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Bioavailability of Golden Rice Carotenoids in Humans

This investigation protocol uses an isotope reference method to evaluate bioavailability of ß-C in rice and its bioconversion to vitamin A. A well-nourished population will be fed hydroponically grown Golden Rice containing ~ 1 mg of β-carotene at day 8 after a reference dose of vitamin A at day 1. The blood samples will be collected up to 33 days after the doses. The absorption kinetics will be determined by tracking both vitamin A and β-carotene in human serum. Blood r...

Golden Black Seed: Support of Metabolic Health and General Wellness.

To document effects of consuming Golden Black Seed (brand: New Chapter Inc.) on metabolic health and wellness in human subjects. Golden Black Seed contains extracts from the turmeric root (Curcuma longa) and black cumin seeds (Nigella sativa). Both botanicals have been used traditionally in Asian cooking, and also in herbal medicine for reducing inflammation.

Randomized and Controlled Clinical Trial to Evaluate Bacterial Adhesion on Multi-Im® Transepithelial Components

This study evaluates the efficacy of Mutli-Im® transepithelial components in the inhibition of bacterial adhesion. The control group will be the Multi-Im® transepithelial component with the conventional surface (Multi-IM® Machined) and the experimental group will be the Multi-Im transepithelial components with the Ti-Golden® surface (Multi-Im Golden) or with the nanogolden surface (Multi-Im® nanogolden). Periodontal indices and biofilformation will be assessed during 2 ...

Individually Adapted Immunosuppression in de Novo Renal Transplantation Based on Immune Function Monitoring: a Prospective Randomised Study

This study is an open, randomised trial in which one group of patients (control) will receive the golden standard therapy and the other group (treatment) will receive individually adapted immunosuppression.

Network Support for Treatment of Alcohol Dependence

Relapse is the most serious problem in alcoholism treatment. The overall aim of the present study was to determine if a treatment directed at changing the patient's social network, from one that reinforces drinking behavior to one that reinforces sobriety, can create the conditions necessary for long-term treatment success. In addition, we intended to determine if explicit reinforcement for this change of social network (Contingency Management or ContM) would be more effective ...

Nurse-led Family and Network Consultations

Patients diagnosed with high-grade gliomas (HGG) experience a complex symptom burden including high-levels concerns. As a consequence to this life-threatening disease, the rely on close contact with a specialized neuro-oncological team as well as support and practical assistance from their families. However, multidimensional burden of caregivers has been reported. CARES seeks to facilitate and activate the existing resources within the patient and the network using a ne...

Retinol Equivalence of Plant Carotenoids in Children

To determine vitamin A value of beta-carotene in oil capsule, spinach, and golden rice. The experiments will be conducted in children (ages 7-9) with/without adequate vitamin A nutrition. As plant provitamin A carotenoids are a major and safe vitamin A source for a vast population in the world, it is essential to determine the efficiency of provitamin A carotenoid (mainly ß-C) conversion to vitamin A. By introducing ß-C into rice endosperm, Golden Rice may directly benefit c...

Patient Centered Assessment and Substance Use Disorder Treatment Study (PCAST)

California counties are in the process of implementing a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Medicaid 1115 Substance Use Disorder (SUD) demonstration. The demonstration requires that patients be assigned to addiction treatment settings and levels of care systematically, using comprehensive biopsychosocial assessments and guided by the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) patient placement criteria. RTI International, a nonprofit research institute, and Universi...

Improving Adherence to Web-Based Cessation Programs: A Social Network Approach

This study will compare the efficacy of an interactive, evidence-based smoking cessation website (WEB) alone and in conjunction with 1) a theory-driven, empirically-informed social network (SN) protocol designed to integrate participants into the online community, and 2) access to a 4-week supply of free NRT.

Network Support for Alcohol Treatment 2

The Network Support project is part of an ongoing effort to improve treatment for alcohol dependent patients. The Network Support Project is designed to help patients change their social network from one that reinforces drinking behavior to one that reinforces sobriety. 160 patients will be assigned to one of two treatments. Each of the treatments will last 12 weeks. The first is a Network Support (NS) treatment designed to help patients develop new acquaintances and social ne...

Artificial Intelligence-assisted Evaluation of Pigmented Skin Lesions

Malignant melanoma (MM) is a deadly cancer, claiming globally about 160000 new cases per year and 48000 deaths at a 1:28 lifetime incidence (2016). The golden standard, dermoscopy, enables Dermatologists to diagnose with a sensitivity of 40%, and a 8-12% specificity, approximately. Additional diagnostic abilities are restricted to devices which are either unproved or experimental. A new technology of Neuronal Network Clinical Decision Support (NNCD) was developed. It uses ...

The Cognitive and Metabolic Effects of Sleep Restriction in Adolescents

The aim of this study is to examine the neurobehavioural and glucose metabolic responses to two successive cycles of sleep restriction and recovery in adolescents, and to determine the benefits of napping on cognitive performance, alertness, mood and glucose metabolism. Using a split-sleep design, 60 participants, aged 15 to 19 years old, are divided into a nap and a no-nap group. Both groups undergo two cycles of sleep restriction and recovery over a period of 15 days. The no-...

A New Breath for Malignant Hypertension: Implementation of the HAMA Cohort

This registry aims to provide the first prospective, multicentric database of patients with malignant hypertension. It will allow to assess modern epidemiology of the disease, diversity of current management and care pathway, to deepen our pathophysiological knowledges, to modernize the definition of this form of hypertension and its diagnostic criteria. The network that will emerge will finally lead to the opportunity of setting up therapeutic trials and establishing recommend...

Family Blood Pressure Program - GENOA (Genetic Epidemiology Network of Atherosclerosis)

GENOA, the Genetic Epidemiology Network of Arteriopathy, consists of a network of three field centers and biochemical and genetic core labs to study the common polymorphic genetic variations to determine individual differences in blood pressure and essential hypertension in 1,500 sibling pairs in three racial groups. Linkage analyses are performed using an extensive array of candidate genes and anonymous markers throughout the genome.

Personalized Non-invasive Neuromodulation by rTMS for Chronic and Treatment Resistant Catatonia

Investigators hypothesize that personalizing rTMS targets using functional MRI will allow to improve symptoms of patients suffering from chronic catatonia.

Smoking Termination Opportunity for inPatients

The Smoking Termination Opportunity for inPatients, (STOP) project is designed to capture the opportunity that is provided by admission for acute smoking related illness, to assist patients through withdrawal by use of a combination of: - the new medication Champix with - best practice counselling - initiated in an inpatient setting to achieve: - sustained smoking abstinence - reduced hospital bed and health service utilisation - ...

OnTrackNY With the Option of Social Network Meetings

Early intervention programs for psychosis help improve short-term treatment and recovery outcomes for individuals experiencing psychosis. OnTrackNY is a coordinated specialty care (CSC) program, developed to treat young adults within two years of experiencing a non-affective episode of psychosis. This project aims to expand the role of family engagement and support within the OnTrackNY model. Borrowing from the Needs Adapted and Open Dialogue models, the study team created a fa...

Vitamin A Equivalence of Plant Carotenoids in Children

Our objectives will be to test the following hypotheses and to make the following determinations: (1) The absorption and bio-conversion of provitamin A carotenes taken by children are different between spinach, Golden Rice, and ß-C in oil capsules. (2) The absorption of provitamin A carotenes and their bioconversion to vitamin A are different in children with or without adequate vitamin A nutrition. (3) To define the vitamin A equivalence(s) of dietary spinach, Golden Rice, an...

Social Network Outcomes of a Livelihood Intervention for Impoverished Women in Rural Uganda

The objective of our study is to determine whether a livelihood intervention can change economic and psychosocial outcomes of social network ties and geographically proximate neighbors of impoverished women in rural Uganda.

A Network Intervention for Reducing Sexual Risk for HIV With African American Men Who Have Sex With Men (AA MSM)

The purpose of the study is to examine the efficacy of a network-oriented "outreach intervention" to reduce HIV and sexually transmitted infection (STI) related risk behaviors among African American men who have sex with men (AA MSM)and their social network. The hypothesis is to determine whether the new intervention is more efficacious at reducing high risk sexual behaviors than the standard normal of care provided to the public (a single session of individual HIV counseling a...

Peer Leaders as HIV Risk Reduction Change Agents Among Injection Drug Users (IDUs) in Ukraine

Using a randomized clinical trial (RCT), this study is designed to assess the effectiveness of HIV risk-reduction interventions targeting injection drug users (IDUs) in three Ukraine oblasts (regions). The investigators propose to compare the effectiveness of a revised and updated manually-driven HIV testing and counseling intervention, the Counseling and Education (C & E) model developed by NIDA (Coyle 1993), with the C & E plus a manualized network intervention based on Latki...

Medico-economic Evaluation of a Project of Wounds by a Remote Network

Estimate in 6 months the impact of the telemedicine on the cure rate of the chronic wounds compared with the usual care(with or without CICAT-LR Network).

A Network & Dyad HIV Prevention Intervention for IDU's - 1

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a peer-based HIV prevention intervention that targets active injection drug users and their drug and sex partners.

CareLink® Evaluation

The purpose of the study is to demonstrate the value of the Medtronic CareLink® Network in clinical practice in the country specific healthcare setting.

Acupuncture Regulates Default Mode Network of Chronic Insomnia Disorder Patients : A fMRI Study

The purpose of the study is to investigate the underlying central nervous mechanisms of acupuncture treatment in chronic insomnia patients, from observation changes of gray matter and functional connectivity in the default mode network and the salience network by functional magnetic resonance imaging, and combine with clinical efficacy assessment to analyze the association between the results of imaging and behavioristic.

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