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Evaluation of a Daily Oral Care Lozenge on Oral Health and Quality of Life in Older Adults

The assessment of a daily oral care lozenge (PTx800) will be compared to a placebo control in a cohort of older adults who visit adult senior centers and who also have mild to moderate gingivitis. The comparison of the pre-to post change in gum health and pathogen burdens will be measured over a 6 week period. In addition, the feasibility and acceptability of using the lozenges will be assessed in this older adult population.

Healthy Living Programme for Older Adults

Malnutrition, risk of falls and medication incidents are commonly faced by the older adults. This study aimed to provide health education to community-dwelling older adults and to assess the effectiveness of a Healthy Living Program (HLP) to older adults in terms of fall prevention, drug management and healthy eating habits.

Amulet Mobile Health Technology Validation in Older Adults

This study aims to adapt a mobile health device (Amulet) for use in older adults. It is the second in a series of four research studies whose overarching goal is to conduct a program of pilot research aimed at developing and evaluating a technology-assisted wellness intervention for older adults with obesity who may or may not live in a rural area.

Impact of Comprehensive Dietary Counseling on Dietary Quality, Mental Health, and Quality of Life in Older Adults

As a person ages, an incidence of mental distress such as depression and anxiety increases while the quality of life decreases. Singapore's population is aging rapidly and older adults may suffer from mental distress and deteriorated quality of life. Recent evidence suggests that good nutrition is essential for mental health and quality of life in older adults. Previous research reported that provision of nutrition education and cooking workshops to people with mental illness ...

Adapted Yoga for Inactive Older Adults

There is evidence that yoga has beneficial effects on several aspects of physical and mental health. However, few studies have explored the acceptability and health effects of yoga in older adults. This preliminary study will explore the effects of a 10-week yoga intervention on physical function and quality of life in older adults. Data collected in this study will be used to inform the design of a subsequent adequately-powered randomised controlled trial.

Role of Metformin on Muscle Health of Older Adults

Muscle atrophy and insulin resistance are common after bed rest in healthy older adults. Metformin treatment has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and attenuate muscle loss in insulin resistance adults though the mechanisms are not fully known. Metformin used as a preventive strategy to maintain muscle and metabolic health in bed ridden older adults has not been investigated.

Oral Health Literacy Tailored Communication

The purpose of this study to investigate attitude, oral health literacy and psychological factors in order to evaluate if these factors are important for oral health in adults. The hypotheses are: - Multiple interactive demographic, and social and psychological factors contribute to the level of attitude and oral health literacy. - There is an association between the level of oral health literacy and oral health status - A structured intervent...

The Oxford Pain, Activity and Lifestyle (OPAL) Cohort Study

The OPAL study is about health outcomes in older adults. The investigators are surveying 4,000 adults across England to see how health and physical activity change over time. The information that is collected will help the investigators to understand how a person's health, including conditions such as back pain, affect their mobility as they age, and provide insight into improving the management of health in older adults.

Exercise and Activity Guidance in Older Adults With Diabetes

The purpose of the project is to better understand how exercise and education will help mobility and health in older adults with diabetes. The investigators are trying to learn what type of exercises and classes are needed to help older adults stay active. This knowledge will eventually prove useful in helping patients and doctors understand what is needed to keep older adults with Type 2 diabetes as healthy as possible.

Bingocize: A Novel Mobile Application for Older Adult Health

This study tests the effectiveness of using a new mobile application (Bingocize®) to improve older adults' (a) adherence to an engaging exercise program, and (b) aspects of functional performance, health knowledge, dietary habits, and cognition.

Effect of Art Museum Activity Program for the Elderly on Health: A Pilot Observational Study

Older adults, defined as 65 years or older, are increasing in number and representing a larger part of Canadian population. Assessing and addressing the needs of this growing number of individuals is essential. Practicing art and/or being involved in cultural programs could enhance health and quality of life of older adults. The overall objective of the proposal is to describe the characteristics (i.e.; socio-demographic, health condition and quality of life) and their changes ...

Residential MapTrek

Older adults are a growing population, with projections to reach 83.7 million by 2050. Furthermore, older adults are the most sedentary and least physically active adult population. It is estimated that nearly 90% of older adults 65 years of age or older do not meet the recommended levels of physical activity. Evidence suggests great health benefits can be achieved for older adults who are the most sedentary, and that replacing sitting with even light intensity walking can be b...

ABLE (Arts-Based Exercise Enhancing LongEvity)

Older adults who are referred to home care physiotherapy often only get to see the physiotherapist three to five times and are expected to continue exercising on their own. We have developed an interactive technology called ABLE that helps older adults do exercise in their homes by making it fun and interactive. We want to see if we can help 25 older adults to exercise with ABLE for three months and if exercising with ABLE for three months changes older adults' strength and bal...

Deprescribing in Primary Health Care

Medications can help older adults but can also harm them. Frail older adults tend to have many health problems that require treatment, but are also at risk of harm from the medications prescribed. This makes it hard to get older adults the treatments they need and keep them safe from the harms from medications. It ends up that a lot of visits to emergency rooms and hospitals are due to medications, especially for older adults. Previous research has shown the benefits of stoppin...

Reducing Cardiometabolic Risk and Promoting Functional Health in Older Adults With Obesity and Prediabetes

Obesity and pre-diabetes threatens the overall health and functional independence of elders but lifestyle weight management for diabetes prevention, soon to be reimbursed by Medicare, can reduce this burden. The current 24-month study will enroll adults, ages 60 and older, through senior community centers. The investigators will study how two long term weight loss maintenance programs, using group telephone sessions to support health behavior change, impact meaningful health ou...

Home HIV Testing for Older Adults in South Africa

Many older adults in rural South Africa still lack knowledge of their HIV status despite a high probability of infection. Older adults tend to test less for HIV because most HIV testing and prevention programs have been targeted at younger age groups. Other reasons for failure to test for HIV include frailty and lack of financial resources to travel to HIV testing centers. Home-based testing is a powerful approach to bring HIV testing services -- and HIV status knowledge -- to ...

Glutathione (GSH) Supplementation After Hospitalization

The purpose of this study is to see if oral liquid glutathione treatment, has any effect on improving health-related cellular protection, muscle size and strength, and fatigue, weakness, and quality of life in older adults with a history of malnutrition who have been hospitalized. Persons enrolled in this study will be those initially admitted to Emory University Hospital (EUH) in Atlanta, GA, but recovering and ready to be discharged home or to an assisted living facility to e...

Attitudes and Knowledge of Oral Health Among Nursing Personnel

Oral Health care has been shown to have low priority among nursing personnel, especially among personnel with shorter education. As the population gets older and keep their natural teeth high up in age, in most cases throughout life, it is of importance to help the older maintain a good oral health when the cognitive functions and physical ability decreases. In 1999, a new dental care system was introduced with the aim to offer elderly with long-term need for extensive care, ho...

Impact of Probiotics on Oral Microbiota in Older Adults With Dysphagia

The overall purpose of this study is to characterize the effect of probiotics on the oral microbiota in older adults with dysphagia at risk for pneumonia.

An Evaluation of the Determinants of Lifestyle and Health Behaviors in Later Life

Although increasing age is associated with declining health and function, there are wide variations between individuals in the ageing process. Some of these differences are explained by differences in lifestyle, but little is known about the determinants of lifestyle in older age. The proposed project will describe influences on health behaviour and lifestyle in older adults. Investigators will undertake a prospective study of community-dwelling older people who use any of the ...

ArtontheBrain: An Inclusive Evidence-based Cognitive Health App for Older Adults to Promote Aging at Home

The research proposed here will evaluate whether a web-based recreation intervention, called ArtontheBrain, has positive health benefits to older adult users. ArtontheBrain incorporates three basic activities; learning (history of the artwork), play (telling stories, solving puzzles) and socializing with other users, either in person or online. It can be used alone, with another person, or in a group. It is modeled after participatory arts-based interventions which studies have...

Health Education and Lifestyle Training in Older Adults

The investigators conducted a mindfulness training intervention in older adults aimed at examining the effects of brief mindfulness training on mind wandering as well as the cognitive and affective functioning of older adults. Individuals completed pre- and post-assessments of mind wandering and cognitive functioning. Additionally, all participants completed neuropsychological measures and self-report questionnaires.

The eDosette Pilot Study

Medication non-adherence can lead to serious health issues for older adults. This study is a four week study in older adults using a new device, the eDosette, which dispenses and records how one takes their medications, and subsequently makes this information available to the primary care team by the internet. This study aims to show that the eDosette can report how well a group of older adults living independently in the community are taking their medications (e.g. "medication...

Pilot Project: Community Health Assessment Program Through Emergency Medical Services

Older adults living in subsidized housing report poorer health. Their low income and age make it harder for them to use community services. Many older adults have heart disease and diabetes, which lead to frequent emergency calls and hospital admissions. To decrease the costs of treating heart disease and diabetes through emergency and hospitalization, improved screening and health education is needed. The Community Health Assessment Program through Emergency Medical Services (...

Pilot Evaluation of an Interactive Health Game

Broad, diverse, and innovative efforts are needed to address the growing dual public health challenges of obesity and diabetes, especially for those at increased risk like minority older adults. The emerging field of health games offers an innovative opportunity to reach populations to provide healthy eating and physical activity messages. Little research has focused on the use of health games specifically tailored for older adults. This study builds upon a health game designed...

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