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Optimizing IV Gentamicin in JEB

Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa (H-JEB), an incurable and fatal inherited skin disease, is caused by loss-of-function mutations in LAMA3, LAMB3 and LAMC2. These mutations result in diminished laminin 332 and epidermal-dermal adherence. 85% of JEB patients have nonsense mutations in LAMA3, LAMB3, or LAMC2, suggesting that H-JEB is a prime therapeutic target for nonsense suppression therapy. The investigators recently demonstrated in three patients that topical gentamici...

Determination of Gentamicin Dosing in Neonatal Patients

The purpose of this study is to determine what dosage of gentamicin for use in one-time administration device (Uniject) is appropriate.

Impact of 30 mg/kg Amikacin and 8 mg/kg Gentamicin on Serum Concentrations in Critically Ill Patients With Severe Sepsis

Low first-dose peak serum concentrations of amikacin and gentamicin are commonly reported in ICU patients. The present study aimed to assess whether 30 mg/kg amikacin or 8 mg/kg gentamicin achieved target concentrations in ICU patients with severe sepsis.

Interest of Gentamicin-Induced Readthrough in Cystic Fibrosis Patients

Suppression of stop mutations in the CFTR gene with parenteral gentamicin can be predicted in vitro and is associated with clinical benefit and significant modification of the CFTR-mediated chloride transport in nasal and sweat gland epithelium.

The Efficacy and Complication of Gentamicin Nasal Irrigation in Chronic Rhinosinusitis and Recurrent Sinusitis

Topical antibiotic therapy in patients with refractory sinusitis has been shown to improve symptoms, quality of life, and mucosal aspect. In pediatrics allergy clinic at Siriraj hospital since 2006 use Gentamicin nasal irrigation for chronic rhinosinusitis.There have been no prospective studies in gentamicin irrigation in chronic rhinosinusitis.

Vancomycin vs. Vancomycin Plus Gentamycin in Treatment of MRSA Infection

The purpose of this study is to compare the outcome of treatment for bacteremic MRSA infection with vancomycin alone, vancomycin plus gentamicin, vancomycin plus rifampin, and vancomycin plus gentamicin and rifampin.

Treatment of Chorioamnionitis After Delivery

Chorioamnionitis occurs in 1% to 5% of term pregnancies and may complicate up to 25% of cases of preterm labor. The traditional regimen used to treat intra-amniotic infection is intravenous ampicillin 2g every 6 hours and intravenous gentamicin 1.5 mg/kg every 8 hrs until delivery . In the past the recommendation has been that the antibiotics be continued postpartum until 24-48 hours afebrile. More recent studies have looked at using a one time dose of antibiotics after deli...

RCT Intraoperative Gentamicin Versus No Antibiotics in Open Tibia Fractures

The study focuses on infection prevention via antibiotic injection into the wound during surgery. Specifically, the study asks the question, among adults treated at a resource-limited setting with intramedullary nailing or external fixation for an open tibia fracture, does intraoperative local gentamicin injection result in lower rates of infection when compared to no local antibiotics? Participants will be randomized into one of two groups to receive either no antibiotics or l...

Antibiotic Safety (SCAMP)

The main purpose of this study is evaluate whether it is safe or not to use various combination of antibiotics (ampicillin, metronidazole, clindamycin, piperacillin-tazobactam, gentamicin) in treating infants with complicated intra-abdominal infections

Gentamicin Bladder Instillation Trial

Recurrent UTIs are common among patients on IC. These create significant patient morbidity and healthcare burden. In desperation, many physicians prescribe prophylactic oral or intravesical antibiotics. This practice is common among our Gillette clinic patients. However, the benefit is unclear and the risks are not insignificant. As such, practice variation is significant. In order to better define the evidence for or against gentamicin bladder irrigation and thus inform clinic...

Long Term Nebulised Gentamicin in Patients With Bronchiectasis

The hypothesis of this randomized placebo controlled trial is that targeted nebulized gentamicin to the airways will reduce bacterial burden and limit neutrophil airways inflammation. If given long term this will improve symptoms, pulmonary physiology, exercise capacity and health related quality of life with a reduction in exacerbation frequency and health care utilization.

Gentamicin for Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa

Herlitz junctional epidermolysis bullosa (H-JEB), an incurable, fatal, inherited skin disease, is caused by loss-of-function mutations in the LAMA3, LAMB3 or LAMC2 genes, resulting in loss of laminin 332 and poor epidermal-dermal adherence. Eighty percent of H-JEB patients have LAMB3 mutations and about 95% of these are nonsense mutations. The investigators recently demonstrated that gentamicin readily induced nonsense mutation readthrough and produced full-length laminin beta3...

Gentamicin Bladder Instillation in Individuals With Spinal Cord Injury Having Chronic Urinary Tract Infections

Participants will undergo daily gentamicin bladder instillations to determine if its use will reduce the rate of symptomatic urinary tract infections (UTIs) as well as the use of oral and intravenous antibiotics in adults with chronic spinal cord injury (SCI) who have recurrent UTIs. Participants are randomized into one of three groups: 1) Gentamicin and saline instillation 2) Saline only instillation 3) Standard of care, no instillation.

Prevention of Infection Using a Topical Gentamicin-Collagen Sponge in Diabetic Patients With An Uninfected Foot Ulcer

The purpose of this study is to determine the safety and efficacy of the Collatamp G topical gentamicin collagen sponge (gentamicin sponge) combined with standard of care (daily wound care, off-loading, diabetic control and debridement by a physician or podiatrist), compared with placebo sponge combined with standard of care, in preventing infection of diabetic lower extremity skin ulcers.

Collagen-Gentamicin Implant in the Treatment of Contaminated Surgical Abdominal Wounds

The investigators' hypothesis is that placement of CollatampG in the subcutaneous layer of contaminated abdominal wounds is effective prophylaxis for superficial surgical site infection (SSI). CollatampG is composed of highly purified type 1 collagen obtained from bovine tendon, which acts as a vehicle for the aminoglycoside antibiotic, gentamicin. This implant provides a high concentration of local gentamicin at the surgical wound to decrease the local microorganism load. It ...

Gentamicin Bladder Instillations to Prevent Urinary Tract Infections in Patients With Spinal Cord Injury

A cross over study evaluating the efficacy of intravesical gentamicin on the occurrence rate of urinary tract infections and bladder complications in patients after spinal cord injury (SCI), and to assess its effectiveness in promoting overall quality of life (QOL), community living, and participation.

Simplified Antibiotic Therapy for Sepsis in Young Infants

This trial evaluates primary care clinic-based simplified antibiotic therapy options for young infants, 0-59 days old in high neonatal mortality settings in peri-urban Karachi where hospital referral is frequently refused by families.

Transtympanic Gentamicin vs. Steroids in Refractory Meniere's Disease

This trial aims to compare transtympanic steroids against the standard treatment (transtympanic gentamicin) in refractory unilateral Meniere's disease.

Intra-nodal Injection of Gentamicin for the Treatment of Suppurated Cat Scratch Disease's Lymphadenitis

To compare effect of intra-nodal injection of gentamicin versus placebo on the outcome at 28 days of suppurated cat scratch disease's (CSD) lymphadenitis treated by oral azithromycin.

A Pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic Dose Comparison Study of 8 mg/kg of Inhaled or Parenteral Gentamicin in 12 Mechanically Ventilated Critically Ill Patients Treated for Ventilator-associated Pneumonia

Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) remains in the intensive care unit the infection associated with the highest morbidity and mortality. Respiratory infection with resistant organism are increasing in prevalence. Because of lack of alternatives, amino glycoside, old antibiotics family, can be used for several infection. Aerosolized Amikacin or Tobramycin are used in mechanically ventilated patients for respiratory infections. Gentamicin,which is effective against numerous ...

Safety and Efficacy of Quadriderme® in the Treatment of Impetiginous Eczema (Study P05134AM4)

This is a parallel-group, randomized, active-controlled, double-blind, Phase 4 trial comparing three creams in the treatment of impetiginous eczema: - Arm A: QUADRIDERME® cream (betamethasone diproprionate, clotrimazole and gentamicin sulfate) - Arm B: Combination of betamethasone diproprionate cream and gentamicin sulfate cream - Arm C: Betamethasone diproprionate cream At 7 sites, in Portugal, a total of 207 subjects will be randomized using a 1:1:1 ...

Intravenous Gentamicin Therapy for Recessive Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa (RDEB)

Recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB) is an incurable, devastating, inherited skin disease caused by mutations in the COL7A1 gene that encodes for type VII collagen (C7), the major component of anchoring fibrils (AFs), structures that mediate epidermal-dermal adherence. Thirty percent of RDEB patients have nonsense mutations. The investigators recently demonstrated in 5 such patients that intradermal and topical gentamicin induced "read-through" of their nonsense mu...

Prophylactic Antimicrobial Catheter Lock

The study is a randomized, double blinded, prospective, multicenter, clinical trial. All patients requiring vascular access with a tunneled central venous catheter for hemodialysis are eligible for enrollment. Patients will be randomized to receive either Heparin 1,000 U/ml in a volume sufficient to fill the catheter length in both ports or to receive 4% Sodium Citrate with Gentamicin 320 mcg/mL in a volume sufficient to fill the catheter length in both ports.We hypothesize tha...

Treatment and Diagnosis of Plague

This clinical trial will compare the effectiveness of streptomycin, which historically is the standard drug for treatment of plague, with gentamicin. The hypothesis is that gentamicin is not inferior to streptomycin but that it will have less severe side effects. The study is being done in Madagascar because that country reports the most plague cases in the world. Patients coming into a participating clinic with suspected plague (bubonic, pneumonic, or septicemic) will be ran...

Gent for Pharyngeal Gonorrhea (GC)

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has identified antimicrobial-resistant (AMR) Neisseria gonorrhoeae (NG) as one of the nation's top three urgent AMR threats. Since the advent of antibiotics in the 1930s, NG has developed resistance to every first-line antibiotic. Parenteral third-generation cephalosporins are now the only class of drug with consistent efficacy against NG. New therapies are urgently needed. Although some novel antimicrobials are under development, ...

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