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Monday 22nd July 2019

Citrate Salts for Stone-free Result After Flexible Ureterorenoscopy for Inferior Calyx Calculi

The prevalence of urolithiasis is around 10 % in the French population. It is thus a major public health issue. When the stone is not spontaneously removed, interventions such as extracorporeal lithotripsy or flexible ureteroscopy (F-URS) are performed. F-URS is usually preferred in inferior calyx stones > 7 mm in comparison with lithotripsy, with better results. Efficacy of ureteroscopy is based on the "stone-free rate" (SFR) at 3 months. A SFR index is assessed according to t...

Cross-sectional Study on a Given Day Within the Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group

Sleep apnea syndrome has an estimated incidence of 2 to 4% in the adult population and more so in men and with aging. It is an independent risk factor for mortality. Cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes, and stroke are known comorbidities with a high rate of association. There is no recommendation to screen these patients although the interest is assumed and sleep apnea syndrome is largely underdiagnosed. Interrogation and clinical examination guide but they are neither sensiti...

Parafricta Bootees vs UK Standard Care to Prevent Heel Pressure Ulcers

This randomised study will assess whether Parafricta bootees, when used in addition to normal standard care, can reduce the incidence of heel PUs in patients at very high risk of skin breakdown. The participant group will be hospital inpatients at high risk of PUs (Waterlow score of 20 or more) who are bedbound and do not have existing heel PUs. The participants will be randomised to an intervention arm using Parafricta plus standard care, or a control arm of standard care only...

Gait Analysis in Moderate Hemophiliac Patients (AQM-Hemophile)

The management of moderate hemophilia is less codified than those of severe patients; because these patients are theoretically less likely to bleed and therefore less likely to develop arthropathies. Nowaways, the question arises as to the appropriateness of this "symptomatic" management for the prevention of the occurrence of hemophilic arthropathies. Indeed, a significant number of moderate hemophiliacs seems to develop severe arthropathies that cause significant disability. ...

Phenotyping Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

This study tests the hypothesis that non-diabetic individuals with a high genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes have impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance compared to those with a low genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes.

Long-term Results of Per-oral Pyloromyotomy for Refractory Gastroparesis

This is a large multicenter retrospective French cohort conducted in seven French centers that had performed at least five G-POEM procedures at the end of 2017. All patients treated by G-POEM for refractory gastroparesis since April 30, 2014 (first case of GPOEM in France) in these seven centers were included in this study and followed until April 2019. The data were collected retrospectively regarding medical and technical data, and then prospectively for the following data, w...

Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery With Administration of Intravenous Tranexamic Acid

Purpose: The study aimed to determine whether intravenous administration of tanexamic acid (TXA) before shoulder arthroscopic rotator cuff repair surgery can improve arthroscopy visual clarity. Methods: This is a prospective, double-blinded, randomized and placebo-controlled study. From May 2016 to April 2018, patients requiring arthroscopic rotator cuff repair were enrolled and randomly assigned to either the TXA group that received 1000mg tranexamic acid intravenously 10 minu...

Realtime Streaming Clinical Use Engine for Medical Escalation

The escalation of care for patients in a hospitalized setting between nurse practitioner managed services, teaching services, step-down units, and intensive care units is critical for appropriate care for any patient. Often such "triggers" for escalation are initiated based on the nursing evaluation of the patient, followed by physician history and physical exam, then augmented based on laboratory values. These "triggers" can enhance the care of patients without increasing the ...

The Effect of Phone Application Supported Nutrition Education on Weight Loss

Internet-based applications are potential supporters for individuals in weight loss programs due to their accessibility and wide access. These applications are aimed at changing the lifestyle of individuals. This study is a randomized controlled study aiming to evaluate the effect of phone application supported nutrition education on weight loss according to standard education. It has been assumed that the telephone application would increase the adaptation and motivation ...

Development and Validation of the GLORI-COPD Score

The objective is to develop and validate a score: the GLORI COPD, to screen COPD patients at risk of complications, requiring early management, in general practice

Friday 19th July 2019

STAK Tool for Treatment of Arthrofibrosis Post Total Knee Replacement

A common complication following total knee replacement (TKR) is arthrofibrosis, a severe stiffening of the knee caused by scar tissue. The aims of this mixed methods feasibility study are to (1) record the effect of use of the STAK Tool on knee flexion active range of movement (KROM) immediately following 8 weeks use and 6 months following use, (2) explore patients' experiences of arthrofibrosis and use of the STAK Tool, (3) Consider appropriate outcome measures (e.g. KROM, pa...

Impact of Particulate Matter in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Patients

A prospective study will be conducted in patients with COPD. The investigators will suggest about intervention for preventing in recurrence and aggravation of adult chronic respiratory disease due to exposure to particulate matter.

Effects of Urinary Kallidinogenase in Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients With Abnormal Glucose Metabolism

Urinary kallidinogenase may assist recovery acute ischemic stroke. This study evaluated the impact of urinary kallidinogenase on NIHSS score, modified Rankin scale (mRS) score and fasting glucose levels in patients with AIS combined with diabetes mellitus and impaired fasting glucose.

Thursday 18th July 2019

Older Emergency Department Users and Hospitalization After an Index Visit: Results of ER2 Database

This study evaluates the recommendations of a screening tool called: ER2 (Emergency Room Evaluation and Recommendations Form).This stool is used in Emergency Department by nurses, and it supposes to measure patient risk score.

Barreiras Scale for Cardiac Rehabilitation in a Cardiovascular Rehabilitation Programs

This is an observational cross-sectional study designed to investigate the barriers encountered by patients after admission to a public and private PRC and to correlate the barriers with the population profile. To participate in this study, patients were recruited for convenience of two CRPs offered in the city of Presidente Prudente - SP, one linked to the private service offered by the Heart Institute (INCOR) and another public in the Cardiology Sector of the Center for Stud...

Project Arthritis Recovering Quality of Life Through Education - Hip

Introduction: One in four people are at risk of developing symptomatic hip OAH. Perhaps the greatest potential for improvement in OAH treatment is to approach the early stages of pathology, since total hip arthroplasty was considered 20th century surgery, with high cost-effectiveness in patients who are not responding to clinical treatment. Joint lavage with saline shows significant pain relief in patients with knee and hip OA. In addition, when the saline solution is injected...

Wednesday 17th July 2019

Implementation of a Tool to Identify Social Weaknesses in the Cancer Care Pathway

Social inequalities in the face of cancer are significant in all countries. They are characterized by higher mortality among people may be in the lower socioeconomic category. The care pathway may also be a source of inequality or accentuate inequalities. Socially vulnerable patients must be provided with appropriate care. It is therefore necessary to identify patients with such social vulnerabilities as early as possible and to take them into account throughout the care proces...

Community-based Clinical Trial With Microbiota Directed Complementary Foods (MDCFs) Made of Locally Available Food Ingredients for the Management of Children With Post-severe Acute Malnutrition Moderate Acute Malnutrition (Post-SAM MAM)

Background (brief): 1. Burden: A total of 52 million children under 5 are suffering from acute malnutrition globally, of whom 33 million suffer from moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). In Bangladesh, around 2 million children suffer from MAM. In absolute numbers, according to Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey 2014, 26%, 25% and 17% of children aged less than two years are stunted, underweight and wasted respectively.1 2. Knowledge gap: We have ...

Community-based Clinical Trial With Microbiota-directed Complementary Foods (MDCFs) Made of Locally Available Food Ingredients for the Management of Children With Primary Moderate Acute Malnutrition

Background (brief): Burden: A total of 52 million children under 5 are suffering from acute malnutrition globally, of whom 33 million have moderate acute malnutrition (MAM). In Bangladesh, more than 2 million children suffer from MAM. According to Bangladesh Demographic Health Survey 2014 26%, 25% and 17% of children aged less than two years are stunted, underweight and wasted respectively. Knowledge gap: It has been already demonstrated that children with SAM have imma...

MY01 - An Aid for Diagnosing Acute Compartment Syndrome in Real Time

Compartment syndrome can result from extremity trauma. It can also be caused by procedural cases that involve lower or upper extremity surgery. This condition results in muscle death, chronic pain, infection, and possible amputation. Early diagnosis is essential to institute interventions that can avoid complications. Subjective pain of the patient remains the mainstay for diagnosis. A method or device is needed that would improve our accuracy in diagnosing compartment syndrome...

Effect of Problem-solving Therapy Offered Through a Web Platform on Levels of Stress

Work-related stress is a problem due to its repercussions on workers' health and productivity, which is why workplace interventions are required to reduce stress levels through coping techniques. One of the interventions in mental health to reduce levels of work stress are those based on the Internet and mobile applications, with proven effectiveness. Among the interventions are cognitive behavioral therapies; and within these the Problem Solving Therapy (TSP). Therefore...

Tuesday 16th July 2019

Treatment of Chronic Prostatitis/ Pelvic Pain Syndrome With Low-intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy

This study is a prospective, randomized, single-blinded, cross-over trial to investigate the efficacy of low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy in the treatment of chronic pelvic pain syndrome (CPPS). We will enroll 60 subjects with Chronic Prostatitis Symptom Index (CPSI) > 15. 30 subjects receive ESWT (LM-IASO, Litemed Co., Taiwan) for 6 courses in 3 weeks (0.05mJ/mm2, 3000 pulses) and 30 subjects receive Sham therapy for 3 weeks (the machine turning on but the energy...

Acupuncture for Treatment of Patients With Poor Ovarian Response

This prospective randomized controlled trial is designed to investigate the effect of acupuncture on IVF/ICSI outcome in women with poor ovarian response. The study population consisted of all infertile women with a previous poor ovarian response who will undergo IVF/ICSI in Reproductive Biomedicine Research Center, Royan institute, Tehran Iran. To minimize the effect of ovarian stimulation protocol, a stratified randomization method according to ovarian stimulation protocols (...

Evaluation of Central Sensitization, Fear-Avoidance, and Pain-Pressure Threshold With Chronic Pain After Hysterectomy

Central Sensitization Inventory (CSI), Fear-Avoidance Components Scale (FACS), pain-pressure threshold are factors associated with chronic post-hysterectomy pain (CPHP), but a complete understanding on the development of CPHP is lacking. The study aims to identify clinically-relevant factors for CPHP that can be reliably assessed preoperatively.

Clinical Features, Treatment Mode and Health Outcomes of Chest Pain Patients in China (CHANGE)

Chinese Cardiovascular Association is an association dedicated to establishing Chest Pain Centers in hospitals that have basic qualifications and meet pre-designed quality control targets.The vision of Chinese Cardiovascular Association is the cardiovascular health of every Chinese, and the mission is to realize the early arrival of the inflection point of cardiovascular events in China.The institute of China Heart House is responsible for the daily management and implementatio...

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