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Sunday 21st July 2019

Respiratory Management of Children Under Anaesthesia

Ventilation management in paediatric anaesthesia remains difficult because of the wide range of age and weight, and therefore practices are heterogeneous. In adults, protective ventilation during anesthesia is now a standard of care but in children there is no level of evidence to recommend it. The aim of the study was to describe current practice and the factors associated with the use of high tidal volume during anaesthesia in children in France.

Early Prescription of Radiography Using the Ottawa Ankle Rules by a Nurse in the Management of Isolated Ankle Trauma

The study will be conducted in 2 phases (A and B) using two different groups of patients in order to prove that an early prescription of radiography using the Ottawa Ankle Rules by a nurse practitioner could shorten length of stay of a patient suffering from ankle trauma at the Hospital Center of Saint-Brieuc.

BETAmethasone Dose Reduction: Non-Inferiority on the Neurocognitive Outcomes of Children Born Before 32 Weeks of Gestation

Maternal antenatal corticosteroid therapy is the last major advance in the antenatal management of fetuses to prevent neonatal complications associated with prematurity. Long-term neurological outcomes in infants exposed to antenatal steroids have been assessed in few cohorts and suggest that this therapy is able to prevent some neurodevelopmental impairments including cerebral palsy. While >85% of neonates born very preterm in Europe have been exposed to antenatal betamethason...

Citrate Salts for Stone-free Result After Flexible Ureterorenoscopy for Inferior Calyx Calculi

The prevalence of urolithiasis is around 10 % in the French population. It is thus a major public health issue. When the stone is not spontaneously removed, interventions such as extracorporeal lithotripsy or flexible ureteroscopy (F-URS) are performed. F-URS is usually preferred in inferior calyx stones > 7 mm in comparison with lithotripsy, with better results. Efficacy of ureteroscopy is based on the "stone-free rate" (SFR) at 3 months. A SFR index is assessed according to t...

Cross-sectional Study on a Given Day Within the Paris Saint-Joseph Hospital Group

Sleep apnea syndrome has an estimated incidence of 2 to 4% in the adult population and more so in men and with aging. It is an independent risk factor for mortality. Cardiovascular pathologies, diabetes, and stroke are known comorbidities with a high rate of association. There is no recommendation to screen these patients although the interest is assumed and sleep apnea syndrome is largely underdiagnosed. Interrogation and clinical examination guide but they are neither sensiti...

Impact of Socio Economic Limitations on Health Outcomes in Patients With Recent Admission for Heart Failure

To assess the impact of the socio-economic level on the effectiveness of a comprehensive multidisciplinary program of transitional care for crhonic heart failure patients (primary objective); to analyze this specifically in the various chronic management profiles of CHF patients and to study the associations between socio-economic level and other psychosocial aspects (secondary objective).

Seizures in Infants Hospitalized in Pediatric Intensive Care Unit for Bronchiolitis

Bronchiolitis is the leading cause of pediatric intensive care unit admission in infants. Seizures during bronchiolitis may be a neurological complication of respiratory viruses but also of the treatments. The investigating team's hypothesis is that the incidence of seizures is not so so uncommon in infants hospitalized in the pediatric intensive care unit for severe bronchiolitis.

Cardiopulmonary Training in the Victims With Multiple Morbidities by Application of Novel Heart Rate Sensing Clothes

Investigators assume that the wearable clothes can be applied to home-based health care and integrated into a case management model through telehealthcare. While prior to complete the case management, the feasibility should be tested and evaluate its reliability and validity of the physical information collected from the clothes. Therefore, investigators try to conduct a feasibility study to evaluate the reliability and validity of the exercise heart rate sensing e-clothes and ...

Management of LBP With Radiculopathy.

This study is to determine the effectiveness of Neural mobilization(NM) technique compared with lumbar stabilization exercise (LSE) and Radial Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (rESWT) in the physical therapy management of chronic low back pain (CLBP) with radiculopathy. Subjects will be randomly assigned into two groups. Group A (NM, LSE and rESWT) and Group B (LSE and rESWT).

Treatment of Hemophilia A Patients With FVIII Inhibitors

This is a non-interventional, multicenter, observational, international study in male persons with haemophilia A who have developed inhibitors to any replacement coagulation factor VIII (FVIII) product. The purpose of the study is to capture different approaches in the management of persons with haemophilia A and FVIII inhibitors, document current immune tolerance induction approaches, and evaluate the efficacy and safety of immune tolerance induction, including the combination...

Efficacy and Safety of Sodium Benzoate in the Management of Hyperammonemia in Infants, Children and Adolescent With Chronic Liver Disease.

Subject will be randomize in two groups. Group A will receive drug packets containing 2.5 gm sodium benzoate and 5 gm powdered table sugar for 5days.Since the dosage of Sodium Benzoate is Sta t250mg/Kg and then 250mg/Kg in next 24 hours, each patient would be given 750mg /kg stat and 750mg /kg in next 24 hours,keeping in view that 2/3 of powder used would be powdered sugar in the intervention arm. The dose of the powder used would be doubled in case of the ammonia level more th...

The BMI Project (Body, Mind, Inflammation)

Obesity and chronic inflammation influence the development and progression of many types of cancer. These conditions share several of the same causes, including physical inactivity, poor nutrition, stress, and insufficient sleep. Emerging adulthood (ages 18-25) represents an important developmental period in which to address behaviors and psychological variables that affect both weight status and inflammation. At least 40% of emerging adults have overweight/obesity, and this tr...

Effects of Myofascial Release and TENS Over Pain, Hand Prehensile Strength and Functionality of Superior Extremity in Women With Lateral Epicondylalgia

This study evaluated the additive effect of myofascial release therapy on the brachial biceps on conventional management (TENS) in pain intensity, hand prehensile strength and upper limb functionality of individuals with lateral epicondylalgia.

Platelet-Rich Fibrin in the Healing of Regional and Free Flaps

Determine if the use of platelet-rich fibrin (PRF) versus historical treatment methods improves the post-operative management of healing complications from flap donor sites.

Mobile Application of Seizure Diary (Brain4U) in Epilepsy Care

The study is intended to evaluate the impact of mobile application on management and knowledge acquisition in patients with epilepsy.

Gait Analysis in Moderate Hemophiliac Patients (AQM-Hemophile)

The management of moderate hemophilia is less codified than those of severe patients; because these patients are theoretically less likely to bleed and therefore less likely to develop arthropathies. Nowaways, the question arises as to the appropriateness of this "symptomatic" management for the prevention of the occurrence of hemophilic arthropathies. Indeed, a significant number of moderate hemophiliacs seems to develop severe arthropathies that cause significant disability. ...

An Epidemiological Survey of Cancer-related Fatigue Among Taiwanese Gynecologic Cancer Patients

This study aim is to examine the prevalence, severity, and management of CRF among Taiwanese gynecologic cancer patients.

Contingency Management to Enhance Office-Based Buprenorphine Treatment

Contingency Management interventions provide incentives to substance abuse patients when patients meet therapeutic goals. This project will compare the effectiveness of two Contingency Management interventions (which the investigators have named "Buprenorphine Adherence and Opiate Abstinence" and "Buprenorphine Adherence Only") and Standard Medical Management for treating adults with opioid use disorder. Participants (N=375) will be randomly assigned to one of the three groups....

Determination of Citrate Clearance Used in Regional Anticoagulation of Continuous Venous Hemofiltration Circuits

Citrate anticoagulation is becoming the gold standard in dialysis in intensive care units. It is now accepted that citrate prolongs the life of filters with a lower risk of bleeding. However, the management of citrate is complex. Optimization is based on citrate flow, blood flow and the amount of calcium reinjected. Frequently the citrate level is sub-dosed.Currently, the fraction of excretion of citrate by the hemodialysis machine is unknown. Knowing this information would al...

Parafricta Bootees vs UK Standard Care to Prevent Heel Pressure Ulcers

This randomised study will assess whether Parafricta bootees, when used in addition to normal standard care, can reduce the incidence of heel PUs in patients at very high risk of skin breakdown. The participant group will be hospital inpatients at high risk of PUs (Waterlow score of 20 or more) who are bedbound and do not have existing heel PUs. The participants will be randomised to an intervention arm using Parafricta plus standard care, or a control arm of standard care only...

Ultrafiltration Versus Diuretics in Management of Cardiorenal Syndrome

The aim of the study is to compare the safety and efficacy of ultrafiltration and conventional intravenous diuretic therapy for patients with acute heart failure and cardio-renal syndrome.

Intraocular Pressure Measured by a Novel Sensing Contact Lens Versus Tonometry

While elevated intraocular pressure (IOP) is no longer part of the definition of glaucoma it remains the sole proven modifiable risk factor for the onset and progression of glaucoma. IOP is known to vary with the time of day as well as with daily activities. The importance of the nycthemeral IOP pattern for successful management of glaucoma has been well documented, especially for patients who experience visual loss despite apparently normal and/or controlled IOP during office...

Role of IVUS in Management of Iliocaval Obstruction

To assess the role of IVUS in 1. Providing diagnostic important data as: luminal diameters, cross-sectional area, assessment of potential thrombus volume which enables optimal choice of appropriate angioplasty technique, endovascular device guidance, and their impact on procedural technical success and patency rates. 2. comparing diagnostic accuracy of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) with multiplanar venography and CT venography for iliocaval obs...

Phenotyping Genetic Risk for Type 2 Diabetes

This study tests the hypothesis that non-diabetic individuals with a high genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes have impaired glucose tolerance and insulin resistance compared to those with a low genetic risk score for type 2 diabetes.

Long-term Results of Per-oral Pyloromyotomy for Refractory Gastroparesis

This is a large multicenter retrospective French cohort conducted in seven French centers that had performed at least five G-POEM procedures at the end of 2017. All patients treated by G-POEM for refractory gastroparesis since April 30, 2014 (first case of GPOEM in France) in these seven centers were included in this study and followed until April 2019. The data were collected retrospectively regarding medical and technical data, and then prospectively for the following data, w...

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