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Acarbose Anti-aging Effects in Geriatric Subjects

This study addresses a "lifespan approach to healthy development and aging" with direct relevance to humans by testing the anti-aging effects of acarbose in humans. It is a pilot study to: i) better estimate power for a larger trial, ii) establish the safety and potential beneficial effects of acarbose in non-diabetic elderly humans, and iii) determine whether the effects of acarbose on the microbiome likely play a role in its enhancement of longevity and/or healthy aging. Thes...

A Randomized Controlled Trial Using the TAPESTRY Approach to Care for Older Adults

TAPESTRY is a randomized control trial promoting interprofessional team collaboration, facilitating connection to the community through system navigation and trained community volunteers, enhancing communication and improving care through the use of technology to better understand and assist older adult patients in achieving their health goals and be successful in optimally aging.

Topical Preparation of Pomegranate and Ginkgo Biloba for Anti-aging Activities

As the quality of life improves, people are seeking to look as young as they feel. Ginkgo biloba (GB) and Pomegranate (PG) extract can be used to create efficacious topical anti-aging products. GB & PG are now widely used in research and clinical trials on age-associated diseases, for example, skin aging, brain dysfunction, cardiovascular system diseases, carcinogen metabolism. The investigator's aim is to formulate a topical cream in the form (O/W or W/O emulsion) formulation,...

Trial of Nonpharmacologic Interventions in Elderly (TONE)

To test the efficacy of weight loss and sodium restriction, alone and combined, in maintaining the normotensive state following withdrawal of antihypertensive medications in an elderly cohort. Conducted in collaboration with the National Institute on Aging.

Device Evaluating the Muscular Functional Age

The CHRONOS project aims to provide a device to detect earlier the motor decline, by developing a precise quantitative device measuring "Motor Functional Age" (MFA) of young, middle-aged and old people, thus preventing future functional motor loss for healthy aging. The MFA might be different from the Chronological Age (CA), depending on lifestyle, physical activity, and medical condition. Thus, this device will permit monitoring, adaptation and new design of a variety of perso...

Effect of Aging on Haemostasis Parameters

Aging is an independent risk factor, without any clear explanation. The primary aim of the study is to depict the effect of aging on the coagulation fibrinolysis parameters and microparticles.

Metformin Effect on Brain Function in Insulin Resistant Elderly People

Alzheimer's disease (AD) and other forms of dementia are rapidly increasing with the aging of the population, and show a clear preponderance among people with insulin resistance. Metformin, an insulin sensitizer, is being examined in clinical trials as an anti-aging drug. However, very little objective data is available regarding metformin's effect on the brain, a major organ affected by aging.

A Trial to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy in Patients With Aging Frailty

This is a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, parallel arm, multi-center Phase 2b study.

Prescribing Smart Aging: Integrating Health Systems With Community-Based Lifestyle Interventions

The purpose of this study is to test the efficacy of delivering an exercise and healthy lifestyle program, Smart Aging, to older adults.

Astaxanthin (2 mg) + Lycopene (1.8 mg) + D-Alpha-Tocopherol (10 IU) For The Treatment Of Skin Aging

The purpose of this study is to determine the clinical efficacy of a combination of Astaxanthin (2 mg), Lycopene (1.8 mg), and d-alpha-Tocopherol (10 IU) in terms of its skin anti-aging properties. Specifically, the investigators aim to determine the increase in hydration levels of the skin, decrease in atypical skin pigmentation, and reduction of signs of photoaging, particularly facial fine lines.

Genetics of Aging-Associated Conditions in Sardinia

The purpose of this study is to examine the genetic risk factors for aging associated conditions.

Sedentary Behavior Interrupted: A Trial of Acute Effects on Biomarkers of Healthy Aging

This protocol "Sedentary Behavior Interrupted: A randomized crossover trial of acute effects on biomarkers of healthy aging in the laboratory (Project 1)" is part of a National Institutes of Aging Program Grant called "Sedentary Time & Aging Mortality and Physical Function (STAR). The overall purpose of the STAR program to is to better understand how to interrupt sitting time and the consequences for healthy aging in postmenopausal women. This protocol (also referred to Project...

Biological Aging of Skeletal Muscles in Humans

Aging affects almost all the tissues and physiological functions, and skeletal muscle is the most affected organ. The progressive decline of the weight and the muscular function linked to the aging contributes to the lack of autonomy and dependence, but also to an increase of the mortality risks. Sarcopenia is also a prevalent condition, because it is detected in 13-24% of 60 years old, and 50% of 80 years old and more. However, strong inter-individual variations of this preva...

Intranasal Midazolam for Pediatric Pre-procedural Sedation and Pre-procedural Anti-anxiety Using sipNose Device - a Randomized Controlled Study

A Three-arm, Randomized Controlled Trial for Pediatric Pre-procedural Sedation and Pre-procedural Anti-anxiety: Intranasal Midazolam by SipNose versus MAD Versus oral administration

Psychosocial Stress and Aging in HIV

This study will begin to assess the association between perceived stress and enhanced aging in persons living with HIV (PLWH). The investigators suspect this relationship may be mediated by increased aging within the immune system and subsequent low-level inflammation that commonly leads to multiple illnesses and frailty as one ages. The findings from this study will identify potential diagnostic and therapeutic targets to improve the health of aging PLWH which could also apply...

Bridge or Continue Coumadin for Device Surgery Randomized Controlled Trial

Many cardiac patients requiring device (defibrillator or pacemaker) related surgery are on chronic oral anticoagulation therapy (usually coumadin). The risk of blood clot formation related to stopping oral anti-coagulant therapy is currently managed by using bridging heparin therapy in patients with moderate to high risk of blood clot formation. There is a substantial risk of bleeding in the pocket where the device is situated (pocket hematoma)related to bridging therapy. The ...

Bioclinical Study of Scalp Photoaging of a Population Male Over 65 Years Old.

The aging of skin, especially that of the scalp, is a combination of intrinsic and extrinsic aging factors secondary to the chronic sun exposure. For men with an alopecia genetic (= bald men), the solar part, in skin aging process, is major. The helio-dermal scalp is frequently the site of cancers mainly after 65 years. Objectives are to identify specific biomarkers involved in the photo-aging of the alopecic scalp

Pilot Investigation of a Multinutrient Supplement on Skin Aging and Aging Metabolites in Healthy Women

We are seeking healthy female volunteers to determine if multinutrient supplementation affects visible signs of skin aging as well as blood measurements of aging. We are seeking smokers and non-smokers.

ACE-Seniors (Activities for Cognitive Enhancement of Seniors)

Cognitive aging and cognitive decline are important public health concerns in an aging US population. The investigators will conduct a randomized controlled trail among healthy older adults to assess effects of four innovative activities on remediation of age-related cognitive decline.

The Effect of Aging on Value Based Decision-making

The investigators propose to study the effect of aging on the neural circuitry involved in valuation and value reasoning and to relate it to choice anomalies and inconsistencies. Quantifying and characterizing valuation-based decision-making deficits in older adults, and their relationship to the aging brain, can inform and facilitate intervention - both at the level of the individual and at the level of policy.

Ventricular Assist Device Anti-Factor Xa (VAD ANTIX) Monitoring Study: a Prospective Randomized Feasibility Trial

This study evaluates two different methods for monitoring a patient's anti-clotting [heparin] therapy after they receive a heart pump implant [left ventricular assist device -LVAD]. One method tests for how long it takes the patient's blood to clot and uses that to determine if they are on the right dose of heparin. The other method uses a more direct measure of how much heparin is in the blood. The hypothesis is that the method that more directly measures how much heparin is i...

Compare Serum Klotho Levels in Patients on Oral Antidiabetic Treatment

Klotho is a protein found in serum, kidney,heart,brain and in other tissues,it has many functions,it is viewed as the anti aging hormone. Aging kidneys are characterized by progressive scarring and measurable declines in renal function

A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Anti-Aging, Pro-Autophagy Effects of Metformin in Adults With Prediabetes

The goal of this pilot and feasibility study is to investigate the effects of a short course of metformin therapy on a surrogate marker of cellular senescence and autophagy among adult patients with prediabetes. The overall hypothesis is that metformin will have beneficial effects on longevity and quality of life by inducing autophagy downstream of activating adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK) and inhibiting mechanistic target of rapamycin (mTOR) through po...

Aging Biomakers and ConTrast Induced Nephropathy (ACTIN) Trial

Biomarkers such as kidney injury molecule-1 (KIM-1) and neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocalin (NGAL) have been used for the early diagnosis of AKI, although with no definitive results. The investigators explored the association between plasma aging biomakers such as sklotho and contrast induced nephropathy in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) with contrast injection.

Auditory Midbrain Implant Study

The objectives of the clinical study are to implant five deaf patients (those with Neurofibromatosis Type II, NF2) with a new two-shank auditory midbrain implant array (AMI; developed by Cochlear Limited) into the central nucleus of the inferior colliculus in order to assess the safety, reliability, consistency of placement, and performance of the AMI device. The clinical trial is being performed at Hannover Medical School in Germany in collaboration with University of Minnesot...

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