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Frank Score and Coronary Artery Disease

Patients with coronary artery disease (CAD) were enrolled. CAD was diagnosed by coronary angiography which also resulted Syntax score. Images of left and right ears were captured by a digital camera. Frank score of each patients was calculated based on characteristics and numbers of wrinkles of the earlobes. Statistic analysis were carried out to analyze the correlation between Frank Score and Syntax Score.

Crowdsourcing A Public Health Campaign

The purpose of this stepped wedge randomized controlled trial is to evaluate the effectiveness of a crowdsourced intervention on promoting HIV testing among young Chinese men who have sex with men (MSM). The crowdsourced intervention will include an open contest, judging to determine finalists and prizes, a designathon, and contest-based MSM engagement. The hypothesis is that a crowdsourced intervention will be superior to conventional HIV test uptake campaigns in eliciting HIV...

Intraoperative Fluid Management Based on Arterial Pulse Pressure Variation During High-Risk Surgery

Hypovolaemia and tissue hypoperfusion can pass undetected during and after major surgery. The resulting systemic inflammatory response and organ dysfunction, often not clinically apparent for several days, may lead to increased morbidity and mortality and prolonged hospital stay. In this regard, intraoperative optimization of circulatory status by volume loading has been shown to improve the outcome of patients undergoing high-risk surgery. Indeed, several reports (1-7)...

Quit and Win Contests to Improve Smoking Cessation Among College Students

Standard Quit and Win contests, in which smokers typically quit for one month in return for the opportunity to win prizes, are simple and easy to implement and may be cost-effective in encouraging smokers to quit. By extending contest length and enhancing counseling content, Quit and Win contests may be more effective at encouraging smoking abstinence. This study aims to evaluate the efficacy of extended and content-enhanced Quit and Win contests to enhance smoking abstinence ...

Retrospective Analysis in Quality of Care Measures in Pediatric Adenotonsillectomy Patients

The purpose of this study is to interrogate the Partners for Kids (PFK) and the pediatric health information (PHIS) databases in addition to our own perioperative Nationwide Children's data base to look at outcomes, resource utilization, and cost trends for adenotonsillectomy in the nationally versus locally. The investigators also want compare Nationwide Children's to other regional and national tertiary pediatric institutions.

Innovative Tools to Expand HIV Self-Testing

The I-TEST study builds upon two participatory approaches, open challenge contests and entrepreneurship training. The study utilizes open challenge contest to generate youth-driven interventions on strategies to promote HIV self-testing and other testing for other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among young people in Nigeria. Open challenge contests involves leveraging on the knowledge and strengths of the crowd (in this case young people) to generate solutions to an iss...

Promoting Smoking Cessation in the Correctional Institutions

The aim of this project is to promote and evaluate a smoking cessation intervention through the "Quit to Win" Contest organised in correctional institutions in Hong Kong. The aim of this project is to promote and evaluate a smoking cessation intervention through the "Quit to Win" Contest organised in correctional institutions in Hong Kong. The specific objectives of the study are: 1. To test the effectiveness of face-to-face brief cessation advice (AWARD) and video ...

Confounding Factors of Impedance Pneumography

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the association of signals recorded and analysed with Ventica® Lung Function Testing System (LFTS) in infants and pre-schoolers during the whole night sleep with the gold standard for sleep recording events, polysomnography, in order to better understand the confounding factors for momentary changes in the impedance pneumography-derived tidal breathing flow-volume (TBFV) curves.

Nationwide Long-term Outcome Surveillance of Physiomesh® vs. Other Meshes in Laparoscopic Incisional Hernia Repair

The primary aim of the present study was to show how a national clinical register combined with other nationwide administrative registers may serve as a tool for pre- and post-marketing evaluation of new mesh and mesh fixation products for hernia surgery, using Physiomesh® versus other meshes designed for laparoscopic hernia repair as an example.

Improving Body Image in Middle Schoolers

The focus of this study is the development of a school-based multimedia product for the prevention of body dissatisfaction and unhealthy weight control behaviors in adolescents. The program is being designed for early adolescents, age 12-14, and will include information on maturation, healthy eating and exercise, skill building modules and media literacy awareness.

Fluoxetine Essay in Children With Autism

This study is a comparative, double blind, placebo controlled trial of 6-months duration designed to evaluate 1) the effects of fluoxetine in 5 to 12 years old autistic children, 2) the effects of fluoxetine on serotoninergic parameters, 3) cerebral metabolic changes (rCBF measurements with PET) induced by the treatment.

Exercise and Responses to Challenges

This is a research study examining how exercise impacts responses to challenges. Participating in this study may involve three 5-minute bouts of aerobic exercise at varying intensities, a video recorded psychosocial challenge, and questionnaires.

WebMAP Mobile Self-management of Adolescent Chronic Pain

Approximately 5-8% of children report severe chronic pain and disability. Although evidence supports pain-self management as effective for reducing pain and disability, data show that most youth do not have access to this intervention. The investigative team's prior studies demonstrate that technology-delivered pain self-management (WebMAP program) can reduce barriers to care, is feasible, acceptable, and effective in reducing pain-related disability and improving anxiety and d...

A Study Exploring the Use of Vaccine and Antigen Challenges for Immune Monitoring in Healthy Participants

The purpose of this study is to characterize the immune response in vivo using approved vaccines and antigen challenges to stimulate the immune system.

Language Assessment and Treatment Following Acquired Brain Injury

People with acquired brain injury (ABI) often experience persistent language challenges that are subtle in nature and not readily observable to others. These challenges can have substantial negative effects on vocational and social endeavors despite their subtlety. Even though these challenges are prevalent in the ABI population, limited methods exist for quantifying and remediating them. The two purposes of Phase I of this research are to (a) explore methods of using event rel...

Analgo-Sedative Effects Of Oral, Or Nebulized Ketamine In Pre-schoolers Undergoing Elective Surgery.

the primary objective of this study is to investigate the sedative, and analgesic effects of oral, or nebulized ketamine as premedication drugs, and providing postoperative analgesia for the preschoolers and decrease their need for systemic analgesia.The secondary objective is to compare each sedation technique after oral, or nebulized ketamine for safety ,and procedural outcomes.

Building Capacity and Promoting Smoking Cessation in the Community Via "Quit to Win" Contest 2016

Although smoking prevalence is decreasing in Hong Kong, there are still 641,300 daily smokers (10.5%; Census and Statistics Department, 2015) and half will be killed by smoking (Lam, 2012) which accounts for over 7,000 deaths per year (Lam, Ho, Hedley, Mak, & Peto, 2001). Smoking also accounts for a large amount of medical cost, long-term care and productivity loss of US$688 million (0.6% Hong Kong GDP) (Census & Statistics Department, 2001; McGhee et al., 2006) . Smoking is a ...

Prevalence of Thyroid Function Abnormalities in HIV-infected Patients: State of Play in 2012

Since the appearance of high-efficiency anti-retrovirals (HAARTs) in the treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), several studies have shown an increase in the prevalence of hypothyroidism (frank, rough or low hypothyroidism T4) in cohorts of HIV-infected adults and children. More specifically, rough hypothyroidism (increased TSH and normal thyroid peripheral hormones) have a prevalence of about 3-12% in HIV-treated patients, which is higher than the general population ...

Bronchospasm Associated With High Nitric Oxide

Intraoperative bronchospasm challenges anesthesia's safety. This study aims to investigate high concentration of exhaled nitric oxide as a marker of intraoperative bronchospasm.

A Prospective Case Series Analysis of Initial Users of the Urovac Device

To document usage of the Urovac device among 30 initial users of the device in an acute rehabilitation facility, with analysis of whether and how patients benefitted, challenges encountered, and how benefits and challenges varied by patient type.

Normoxic Challenges Utility to Evaluate Blood Loss

This study will evaluate the impact of repeated normoxic challenges on cerebral oxygenation as a measure of the effect of blood loss on DO2 during surgical procedures.

Selection of People at Low Cardiovascular Risk: Development of an Inexpensive Pre-screening Algorithm Using Only Non-laboratory Measures. The SKIM Risk Study.

Early identification of individuals at high risk remains the cornerstone of primary cardiovascular prevention (CV). However, cardiovascular screening including people at low CV diseases (CVD) risk are too costly, time consuming and poorly effective in reducing incident CV events to be proposed at population level. Thus, innovative tools that allow to exclude low risk subjects in order to concentrate the relatively poor resources of NHS for primary prevention in high risk groups...

Voices Of Individuals: Challenges and Experiences Of bvFTD

The VOICE Of bvFTD study is a telephone interview research study about life with or at risk for behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia (bvFTD). The study aims to understand how bvFTD impacts individuals' day to day lives, how people think about themselves, and what challenges they face.

Routine Antibiotic Prescription Monitoring in Primary Care Physicians: A Nationwide Trial

Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly serious problem in Switzerland which is associated with the exposure and overall uptake of antibiotics in a population. Reduced antibiotic prescribing for outpatients is paralleled by a decrease in antibiotic resistance rates. In a recent pragmatic trial the investigators found only promising yet not very conclusive results as those were present only in some groups. This nationwide antibiotic stewardship program with routine feedback on...

Nationwide Awareness Campaign and Call for Dental Screening for HHT in Germany

HHT is a relative rare autosomal dominant inherited disorder of the fibrovascular tissue. Diagnosis of HHT is often delayed for decades (Pierucci 2012). However, it would be desirable to achieve an early diagnosis as early screening and treatment decrease disease-associated complications and increase life expectancy (Kroon 2018). Our approach is a nationwide call and awareness campaign to dentists in Germany, as nearly all persons visit a dentist from time to time. This approac...

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