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Fertility Post Placenta Accrete

This study is the first to investigate the fertility outcome and the influence on ovarian reserve after using uterine artery embolization during cesarean delivery.

Couples Fertility and Pregnancy Awareness

Recent evidence has shown that young people that want to have children have low fertility knowledge. This study evaluates the efficacy of a video intervention on fertility knowledge, on changes in lifestyle and on the decision to start to get pregnant.

Fertility and Ovarian Reserve Function in the Patient With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

ECCO consensus, the fertility would decline in activity inflammatory bowel disease(IBD), because of anus lesions and pelvic abscess, or who underwent surgery, especially in patients with ileal pouch anal anastomosis (IPAA) storage.The study on fertility in inflammatory bowel disease were almost epidemiological investigation, the lack of objective evaluation of fertility, and controversial.This study will explore the fertility, ovarian reserve function and the pregnancy outcomes...

Fertility Study of Women Who Received Organ Transplantation

In terms of immunity, pregnancy can be considered a semi-allogeneic transplant. There are several immunological mechanisms for implantation and maintenance of pregnancy by induction of tolerance without induction of immunosuppression. This study wants to evaluate the impact of immunodepression on women's fertility by studying the fertility of transplanted cardiac, renal, hepatic and pulmonary women.

The Effect of Royal Vaginal Gel Compared to IUI Technique on Fertility Rate of Women With Low-fertility Husbands

The present Pocock clinical trial study was conducted In the city of Mashhad in Iran between 2015 and 2016. The study inclusion criteria were men with low fertility of sperm motility

Fertility Study of Women With Chronic Inflammatory Rheumatism

Etiopathogenesis of Chronic inflammatory rheumatisms (CIR) includes genetic, autoimmune and environmental factors. Their impact on the quality of life is important, leading to a sometimes severe disability. Thus they are likely to affect female fertility through several mechanisms, including autoimmune since the association between immunity and fertility has already been demonstrated in other autoimmune diseases. This study wants to evaluate and compare the birth rate between ...

Fertility Preservation in Young Women With Cancer

The researchers aim to record the incidence, treatment and long term follow up of fertility preserving cancer treatment. Both the oncological and fertility outcome are recorded. Study population: All patients with a cancer for whom a fertility preserving cancer treatment is applied. The results of the study population are compared to young women undergoing standard cancer treatment.

Bladder Exstrophy (FIVES FertIlity Vesical Exstrophy Sexuality)

This analytical descriptive study aims to describe the fertility and sexuality male adult subjects carrying classic bladder exstrophy or epispadias and to highlight infertility risk factors. A questionnaire on paternity, urinary status, erections, ejaculations and sexual self-esteem and a semen analysis will be realized at first consultation, semen analysis results wil be explained at second consultation. It is assumed that fertility and sexuality exstrophic men are impaired.

Pregnancy Outcomes in Infertile Patients After Treatment With Ulipristal Acetate.

The investigators analyzed a group of infertile women treated with Ulipristal Acetate (UA) for uterine fibroids at the Humanitas Fertility Center. All the patients' data were extracted from the Fertility Center external-audit-anonymized electronic research query system.

BEFORE Decision Aid Implementation Study

Fertility is of great importance to young women with cancer. Concerns about the ability to become pregnant after cancer treatment may influence treatment decisions and fertility decision-making is challenging. Despite these challenges, there is a lack of fertility decision support tools. Our team developed the Begin Exploring Fertility Options, Risks and Expectations (BEFORE) decision aid for young breast cancer patients in Canada. This study aims to evaluate the implementation...

Fertility Awareness in University Students

Recent evidence showed that undergraduate students have inappropriate knowledge about reproductive health and infertility. The investigators' aim was to assess the effectiveness of a brief intervention (video) in increasing the knowledge regarding fertility issues, fertility risk factors and infertility definition.

Fertility Preservation in Prepubertal Boys: An Experimental Approach

Due to remarkable advances in cancer treatments, the investigators are witnessing a growing population of long-term survivors of childhood malignancies. However, fertility in adult life may be severely impaired by gonadotoxic therapies. Since prepubertal boys cannot produce spermatozoa, banking of testicular tissue prior to gonadotoxic treatment is a crucial step towards fertility preservation for this population. Several centers around the world are now cryopreserving testicul...

Canadian Varicocelectomy Initiative (CVI): Effects on Male Fertility and Testicular Function of Varicocelectomy

A varicocele is the presence of dilated testicular veins in the scrotum. Although it is generally agreed that a varicocele is the most common identifiable pathology in infertile men (detected in up to 40% of men in some series of men with infertility), the influence of a varicocele on male fertility potential and role of varicocelectomy in restoring of fertility remain the subject of ongoing controversy. The present controversy on the effect of varicocelectomy on male fertility...

Comparison of Two Internet Supported Natural Family Planning Methods

The purpose of this research study is to compare the effectiveness of two natural family planning (NFP) methods that are provided over the internet by the Marquette University Institute for Natural Family Planning. One of the NFP methods is the use of a hand held electronic hormonal fertility monitor. The other method involves the self-observation of cervical mucus to track fertility. Both of the methods will involve placing information about fertility into an online chartin...

Time to Conceive: A Study Focusing on Fertility

The purpose of this research study is to learn a way to measure a person's fertility. After 1 year of trying, 1 out of every 7 women will not be pregnant. This is called infertility. This results in significant distress and anxiety. Infertility is common; however, the investigators have no markers to predict who will be infertile. For couples diagnosed with infertility, the investigators have used blood and urine hormone levels (follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), inhibin B,...

Laser - a New Possibility in Fertility Treatment - a Pilot Study

In this study the investigators want to investigate if the pregnancy rate in conjunction with fertility treatment increases with concomitant use of laser therapy.

The Effect of Radiation on Semen Quality and Fertility in Men With Prostate Cancer

Many younger men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. These patients are often choosing radiation therapy as their primary treatment. The effect of this therapy on fertility will have a direct impact on their decision about therapeutic options and fertility preservation. The researchers hypothesize that when patients are treated with radiation for localized prostate cancer, infertility can occur due to direct damage to seminiferous tubules affecting sperm quality.

Study Describing the Coverage, Cares and the Fertility of Patients of Less Than 45 Years With a Borderline Ovarian Tumor

Retrospective and prospective multi-center study Indication: Fertility-sparing surgery for patients with borderline ovarian tumor and fertility Objectives: - Description of the characteristics of the patients of less than 45 years having a fertility-sparing surgery for borderline ovarian tumors, the modalities of care and their fertility. - Validation of a nomogram as an information medium to the patients concerned on their chance of a...

Association Study Between Periodontal Disease and Male Infertility

The aim of the present study is to examine the association between fertility parameters and the periodontal status of men attending fertility and in vitro fertilization clinic.

PROtecting Ovaries and Fertility During Chemotherapy - The PROOF Trial

The purpose of this study is to determine whether gonadotropin releasing hormone agonists (medical therapy) will protect against ovarian failure in reproductive aged women undergoing sterilizing chemotherapy.

AMH as a Predictor of Infertility Risk in Children With Cancer (CHANCE)

While most of the children spontaneously recover menstruation or experienced normal puberty after chemotherapy, their ovarian reserve may be impaired by treatment inducing future infertility. Fertility preservation is currently proposed for selected prepubertal patients with a high risk of premature ovarian failure after treatment (mostly conditioning regimen for bone marrow transplantation). For patients with low or moderate risks, counselling is very difficult and no fertilit...

PREgnancy and FERtility Registry

The PREgnancy and FERtility (PREFER) study is a comprehensive program aiming to optimize care and improve knowledge around the topics of fertility preservation and pregnancy issues in young breast cancer patients. The program was initiated at the National Institute for Cancer Research, IRCCS AOU San Martino - IST in Genova (Liguria Region, Italy) and then it has been spread to other Italian Institutions under the umbrella of the Gruppo Italiano Mammella (GIM) study group. It is...

Laparoscopic Surgical Management of Endometriosis on Fertility

The aim of the investigators study is to know the results of the endometriosis surgery and particularly to highlight a benefit of this surgery on fertility.

Fertility in Healthy Premenopausal Women

The study objectives are described below: 1. Obtain serum specimens collected for one ovulatory cycle or a maximum of 33 days, but not to exceed a total of 550 ml of whole blood per subject from a minimum of 60 healthy, premenopausal subjects. Specimens will be used to determine a reference range for estradiol, FSH, LH, and progesterone assays, used as an aid in the assessment of fertility in adult, premenopausal women. 2. To store any remaining ...

Fertility Preservation With Ovarian Tissue Freezing

The purpose of this study is to obtain ovarian tissue from female patients undergoing gonadotoxic treatments or gonadal ablating surgery, and that in consequence may see their future fertility impaired. Participants will be offered to preserve (freeze) and use ovarian tissue for the purpose of conceiving in the future. Although, 86 live births have been reported with ovarian tissue cryo-preservation and grafting, the procedure is still considered experimental. This rese...

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