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Tuesday 21st November 2017

Characterization of Arrhythmia Substrate to Ablate Persistent Atrial Fibrillation

A multicentre, parallel group, two arm, single-blinded randomized clinical trial, assessing the efficacy of a patient-tailored catheter ablation (CA) strategy guided by atrial scar mapping in addition to pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) when compared to PVI alone in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation (AF).

Benefit of DAA Therapy in HCV Monoinfected and HIV-HCV Coinfected Patients With Mixed Cryoglobulinemia

Mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC) is common in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. Direct-acting antiviral (DAA) regimens are today very effective with sustained virological response rates (SVR12) above 90%. The objective of this study was to investigate the impact of DAA therapy on cryoglobulin clearance in patients with HCV-associated MC.

Measurement Training and Feedback System: Family-Based Services

National mandates for increasing accountability in behavioral healthcare have created an urgent need for effective quality assurance (QA) procedures featuring pragmatic measures of treatment implementation quality in usual care (UC). The most practical method for assessing treatment quality in UC is therapist self-report; unfortunately, therapist-report measures of fidelity to evidence-based practices (EBPs) have demonstrated weak validity to date. This study addresses this nee...

Morphologic and Biometric Characteristics of Preexisting Posterior Capsule Defects in Congenital Cataracts During the First Year of Life

Few descriptive studies have focused on the anatomical parameters in patients with preexisting PCDs. The characteristics of cataract morphology and anatomical parameters in these patients remained unclear, when compared with CC patients with intact posterior capsule. We conduct the current study to compare the cataract morphology and preoperative parameters, including central corneal thickness, axial length, anterior chamber depth, lens thickness, corneal diameter, keratometry...

Influence of Airway Clearance Techniques on GOR in Infants

The purpose of this study is to determine whether bouncing or bouncing combined with Assisted Autogenic Drainage (BAAD), induces or aggravates acid and non-acid gastro-oesophageal reflux in infants under the age of one year. Infants, referred to the hospital for impedance-pH monitoring are included in this study.

Medtronic's MOSAIC Bioprosthesis Versus Baxter Carpentier-Edwards SAV Porcine Valve

The study compares the clinical performance of the Mosaic valve with that of the Baxter valve (Carpentier-Edwards) which is widely used throughout the UK and is considered to be the "bench mark". Specific objectives will be to determine structural failure and valve explantation rates, thromboembolic events and mortality rates for each valve. Haemodynamic assessments will also be made using echocardiography to measure gradients across the valves and changes in left ventr...

Assessment of Bmi-1 on Protein and Molecular Levels in Oral Dysplasia and Squamous Cell Carcinoma: A Diagnostic Study

The aim of the current study is to assess the validation of Bmi-1 detection at both protein and molecular levels in oral epithelial dysplasia and oral squamous cell carcinoma as a biomarker for early cancer detection versus biopsy embedded in paraffin blocks.

Phase III Study of FFI-1010 in Pediatric Kidney Disease

The purpose of this study is revealing that the ratio of creatinine clearance (Ccr) to inulin clearance (Cin) measuring at the same time is more than 1.2.

Monday 20th November 2017

Influence of Expiration Lente Prolongée on Gastro-oesophageal Reflux

The purpose of this study is to determine whether a specific airway clearance technique, l'Expiration Lente Prolongée (ELPr), induces or aggravates gastro-oesophageal reflux in infants under the age of one year. Infants referred to hospital for a multichannel intraluminal impedance pH (pH-MII) monitoring are included in this study. Participation is only possible after signing the informal consent by one of the parents.

Friday 17th November 2017

Evaluation of Early Association of Terlipressin and Norepinephrine During Septic Shock; the TerliNor Study

In guidelines norepinephrine is the first line vasopressor recommended in case of septic shock. Use of vasopressin is recommended when norepinephrine fails to maintain a mean arterial pressure above 65mmHg or in salvage. Several studies failed to show a superiority of vasopressin over norepinephrine but none evaluated the effect of an early association on organ failure. Terlipressin is a pro-drug of vasopressin which has the same vasoconstrictor effect. We hypothesize that the ...

The Correlation Between the Thickness of Lipid Layer and the Meibomian Gland Dysfunction

The purpose of this study is to assess the correlation between the thickness of lipid layer and the meibomian gland dysfunction.

To Compare Free Gingival Grafts and Connective Tissue Grafts Around Implants With Lack of Keratinized Mucosa

This study will compare two commonly used soft tissue grafting techniques (free gingival graft, FGG vs. connective tissue graft, CTG) to augment the soft tissue around dental implants with a lack of keratinized mucosa. To investigators knowledge, these 2 types of grafts have not been compared for differences in clinical (amount of KM increase, tissue thickness increase and esthetics) and patient-centered outcomes (pain, swelling, change in daily activities) in a controlled stu...

VIVO™ Accuracy Study

A multi-center study designed to assess the accuracy of VIVO™ in determining the location of a PVC/VT foci in comparison to an electroanatomical mapping system.

Single-Use Negative Pressure Wound Therapy for Free Flap Donor Sites

Various management options for free flap donor sites that require split thickness skin grafting exist. None has proven superior from both a patient care and a cost standpoint. Major complications occurring at these surgical sites include wound breakdown, tendon exposure, and loss of function. We seek to investigate the use of the PICO single-use negative pressure wound therapy device in these surgical sites and determine if it can yield superior results to simpler methods.

Tuesday 14th November 2017

Controlled and Double Blind Comparison of a Traditional Dressing Versus a Biologic Dressing Composed of Fetal Fibroblasts and Keratinocytes in Association With a Collagen Matrix on Skin Donor Sites

Cell-based engineered skin substitutes are promising to treat difficult-to-heal acute and chronic wounds such as large/deep burns, ulcers resistant to conventional therapies or surgical wounds. Cultured autologous epidermal cell-based therapy is used for more than two decades as permanent wound coverage for large burns. Although this technique has been shown to improve outcomes in patients with large burn injuries, its clinical use is limited by the creation of a second wound a...

Inter- and Intra-individual Variations in Metformin Pharmacokinetics - The Importance of Genes and Drug Interactions

The investigators aim to investigate the interindividual variation in metformin AUC in a large cohort of healthy volunteers after a single dose of metformin. Part 1 is driven by the hypothesis that metformin AUC and renal clearance exhibit significant interindividual variation. However this has never been documented in a large cohort of healthy volunteers. The investigators aim to investigate the potential interaction between codeine and metformin in the intestine. The hypothe...

Monday 13th November 2017

Inflammasomes in Cell Death in FTMH, ERM, and RRD

Prospective study evaluating the role of inflammasomes in cell death in retinal detachment, full thickness macular hole, and epiretinal membrane. The investigators are collecting vitreous and subretinal fluid samples from patients with these conditions and evaluating activity of the inflammasome pathway with established assays.

Phase 1b Study of a Cancer Vaccine to Treat Patients With Advanced Stage Ovarian, Fallopian or Peritoneal Cancer

As a follow-on study to NCT01416038, this study is designed to identify the optimal dosage of immunotherapeutic survivin vaccine DPX-Survivac and low dose oral cyclophosphamide. The combination treatment is being evaluated in a non-randomized, multi-cohort study as post-chemotherapy treatment for patients with late-stage ovarian, fallopian tube, or peritoneal cancer.

Axillary Reverse Mapping (ARM) in Breast Cancer Surgery to Prevent Lymphedema: a Randomized Clinical Trial. (ARMtrial)

Breast cancer related lymphedema (BCRL) is a debilitating and distressing condition affecting approximately one out of five breast cancer survivors. BCRL is a chronic swelling of the upper arm following axillary lymph nodes dissection, and it is associated to a significant functional, psychological and social morbidity, with an heavy impact on life quality. Several studies reported BCRL incidence between 6.7% and 62.5% for different population cohorts. Randomized clinical trial...

Treatment of Acne Scars With Erbium:Yttrium Aluminum Garnet (Er:YAG) Laser Examined Under OCT

This study is examining the effects of the 2940 nm Er:YAG on atrophic facial acne scars under optical coherence tomography in terms of blood flow, vessel shape, skin roughness, collagen content, and epidermal thickness.

High Flow Nasal Cannula in Severe Sepsis

Severe sepsis leads a high morbidity and mortality by causing organ damage at distance. The treatment relies on early antibiotic therapy and hemodynamic resuscitation. Hypothesis: high flow nasal cannula (HFNC) could reduce work of breathing and improve the outcome of patients with severe sepsis and peripheral perfusion. Objective: the aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of HFNC for improving sixty-day survival in patients with severe sepsis. Design: multicenter paral...

Thursday 9th November 2017

Assessment of Left Atrial Mechanical Function With a True 3D Ultrasouns Arry and Comparison With the Transthoracic and Transesophageal Echocardiography

Chronic atrial fibrillation is a challenging arrhythmia requiring additional radiofrequency ablation besides pulmonary vein isolation. Atrial contractility in these patients is often impaired. Until now mapping catheters were used on virtual geometry maps of left atrium. However, changes in atrial volume cannot be assessed with these systems Assessments of atrial volumes with echocardiography relies on 2D and 3D measurements and modeling. The AcQMapTM 3D High Resolution Imaging...

Wednesday 8th November 2017

Stroke Minimization Through Additive Anti-atherosclerotic Agents in Routine Treatment

The overarching objective of the Stroke Minimization through Additive Anti-atherosclerotic Agents in Routine Treatment (SMAART) trial is to assess whether a polypill containing fixed doses of (2/3) antihypertensives, a statin and antiplatelet therapy taken once daily orally would result in carotid intimal thickness regression-a surrogate marker of atherosclerosis, improved adherence, and tolerability compared with 'usual care' group on separate individual secondary preventive m...

Patient's Experience and Choice Between Investigations for Endometrial Cancer in Postmenopausal Bleeding

Endometrial cancer is the most common malignancy of the female genital tract in Hong Kong. The aim in the evaluation of PMB is to exclude underlying malignancy. Endometrial thickness (ET) measured by transvaginal ultrasound scanning (TVS) and endometrial biopsy or sampling (ES) has been recommended as the first-line investigation. From a study between 2002-2013 in the One-stop PMB clinic, investigators found that ET was able to identify women with endometrial cancer with the se...

Tuesday 7th November 2017

Sevoflurane and Propofol on POD and POCD

The investigators will perform clinical studies to test the hypothesis that participants who have total hip/knee replacement under propofol anesthesia will have less POCD/POD as compared to participants who have the surgery under sevoflurane anesthesia, and POCD/POD is associated with retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) thickness. The investigators plan to perform the studies in 200 participants in Shanghai 10th People's Hospital.

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