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Study to Evaluate Effects of a Weight Loss Program in Different Formats on Healthy Adults

The objective of this study was to determine changes in body weight and related outcomes achievable over a 16-week period in response to three different commercially available weight loss programs (Nutrisystem) providing pre-packed, portion controlled foods and beverages, each compared to a self-directed diet, in apparently healthy overweight and obese men and women.

The Effects of a Commercially Available Weight Loss Program on Body Weight in Overweight Men and Women

The primary purpose of this study (Part A) is to assess changes in body weight and body circumference parameters that are achievable after 4 weeks on the Nutrisystem program compared to a self-directed diet (i.e. Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension or DASH). In Part B, subjects on the Nutrisystem program will be given the option to continue the program for another 8 weeks.


Real-life Follow-up of Cystic Fibrosis Patients Treated With Ivacaftor+Lumacaftor (Orkambi*)

The purpose of the study is to examine the real-life safety and effectiveness of the novel combination ivacaftor+lumacaftor in eligible patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). All patients with CF were eligible if they were 12 years and older, started ivacaftor+lumacaftor outside of a clinical trial between December 15th 2017 and December 15th 2018 in an accredited CF center in France. Patient followed-up is based on standardized recommendation of the French Cystic Fibrosis Society...

Using Rapid Cycle Randomized Controlled Trials to Increase Patient Engagement in the Annual Well Visits Program

NYU Langone Health calls patients to remind them to schedule their annual well-health appointments (including annual well visit, mammograms, etc.). The proposed study will test different iterations of the call script with the goal of increasing call completion rate and the number of scheduled appointments within an appropriate timeframe.

Immune Response of Caudally Administrated Ketamine or Tramadol In Pediatric Lower Abdominal Surgery

Management of acute pain is one of the most important tasks of perioperative pediatric anesthesia. The alleviation of pain has been defined by the Society of Pediatric Anesthesia, on its 15th annual meeting as a basic human right, irrespective of age, treatment primary service responsible for the patient care. Pro-inflammatory cytokines increased by surgical trauma indirectly modulate pain through the release of substances like nitric oxide, oxygen free radicals, prostaglandins...

Behavioral Economics Incentives to Support HIV Treatment Adherence in Sub-Saharan Africa

This study will implement an intervention in a two-year randomized controlled trial (RCT) to establish efficacy on viral suppression as a biological endpoint, compare the effectiveness of two different modes of implementation (including one entirely based on readily available clinic data), and investigate cost-effectiveness. Participants in the first intervention group (T1, n=110) will be eligible for small lottery prizes based on timely clinic visits, and qualify for an annual...

Comparison of Biannual Ultrasonography and Annual Unenhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging for HCC Surveillance

The purpose of this study is to investigate clinical feasibility of annual non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma in high-risk group, in comparison with biannual ultrasonography.

Annual MRI Versus Biannual US for Surveillance of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Liver Cirrhosis

The investigators will investigate the usefulness of biannual ultrasonography versus annual non-contrast magnetic resonance imaging for surveillance of hepatocellular carcinoma in single arm patients.

Study to Promote Physical Activity Among Overweight Persons

Recent research suggests that overweight persons who are physically active may be significantly less likely to develop health complications and less likely to die early when compared even with lean persons who are not physically active. Previous treatment programs for people who have struggled with their weight have focused almost entirely on weight loss as the main goal of treatment. Our research program has a different focus. We hope to improve health and healthy self este...

Immunogenicity of Alternative Annual Influenza Vaccination Strategies in Older Adults in Hong Kong

This study allows to evaluate the strength and duration of immune responses between annual receipt of standard inactivated vaccine and alternative potent vaccines, including annual receipt of adjuvanted inactivated vaccine, annual receipt of high-dose inactivated vaccine, annual receipt of recombinant HA vaccine, and the alternate combinations of the former three vaccines over four years, for identifying improved vaccination strategies for influenza vaccination in older adults ...

Institutional Registry of Hip Fracture in the Elderly

The purpose of this study is to create an institutional and population-based registry of Hip fracture in the elderly with a prospective survey based on epidemiological data, risk factors, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, monitoring and survival.

Rifaximin to Modify the Disease Course in Sickle Cell Disease

In this single-arm, one-stage Phase II study, we hypothesize that gut decontamination with rifaximin will reduce the frequency of hospital admission due to painful crisis in patients with SCD. We will accrue 20 SCD patients who had at least two hospital admissions in the previous 12 months. These patients will receive rifaximin 550 mg twice a day for a total of 12 months. This following clinical parameters will be measured: 1. Changes in the annual rate of hospital admissions d...

Growth Retardation In Children With Special Pathological Conditions Or Disease

To show an increase in annual growth rate 3 years after Visit 2. Annual growth rate in standard deviation (SD) after 3 years will be compared to growth rate before the start of GH treatment.

Yakima Head Start Fluoride Varnish Study

The aim of this study is to determine whether an annual application of three (3) fluoride varnish doses over two weeks is at least as effective in reducing cavities as the current semi-annual application.

Efficacy and Safety of Butylphthalide for Acute Ischemic Stroke Patients Receiving Intravenous Thrombolysis or Endovascular Treatment

Butylphthalide, as a well-known neuroprotective medication, is a family of compounds initially isolated from the seeds of Apium graveolens Linn, of which active ingredient is dl-3-N-butylphthalide (dl-NBP). With the significant effects of reducing the cerebral ischemic damage and eventually improving patients' clinical outcomes, by the potential mechanisms of promoting microcirculation, as well as releasing oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction and poststroke inflammation...

Follow-Up Study of Subjects Previously Enrolled in Poxviral Vector Gene Transfer Studies

This study aims to provide long-term follow-up care of patients previously enrolled in a vaccine study that involved poxviral vectors. Vectors are sequences of genetic material that can be used to introduce specific genes into genetic makeup. The study does not involve the use of any drug or biologic agent. Participants will undergo an annual health history. Because certain viruses enter into cells and create proteins from the viral genes, the type of vaccine treatment used is ...

D2560C00015 FluMist Annual Safety Study 2018

This prospective annual release study is designed to evaluate the safety of 2 new influenza virus vaccine strains to be included in FluMist Quadrivalent for the 2018-2019 influenza season.

Assessing Drivers and Barriers to Follow-Up Screening for Anal Cancer in Men Who Have Sex With Men

This study is designed to identify barriers that prevent men who have sex with men from receiving doctor-recommended annual follow-up screenings for anal cancer. Men who are at the highest risk for developing anal cancer will be asked to complete a brief questionnaire (either via telephone or in writing). The questionnaire is designed to identify potential barriers to care-seeking behavior including, relationship status, financial constraints, highest level of education and k...

Routine Lymphadenectomy for Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

The role of routine lymphadenectomy (LND) in the surgical treatment of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (ICC) remains controversial. The investigators' multi-institutional retrospective study have showed an increasing adoption of LND among patients undergoing curative resection for ICC during the last decade. The current prospective and randomized study based on a multi-institutional collaboration would investigate whether routine LND would benefit patients in short- and long-te...

Group Reminiscence Therapy for Elderly People With Cognitive Decline in Institutional Context

The project presented here respond to this emerging need by implementing a Reminiscence Therapy program dedicated to elderly people in an institutional context. This will be a multicenter, randomized controlled study in which the participants' allocation will be made without their knowledge. Before the randomization process, the screening evaluation will be done, which will allow to verify the presence of the inclusion and exclusion criteria. The target population will be peopl...

Human Samples and Data Repository

This protocol will enable IRB (institutional review board) review of proposed research using human samples and data collected under the terminated NIH studies 04-EI-0065 and 96-EI-0096. Data and samples may include demographic and personal health information, psychological or psychiatric testing, blood, urine, CSF or other body fluids or tissues and results of medical and physiological evaluation and medical imaging. Data and sample analyses are limited to those approved under...

Ketamine in Colorectal Surgery

This study will evaluate the effectiveness of ketamine infusions in the management of acute pain following open or laparoscopic colorectal surgery cases. Half of patients will receive the institutional standard of care and a placebo infusion (no active medication). The other half of patients will receive the institutional standard of care and a ketamine infusion. All subjects and staff will be blinded as to whether they are receiving placebo or ketamine.

Minimally Invasive Surgery of the Gastro-esophageal Junction

This study will assess short and long term outcomes of individuals undergoing minimally invasive surgery of the gastro-esophageal junction (MISGEJ). Patients will respond to questionnaires on an annual basis evaluating quality of life and functionality following MISGEJ. Hospital charts will also be reviewed on an annual basis to assess patient health outcomes.

Uptake to Colorectal Cancer Screening in Familial-risk Population

This is a multicenter, controlled, randomized phase III study to compare participation rate with two screening rounds of FIT versus one-time screening colonoscopy in FDR of patients diagnosed of CRC. The hypothesis of the study is that annual FIT uptake and colonoscopy when a positive test is higher than that of straightforward colonoscopy. Assuming an uptake of 0.50 for colonoscopy and 0.60 for FIT, a Type I error (alpha) of 5% and a power of 90%, 538 FDRs will be neces...

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Annual Anal Sampling Using DNA Screening to Identify Men Who Have Sex With Men at Increased Risk for Anal Cancer

The purpose of this research study is to find ways to screen for anal cancer among gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (MSM). This study will try to find out if persons will do annual anal cancer screening, what factors are associated with repeated screening, and how this effects a person's decision to have high-resolution anoscopy.

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