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This study evaluates the performance of new technology "CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE" against a classic cryotherapy "Nitrogen Liquid " to treat solar lentigines. The hands and the neckline will be randomised, either left or right side and treated by two cryotherapy devices: 1. CRYOTHERAPY MAINS ET DECOLLETE is the device under evaluation. 2. Liquid nitrogen is a comparator device.

Cryotherapy Associated With Exercise in Pain Control and Physical Function in Individuals With Knee Osteoarthritis

The purpose of this study is to verify the effect of cryotherapy associated with an exercise protocol in pain control, function and quality of life in individuals with knee osteoarthritis

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ImPACT Normative Extension

The researchers want to find out more about a standalone software application, ImPACT Online and how it relates to other commonly used tests of memory, attention and reaction time. ImPACT Online is a computer-based neurocognitive test for concussion management. The test was designed to help measure the effects of concussion on cognitive processes (for example, memory, attention, brain speed) and visual functioning.

ImPACT Online Clinical Study

The researchers want to find out more about a standalone software application, ImPACT Online and how it relates to other commonly used tests of memory, attention and reaction time. ImPACT Online is a computer-based neurocognitive test for concussion management. The test was designed to help measure the effects of concussion on cognitive processes (for example, memory, attention, brain speed) and visual functioning.

Impact of Atkinson Product Design Urinary Slide Valve Versus Standard Catheter Drainage System on Social Functioning

The primary objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the Atkinson Product Design urinary slide valve on patient morbidity and freedom as measured by impact on activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of life (QOL). Secondary objectives include assessing the impact of the device on bacteruria and evaluating the impact of the primary treatment on ADL and QOL.

Impact of Budesonide Irrigations on Patients With Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Impact on Sinus Surgery Rates

This study is intended to assess the impact of a 90 day course of high volume budesonide irrigations for patients who have failed other medical therapy and assessing the impact of the budesonide irrigations on the need for sinus surgery.

Effect of Low-impact Aerobic Exercise and Music Therapy in Fibromyalgia

The idea of this study is the combination of these two techniques (low-impact aerobic exercise through functional movements and music therapy) that have proven to be effective separately. The main objective of this study is to test this combination to reduce widespread pain in fibromyalgia patients, improve their balance, influence on decreasing levels of depression and improve quality of life.

Psychological Impact of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss impact on daily living, mood and self-perceived well-being. However, psychological impact of teeth loss has not been evaluated. Present study aims to evaluate the psychological conditions of patients pending complete tooth extraction before and shortly after tooth loss using Hospital Anxiety and Depression scale (HAD) and Geriatric Oral Health Assessment Index (GOHAI).

MEtatastic Renal Carcinoma LINes

The hypothesis of this study are as follows: - Prognostic evaluation of patients based on an integrative model provides better assessment of overall survival, and thus improves setting of care goals. - In a routine care population, antitumour drugs may have a significant impact on overall survival through their targeted antitumor effect, but also through their toxicity profile and their impact on comorbidities. - The optimization of patient supp...

TruFreeze Cryotherapy Central Airway Disease

Rationale: Spray cryotherapy (SCT) using liquid nitrogen has been safely and effectively used in the esophagus, airways and pleura. Treatment with SCT for central airway stenosis may provide an effective, and more durable and perhaps safer alternative to the current therapeutic modalities. Objectives: 1. To investigate the feasibility of using Spray cryotherapy (SCT) for the treatment of malignant and benign central airway disease. 2. To investigate the ...

Impact of Recurrence Score on Adjuvant Treatment Decisions in Breast Cancer Patients

IRMA is a Prospective, monocenter, non-interventional investigator initiated (IIT) registry that aims to investigate the use of the CE-marked OncotypeDX and its impact on adjuvant therapy recommendations in the clinical routine. Additionally, the proportion of patients with low, intermediate and high RS in predefined clinical subgroups will be determined. To evaluate the impact of the RS on tumor cell dissemination, these subgroups also include DTC-negative versus DTC-positive ...

Impact of Maraviroc on the Immune Function in HIV-1 Infected Subjects Receiving Immunisation With Novel Antigens

Impact of Maraviroc, a ART CCR5 inhibitor, on the intensification of immune function in HIV-1 infected subjects receiving immunisation with novel antigens The purpose of the study is to investigate the impact of adding Maraviroc (an anti-HIV agent) to a participant's normal HIV medication, on immune function. As part of the study participants will also receive three different vaccinations and a skin test. The study will also look at whether Maraviroc influences the body's resp...

Alternations of Intestinal Microbiota and Health Impact in CKD

This study is aimed to evaluate the impact of dietary pattern, gut microbiota and their interactions on clinical outcomes among patient with CKD stage 3-5.

A Study to Test the Impact of an Improved Chulha on Respiratory Health of Women and Children in Indian Slums

The aim of this study is to find out the impact of a locally designed and manufactured improved stove intervention on the level of household air pollution and the impact on associated respiratory health indicators and predictors of women and children.

Cardiovascular Impact of Obstructive Sleep Apnea in Normotensive Patients

Recent evidences suggest that obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can contribute to cardiovascular disease even in the absence of hypertension. However, there are few data regarding the impact of OSA on the hemodynamic, autonomic and lipid metabolism behaviour in apparently normotensive patients with OSA as well as the impact of treatment with continuous positive airway pressure.

ERAS in Colorectal Surgery Diminishes the Negative Impact of Sarcopenia on Short Term Outcomes

So far, the impact of sarcopenia has been analysed only in patients undergoing traditional surgical procedures (laparotomy) or those with metastatic spread. As the ERAS protocol combined with minimally invasive access decreases postoperative metabolic disorders, it seems possible that it can limit the deleterious impact of sarcopenia as well. The aim of this study was to investigate whether the use of ERAS protocol in colorectal cancer patients influences the postoperative risk...

Barbershop Talk: HIV Prevention for African American Heterosexual Men

This program utilizes a community-engaged research approach to implementing and evaluating a program that seeks to reduce sexual risk behavior among Black adult heterosexual men. The investigators aims are to assess the impact of this linguistically and culturally tailored HIV prevention program on the sexual risk of heterosexual, African American men aged 18 and older, to assess the intervention's impact on the more proximal social and psychosocial variables that the progr...

Implementation and Impact of an Online Tool Used in Primary Care to Improve Income Security

We will evaluate the acceptability, feasibility and impact of an online tool that helps patients identify financial benefits that they are entitled to at six clinic sites over a three month period. We will answer the following questions: Is an online tool that addresses income security feasible and acceptable to clinicians? Can such a tool be integrated into regular clinic workflow? What is the patient perspective on the tool and what is the short-term impact?

Preoperative Nutritional Support in Esophagectomy or Pancreaticoduodenectomy

We are proposing to evaluate the benefit of preoperative nutritional support with Impact Advanced Recovery in the most vulnerable group of elective gastrointestinal surgery patients who may experience a complication, esophagus and pancreas resections, and hypothesize that oral supplementation with 3 servings (0.75 L) Impact Advanced Recovery will reduce postoperative stay by 10-20% and reduce the incidence of major complications by 25%.

Exercise Intervention - and Impact on Hospitalization

Skeletal muscle abnormalities (sarcopenia) and frailty are common complications seen in patients with end-stage liver disease. The presence of these complications portends poor prognosis. The purpose of this study is to assess the impact of a formal home based video strengthening program (REST) on sarcopenia and frailty. We also want to assess the impact of this exercise program on complication rates, hospitalization, on quality of life (QOL) and on survival.

Impact of Iron Injection on Blood Donation

This trial study and compare in blood and urinary matrices the impact of an iron injection on proteins involved in iron metabolism during a blood donation. The goal is to study the impact of an iron injection on detection markers of a blood donation in the anti-doping field

Impact of P53 and SIRT1 in Type 2 Diabetes

Investigating the impact of p53 and SIRT1 in the development of type 2 DM

IMPACT Study (Improving Measurements of Persistence on "ACtonel" Treatment)

The primary objective of this study is to assess the impact of physician's reinforcement using bone marker data on the subject's compliance (at least 50% drug taken) and persistence on treatment after one year in postmenopausal osteoporotic women.

Impact of Rapid Detection of MRSA

The objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the Alere™ PBP2a test combined with pharmacist review of antimicrobial therapy, on clinical outcomes and cost in hospitalized patients with sterile site S. aureus infection.

Impact of HemoDiaFIltration on Physical Activity and Self- Reported Outcomes

This is a randomized controlled clinical trial that will analyze the impact of high volume online HDF in comparison to high-flux HD on measured physical activity (number of steps measured in the dialysis day- as average of 3 periods capture during a 7 day period captures by Actigraph).

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