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Sunday 19th May 2019

Carvedilol SR Study for Biomarkers From Blood and Urine and Safety of in Patients With Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction

Beta blockers have been used to reduce the mortality and heart failure rehospitalization in heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF) patients in addition to ACEI/ARB, MRA, ivabradine and ARNI. However, the effective and safe medical therapy is not well established in heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF) yet. Recent meta-analysis showed that beta blockers may also be beneficial for reducing the mortality and heart failure rehospitalization in HFpEF ...

Impact of Therapeutic Patient Education on the Toxicity of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors in Oncology

The aim of this therapeutic education program is to reduce the apparition of immune-related Adverse Event with patients treated with ICI

The Effect of Alpha-tocopherol in Hemolysis and Oxidative Stress Marker on the Red Cell Membrane Beta-thalassemia Major

The accumulation of unpaired α-globin chains in β-thalassemia major patients may clinically create ineffective erythropoiesis, hemolysis, and chronic anemia. Multiple blood transfusions and iron overload cause cellular oxidative damage. However, α-tocopherol, an antioxidant, has been known as a potent scavenger of lipid radicals in the red cell membrane of β-thalassemia major patient. By this randomized controlled trial, the investigators would like to evaluate the effects ...

Body Composition Ultrasound for Patients With Heart Failure

This study aims to determine whether skeletal muscle ultrasound is a useful technique for measuring low muscle mass in subjects with heart failure (HF). Muscle wasting and abnormal muscle quality has been identified in patients with advanced HF and may contribute to patients' physical limitations. However we currently rely on the research tool of dual X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for measurements of skeletal muscle mass, which is limited by cost, use of radiation, and the need fo...

Assessing the Impact of LIve Music in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) to Improve Care for Critically Ill Patients

Noise in the ICU can worsen patient outcomes through factors such as increased cardiovascular stress, alteration in sleep, and increased discomfort or pain The purpose of this study is to determine the benefit of therapeutic music in the ICU on patients, their families, and ICU staff.

Stroke and Rehabilitation in North of Norway and Central Denmark

Post-stroke prospective multicenter cohort study. The objectives of the study was to compare functioning and health related quality of life in the two study regions, in relation to known predictors and to differences in organization of treatment- and rehabilitation. The inclusion was of consecutive acute stroke patients with ICD10 diagnosis I.63 and I.61 from a regional part of Northern Norway and Jylland Denmark. All were referred to stroke units. At baseline national stroke r...

Efficacy and Safety of Profile HaloTM Mixed Fractional Laser on Treating of Facial and Neck Photoaging.

1. Fractional laser has become an important laser modality in management of a number of skin conditions and photoaging. Fractional photothermolysis is the fractional emission of light into microscopic treatment zones, creating small columns of injury to the skin in a pixilated fashion. Epidermal and dermal disruptions occur in these focal zones of thermal injury, stimulating dermal collagen production and elastic tissue formation. Fractional laser has b...

Pre-frailty and Rehospitalization in Cardiac Surgery

Background: It has been demonstrated that pre-frailty has more adverse outcomes after cardiac surgery, however, data on prognosis and long-term evolution in pre-frailty patients after cardiac surgery without postoperative complications are still scarce. Design: To evaluate the impact of pre-frailty on functional survival in patients after cardiac surgery without complications.

Nailfold Capillary Blood Flow With Latanoprost Bunod

The purpose of this study is to look at the relationship of small blood vessels irregularities observed with an imaging system called video nailfold capillaroscopy in people with primary open-angle glaucoma. Nailfold capillaroscopy (NFC) is a video camera with a magnifying lens used for studying the movement of blood in small blood vessels. It is simple, safe and does not penetrate the skin. The skin fold that is at the tip of the finder is called the "nailfold". NFC has been u...

Optimizing Management of Low Back Pain Through the Pain and Disability Drivers Management Model

This study aims to determine the feasibility of conducting a future randomized controlled trial to collect preliminary data on the effectiveness of a previously validated approach that takes into account all the pain and disability vectors associated with low back pain - the Pain and Disability Drivers Management Model (PDDM). The overall objective is to provide data to assess the feasibility of implementing a future randomized clinical trial to evaluate the impact of the PDDM...

Cryotherapy With in Situ Immunotherapy in Melanoma Metastasis

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer and its incidence has doubled every 20 years in France, where this cancer is responsible of more than 1600 deaths each year. Patients with early diagnosis have good prognosis and can be generally cured by surgery only. Advanced melanoma however has a very bad prognosis. Loco-regional lymph nodes are usually the first distant localization in metastatic melanoma. Lymph node dissection is then the recommended treatment, although it's...

Randomized, Single Center Study About the Impact of an E-learning Dedicated to Myocardial Infarction Patient

Acute coronary syndrome (ACS) is still one of the major cause of morbi-mortality in Europe. After an ACS, patients should be treated with secondary prevention medication to reduce the risk of recurrence. However, it is known that patients do not take all their medicines as expected, which leads to readmission at the hospital. To enhance drug adherence, the investigators sought to develop an interactive e-learning tool for these patients. This e-learning includes information abo...

Impact of Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Activity on Exercise Training Sensitivity

The phenotype based on the insertion/deletion (I/D) polymorphism of the human angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) gene has been associated with individual training response. Briefly, intervention studies have demonstrated an 11-fold greater training-induced improvement in muscular endurance for ACE I/I homozygotes compared to ACE D/D homozygotes. Importantly, the ACE I/D polymorphism causes large inter-individual differences in serum ACE activity. Because the ACE D/D genotype ...

Hans Kai Trial: an Evaluation of a Peer-led Preventative Health Intervention

The Hans Kai trial is a randomized wait-list controlled trial looking at the impact of the Hans Kai program, a peer-led, self-sustaining preventative health program that empower participants to take control of their health with social support. The interventions consists of a health school to develop health knowledge and skills, then participants form Hans Kai groups of 3 or more people, who meet on a monthly basis independently in a self-sustaining model. The trial will look at...

Pediatric Transcranial Static Magnetic Field Stimulation to Improve Motor Learning

Non-invasive brain stimulation (NIBS) is a safe, painless way to improve brain function. It is used for many conditions, including to help children with disabilities. However, it can be challenging to apply NIBS in very young children and infants. A new, simple form of NIBS called transcranial static magnetic field stimulation (tSMS) is a promising tool for early brain stimulation. tSMS in adults has been shown to be safe, tolerable and have the desired effects on brain activit...

A Study of Migalastat in Fabry Disease

Fabry disease is a rare metabolic condition characterised by the widespread deposition of sphingolipids in multiple organ systems. Cardiac involvement is common, it occurs in fifty percent of patients and it is the leading cause of death. Despite this, heart and blood vessel (cardiovascular system) manifestations of Fabry disease remain poorly characterised, and it remains unclear which patients benefit from therapy, or when therapy should be initiated. Migalastat is increasing...

The Immediate Effects of Dry Needling on Post-concussion Syndrome

In about 15% of adult concussion cases, symptoms last longer than 2 weeks and can largely impact the individual's ability to work, be physically active and participate in everyday life. These symptoms are often partially related to unresolved neck muscle tightness and other neck-related symptoms. Dry needling is a technique that uses acupuncture needles to release muscle knots, decrease neck muscle tightness and decrease neck pain. As far as the investigators are aware, there h...

The Kentucky Viral Hepatitis Treatment Study

The overarching goal of the Kentucky Viral Hepatitis Treatment Project (KeY Treat) is to increase hepatitis C virus (HCV) treatment access and delivery in a rural Appalachian community, which is in the midst of the opioid/hepatitis C (HCV) syndemic. KeY Treat is a clinical research study seeking to determine whether removing barriers (cost, insurance, specialist, abstinence) associated with accessing direct-acting antivirals (DAAs) for the treatment of HCV will impact health in...

Legend: TRELEGY Real World Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Effectiveness Study

The primary purpose of this study is to assess the effectiveness of TRELEGY ELLIPTA single inhaler triple therapy (SITT) (fluticasone furoate/umeclidinium bromide/vilanterol [FF/UMEC/VI]) relative to non-ELLIPTA multiple inhaler triple therapies (MITT) of inhaled corticosteroids/long-acting beta2-adrenergic receptor agonists/muscarinic receptor antagonists (ICS/LABA/LAMA) within a routine clinical practice setting. This is a non-randomized, interventional and self-controlled co...

Real Life Pediatric Obstructive Sleep Apnea

OBJECTIVES: PRIMARY: To analyze the cognitive alterations in children with Obstructive Sleep Apnea OSA in different age groups and changes at 12 months after treatment with a protocol based on usual clinical practice. DESIGN: Observational, longitudinal, prospective, and multicenter study.

Trial of a Ward-Based Intervention to Improve Access to Psychologically-Informed Care and Psychological Therapy for Mental Health In-Patients

The Care Quality Commission (2017) concludes that too often care for people with severe mental health problems on mental health inpatient wards institutionalises people, rather than helping them to have an independent life in the community. There is good evidence that psychological interventions improve patient well-being and independent living, but patients on acute mental health wards often do not have access to evidence-based psychological therapies which are strongly advise...

Assessing The Impact Of Incorporating Charlson Comorbidity Scores On Patient Anxiety And Satisfaction

The purpose of this study was to determine whether providing patients with life expectancy (LE) information in the form of their Prostate Cancer Comorbidity Index (PCCI) scores impacted their decisional conflict or anxiety about prostate cancer or death.

Ambroxol Therapy for Patients With Type 1 Gaucher Disease and Suboptimal Response to Enzyme Replacement Therapy

Ambroxol hydrochloride, an over-the-counter antitussive available in many markets , was identified as an interesting pharmacological chaperone. In addition to a mucolytic action, ambroxol has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Importantly, ambroxol therapy was found safe when given to pregnant women for prevention of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome . Thus, ambroxol, an oral available drug on the market, may be a safe option for GD patients with potentia...

Real-time Intervention for Suicide Risk Reduction

The goal of this study is to provide an initial pilot test of an Ecological Momentary Intervention (EMI) designed the reduce the distress associated with negative emotion among individuals at risk for suicide that pairs content from a smartphone with a wearable physiological monitor. Participants will be 25 suicidal adult inpatients who will complete three brief therapy sessions with a study therapist and then complete exercises associated with the study for the duration of the...

The Role of Expectations in the Development of Intrusive Memories

In the experimental study, the well-established trauma film paradigm will be used to investigate the impact of expectations on the development of intrusive memories as a hallmark symptom of PTSD.

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