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Endoscopic Tri-Modal Imaging to Distinguish Functional Dyspepsia From Reflux Disease

Endoscopic Tri-Modal Imaging which combines Narrow-band Imaging(NBI), Autofluorescence Imaging (AFI) and White-light Imaging (WLI) could be used to identify the indistinct changes in the gut caused by reflux disease,either acid reflux or bile reflux, which make it possible to differentiate reflux disease from functional dyspepsia (FD).

Improving Pain and Reducing Opioid Use (IPaRO) in Lumbar Spine Surgery Patients

Patients presenting for lumbar spine surgery experience pain related to their spine condition. Following surgery, these patients also experience surgical pain resulting from disruption of skin, muscle tissue, vertebrae, intervertebral discs, and facet joints. This pain is often treated with opioid medications - with roughly 40% of patient experiencing sub-optimal pain management. Adequate pain control has become a top priority among professional societies, healthcare systems, a...

MAST Trial: Multi-modal Analgesic Strategies in Trauma

This is a comparative effectiveness study of current pain management strategies in acutely injured trauma patients. Two different multi-modal, opioid minimizing analgesic strategies will be compared.

Multi-modal Neuroimaging in Children With Cerebral Palsy or Brachial Plexus Birth Palsy

The main goal of this study is to identify abnormal functional and anatomical brain reorganization associated with hand, foot, and shoulder function in children (0-18 years old) with cerebral palsy (CP) due to periventricular white matter injury (PV-WMI) or brachial plexus birth palsy (BPBP) using a multi-modal neuroimaging approach.

A Prototype Tri-modal Imaging Device for Breast Cancer

Breast conservation surgery (BCS) is performed on patients with breast cancer with the intent to resect and completely remove the tumour while conserving as much of the surrounding normal tissue as possible. Currently, there is no way for surgeons to determine the adequacy of surgical resection in real-time during surgery; the assessment of surgical margins requires histological examination that is not available in real-time and is impractical in most clinical cases. This resul...

Tri-modal Imaging Instrument for Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid cancer affects 6,000 Canadians each year. Nodules on the thyroid are detected using ultrasound imaging and surgery is the most common treatment. However, most nodules are benign, and therefore a biopsy is needed to decide whether surgery is necessary. Ultrasound imaging is very sensitive for localizing nodules, but does not differentiate between cancerous and benign ones. To address this limitation of US imaging, investigators have designed and constructed, in collabora...

Treating Mothers First

We hypothesize that successfully treating maternal Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) will have a beneficial effect that extends to the child. We believe that multi-component interventions combining maternal stimulant medication, Lisdexamfetamine (LDX), and Behavioral Parent Training (BPT) will improve parenting, maternal, and child outcomes. In terms of improved parenting, we hypothesize that some mothers may respond well to LDX or BPT alone and therefore may no...

Weight Management Counseling in Medical Schools

Eight U.S. medical schools will be participating in the study: Weight Management Counseling in Medical Schools, also known as MSWEIGHT. This is a five-year randomized controlled trial (RCT) designed to compare the efficacy of two approaches to learning weight management counseling: 1)traditional education (TE) and; 2) multi-modal educational intervention (MME). The study aims are to refine and compare the efficacy of MME to TE on observed student weight management counseling s...

Prolonged Multimodal Analgesia for Post-Discharge Pain Control After Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty

This is a prospective, three-arm, comparative study with a provider-crossover design. The first arm will comprise the standard of care pain regimen after discharge, which comprises PRN oxycodone, tramadol, and acetaminophen. The second arm will comprise a multimodal pain regimen; however, patients will still be routinely provided PRN oxycodone and tramadol to use on an as needed basis. The third arm will comprise a multimodal pain management protocol, which does not routinely a...

Multimodel Exercise and Weight Loss in Older Obese Veterans With Dysmobility

Obesity is a major risk factor for mobility problems in older adults and many older adults use a walking aid to help with their mobility. The use of a walking aid changes normal walking patterns and makes walking harder, leading people to have more functional problems. The purpose of this study is to test the effects of 12 months of a multi-modal balance intervention (MMBI) with supervised weight loss compared to MMBI only on fitness, functional performance, balance, and econom...

A Multi-modal, Physician-centered Intervention to Improve Guideline-concordant Prostate Cancer Imaging

The primary aim of this study is to determine whether a multi-modal, physician-focused behavioral intervention can improve facility-level guideline-concordant utilization of prostate cancer staging imaging. Other aims of this study include to use mixed methods to explore physician influence on guideline-concordant imaging and to determine the cost and cost impact of a physician-focused behavioral intervention to improve guideline-concordant prostate cancer imaging.

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Cortical Visual Impairment and Visual Attentiveness

This study will investigate the effect of enhanced visual and cross-modal environments upon the visual attentiveness of multiply handicapped children diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI). Research Hypothesis 1. Adapted visual environments which present controlled auditory, tactile, proprioceptive or contrasting visual background stimulation will enhance the visual attentiveness to a given visual stimulus of children diagnos...

Efficacy of Multimodal Analgesia Following Hip Arthroscopy

The purpose of the full study is to determine whether multimodal analgesia for hip arthroscopy will reduce post-operative pain scores, narcotic consumption and hospital length-of-stay. To do this, the investigators will compare the standard of care (SOC), with routine pain management with a post-operative opioid prescription, to three different groups with multi-modal analgesia (SOC+peri-operative celecoxib, SOC+peri-operative gabapentin, and SOC+post-operative zopiclone). ...

A Multi-modal Approach to Addressing Cardiovascular Risk and Building Resilience in Youths With Psychosis

The purpose of this study is to determine the feasibility (≥ 50% completion rate) of a 6-week nutrition, movement, and mindfulness program for youth with recent diagnosis of psychosis.

Design of a Non-invasive Multi-modal Neonatal Monitoring System

This is a preliminary study whose objectives are to define the clinical use cases and the constraints of the implementation of a multi-sensor image-sound system.

Improving Care of Osteoporosis: Multi-Modal Intervention to Increase Testing and Treatment (ICOMMIITT)

The purpose of this study is to rigorously test the incremental impact of simple, generalizable interventions to improve healthcare among older women at high risk for osteoporosis. Building on the experience of our UAB interdisciplinary team we have designed an innovative, scientifically rigorous, and highly feasible implementation research project in partnership with two Kaiser Permanente (KP) research centers. Kaiser Permanente, one of the Nation's largest Healthcare Organiza...

Multi Modal Brain Monitoring and Cardiac Surgery

Multimodal brain monitoring is feasible and can be used in formulating therapeutic strategies during cardiac surgery. Such monitoring may help to improve patient outcome and to reduce costs after cardiac surgery with CPB.

Desensitizing Distressing Recollections in Cancer Patients

The major goal of this study is to determine whether Neuro-Emotional Technique is a viable treatment option for decreasing distress in cancer patients. The potential advantages of NET are: 1) it is designed specifically to address distressing stimuli and unresolved emotional memories; 2) it is a brief, time-limited intervention; and 3) its multi-modal design may appeal to and benefit a broader range of patients than a single mode intervention

Prediction of Cognitive Decline by Neuroimaging Techniques and the Application in Diagnosis and Treatment of Preclinical AD

To establish models of normal and pathological cognitive aging.To collect the longitudinal data of SCD population, to study the dynamic changes of brain networks so as to explore the progressive mechanisms of AD on brain networks and to construct a high-precision multi-modal model for early diagnosis.

iMarkHD: In Vivo Longitudinal Imaging of HD Pathology

iMarkHD is an innovative clinical imaging study and collaboration between the CHDI Foundation and Professor Marios Politis from King's College London (KCL) designed to assess longitudinal change in Huntington's disease (HD) pathology with positron emission tomography (PET) molecular and multi-modal magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, and clinical observation for up to three years.

A Pilot Study: a Non-opioid Technique for Postoperative Adenoidectomy Pain Relief in Pediatric Patients

This proposed study will assess analgesic efficacy of a multi-modal, non-opioid analgesic regimen for providing surgical analgesia in pediatric patients undergoing adenoidectomy and to assess recovery characteristics in the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and at home following surgery.

Promoting Community Mobility for Wellness in Older Adults in Urban Environments

This study evaluates the program outcomes of the Let's Go program. The standardized community mobility program employs multi-modal group and individual sessions to facilitate wellness in older adults.

Quadratus Lumborum Block (QLB) for Pain Relief After Caesarean Section

There is currently a gap in the literature with regards to the utility of the QLB performed in conjunction with intrathecal morphine (ITM) for Caesarean section. The aim of the study is to assess the efficacy of the QLB as part of a multi-modal analgesic approach in patients after caesarean section.

Muscle and Functional Assessment in Leakage Study

The purpose of this study is to improve urinary incontinence in older women by building strength in the pelvic and lower body muscle through exercise and rehabilitation. The study will also look at quality of pelvic floor and lower extremities muscles using MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging).

Study on the Brain Network of Angelman Syndrome

The aims of study on Angelman syndrome: (1)establish the Angelman syndrome database (2)to study the brain Network of Angelman Syndrome Based on Multi-modal Brain Image and Neural-EEG Data

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