions have to be implemented to serve populations, not only individuals. One solution is the introduction of iron biofortified staple crops on market level. Before market level introduction, we need to assess the iron bioavailability of the new biofortified breed. In our study this is the iron from a new bio fortified Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato breed. In this study we compare the fraction...

Effect of Potato Fiber on Appetite and Fecal Fat Excretion

Results have indicated that some dietary fibers increase fecal fat excretion and particularly viscous fibers suppress appetite sensation and reduce energy intake. Both these effects may contribute to body weight management. Aim: The aim of the study is to investigate the potential of 3-weeks daily intake of potato pulp (FiberBind), rhamnogalacturonan I isolated potato fiber (RG-I) vs. a low-fiber control (placebo) on satiety and fecal fat excretion in healthy adults. Furthermo...

Efficacy of Adding Topiramate to Current Treatment in Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

SRI's are considered first-line treatments for OCD, however many patients continue to have significant symptoms despite an adequate trial of an SRI. Neuroimaging studies have shown that the glutamate neurological system is involved in OCD. This study will test the safety and efficacy of topiramate, a drug, which targets glutamate, in the treatment of OCD, where the OCD has been un-responsive, or partially responsive to regular SRI treatment.

Effects of Potassium Salts on Blood Pressure and Target Organ Damage

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of potassium chloride and potassium bicarbonate on blood pressure and also to determine whether increasing potassium intake has beneficial effects on the surrogate markers of target organ damage in cardiovascular disease, as well as on bone health.

Diet and Health in Adults With Metabolic Syndrome

The prevalence of US adults with Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) is over 34%, impacting nearly 35% of all adults and 50% of those aged 60 years or older. MetS is characterized as a combination of underlying risk factors that when, occurring together, increase the risk for chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), cardiovascular disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer, resulting in an 1.6-fold increase in mortality. According the American Heart Association, health...

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