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Animal Allergy in Korean Pet Owners, Pet-related Industry Workers, and Laboratory Animal Reseachers

We investigated the prevalence of animal allergy and sensitization to animal allergen among participants in international symposium of Korean association for laboratory science (laboratory animal researchers) and companion animal exhibition (pet owner and pet-related industry workers).

Interviewing Children About Past Events: Evaluating the NICHD Interview Protocol

This study, conducted by the NICHD in collaboration with Lancaster University in Lancaster, England, will evaluate the accuracy of information obtained from children using AN ADAPTED VERSION OF NICHD's interview protocol. The NICHD protocol was developed to help forensic interviewers OBTAIN INFORMATION FROM children who may be victims of or witnesses to a crime ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCES. This study does not involve forensic interviews, but is DESIGNED TO OBTAIN INFORMATION FROM c...

Animal Allergy in Korean Veterinary Researcher

The investigators will evaluate sensitization to animal allergens and allergic symptom during contacting animal allergens in Korean veterinary researchers who attend their annual conference. The investigators will compare sensitization to animal allergen and other clinical and occupational factors between subjects who suffer from allergic symptom during contacting animal and those who do not.

Language Therapy in British Sign Language

In the United Kingdom, the language of the Deaf community is British Sign Language (BSL). A small proportion of Deaf young people who use BSL as their first or dominant language have specific language difficulties and would benefit from language therapy provided in sign language by adults who are fluent in BSL and may be Deaf. Some Deaf adults are currently employed in education and health services to support children's BSL development. However there is little training or infor...

Catheter Ablation of All Inducible AT Post AF Ablation

In the treatment of symptomatic drug resistant persistent atrial fibrillation (Ps AF), catheter ablation has a class IIA indication. During the follow-up, a significant amount of patients (~50%) will experience atrial tachycardias (AT) recurrence. The endpoint of AT ablation during the second procedure has not been validated. At present, several strategies are considered as good clinical practice. Main objective: To evaluate if ablation of all inducible AT post AF ablation (AT...

Effect of Plant and Animal Proteins on Biomarkers of Colorectal Cancer and Type 2 Diabetes in Healthy Adults (ScenoProt)

The aim of this study is to investigate the effects of dietary plant and animal proteins on gut metabolism and markers for colorectal cancer as well as blood protein metabolites and markers for type 2 diabetes in healthy adults. The study participants will be stratified into three groups with different protein composition in diets: 1) animal 70%/plant 30%; 2) animal 50%/plant 50% and 3) animal 30%/plant 70%. The participants will get part of their diet as ready foods or raw mat...

Effects of Animal-assisted Therapy on Brain-injured Patients

The purpose is to investigate whether animal-assisted therapy has positive biopsychosocial effects on patients with brain injuries. This study investigates the short-term biopsychosocial effects that occur when animals are present during therapy sessions in comparison to therapy sessions without animals, observing a group of 25 patients over 24 therapy sessions. While half of the sessions are held in presence of an animal and half without, they are as comparable as possible wit...

Effects of Animal Assisted Therapy on Patients With Severe Disorders of Consciousness

The study investigates the effects of animal-assisted therapy on patients with severe disorders of consciousness. The focus lies on the short-term biopsychosocial effects that occur when animals are present during therapy sessions in comparison to therapy sessions without animals, observing a group of 10 patients during 16 therapy sessions. While half of the sessions are held in presence of an animal and half without, they are as comparable as possible with respect to content ...

Effects of Bedside Compared to Outside the Room Case Presentation

Patient case presentations during ward rounds can take place at the bedside or outside the room. The best approach to patient case presentation is yet unclear. Thus, the overall aim of this multicenter, randomized-controlled study is to test the hypothesis that outside the room patient case presentation compared to bedside patient case presentation results in better outcomes across different dimensions including patient understanding and perception of quality of care as well as...

A Pilot Study Investigating the Effect of Omalizumab (Xolair) in Work-Related Animal Induced Asthma

Management of animal induced occupational asthma is mainly avoidance, but this is not feasible for many occupations. Treatment with avoidance and conventional treatment is also not always successful. Omalizumab is FDA approved for the treatment of allergic asthma and may be effective at reducing symptoms and disease progression in the animal handlers population.

Case Management in HCV Infected PWID

To study the impact of case management on the outcome of the care of chronic hepatitis C in people who inject drugs (PWID). By creating the function of case manager, the investigators will target all the barriers to care of the HCV care continuum. Partial objectives are to measure the impact of case management on the uptake for screening, the uptake and outcome of treatment, and the rate of reinfection.

Study Care Versus Usual Care for Acute Mechanical Lower Back Pain

The most common work-related injury in British Columbia every year is a lower back injury. The many different treatment options that are available to workers with a back injury have often led to confusion and frustration. New back pain research has shown which combinations of treatments are most helpful, but has also shown that many injured workers in British Columbia do not have these treatments made readily available to them. This research study is designed to accurately dete...

Animal Assisted Therapy Intervention for Hospitalized Patients in a Tertiary Care Center

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the common symptoms leading to an Animal Assisted Therapy consult, and to measure its (AAT) influence on the symptoms and feelings of hospitalized patients.

Validation of a Diagnostic Algorithm of Giant Cell Arteritis

Giant cell arteritis (GCA or temporal arteritis or cranial arteritis) or Horton disease is a vasculitis that occurs in older adults, affecting vessels of medium and large caliber. The diagnosis of GCA is a challenge for general practitioners and specialists. Since 1970, it is based on a combination of clinical, biological and histological signs. Temporal artery biopsy (TAB) was the reference method until recently. However, TAB has many drawbacks. Therefore, researches of the pa...

Animal-Assisted Therapy for Hospitalized Heart Failure Patients

Effects of complementary therapies on heart failure, a leading cause of hospitalization, are unknown. Animal-assisted therapy improves physiological and psychosocial variables in healthy and hypertensive subjects. The purpose of this study was to determine whether a 12-minute hospital visit with a therapy dog improves hemodynamics, lowers neurohormone levels, and decreases state anxiety in patients hospitalized with heart failure.

Stage-specific Case Management for Early Psychosis

One of the commonly adopted strategies in improving outcome in psychotic disorders is by focused, specific and intensive intervention in the initial few years of the disorder. However the effects of intervention and the optimal duration of intervention have seldom been examined in randomized studies. This study uses a randomized controlled study design to investigate the effectiveness of stage-specific case-management in improving outcome of first episode psychotic disorders. I...

Randomized Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Nurse Case Management

The management of high-risk pregnancies require substantial use of medical resources. Our goal is to determine the effectiveness of a nurse case management program in which case managers are assigned to patients with high-risk conditions. Our hypothesis is that women with diabetes in pregnancy or hypertension who are assigned a nurse case manager will have lower glucose levels and lower blood pressure levels

Effectiveness of Case Management Versus Case Management Plus Problem-solving Therapy to Treat Depression in Low-income Elders

This study will compare the effectiveness of case management combined with problem-solving therapy (CM-PST) versus case management (CM) alone for assisting elderly people with depression.

Transitional Case Management Study

To address the issues involved in treatment participation by substance-abusing parolees, the CJ-DATS Transitional Case Management (TCM) study proposes to test a parole re-entry model that consists of (1) completion by the inmate of a strengths and goals assessment as part of discharge planning, (2) a telephone case conference call that includes the inmate and significant members of the inmate's aftercare plan (including the parole officer), and (3) strengths case management (fo...

Neurovascular Reactions to AAT in Patients With DOC

There is practical evidence but no scientific investigations that persons with severe disorders of consciousness can profit from animal-assisted therapy regarding their level of awareness. The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of animal-assisted therapy on brain activity of inpatients at REHAB Basel with severe disorders of consciousness. To do so, the frontal brain activity of 20 the inpatients at REHAB Basel in a minimally conscious state is investigated ...

A Communication Tool to Assist Severely Injured Older Adults

The purpose of this study is to test the effect of the "Best Case/Worse Case" (BC/WC) communication tool on the quality of communication with older patients admitted to two trauma units. The intervention was developed and tested with acute care surgical patients at the University of Wisconsin (UW) and we are now testing whether the intervention will work in a different setting. We will test the intervention with severely injured older adults at Oregon Health Sciences University...

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Effect of Case-Management Using Home Monitoring on Diabetes and Blood Pressure Outcomes

This is a randomized trial designed to determine if adoption of the chronic care model in conjunction with nurse case management, home telemonitoring, and home HbA1c monitoring can improve glycemic control compared to patients receiving usual case management. We hypothesize that nurse case management, with home telemonitoring of blood sugars and home HbA1c measurement will result in additional improvements in glycemic control compared to isolated nurse case management. Specif...

Anesthesia and Postoperative Pain

The purpose of this study is to compare post-operative pain after anesthesia with either isoflurane or propofol. Each group will be further randomized to recieve intranasal nicotine or placebo inorder to detect potetial pronociceptive action of isoflurane. The study is a randomized, prospective, double-blinded controlled trial. Eighty adult women undergoing uterine surgery will be recruited for this study. Enrollment in this study is limited to women, because our animal stud...

Scheduled Elective Surgical Case Cancellation in Siriraj Hospital, a Thai University Hospital: Evaluation and Identification of the Reasons

A retrospective cross-sectional analytic study to evaluation and identification of the reasons about Scheduled elective surgical case cancellation in Siriraj Hospital, reason of cancellation will be extracted from hospital medical record of each case, reviewed and divided into 2 groups, with SiPAC and without SiPAC consultation. Primary outcomes are the incidence of cancelled case and causes of the cancellation and secondary outcome that will be identified for areas of improvem...

Safety and Immunogenicity of a New Serum-Free DTaP-IPVvero Combination Vaccine

The trial is a parallel group, multi-centre, randomized, double blind, non-inferiority trial investigating the immunogenicity and safety of two DTaP-IPV combination vaccines: A)The investigational vaccine: DTaP-IPV containing IPV produced in a vero-cell line (DTaP-IPVvero) B)The reference vaccine: DTaP-IPV containing IPV produced in monkey kidney cells (DTaP-IPVmkc) The DTaP-IPV vaccines are administered to healthy infants at 2, 3½, 5, and 16 months of age concomitantly with ...

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