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Youth Health and Social Media

The purpose of this study is test the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Family Media Use plan among teens and their parents through a randomized intervention and assess impact on outcomes including family media rules and health behavior outcomes.

Acute Otitis Media: Adjuvant Therapy to Improve Outcome

Acute otitis media is one of the most common diseases of childhood and is one of the major causes of hearing loss in children. Despite the availability of effective antibiotic therapy for otitis media, treatment failures, persistent effusions, and recurrences are common. This Phase III outpatient study aims to test whether adjuvant therapy (an antihistamine or a corticosteroid), in addition to antibiotic therapy, improves the acute and long-term outcomes of patients with acute ...

Effectiveness of Story-Centred Care Intervention Program in Older Persons Living in Long-term Care Facilities

The study aim is to evaluate the effectiveness of Story-Centred Care Intervention Program on reducing depressive symptoms, improving cognitive function, HRV, Blood pressure and quality of life in older adults living in a long-term care facility.

Evaluating the Impact of Story Starters on Children's Language Development

The aim of this project is to evaluate whether Beanstalk's 'Story Starters' intervention is effective in boosting vocabulary and grammatical development in young children.

Feasibility Study of the Online High School Media Aware Program

This is a pretest-posttest feasibility study of Media Aware Sexual Health - High School, an interactive web-based comprehensive sexual health media literacy education program for high school students. The program is designed to develop students' critical thinking skills and promote sexual health. It is hypothesized that this program will enhance adolescents' media literacy skills, sexual health knowledge, cognitions (i.e., attitudes, self-efficacy, and norms), and behaviors reg...

EmbryoGlue as an Embryo Transfer Medium

In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) is an increasingly common treatment for infertility. Clinics which offer IVF are continuously trying to improve their success rates, measured by the numbers of IVF cycles which result in the birth of a live baby. One factor which is thought to have contributed to the success of IVF is the improvements in the embryo culture media, that is, the fluid in which the embryo resides in the laboratory before being replaced into a woman's womb. This trial s...

Activating Media for Salt Reduction

Mass media plays more and more important role in health education, especially in some chronic diseases which related closely with the behavior and habits. Past experience tells us that with the help of related health education in mass media such as newspaper articles, advertisements and videos on television, peoples can change their behaviors and habits in a short period of time. But when these educational information were stopped, peoples usually return to their original habit...

Assessing Repeat Fit Testing for CRC

This study will randomly assign 220 men and women to either a social media intervention or a standard reminder system to have a repeat screening test for colo-rectal cancer.

MyPaTH Story Booth

The MyPaTH Story Booth will use an (audio) "document" approach to elicit in depth experiential knowledge or perspectives from patients and caregivers by recording their personal stories.

Social-Media Intervention in Reducing Indoor Tanning in High-Risk Indoor Tanners

This randomized clinical trial studies how well social-media intervention works in reducing indoor tanning in high-risk indoor tanners. Social-media intervention delivered via Facebook may help to promote healthy behaviors, positive body image, and to understand young women's perception of a social media campaign.

Social Media Use in Adolescents Admitted to a Psychiatric Unit

We will investigate the association between social media use and depression in adolescents admitted to a psychiatric unit and continue to follow their progress after discharge in outpatient clinic services. We expect improvement in their depressive symptoms by modifying social media use and adding a mental health app to further encourage the positive effects of social media.

A Follow-up Study on the Sustained Impact of Alive & Thrive Interventions on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices

Alive & Thrive (A&T) is a multi-year initiative to improve infant and young child feeding (IYCF) practices. During Phase 1 (A&T-1, 2009-2014), funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, A&T aimed to reduce undernutrition and death caused by suboptimal IYCF practices in three countries - Bangladesh, Ethiopia, and Viet Nam. In 2014, IFPRI in collaboration with DATA conducted the endline survey in Bangladesh. The overall findings of the evaluation indicate that A&T's work in ...

Project Amaze - Social Media Alcohol Intervention

Social media provides frequent interaction with online social networks, increasing exposure to peer influences, which could affect alcohol use in negative or positive ways. The proposed study will recruit adolescents and emerging adults using social media ads, and conduct online screening, enrolling 850 risky drinkers in a randomized controlled trial comparing three conditions: 8-week Social Media Intervention + Incentives, 8-week Social Media Intervention Only, and an e-news a...

Effect of Treatment Dairy for Spasticity

1. Assessing whether the treatment diary can help optimize the overall treatment of patients. 2. To assess whether the patient finds the treatment diary useful and worth spending time on. Also if the patient finds it easier to evaluate the treatment and, if necessary, set new goals. 3. To assess whether the patient's quality of life is increased by the use of the treatment diary.

Health Information Technology to Improve Bedtime Media Use in Children

The objective of this study is to use health information technology to implement and evaluate a counseling recommendation for children who suffer from problematic sleep associated with bedtime media use. Participants will be randomized by clinic to be screened for basic sleep concerns and receive appropriate counseling, or to be screened for sleep concerns and media use, and receive appropriate counseling.

Using Video Modeled Social Stories to Improve Oral Hygiene in Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

We hypothesize that oral hygiene habits in children 8-12 years of age can be improved using video format Social Story intervention techniques. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of video format social stories used to inform and educate children and parents about proper dental hygiene technique over a 6 week intervention period. We will measure the success of intervention using data collected from clinical exams and caregiver/participant surveys. Evalu...

A Efficacy Against Otitis Media in Children With 11 Valent Pneumococcal Vaccine

The purpose of this study is to assess the efficacy in young children in preventing acute otitis media due to vaccine serotype pneumococcal or non typable Hemophilus influenza, following immunization with an 11-valent pneumococcal vaccine according to a 3 dose primary vaccination in the first year of life, with booster dose in the second year of life. Prophylactic immunization with pneumococcal conjugate vaccine is compared to placebo (hepatitis A vaccine).

The Effect of Reading Book on Preoperative Anxiety

Observe the effects of reading an informative story book on preoperative anxiety and maternal anxiety

Homeopathic Ear Drops for Otitis Media Study

The purpose of this study is to determine if a commercially available homeopathic ear drop preparation is effective in reducing symptoms in children 6 months - 11 years old with acute otitis media in whom the health care provider has recommended that antibiotics not be immediately administered. A total of 150 study patients with otitis media will be randomized to receive homeopathic ear drops, or no ear drops, in addition to receiving standard care. It is postulated that childr...

Evaluation of the Media Detective Program for Elementary School-Aged Children to Prevention Substance Use

The purpose of this study was to determine whether a media literacy education program taught be teacher to late elementary school students (grades 3-5) positively affected students' critical thinking skills and substance use-related health outcomes.

Monteleukast Versus Inhaled Mometasone for Treatment of Otitis Media With Effusion in Children

Otitis media is one of the most common infections among children and is a complication in about 30% of common colds. The most common complication of acute otitis media is otitis media with effusion. Some studies have reported the effects of montelukast and mometasone nasal spray in treatment of otitis media with effusion. However, current information is inadequate in this issue. The aim of this study was to compare the effectiveness of montelukast and mometasone nasal spray in ...

Success & Health Impacts For Transit Drivers During Onboarding

The project is a cluster randomized controlled trial of an occupational health intervention for newly hired bus operators. Transit authorities will be randomized to intervention and usual practice conditions and new bus operators will be recruited to participate in a two year study. Intervention participants will complete a program designed to prevent weight gain while also supporting early adjustment and job success. Control participants will experience standard or usual pract...

Improving Otitis Media Care With Clinical Decision Support

This protocol will prospectively develop a new electronic health record (EHR)-based health information technology (IT) intervention that a) summarizes Otitis Media (OM) care into clinically meaningful episodes-of-care, b) provides clinical decision support based upon evidence-based guidelines to primary care and ENT physicians working within an integrated physician network that uses a common EHR, and c) tests the additive effects on quality and resource utilization of providing...

Media Effects Study on Health-Related Content

A media lab study will be conducted to determine the mechanism by which podcasting may exert an effect. This study will examine both physiological (heart rate, skin conductance, etc.) and psychosocial (knowledge, perceived control, elaboration, etc.) measures in participants listening to a podcast on health versus reading health content on the Web. We hypothesize that podcasting will create a greater physiological response than the Web. There will also be more elaboration in th...

Testing a Community Intervention to Increase Aspirin Use

This research will test the effect of mass media or mass media plus a clinic based education program will improve appropriate aspirin use for cardiovascular disease prevention. It is a group randomized design of 24 geographic areas in Minnesota with adjacent states serving as controls.

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