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The Effect of Insoluble Yeast Beta-glucan Intake on Pre-diabetic Patients

There is a lot of evidence to show that the yeast beta-glucan has immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, anti-infective effects.However,few work was done on the relationship between yeast bata-glucan and the immune function of diabetic patients. This is a randomized double-blind trial, aiming to study the effect of yeast beta-glucan on immune system of prediabetic patients. Firstly, the investigators will go into the efficacy of yeast beta-glucan on improving the clinical symptom...

Use of Oral Probiotics as an Adjunctive Therapy to Fluconazole in the Treatment of Yeast Vaginitis

Yeast vaginitis is a very common ailment affecting premenopausal women in Nigeria. This condition is more prevalent in the age group between 21-30 years. More than 75% of premenopausal women and university students are diagnosed with yeast infections annually. In most of these women, recurrent rate of vaginal candidiasis with empiric therapy, stands between 70 and 80%. In addition, resistance to anti-fungal agents is increasing at an alarming speed, particularly with species ot...

Intestinal Parasites in Inhabitants of Kuyavian-Pomeranian Province in Poland

The goal of the proposed study is to assess the prevalence of intestinal parasitic diseases in adults and children. These invasions are included to "dirty hand diseases" (per os invasions), therefore it applies mainly preschool children.

Lipid-lowering Effect of Phytosterols, Red Yeast Rice and Their Combination

A large body of evidence confirm the cholesterol lowering effect of phytosterols and red yeast rice. Because their mechanisms of action mime the ones of chemical statins and cholesterol absorption inhibitors, it is plausible that their association will provide a more relevant (and safe) LDL cholesterolemia reduction.

Red Rice Yeast in Low-density Lipoprotein (LDL) Lowering: an Efficacy Study

Red yeast rice is a source of active compounds in reducing LDL levels with practically no side effects. Molval Fort is a natural product available in the Lebanese market with a combination of red yeast rice extracts, EPA/DHA and coenzyme Q10. The investigators are conducting this study to explore the effect of red yest rice extracts based product on LDL and its side effects in a sample of primary care Lebanese patients.

Effect of Fluconazole on the Levels of ASCA After Surgical Resection for Crohn's Disease.

This was prospective study randomized in two controlled parallel groups verum versus placebo. The objectives were to assess the influence of antifungal treatment with Fluconazole (FCZ) on the rate of ASCA and endoscopic recurrence at 6 months. The rational was based on our previous research having established i) a link between intestinal inflammation and the opportunistic fungal pathogen C. albicans -a yeast colonizing the human digestive tract- ii) the demonstration that this ...

Safety of Red Yeast Rice for High Cholesterol in Individuals With Statin Intolerance

This study will examine the effect of red yeast rice extract compared to pravastatin on muscle related complaints in individuals with high cholesterol who have previously been unable to tolerate statin medications due to muscle pain. The study will determine whether red yeast is associated with a lower level of muscle related complaints compared to pravastatin.

The Efficacy and Safety of Combined Therapy With Red Yeast Rice and Low-dose Statin:Comparing With Standarized Statin

Double-dose statin regimen achieves merely 6% of decrease in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) levels, whereas the risk of side effects increased largely. Our previous pliot study (NCT01686451) has suggested that red yeast rice was of similar lipid-lowering efficacy while was associated with less fatigue than statins. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the efficacy and safety of combined therapy with red yeast rice and low-dose atorvastatin in persons with mild ...

Influence of Selenium on Prostate Cancer Related Biomarkers

Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical Center researchers are trying to compare the effects of two different forms of selenium (selenium yeast and selenomethionine) on blood selenium levels and biomarkers of oxidative stress as primary endpoints. One in six men are at risk of getting prostate cancer in their lifetime. Participants will be asked to take over-the-counter selenium yeast supplements and selenomethionine or a placebo for nine out of twelve months.

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging After Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy

This study is evaluating how MRI after CRT can provide key insights regarding LV function, structure, and mechanics resulting from CRT in patients with or without LV scar and inform optimal pacing strategies. The expected accurate and reproducible response assessment with cardiac MRI has important implications for evaluating CRT outcomes in clinical trials, and the insights from the post-CRT MRI promise to improve implementation of CRT.

QUILT-2.025 NANT Neoepitope Yeast Vaccine (YE-NEO-001): Adjuvant Immunotherapy Using a Personalized Neoepitope Yeast-Based Vaccine To Induce T-Cell Responses In Subjects W/ Previously Treated Cancers.

This is a phase 1 study to evaluate the safety, the Recommended Phase 2 Dose (RP2D), and preliminary efficacy of a personalized neoepitope yeast-based vaccine, YE-NEO-001, in subjects who have completed potentially curative therapy for their solid cancer and who would otherwise be entering a period of surveillance for recurrent disease.

Study of Innate Host Immune Response to C. Glabrata Clinical Isolates Resistant to Echinocandins: Impact on the Management of Candidemia in High-risk Patients

In the context of Candida yeast infections, a large number of studies have been published over the past two decades specifying the molecular mechanisms of antifungal resistance in different Candida species. However, few of these studies have explored how these mechanisms influence host immune response to this opportunistic pathogen. Recent advances in understanding how the host's immune system responds to Candida have initiated the emergence of a new research theme aimed at bet...

the Efficacy and Safety of Blueberry Yeast Fermentation Freeze Dying Powder on Promotion of Immunity

This study was conducted to investigated the effects of daily supplementation of Blueberry Yeast Fermentation Freeze Dying Powder on Promotion of Immunity.

The Efficacy of the Nanit-Insights App in Improving Infant Sleep

The proposed study aims to examine the effectiveness of Nanit-Insights, an app-based intervention for parents who wish to improve their infant's sleep.

Impact of Health Education Learning Package Against Intestinal Parasitic Infections Among Orang Asli Children

A health education learning package (HELP) has been improved and evaluated for its impact against intestinal parasitic infections among Orang Asli schoolchildren in West Malaysia. 13 schools were allocated into two groups (intervention and control groups) and the impact of HELP was evaluated after 3 and 6 months of baseline assessment and HELP intervention.

Novel Cross-Species Neurophysiological Assays of Reward and Cognitive Domains

The overarching goal of this multi-disciplinary research program is to develop and optimize new cross-species translational assessments of reward and cognition that will not only be assessed in parallel in humans and rats, but also produce neurophysiological and behavioral metrics that can be objectively compared across species. The research will build on prior studies by further developing and optimizing (in Phase 1), then validating via pharmacological challenge (in Phase 2),...

Ivermectin and Human Immunity

We hypothesize that ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasitic worm infections, interacts with the human innate immune system and that this contributes to its anti-parasitic effects. Participants will donate blood before and after being administered the normal human dose of the drug. We will compare the cell types present in the blood and the chemicals known to influence the human immune system before and after the drug is given, as well as measuring any changes in gene express...

The Effect of Hypocol® on Lipids in Subjects With Mild Hypercholesterolemia and Mildly Elevated Blood Glucose

The purpose of this study is to determine to what degree Hypocol® (Red Yeast Rice) may lower low density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol in a European population. The effect of Red Yeast Rice on fasting blood glucose and inflammatory markers will also be investigated.

Effect of Zinc and Selenium Supplementation on HIV+ Individuals on Antiretroviral Treatment.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of zinc gluconate and/or selenium yeast supplementation during six months on clinical (glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, bone mineral density and body composition) and immunological (oxidative stress, CD4+ count and pro-inflammatory cytokines) parameters in a population with HIV diagnosis on antiretroviral treatment.

Prospective Two-Year Study to Assess Miconazole Nitrate Resistance in Neonates and Infants

The purpose of this study is to determine whether repeated use of 0.25% miconazole nitrate ointment in newborns and infants with a yeast infection in the diaper area causes the yeast to become resistant to the drug.

Potential Lead Exposure Through Eating Self-harvested Wild Game

This is a clinical research protocol to determine the feasibility of assessing lead levels in hunters who use lead projectiles. This study will determine if it is possible to perform an interventional double-blind placebo-controlled study of lead levels in hunters using lead or lead-free projectiles following consumption of self-harvested wild game. The hypothesis for the subsequent study is that minute lead particles from shrapnel dispersed through the animal during harvest ar...

Effects of 10 mg Monacolins on Vascular Health: a Clinical Trial

This will be a double-blind randomized clinical trial carried out on subjects with suboptimal control of LDL-cholesterolemia, following a Mediterranean diet, and treated with a red yeast rice extract (containing 10 mg monacolin K per daily dose) or placebo, in order to evaluate the middle-term effects on vascular health evaluated by non invasive methods (Vicorder(R) apparatus)

Description of the Pathogenicity and Incriminated Modes of Contamination of Neonatal Bacillus Species Sepsis.

Bacillus species are ubiquitous gram-positive spore-forming organisms. They rarely cause disease in the immunocompetent and are more frequently isolated as a culture contaminant. However, Bacillus Species can cause severe systemic infections in immunocompromised patients including preterm infants. The purpose of this study is to identify the risk factors of these infections.

Evaluation, Treatment and Monitoring of Patients With a Known or Suspected Parasitic Infection

The purpose of this study is to evaluate, treat and follow patients with parasitic infections. People with a known or suspected parasitic infection who are at least 1 year old may be enrolled. This study does not involve any experimental treatments. Participants will have a physical examination and laboratory tests on blood, stool, or urine. Blood samples may be collected at regular intervals, but no more than 450 ml (15 ounces) of blood will be drawn from adults, and n...

Oral Microbiome and Pancreatic Cancer

This is a prospective population based study to examine the relationship of oral and pancreatic microbiome, and their functions, to pancreatic cancer risk. The identification of specific oral bacteria and their functional relationship to pancreatic cancer will advance scientific knowledge on the etiology of pancreatic cancer. This could provide a new microbially-based research paradigm, possibly leading to new drug targets for this disease. Second, the oral bacteria may serve ...

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