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To Compare SH T00658ID Over Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo (US/Canada)

The objective of the study is to compare the oral contraceptive (OC) SH T00658ID over Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo administered for 13 cycles to healthy female volunteers between 18 and 50 years of age who request oral contraceptive protection. Subjects on a LNG, NGM, norethindrone or norethindrone acetate containing oral contraceptive in a 21-day regimen suffering from hormone withdrawal-associated symptoms such as pelvic pain or headache or both, and willing to continue OC use but to ...

Combined Atropine With Orthokeratology in Childhood Myopia Control (AOK) -A Randomized Controlled Trial

This study aims to compare effects in retardation of myopia progression of combined ortho-k and 0.01% atropine therapy with those of ortho-k alone.Myopia control methods mainly focus on optical and pharmaceutical interventions . Currently, overnight-wear orthokeratology (ortho-k), is used extensively in Hong Kong with approximately 50% retardation effect. Pharmaceutical methods have focused on the use of atropine eye drops to slow myopic progression.The use of 1% atropine was l...

Construction of the Training Mode Adjustable Equipment Sitting Volleyball

The individual adapted sport modalities concentrate most of the technological development for equipment and auxiliary devices, the collective modalities need implements that aid in the development of training and the game.

Low-Cost Imaging for Cervical Cancer Prevention in the Texas Lower Rio Grande Valley

The purpose of this study is to evaluate a different type of medical equipment called "High-Resolution Microendoscope" for the diagnosis of cervical pre-cancerous lesions and cervical cancer. We want to compare the patients' clinical findings using the current equipment that we have in clinic with the clinical findings using the new equipment that we are testing on this research project. If the new equipment is proven to give comparable findings with the current equipment that ...

Investigation of the Effect of Short-term Orthokeratology With Increased Compression Factor on Ocular Parameters

Orthokeratology (ortho-k) is a clinical technique that uses reverse geometry rigid gas permeable contact lens exerting positive pressure on the central cornea to temporary reduce refractive error. We have shown that this treatment is effective for myopic control in low to high myopes, with and without astigamtism. Most designs of ortho-k lenses in the market are fitted based on the Jessen formula. The compression factor was introduced to compensate for regression of the ortho-k...

Study to Assess the Effect of BMS-790052 on the Pharmacokinetics of Ortho Tri-Cyclen® in Healthy Female Subjects

The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of BMS-790052 on the pharmacokinetics of Ortho Tri-Cyclen® in healthy female subjects.

Atazanavir and Ritonavir (ATV/RTV) and an Oral Contraceptive in Healthy Females

The purpose of this study is to administer a combined oral contraceptive (ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate) with the HIV treatment of atazanavir and ritonavir to healthy females in order to assess if the concentrations of the oral contraceptive change. The safety of this treatment regimen will also be studied.

Navigation System for in Vivo Measurement of the Kinematics of the Knee

The knee prosthesis is a validated treatment for end-stage osteoarthritis, and this intervention usually provides a significant improvement in the quality of life of patients. However, a significant percentage of patients (up 30%) say disappointed with the outcome of the intervention. One hypothesis that could explain these poor results might be poor adaptation of the implants to the patient's anatomy, resulting in a non-physiological kinematics for the patient. Multiple studie...

Variation of Orthokeratology Lens Treatment Zone (VOLTZ) Study

This project aims to study the effects of treatment characteristics on myopia control in orthokeratology by investigating the effects of modified treatment zone by reducing the lens back optic zone diameter on the effect of myopia control. The project will be a two-year randomized, double-masked (examiner - mask axial length only) study conducted at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University recruiting sixty Chinese subjects aged between 6-11. Subjects will be randomly assigned to tw...

A Pharmacokinetics (PK) and Safety Study to Determine the Effect of Repeat Dosing of Trametinib on Combined Oral Contraceptive (Norethindrone Plus Ethinyl Estradiol) in Female Subjects With Solid Tumors

This is a Phase I, open-label, non-randomized, sequential, two-period, repeat-dose study to evaluate the effect of trametinib 2 milligram (mg) once daily on the repeat-dose pharmacokinetic (PK) of an oral contraceptive (OC) containing norethindrone (NE) and ethinyl estradiol (EE) (ORTHO-NOVUM® tablets: 1 mg NE + 0.035 mg EE) in female subjects with solid tumors. The study will determine PK interaction between trametinib and the components of combination oral contracepti...

Understanding GMK Sphere Implant Tibiofemoral Kinematics by Means of Dynamic Videofluoroscopy

The objective of this research project is to perform a comparative study on the in vivo kinematics of the GMK Sphere prosthesis in comparison to the conventional GMK PS Fixed Bearing TKA and the GMK UC Fixed Bearing TKA.

3D High Resolution Manometry and Balloon Expulsion Test in Diagnosis of Dyssynergic Defecation in Children

Anorectal 3D manometry (3D HRAM) is the most advanced version of manometric equipment that measures pressures along the anal canal in a very detailed manner. It provides complete data about pressure profile of anorectum and may indicate impaired defecation dynamics. Balloon expulsion test (BET) is a cheap, easy way to diagnose constipation as the result of outlet obstruction. Our aim is to compare this two methods of diagnosis of dyssynergic defecation and to find the co...

The CYBERnetic LowEr-Limb CoGnitive Ortho-prosthesis Plus Plus, 1st Clinical Study

The global goal of the CYBERnetic LowEr-limb coGnitive ortho-prosthesis Plus Plus (CLs++) project is to validate the technical and economic viability of the powered robotic ortho-prosthesis developed within the 7th Framework Program - Information and Communication Technology - CYBERnetic LowEr-limb coGnitive ortho-prosthesis project, as a means to enhance/ restore the mobility of transfemoral amputees and to enable them to perform locomotion tasks such as ground-level walking, ...

Spinal Kinematics Variability

This study will test the within and between day variability of spinal kinematics and trunk muscle activity in healthy subjects and chronic low back pain patients during various daily-life activities.

Fluoroscopic and RSA Evaluation of the Triathlon Total Knee Prosthetic Design

The goal of this study is to compare the fixed bearing (FB) Triathlon knee (Stryker, USA) and the mobile bearing (MB) Triathlon knee (Stryker, USA) and study the effect of implant design on kinematics and micromotion. During two tasks the kinematics measured with fluoroscopy (kinematics and movement of the polyethylene bearing). Roentgen Stereophotogrammetric Analysis (RSA) will be used to evaluate micromotion between prosthesis and the bone for the MB and FB Triathlon knee.

Early Detection of Breast Cancer in Women With Suspicious Mammograms

This is a non-treatment study. It will not involve the use of any investigational drug or device. Potential participants will be enrolled through direct contact with collaborating clinical sites when the patient's annual 3D mammogram report yields a BIRADS rating of 4-5. The clinical Investigators or a member of their staff will conduct consent discussion once a suspicious mammogram report is identified or if a patient is referred for imaging of a suspicious area in the breast....

Kinematics After Total Knee Arthroplasty

The purpose of this study is to evaluate and compare implant kinematics of conventional mechanically aligned and anatomically aligned total knee arthroplasties (TKA) at 1 year post-operatively.

Dynamic ACL Brace: In Vivo Kinematics

The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effect of the Össur Rebound dynamic ACL brace on knee kinematics evaluated using dynamic stereo X-ray (DSX) imaging during functional activities. Brace performance will be evaluated before and after ACL reconstruction.

Prediction Frozen Shoulder Validation

Background: Few studies have examined the predictors of the clinical course of subjects with frozen shoulder syndrome or explained the persistence of symptoms after appropriate therapy. Altered shoulder kinematics may predispose subjects to subacromial impingement, rotator cuff tendonitis, altered shoulder joint forces, and possible degenerative changes. Subsequently, a more difficult and chronic course of frozen shoulder syndrome may develop. Objective: The purposes of this s...

Randomized Controlled Trial of Prenatal Coparenting Intervention (CoparentRCT)

This R01 tests through RCT methodology efficacy of a new intervention designed specifically to aid development of positive coparenting alliances between at-risk (unmarried, uncoupled, low income) African American mothers and fathers having a first baby together.

Total Body Irradiation for Bone Marrow Transplants: Collaborative Efforts

Most bone marrow transplantations for malignant and non-malignant disease include whole body irradiation. Techniques for administering that treatment, including patient positioning, lung and soft tissue compensation, dose rate, total dose and fractionation differ between institutions. These differences are optimized at each institution to limit toxicity and maximize therapeutic outcome. Technically complex procedures such as total body radiation are subject to equipment ...

Effectiveness of Orthokeratology in Decreasing Myopic Progression in a Young Adult Population Enrolled in a Professional Optometric Curriculum

The high prevalence of myopia - especially in Asian countries - is well documented, as are the sight-threatening complications of high or degenerative myopia. Retinal detachment, glaucoma, vitreal degeneration and focal retinal changes occur secondary to the progressive axial elongation of the eye with age. Specialty rigid lenses have long been shown to lessen this progression in the pediatric population; orthokeratology (ortho-k) lenses are worn at night and change the corneal...

Effectiveness of Trunk Training on Trunk Kinematics and Gait After Stroke

Despite the evidence demonstrating the importance of trunk performance after stroke, studies about the effects of trunk exercises are inconsistent. The use of clinical outcome measures used in literature cannot explain the underlying mechanisms of the therapeutic effects in contrast to motion tracking systems. Therefore, the aim of this study further explores the effects of additional customized trunk exercises based on the availability of advanced motion tracking analysis equ...

Impact of Handing to Patients a Copy of the Consultation Report on Their Medicine Consumption

In France, patients with benign viral infections (ie: gastro enteritis and/or rhinopharyngitis, etc.) often receive several prescriptions from their doctors, although there is evidence that these medicines are not efficient. We hypothesize that patients could be reassured by health advices, especially if they are written. In addition, we believe that doctors would feel less guilty for not prescribing drugs if they could hand written consultation reports to patients, in these s...

Determination of Upper Airway Collapsibility During Routine CPAP Titration

The investigators hypothesis is that upper airway collapsibility (Pcrit) in patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) can be measured using equipment found in the clinical sleep laboratory and these Pcrit measurements obtained using clinical sleep laboratory equipment is comparable to those obtained using research equipment. OSA is a common disease characterized by repetitive collapse of the upper airway during sleep, leading to hypoxemia and arousals, and which has important...

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