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Can Correction of Low Vitamin D Status in Infancy Program for a Leaner Body Composition?

One in four infants are born with low amounts of vitamin D stored in their body. This study is designed to test whether improving vitamin D status quickly after birth helps infants to build muscle and to normalize growth. This is important since the investigators have noticed in previous work that infants with low vitamin D have higher body weight relative to body length later on and that those who develop very good stores quickly have a leaner body type. Therefore, in this stu...

Healthfulness of Food From Grocery Stores Versus Eating Out Among People Receiving Food Benefits (SNAP)

The objective of this cross-sectional study was to characterize the dietary intake of SNAP participants and nonparticipants by food source, including grocery stores, sit-down restaurants, and fast food.

Effect of Infant Placement on Iron Stores in Infancy: A Pilot Study

This is a pilot study designed to assess the safety of placing an infant on the mother's abdomen at the time of delivery, prior to clamping the umbilical cord and the effect of placing the infant on the mother's abdomen on the infant's iron stores. It is possible that placing the infant on the mother's abdomen (above the placenta) may lower the infant's iron stores during early infancy.

Healthy Corner Store Initiative

The proposed research will evaluate the efficacy of an intervention in urban corner stores. Community-based, environmental manipulation of corner stores is an understudied area and represents the next step in understanding and improving the nutritional intake of school students to prevent obesity.

Testing Tissue Sodium Stores in CAPD Patients—Aims 1 & 2

The investigators' overarching goal is to improve long-term outcomes for end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients. In this study we focus specifically on patients receiving peritoneal dialysis (PD). Volume regulation in PD patients is related to hypertension, heart failure, nutritional status, and survival. Salt (NaCl) is the body's ion transport target to normally regulate volume via the kidneys; however, in hemodialysis (HD) patients the dialyser or in PD patients the peritone...

Hepatic Glycogen and Fat Oxidation

Excessive fat in the liver is associated with impairments in metabolic health. Low levels of DNL and high levels of hepatic fat oxidation are considered to be protective. A decrease in glycogen stores has been causally linked to improved whole body fat oxidation. Also on an organ level, it is suggested that hepatic fat oxidation is stimulated by low hepatic glycogen stores. Next to hepatic fat oxidation, DNL may be influenced by hepatic glycogen stores. Some studies have shown...

Estimation of Vitamin A Stores in Children and Women in Guatemala and Relation With Potential Toxicity Markers

The goal of this study is to assess whether 3-5 years-old children who have Vitamin A intakes above the tolerable upper intake level (UL=900 ug per day) have higher total body Vitamin A stores and biomarkers of excessive vitamin A status, compared to children with Normal Vitamin A intakes (250-600 ug per day).

The Effect of Hyperglycaemia on Local Energy Stores in the Working Muscle in Patients With Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

This study aims at investigating the effect of hyperglycaemia on physical performance and local energy stores in the muscle in patients with type 1 diabetes mellitus under exercise conditions.

Selenium Treatment in Autoimmune Thyroiditis (AIT)

Selenium suppresses autoimmune destruction of thyrocytes and decreases titers of serum TPOAb in AIT patients. Older 4 clinical trials approved the efficacy of the daily dose of 200micg. It's believed that Se saturates the deficient stores of GPX so GPX saves the thyrocytes against to oxidative stresses. Although less than 70 micg/d is sufficient to maximize GPX activity, none of the authors tested the doses less than 200 micg/d. Our hypothesis was that If 100 micg/d can not sup...

Choline Nutritional Status: Development of a Biomarker Panel

People who eat diets low in choline should deplete their choline (Cho) stores, and measurements of Cho pool size using isotope dilution should reflect this depletion. Investigators will identify a biomarker panel that correlates well with measured Cho pool size across the range of different degrees of depletion.The investigators propose that, as body stores of Cho diminish, cells and organs will reach the point when metabolism/function in the cell is altered, and that this will...

Developing a Biomarker Panel to Assess Choline Nutritional Status

People who eat diets low in choline (LC) should deplete their choline (Cho) stores, and measurements of Cho pool size using isotope dilution should reflect this depletion. Investigators will identify a biomarker panel that correlates well with measured Cho pool size across the range of different degrees of depletion.The investigators propose that, as body stores of Cho diminish, cells and organs will reach the point when metabolism/function in the cell is altered, and that this...

Evaluation of the Impact of the Presence of a Pharmacy Technician on the Quality and Cost of Drug Therapy

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the impact of the presence of a pharmacy technician in a care unit (Hepato-Gastroenterology Department) on detected medication errors. This is a before-after study consisting of three sequential phases: Month 1: one month of observation of what is happening in the department Month 2: one month wash out period Month 3: active participation of a pharmacy technician in the department

The Effect of Telehealth Ontario on Non-Urgent Emergency Department Use at The Hospital for Sick Children

The purpose of this study is to compare the rate of non-urgent emergency department use between three groups of patients: those who were referred to the emergency department by Telehealth Ontario; those who were referred by a physician; and those who arrived without being advised by a nurse or a doctor.

The Feasibility of Pertussis Immunization in a Canadian Emergency Department

Randomized controlled trial of 2 strategies to provide adults with the Tdap vaccine to patients presenting to the emergency department. Rates of vaccination as well as effects on department efficiency will be measured.

Ferumoxytol for Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Chronic Kidney Disease and Peritoneal Dialysis Patients

The purpose of this study is to investigate the efficacy of ferumoxytol for the repletion of iron stores and correction of iron deficiency anaemia in patients with severe chronic kidney disease or end-stage chronic kidney disease on peritoneal dialysis, and to assess the impact of the administration of a ferumoxytol dose on various markers for iron stores, as well as on various markers for inflammation and oxidative stress.

L-NMMA on GLP-2 Mediated Intestinal Lipoprotein Release

The gut is able to retain some fat for many hours after a fatty meal. The gut hormone glucagon-like peptide-2 (GLP-2) is known to release these fat stores in the gut, but it is not known how GLP-2 achieves this. One possibility is that GLP-2 increases blood flow in the gut. NG-monomethyl-L-arginine (L-NMMA) is a substance that inhibits nitric oxide synthase (an enzyme that helps make nitric oxide which increases blood flow). This protocol examines whether blocking gut blood flo...

Iron Replacement in Blood Donors

Blood donors who have a low fingerstick hemoglobin level are usually deferred from donating. A possible solution to the problem of repeated deferrals might be for Blood Banks to offer donors with low hemoglobin levels oral iron supplements. To determine the feasibility of such a program, this study will: - Determine the frequency of iron deficiency in first-time and repeat blood donors - Examine the effects of long-term blood donation on donor hemoglobin levels and iron...

Helicobacter Pylori Eradication Trial to Reduce Iron Deficiency in Children

The investigators hypothesize that the Helicobacter pylori bacterium decreases iron from the stomach and that this effect of the infection can be identified among persons with iron deficiency as well as among persons with normal iron stores. The aim of this study is to determine whether Helicobacter pylori eradication in children is followed by an increase in markers of iron stores after six to twelve months of treatment.

Influenza Vaccination in the Emergency Department

Randomized controlled trial of influenza vaccination versus referral for vaccination in the Emergency department. Is the Emergency Department an effective venue for vaccination for influenza? Does vaccination for influenza in the Emergency Department change the rates of influenza, influenza-like-illness or medical provider visits when compared with patient referred for vaccination in the community?

Effect of Iron Depletion by Phlebotomy Plus Lifestyle Changes vs. Lifestyle Changes Alone on Liver Damage in Patients With Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease With Increased Iron Stores

Patients will be randomized to lifestyle changes alone or lifestyle changes associated with iron depletion. Iron depletion will be achieved by removing 350 cc of blood every 10-15 days according to baseline hemoglobin values and venesection tolerance, until ferritin < 30 ng/ml and transferrin saturation < 25%. Weekly phlebotomies will be allowed for carriers of the C282Y HFE mutation. Smaller phlebotomies (250 cc) will be allowed for carriers of beta-thalassaemia trait. ...

Pilot Trial to Test a Nutrition Application for Making Smart and Healthy Choices

An innovative nutritional application (App) entitled "MyNutriCart" was developed to create a list of foods and beverages to help individuals make smart and healthy choices when purchasing foods at grocery stores based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. This App was tested in a pilot trial to evaluate its feasibility, usability, and acceptability for making smart and healthy choices when purchasing food in grocery stores and test its effectiveness in improving food selecti...

Carbohydrate Availability and microRNA Expression

This investigation will examine the impact of skeletal muscle glycogen stores on skeletal muscle and circulating microRNA expression and exogenous carbohydrate oxidation. Primary Objective Determine the influence of carbohydrate availability (e.g., glycogen depletion and repletion) on skeletal muscle microRNA expression, and if changes in circulating microRNA are reflective of changes in skeletal muscle microRNA. Secondary Objective Determine how initiation of exercise with a...

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Emergency Department (ED) Adolescent Alcohol Prevention Intervention

The aim of the present study is to prevent or delay the initiation of alcohol use among young adolescents being seen in a pediatric emergency department, by enhancing parental monitoring and improving parent/adolescent conversations. Previous studies have shown that the pediatric emergency department is an excellent location for performing prevention interventions. By targeting individuals and their families in the pediatric emergency department (PED), we are capitalizing on th...

Evaluating Models for Dissemination of Injury Prevention Information in the Pediatric Emergency Department Setting

This study examines the Pediatric Emergency Department as a location for increasing safe car seat practices by parents who are not restraining their children appropriately in motor vehicles. Three different intervention will be tested to determine their effectiveness in increasing safe car seat practices: usual emergency department care; provision of printed materials; and a brief motivational intervention in the emergency department.

Dose Reponse Oxidation of a Sweet-corn Derived Sugar (PhytoSpherix) During Exercise in Endurance Trained Athletes

PhytoSpherix (Phx) is an all-natural, edible polysaccharide extracted from sweet corn. This carbohydrate is the major muscle fuel for intense exercise and its stores are quite small such that one can run out of it during a single exercise bout. Therefore, Phx should provide significant exercise fuel if consumed during exercise. As a result its intake could enhance intense exercise performance by providing additional fuel. This experiment Will investigate the effects of 4 differ...

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