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Familial Hypercholesterolemia in Turkey (A-HIT2)

A-HIT2, is also designed as a National FH registry. At least 1000 FH patients will be recruited from 30 outpatient clinics representing the 12 Nuts statistical Regions in Turkey proportional to the 2015 Turkey's Population distribution.[14] Both HeFH and HoFH patients are eligible for enrollment. Sites specialized on cardiology, internal medicine, and endocrinology were invited by the Turkish Society of Cardiology.

Investigating Burnout in Intensive Care in Middle Incoming Turkey

Turkey is a developing country and its intensive care infrastructure is worse than developed countries. The staff is very busy at work. Intensive care has become a new science. We wanted to investigate burnout syndrome among physicians and other health care workers who are starting to work at a new intensive care medicine. Intensive care specialists in Turkey do not work in intensive care centers where they want. This may have a negative effect on physicians.

The Prevalence of Chronic Critical Illness in Turkey

It is known that the number of Chronic Critical İllnes, an iatrogenic condition, increases all over the world. The prevalence of Chronic Critical Illness in Turkey is unknown. The investigators aimed to evaluate the etiology, comorbid conditions, demographic data, prevalence, mortality and costs of these patient in intensive care units in Turkey. In this multi-centered study, The investigators will retrospectively review the last 1 year of patients receiving treatment at the A...

Superficial and Cutaneous Fungal Infections Among Drug-users in Northeast Region of Iran

The purpose of this study was about survey of prevalence of fungal infections among drug users referring to methadone wards of Hospitals in northeast region of Iran

HIV Risk Reduction and Drug Abuse Treatment in Iran

A randomized, double blind clinical trial comparing buprenorphine and naltrexone maintenance treatment when combined with drug abuse and HIV risk reduction counseling (DC-HIV) for heroin and opium addicts in Iran.

Prevalence of COPD: First Epidemiological Data From a Large Region of Turkey

The study was designed to obtain some baseline data on COPD in Malatya region of Turkey.

Implementation of Self Help Plus in Adult Syrian Refugees in Turkey (RE-DEFINE)

This study evaluates the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the SH+ in Syrian refugees with psychological distress in Turkey. Half of participants will receive Self Help Plus (SH+), while the other half will receive enhanced treatment as usual.

Determination of Risk Factors and Mortality for Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness in Turkey

It is predicted that the number of Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness increases similar to adult all over the world. The prevalence of Pediatric Chronic Critical Illness in Turkey is unknown. The investigators aimed to evaluate the etiology, comorbid conditions, demographic data, prevalence, mortality and costs of these patient in intensive care units in Turkey. In this multi-centered study, The investigators will retrospectively review the last 3 year of patients receiving tre...

Evaluation of Patient Characteristics and Treatment Approaches to Patients With Bipolar Disorder in Turkey

A registry study to identify the patient-diagnosis-treatment characteristic profile of patients with bipolar disorder in Turkey.

Hepatocellular Carcinoma Registry for Turkey (3K Trial)

This registry study is national, multi-center, prospective study without any interventions to the treatment strategies and/or decisions of the investigators. It is designed in order to determine the general profile of HCC patients in Turkey. Socio-demographic characteristics, family history, medical history and treatment pattern of HCC patients will be evaluated.

Effectiveness of a Web and Mobile Guided Psychological Intervention for Depressive Symptoms in Turkey

The aim of this study is to test the clinical effects of a web and mobile application of guided Problem Solving Therapy for depressive symptoms among the general population in Turkey.

A Registry of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy in Turkey

Peripartum cardiomyopathy (PPCM) is a global disease with significant morbidity and mortality of young women. Its' etiology, epidemiology and treatment is not yet well described. This will be a retrospective, national, multicenter observational study, conducted in Turkey. It is expected that approximately 50 women with PPCM will be recorded.

Genetic and Environmental Risk Factors for Esophageal Cancer in Patients With Esophageal Cancer and in Healthy Participants in Northern Iran

RATIONALE: Gathering information about genetic and environmental risk factors in patients with esophageal cancer and in healthy participants in Northern Iran may help doctors learn more about the disease. PURPOSE: This phase I clinical trial is studying genetic and environmental risk factors for esophageal cancer in patients with esophageal cancer and in healthy participants in Northern Iran.

Investigation of the Transfusion Practices in Surgical Patients in Turkey

The aim of the CeKATU study is to describe the transfusion practices in patients undergoing major surgery in Turkey. The transfusion rates of red blood cells (RBC), fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and platelets; the transfusion predictors and transfusion related patient outcomes are investigated.

Effect of Urtica Dioica on Glycemic Control in Patients With Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes mellitus is the most common metabolic disorder worldwide. Some herbs are traditionally used in treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM). Urtica Dioica (UD) or stinging nettle is traditionally used in Morocco, Turkey, Brasil, Jordan and with much frequency in northern Iran. Studies on animal models along with in vitro studies has shown hypoglycemic effect for aqueous extract of UD. This study aimed to investigate hypoglycemic effects of UD tea bags in patien...

Implementation of Problem Management Plus (PM+) in Adult Syrian Refugees in Turkey: Pilot

To implement Problem Management Plus (PM+) in Syrian refugees with this pilot study in Turkey with the aim of informing the definitive RCT about drop-out rates and estimated effect sizes.

Developing and Implementing Familial Hypercholesterolemia Registry in Isfahan, Iran

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a most prevalent genetic disorder define as high cholesterol level and premature death. The prevalence of FH reported in few countries however unknown in Iran. Thus determine the FH patient, finding diagnostic strategy and appropriate treatment are important. We intent to use cascade method to screening patients, also our expected outputs are to develop and implement a registry program for FH patients and their families and to study their g...

Non-endoscopic EC Screening Program in Northern Iran

The aim of this study is to assess the effects of implementation of a non-endoscopic esophageal cancer-screening program on outcomes of interest in an asymptomatic high-risk population in Golestan Province, Iran. Study population will be recruited in two arms. In the intervention arm, cytological examination of the esophagus will be performed using a capsule sponge device. Subjects in the control arm will receive no intervention. All participants will be followed for 5 years. T...

Study to Identify and Characterize Bacteria Causing Acute Otitis Media in Young Children in Turkey

The purpose of this study is to identify and characterize the bacteria causing complicated Acute Otitis Media episode in children >= 3 months to < 5 years in Turkey.

Acute and Chronic Heart Failure in Real Life in Turkey

This study, which will be conducted at 23 sites representing the determined NUTS-1 regions in Turkey, in which all patients who were admitted to clinic or were hospitalized with Heart Failure (Acute or Chronic) diagnosis will be enrolled into the study, for a month and on a day of the week which will be determined by the site itself, is a national, multi-center, observational, epidemiological and cross-sectional study. This study is a local study which is planned to be conducte...

The Use of Hospital and Emergency Department of Refugee Patients

After Middle Eastern crisis, millions people were forced to migrate to European countries and especially neighboring countries. In Turkey, cities which are closed to east of border, face to cope more refugees' health care than those of other cities. The incidence of admission of hospital outpatient clinics and emergency department by refugee patients is not known clearly in our city, Nevsehir. In this study, we wanted to investigate use of health care among these patients in Ne...

Serotype Distribution and Antibiotic Sensitivity of Streptococcus Pneumoniae That Causes Invasive Diseases at Children and Adults in Turkey: Multi-centered, Retrospective Laboratory Trial

The aim of this study is to specify the serotype distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae that causes invasive diseases at children and adults in Turkey.

Upper Limit for TSH of First and Second Trimester Pregnancy in Turkey

Physiological changes necessitate the use of pregnancy-specific reference ranges for TSH and FT4 to diagnose thyroid dysfunction during pregnancy. Although many centers use fixed upper limits for TSH of 2.5 or 3.0 mU/L, this may lead to overdiagnosis or even overtreatment. The new guidelines of the American Thyroid Association have considerably changed recommendations regarding thyroid function reference ranges in pregnancy accordingly. Any hospital or physician that is still ...

Systemic Sclerosis (SSc) Vasculopathy: Improved Clinical Monitoring and Treatment

Systemic sclerosis (SSc; scleroderma) is a multi-organ systemic disease characterized by activation of immune cells, which results in vascular dysfunction (vasculopathy) and subsequent scarring (fibrosis). SSc has a higher than expect prevalence in the US military. On a national level there are 5,766 SSc patients (ICD-9 710.1) presently cared for in the Veterans Health Administration (VHA). While there is no cure for SSc, studies of therapeutics that can help slow disease progr...

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation in Operating Room

In the last ten years patient safety during routine surgical interventions has increased; however as there is an increase in the number of specialized surgical interventions and high risk patients like elderly and emergency patients, the incidence of perioperative cardiac arrest has not reduced but remains fixed. The incidence of perioperative cardiac arrest varies from 4.3-34.6 for each 10,000 procedures. However as in a lot of other countries exact data are lacking also for T...

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