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Multiple Rising Dose of BI 1181181 Given Orally in Young Healthy Male and Elderly Healthy Male/Female Volunteers

The primary objective of the current study is to investigate the safety and tolerability of BI 1181181 in healthy young male and elderly male and female volunteers following oral administration of repeated rising doses of BI 1181181, given once daily over 10 days. Secondary objectives are the exploration of the pharmacokinetics (PK) and pharmacodynamics (PD) of BI 1181181.

A Randomized Controlled Trial of Tailored Bowel Preparation Based on A Predictive Model

We aim to develop a predictive model to distinguish patients at risk for inadequate bowel preparation, and to compare adequate bowel preparation rate, adenoma detection rate and adverse events between tailored bowel preparation group and routine bowel preparation group.

Comparison Between 3-L and 4-L Polyethylene Glycol in Bowel Preparation

High quality bowel preparation is essential for successful colonoscopy. This study aimed to assess the impact of the dose of Polyethylene Glycol(PEG) on the quality of bowel preparation. This prospective, endoscopist-blinded, randomized, controlled study was conducted. 3L-group received 3 bags of PEG and were instructed to drink 1L at 19:00 in the evening before the day of colonoscopy at a rate of 250 mL every 15 minutes, and to drink the remaining 2L 4 to 6 h before colonoscop...

Momentum Project Heidelberg - Dealing Actively With a Cancerous Disease

The study, investigates the current physical activity promotion practices among physicians and nurses, as well as social norms toward physical activity during treatment among cancer patients and among physicians and nurses who treat or counsel cancer patients. For this purpose, four large surveys with health care professionals (specialized practitioners, N=300; general practitioners, N=300; oncology nurses, N=300) and cancer patients (N=1200, 400 patients each with breast, pro...

Asian Women's Action in Resilience and Empowerment

Our objective for this R34 is to develop gender/culture specific and trauma informed group psychotherapy intervention designed to treat Chinese-, Korean-, and Vietnamese-American young women with histories of interpersonal violence trauma. The intervention is called Asian Women's Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE).

Randomised Controlled Trial of a Literacy Sensitive Decision Aid for Bowel Cancer Screening

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a decision aid (written information booklet designed to facilitate informed decision making) to help people aged 55-64 years, with low levels of education and literacy, make an informed choice about bowel cancer screening, using faecal occult blood testing.

The MAX Study: Mitomycin C, Avastin and Xeloda in Patients With Untreated Metastatic Colorectal Cancer

Although it is possible to cure bowel cancer when it is detected at an early stage, in many cases it may spread to involve other organs and in these cases is generally incurable. Chemotherapy prolongs survival and improves quality of life in such patients, but standard chemotherapy for this disease has not been defined. There are several possible chemotherapy treatments for patients with bowel cancer, which has spread to other organs. However, these treatments are only partly...

A Randomized Study of Polyethylene Glycol Cleansing in Patients at High Risk for Poor Bowel Preparation

The aim of this randomized trial is to compare the proportion of patients achieving an adequate bowel preparation after a 1-day split-dose 4-liter PEG-based bowel preparation regimen (Golytely, Braintree Laboratory Inc, MA, USA) vs. the same regimen given on 2 consecutive days in a population identified as high risk for an inadequate bowel preparation. 2. Research Design: This study is a single-center prospective randomized study at the West Haven VAMC. 3. Methodo...

WhatsApp Reminder on Bowel Preparation Level

It is estimated that there are about 1.4 million patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) worldwide, with a rising trend in CRC incidence in many Asian Pacific countries. In Hong Kong, colorectal cancer ranks first in cancer incidence and second in cancer mortality based on data from 2014. CRC is one of the most preventable cancers because its development in general follows an adenoma-carcinoma sequence. Adenomas are considered precursor lesions for CRC. Recent guidelines f...

Culturally Adapted Psychological Intervention for the Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a highly prevalent functional bowel disorder routinely encountered by healthcare providers although it's not life-threatening, this chronic disorder has ability to reduce patients' quality of life and imposes a significant economic burden to the healthcare system.Despite the high prevalence of IBS and its association with disability and adverse effect on health related quality of life we are not aware of any published trial of psychological int...

Bioresorbable Membrane to Reduce Postoperative Small Bowel Obstruction

To assess whether the use of Seprafilm reduces the rate of small bowel obstruction in patients who underwent surgery for gastric cancer.

Comparative Effectiveness of Split-Dose Colonoscopy Bowel Preparation Regimens

From the patients' perspective, the most formidable part of the colonoscopy experience is the process of bowel cleansing. A poorly tolerated bowel preparation regimen often leads to incompletion of scheduled colonoscopies which in turn undermines the effectiveness of colonoscopy, increases cost, and decreases patient satisfaction. The current standard bowel preparation in the VA is of larger volume and less palatable than another commonly used bowel preparation regimen. The inv...

Brief Interventions on Smoking for Hormonal Contraceptive Users

Despite rising smoker rates, particularly in girls and young women, only few studies have focused on smoking cessation in young smokers. Gynaecologist practices may be an ideal setting to proactively intervene with young female smokers. Elevated health risks of smoking while using hormonal contraceptives could be a successful approach to gain young women's attention on smoking cessation. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of a smoking cessation intervent...

The Impact of Early Feeding After Radical Cystectomy for Bladder Cancer

Complications after radical cystectomy for bladder cancer range from 30-40%, many of which are related to bowel function. Patients usually wait to eat until return of bowel function, although there is evidence that after primary intestinal or colonic surgery, patients may take food ad lib immediately, and that this is is associated with lower complication rate and shorter length of stay. The investigators hypothesize that early access to oral enteral nutrition (food at will) ...

Calcitriol in Treating Patients With a Rising PSA Level Following Treatment for Prostate Cancer

RATIONALE: Calcitriol, a form of vitamin D, may be able to prevent or slow the growth of prostate cancer cells. PURPOSE: Phase II trial to study the effectiveness of calcitriol in treating patients who have a rising PSA level following previous treatment for prostate cancer.

Mechanical Bowel Preparation and Oral Antibiotics Before Rectal Cancer Surgery

This study aims to demonstrate that a preoperative combination of mechanical bowel preparation and oral antibiotics, before elective laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery, is associated with a reduction of postoperative surgical site infection rate, as compared to mechanical bowel preparation alone Our hypothesis is that a preoperative colonic preparation including a combination of mechanical bowel preparation and oral antibiotics before elective laparoscopic rectal cancer surgery...

Easypod United States User Trial

This study will help to determine whether an injection log on a recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) delivery device improves subjects' adherence with injection schedules. Adherence will be compared between a group of subjects who are aware of the injection log on the easypod™ rhGH delivery device and a group of subjects who are not aware of the easypod™ injection log. It is the study hypothesis that subject non-adherence rate is different for those who are aware of the ...

Immune Response to the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine in Young Women With Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Gardasil vaccine, a vaccine targeted towards the human papillomavirus (HPV), has been shown to prevent the transmission of several strains of HPV in young women. Women with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) may not respond as well to this vaccine, either due to having IBD or due to immunosuppressants used to control IBD. This study will test how well women with IBD respond to the Gardasil vaccine.

The Use of a Novel Smart Phone Application and the Quality of Bowel Preparation for Colonoscopy, a Randomized Controlled Trial

This is a randomized controlled trial designed to assess the efficacy of a novel smartphone application as an automated reminder tool in improving the quality of bowel preparation for patients undergoing outpatient colonoscopies. We will be comparing the smartphone application to traditional instructions for bowel preparation. The quality of bowel preparation will be assessed using the Ottawa and Aronchick bowel preparation scales.

Randomized Phase II Study of Salvage XRT + ADT +/- Abiraterone and Apalutamide for Rising PSA After RP

This research study is comparing two different combinations of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) used together with radiation as a treatment for rising PSA after radical prostatectomy (prostate cancer).

AWARE Intervention: Feasibility and Efficacy Trial at Three University Health Services Centers

The goal of this study is to test the efficacy and the feasibility of the Asian Women's Action for Resilience and Empowerment (AWARE) intervention, in the real world setting -- student health service centers at Boston University, Wellesley College, and Harvard University. AWARE is an 8-week group intervention specifically designed to address mental health and sexual health issues among Asian-Pacific Islander (API) women. One AWARE group (final number of 8-10 API women wh...

Mechanical Bowel Preparation and Oral Antibiotics Before Colon Cancer Surgery

This study aims to demonstrate that a preoperative combination of mechanical bowel preparation and oral antibiotics, before elective laparoscopic colon cancer surgery, is associated with a reduction of postoperative surgical site infection rate, as compared to mechanical bowel preparation alone, oral antibiotics alone, or no colonic preparation. Our Hypothesis is that a preoperative colonic preparation including a combination of mechanical bowel preparation and oral antibiotic...

Developing a Standardized Learning Curve

The nurses were learned the theoretical and practical skills previously during their studentship period. The procedures will be the first time the nurses wanted to perform in ICU. All clinical situations including patient, procedure, and shift will be similar for nurses. The end point will be reaching to the 95 score of learning curve. The reason for selection less than 5 percent variation was the flattening of learning curve (the plateau section).

Radiotherapy - Adjuvant Versus Early Salvage

Radical prostatectomy (RP) is the most common curative approach offered to men with newly diagnosed prostate cancer. Unfortunately, up to half of these patients will have factors placing them at high risk of their cancer recurring. Having radiotherapy after RP is known to improve cure rates, but what is not known is whether it should be given straight after the operation or only when there is a rising PSA after surgery indicating active cancer. Immediate RT may not benefit all ...

Value of CT-Scan and Oral Gastrografin in the Management of Post Operative Small Bowel Obstruction

Small bowel obstructions are responsible for 2 to 5% of emergency hospital admissions and 20% of all emergency surgical procedures. In 60 to 80% of cases, acute small bowel obstructions are the consequence of intraperitoneal postoperative adhesions. They constitute an extremely frequent pathology, leading to a high rate of hospital admissions and money expense. Management of small bowel obstruction is based on 2 options: either a surgical approach where all patients are...

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