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Breath Test for Chemicals (Volatile Organic Compounds)

Background: - Some types of cancer, like cancer of the esophagus, are difficult to detect at an early stage. A possible detection method involves collecting breath samples to look for chemicals that may be signs of cancer. However, more research is needed to determine how different chemicals appear in different breath samples. This study will involve healthy volunteers. Objectives: - To study chemicals appearing in breath samples of healthy volunteers. Eligibili...

Adjunctive Supplementation of Antioxidants (Vitamins E + C) Plus Omega-3 Fatty Acids

This research study helps to demonstrate that adding vitamins and fats (nutritional supplements) to a diet will help reduce body weight and improve the lipid profile. This will be done by examining the body weight and chemicals in the blood. The chemicals are the result of the brain using the fat that subjects eat in their diet. Some medications may also change the amount of these chemicals in a person’s blood.

Microbial Community Composition and Metabolism in Cystic Fibrosis

Scientist have begun to realize that many types of bacteria often live together as a complex community, and the investigators wish to apply that idea to the bacteria in the respiratory system of people with Cystic Fibrosis (CF). It is possible that the survival of the many millions of bacteria in the CF lung depends on the production of special chemicals that might be made only by very few types of bacteria. If that is true, medicines that interfere with those chemicals could t...

Taking Action to Thrive - A Healthy Lifestyle Intervention Pilot Study

There have been some preliminary studies, primarily in animals, that suggest that exposure to some of the chemicals in our everyday environment, such as the chemicals found in plastics, may cause weight gain. It is not clear whether this also happens in humans, or whether decreasing exposure to these chemicals can improve success with weight loss when people adopt healthy lifestyle changes. The THRIVE Study is a 4-week group healthy lifestyle education program that is designed...

Biomarkers for Obstructive Sleep Apnea

The purpose of the study is to: - recruit subjects with untreated sleep apnea; assess overnight changes in their blood and urine chemicals - review the overnight changes in blood and urine chemicals after they have been treated for sleep apnea - assess the overnight changes in blood and urine chemicals in healthy individuals with no sleep problems - compare the amount of fat in the belly using a Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner...

Role of Leukotrienes and Adenosine in Hyperpnea-induced Bronchospasm

This research is being conducted to help us better understand what causes exercise induced asthma. The investigators hypothesize that two types of chemicals, cysteinyl leukotrienes and adenosine, play an important role. The investigators will be measuring these chemicals in the exhaled breath of volunteers with exercise induced asthma as they undergo a test to mimic exercise induced asthma. The investigators will determine how the levels of these chemicals change in associat...

Study of Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in Persons Undergoing Dialysis

Little is known about how some drugs affect inflammation or clotting factors in people receiving hemodialysis. It is not yet known if these drugs help prevent heart damage as they do in people not undergoing hemodialysis or whether they could increase the risk of heart problems. The purpose of the study is to measure certain chemicals in the blood and see how those chemicals may change during hemodialysis when certain drugs are given.

Risperidone (Risperdal) Augmentation in Depressed Partial Responders to SRI Treatment

This is a study of the chemistry of depression in people who are taking an antidepressant but it is not working well. The changes in brain chemicals that occur when an SSRI type antidepressant is supplemented with risperidone (Risperdal®) will be studied. Spinal fluid is used to measure chemical levels of dopamine, serotonin, and other chemicals thought to be involved in depression. The study has potential to help understand and treat depression.

Pharmacokinetic Study in Patients With Chronic Kidney Disease and Healthy Volunteers

The purpose of this study is to find out how chemicals in the blood of patients with chronic kidney disease affect how medications are removed from the body. The patient will take one dose of three different drugs, one on each week, for a total of three single doses. The investigators want to find out if these three different medications are affected in different ways by the chemicals in the blood of patients with kidney disease.

Breath for Better Health Study

Breath analysis is becoming of increasing interest to researchers throughout the world for disease identification and monitoring. It is known that small chemicals dissolved in the blood can pass through the blood/air barrier within the lungs and be exhaled in normal breath, with many of these chemicals being potential biomarkers for a broad range of diseases. These specific biomarkers need to be identified so that gas analysis instruments and sensors can be designed to detect t...

Study of Exposure to Chemicals in Consumer Products

Background: - In a lifetime, a person may encounter tens of thousands of chemicals used as ingredients in the products they buy. It s not easy to measure them because the companies that sell the products don t have to tell the exact chemical ingredients. Researchers want to compare how existing methods (e.g., surveys and models) measure exposure to chemicals in personal care and household products. Objective: - To test and improve the ways that studies gather...

Cosmetics and Pregnancy

The use of cosmetics is an important source of exposure to many chemicals including endocrine disruptors. Recently, national and international scientific recommendations have been issued to limit exposure to chemicals during pregnancy. However, the perception and the use of cosmetics by pregnant women is still little studied. The objectives of the PERICOS study are to identify the risk perception and the attitudes regarding cosmetic's use by the pregnant women. Understan...

Study of the Effects of Current Drug Treatments on Levels of Certain Brain Chemicals in Alzheimer's Disease

Alzheimer's disease is a medical illness that damages the brain and causes problems with memory, mood and behavior. A substance called acetylcholine (ACh), which is naturally produced in the body, plays an important role in the normal functioning of the brain. In subjects with Alzheimer's disease, the level of ACh is greatly reduced. Currently, there are three commonly prescribed drugs used for treating the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease by helping to maintain the level of ACh...

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Evaluation of Two Radioactive Chemicals to Image mGluR5 Receptors in Brain

Background: - A small brain protein called the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5) may affect several brain diseases such as autism and depression. Researchers will use 2 radioactive chemicals ([11C]SP203 and [11C]FPEB) and a research drug (STX107) that can attach to the receptor, to figure out the best way to use positron emission tomography (PET) to see the mGluR5 receptor. They will use scans to monitor where the radioactivity goes. Objectives: ...

Spectroscopy With Surface Coils and Decoupling

The purpose of this study is to obtain chemical information from part of your body without a biopsy. This is done using a technique called magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) which is similar to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) except that signals are detected from the chemicals (spectroscopy) naturally present in your body using radio waves. To receive this information from your body, small loops of wire (surface coils), placed near the tissue of interest, may be used to mor...

PET Imaging of the Dopaminergic and Serotonergic Systems in Treated HIV Positive Subjects

Background: Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection is a serious disease with no cure. Some people with HIV have depression and other mood problems. They can have problems with thinking and memory. Researchers think 2 chemicals in the brain may cause those problems. The chemicals are serotonin and dopamine. The researchers want to take images to learn more about those chemicals in HIV patients. Objective: To learn how HIV affects serotonin and dopamine in th...

Exposure to Neurotoxins as Risk Factors for ALS

Chemicals called neurotoxins can harm the nervous system. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive disease affecting movement. Researchers have studied many possible causes of ALS, including injury, diet, and exposure to chemicals, but these studies were inconclusive. The purpose of this study was to determine whether exposure to lead or other neurotoxins can contribute to ALS. The study also evaluated lifestyle and dietary patterns. The study was complet...

Safety Study of Elidel (Pimecrolimus) 1% Cream to Treat Netherton Syndrome

Netherton syndrome is a genetic condition that can result in abnormal skin functioning. People with this condition often have red and scaling skin; sparse or short hair; and problems with absorption of medicines or chemicals that are applied to the skin. If these chemicals are absorbed at a high level, they may cause health problems. Elidel (pimecrolimus) is a new medicine that is available as a cream. It has been shown to help improve the appearance of the skin in patients ...

Molecular Effects of Short-Term Celecoxib Treatment on Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma

The purpose of this study is to better understand how to use celecoxib, a popular drug widely used for arthritis, for head and neck cancer patients. Some doctors believe that celecoxib may have helpful effects when used for head and neck cancer. Celecoxib has been shown to prevent some cancers in animals. It has also been used to make standard chemotherapy and radiation work better in both animals and humans. However, all of the previous studies focused on tumors outside the he...

Determining Levels of [D10] Phenanthrene Tetraol in Smokers' Urine

The purpose of this research study is to better understand how people respond to cancer-causing chemicals in cigarette smoke. Some people are able to get rid of these chemicals as harmless agents while others suffer damage to their cells that can ultimately result in cancer. We hope to develop a better understanding of how we can identify the people who are in danger of getting cancer. Participants will complete questionnaires regarding their health and smoking history. We ...

Comparison of Curosurf and Infasurf in the Treatment of Preterm Infants With Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Premature infants frequently have trouble breathing after birth. If the respiratory disorder is caused by surfactant deficiency or dysfunction, the disease is treated with a medication called surfactant that is given to the infant through a tube inserted into the windpipe. This study will compare the safety of two of the commonly used surfactants, poractant and calfactant,in the United States. Poractant has added chemicals called phospholipids which are known to cause inflammat...

Peripheral Blood Biomarkers Associated With CIPN

The investigators are doing a research study that will teach us about the tingly pain that people develop when they get chemotherapy.

The Assessment of Oxidative Stress Markers and the Development of Atrial Fibrillation After Cardiac Surgery

The purpose of the investigators study is to investigate the correlation between naturally occurring chemicals, called reactive oxygen species (ROS), in the blood of human patients and the development of an abnormal heart rhythm, known as atrial fibrillation (AF). The development of atrial fibrillation is associated with increased medical problems like stroke. Many factors seem to cause the development of AF, and this rhythm occurs frequently after open heart surgery. When pati...

AROPE : Early Ovarian Reserve Decreased : Impact of Exposure to Persistent Endocrine Disruptors and Organic Solvents

Early ovarian reserve decreased is one of the main causes of infertility for women after 35 years. The relationship between this decreased and exposure to chemicals, including persistent endocrine disruptors or organic solvents, has been little studied. However, several in vivo or in vitro experimental studies suggested that these chemicals may impaired ovarian function. The main objective is to study the relationship between early ovarian reserve decreased and exposure ...

Uric Acid Study in Healthy Male Volunteers

This study is being conducted to examine the effect of AZD6140 on the levels of certain chemicals in subjects' blood and urine.

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