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Testing a Self-affirmation Intervention for Use in a Mobile Application

The aim of these studies is to adapt the self-affirmation kindness questionnaire for use in a mobile application. Two studies will be conducted to test hypotheses that simplifying and shortening the original questionnaire in systematic ways will result in comparable effectiveness (compared to the original version) in promoting reduced defensive avoidance, less reactance, greater yielding, and higher intentions to quit smoking among a sample of smokers.

Enhancing One's Sense of Self Using Self-Affirmation

This study evaluates whether a brief psychological intervention, known as a self-affirmation intervention which works by allowing one to recognise their own value, can improve well-being. This study also evaluates whether more of these interventions will lead to greater increases in well-being, and also measures self-esteem and anxiety to examine their potential involvement in the self-affirmation process. Participants are randomly assigned to either a self-affirmation interven...

Ability of a Euglena Beta Glucan Supplementation to Augment Immune Function

Upper respiratory tract infections cause cold and flu-like symptoms and are the most common form of acute illness. Certain populations are at increased risk of upper respiratory tract infections including athletes who train at a high level of intensity for prolonged periods of time. Consequently, some athletes experience higher rates of cold and flu-like symptoms than the general population. Euglena gracilis is a micro-algae which can synthesize many nutrients necessary for hu...


Testing Familial Self-affirmation for Smoking Cessation

Evidence suggests that affirming the self can help people to make changes in their health behavior. Typically, people affirm a personally-important value, but evidence suggests that affirming the values of family ("familial self-affirmation") might exert stronger effects. The aim of the present study is to examine the effects of familial self-affirmation versus standard self-affirmation versus a control group on smoking cessation.

Values Affirmation to Improve Teachers' Outcomes

The purpose of this project is to examine whether a values affirmation intervention improves teacher-student relationships, classroom performance, and well-being of first-year teachers.

Patients Engaged in Prevention: Enhancing Outreach to Increase Patient Engagement in Diabetes Prevention

This study examines whether a health message that includes a self-affirmation intervention (where people reflect on values that are important to them) increases acceptance of the message and encourages people to take steps to prevent diabetes, as compared to a health message without the self affirmation intervention.

Seaweed-Derived Mineral-Rich Nutraceuticals in Cognition

The aim of the overall project is to investigate the potential of a combination of commercially available nutraceuticals produced by Marigot Ltd (natural seawater derived mineral-rich AquaminMG and seaweed-derived mineral-rich food supplement AquaminTM (FDA GRAS 000028) isolated from Lithothamnion species), as safe and effective supplements to promote cognition in the aged brain.

Metabonomics to Investigate Effects of Healthy Diets on Blood Pressure: the OmniHeart Study

To compare the urinary metabolomes on individuals undergone three different healthy diets--a carbohydrate-rich diet, a protein-rich diet, or a diet rich in unsaturated fat.

The Beneficial Effects of a Protein-rich Breakfast on Appetite Control & Cognition in Overweight and Obese Adolescents

The purpose of this study is to assess whether the daily addition of a protein-rich breakfast leads to beneficial changes in appetite control, food intake regulation,and cognitive function in overweight & obese 'breakfast skipping' young women.

Using Values Affirmation to Reduce the Effects of Perceived Discrimination on Hypertension Disparities

The objective of this study is to reduce the effects of stereotype threat on the adherence of African American patients with hypertension. The specific aims of this study, which employs a values affirmation intervention, are to: 1. Compare the effects of the values-affirmation exercise to a control condition on antihypertensive medication adherence in African American patients with uncontrolled hypertension across three clinical settings, 2. Compare the e...

Reducing College Student Drinking by Integrating Self-Affirmation and Implementation Intentions

Two hundred and ninety-three college students who reported drinking in the past month were randomly assigned to condition in a 2 (self-affirmation: values vs. control writing task) x 2 (implementation intentions: formed vs. not formed) between-subjects factorial design. Participants first completed a self-affirmation or control writing task, then read an article describing the risks of drinking. Next, all participants reported their common drinking behaviors and contexts, and t...

Transgender Cohort Study of Gender Affirmation and HIV-related Health

This observational research study will evaluate medical gender affirmation delivered in primary care as an intervention to reduce disparities in HIV-related outcomes (e.g., low rates of PrEP uptake for HIV-uninfected patients, high rates of viral suppression for HIV-infected patients) for transgender patients in two urban federally-qualified community health centers.

Increase Protein Intake of Older Meal Service Clients With Readymade Protein-rich Meals and Foods

Rationale: Undernutrition risk among community-dwelling older adults in developed countries is shown to be around 24%. Increasing protein intake is a strategy that is feasible as well as efficacious to reduce undernutrition in community-dwelling older adults. A promising strategy to increase protein intake among older adults, is to offer dietary solutions with normal foods that fit their current daily eating patterns. For this reason, home-delivered protein-rich readymade meals...

A Brief Affirmation Intervention on HIV-related Distress and Positive Living in Lesotho

This study is interested in the stress associated with being HIV positive and looking at ways to reduce that stress. Individuals who are HIV positive face a number of nontrivial threats and stressors: the burden of illness, loss of work, stigmatization, and the chance of death. The study investigates the use of self-affirmation to reduce some of these threats and stressors. Self-affirmation may helping people to cope with these threats and stressors by reminding individuals of ...

OmniHeart Trial: Macronutrients and Cardiovascular Risk

To compare the effects on blood pressure and plasma lipids of three different diets--a carbohydrate-rich diet, a protein-rich diet, or a diet rich in unsaturated fat.

Project Quit: Positive vs. Negative Offers of an Online Stop Smoking Program

This project is designed to test the effects of affirmation and positive/negative imagery on individuals' thoughts about quitting smoking and willingness to join a stop smoking program. Previous studies have noted that viewing negative images elicits a stronger emotional response, and many stop-smoking campaigns have used such images to push people to quit smoking. However, research also shows that people are generally resistant to health messages. Using affirmation can help to...

Acid-Base Balance, Metabolism and Minerals

Metabolism is controlled by macro- and micronutrients. Protein-rich diets should lead to latent acidosis at tissue level with further negative implications. Food supplements with alkaline salts are available and popular pretending to prevent these changes. Within a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial, the investigators tested the hypotheses 1) that a 4-week protein-rich diet induces a latent tissue acidosis and 2) an alkaline supplement can compensate this. Acid-b...

Exploring Whether Self-affirmation Promotes Reduced Alcohol Consumption in Response to Narrative Health Information

This study tests the effects of a self-affirmation manipulation on (i) acceptance of a health message detailing the risks of alcohol consumption, (ii) engagement with the health message and (iii) alcohol consumption at 7-day follow-up. Half of the participants complete a self-affirmation manipulation, where they reflect on their most important values, whereas the other half complete a control equivalent, where they reflect on their least important values. Immediately post-inter...

Safety and Efficacy of an Antioxidant-rich Multivitamin Supplement in Cystic Fibrosis

The purpose of this study is to test the safety and efficacy of the final commercial formulation of an antioxidant enriched multivitamin supplement in softgel capsule form (AquADEKs) in increasing the plasma levels of certain nutrients and antioxidants in individuals with cystic fibrosis. Hypothesis: An oral antioxidant-rich multivitamin supplement (AquADEKs), which uses a Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) molecule to form micelle-like vehicles, will safely increase syst...

Trial Using Motivational Interviewing Positive Affect and Self-Affirmation in Hypertension (TRIUMPH)

The primary aim of this study is to evaluate whether an intervention that combines positive affect and self-affirmation with motivational interviewing (TRIUMPH) improves blood pressure control compared to an educational/behavioral contract intervention at 12 months. We hypothesize that a greater proportion of participants in the experimental arm of TRIUMPH will have adequate blood pressure control as defined by Seventh Joint National Committee on Detection, Evaluation and Tre...

A Pilot Study: Changing Multiple Behaviors in Post-Angioplasty Patients

We are interested in achieving an empirical test of the two intervention approaches under study. Specifically, we seek to determine the potential differential impact of positive affect induction and self affirmation following the qualitative study phase.

Animal and Plant Proteins and Glucose Metabolism

The goal of this proposal is to determine the effect of a high protein diet in which the increase in protein intake is derived from different sources (animal vs plant and protein-rich whole foods vs protein isolates) on: i) liver and muscle insulin sensitivity; ii) the metabolic response to a meal, and iii) 24-h plasma concentration profiles of glucose, glucoregulatory hormones, and protein-derived metabolites purported to cause metabolic dysfunction.

Physiotherapy, Nutritional Supplement and Anabolic Steroids in Rehabilitation of Patients With Hip Fracture.

This pilot trial investigates the preliminary effect and safety of a 12 week multi-modal intervention initiated during admission in the acute ward after hip fracture surgery. The intervention under investigation is a combination therapy consisting of physiotherapy, protein-rich nutritional supplement and nandrolone decanoate (Deca-Durabolin) supplement. The investigators expect the combination therapy to be a preliminary effective and safe treatment in elderly patients with hip...

Acute Effects of Dietary Proteins on Postprandial Lipemia, Incretin Responses and Subclinical Inflammation in Obese Subjects

The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of dietary protein on blood lipids and gut hormones after a fat-rich meal. Hypothesis: Certain dietary proteins reduce the amount of fat circulating in the blood stream following a fat rich meal. The effect is dependant of both the quality and the quantity of protein ingested.

Platelet-Rich Protein and the Endometrium

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) may promote the endometrial growth and improve pregnancy outcome of patients with thin endometrium undergoing ART treatments.

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