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PAN-study: Pan-Cancer Early Detection Study (PAN)

The PAN Cancer Early Detection study is a prospective cross-sectional observational case-control study evaluating whether Breath Biopsy (developed by Owlstone Medical Ltd.; the Sponsor of this study) can differentiate between patients with and without different cancer types, by comparing breath biomarkers of patients with gastric, oesophageal, pancreatic, renal, prostate and bladder cancer from matched controls. In total 82 cases (cancer) and 82 matched controls for each tumou...


Impact of Thermal Stress on Pulmonary Absorption and Toxicokinetics of 3 Organic Solvents

In Quebec, thousands of workers are concomitantly exposed to heat and chemical compounds. Exposure to heat induces physiological responses that help maintaining a stable body temperature. Those changes can affect organ functions implicated in absorption and metabolism. According to literature, those changes could lead to increased concentrations of chemical compounds in the body and their toxicity. Therefore, the aim of this study is to evaluate the pulmonary absorption and tox...

The Impact of Heat Acclimation on Pro- and Anti- Inflammatory Cytokine Response

There is growing evidence to conclude that part of the cascade leading to heatstroke is related to an inflammatory reaction triggered by the heat stress. The reduced ability to sustain heat stress - "heat intolerance" is also attributed to over-expression of inflammatory cytokines. Acclimation to heat improves human sustainability to heat and is a leading protective factor against heat stroke. The investigators hypothesize that the lower stress encountered during the process of...

TENS and Heat for Reducing Back Pain in Humans

Lower back pain is one of the most common and most expensive impairments costing time and expense in the work force today. With the effects on cognitive skills and addictive side effects of opioids and other prescription pain killers, there has been increasing interest in alternative medical treatments to relieve pain. Two of these that are commonly used are heat and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). In the present investigation, there are two objectives 1) to...

Effects of Passive Heat Therapy on Oxygen Consumption and Cardiovascular Fitness in Adults

The purpose of this study is to determine if enhanced endothelial arterial distensibility observed with heat therapy translates into improved cardiorespiratory fitness. The following aims are proposed: Aim 1: to determine if chronic heat therapy results in improvements in cardiovascular function. Aim 2: To examine potential mechanism(s) of action of heat therapy in cardiovascular function.

Heat Acclimation, Hand Cooling Efficacy, and Adaptation Maintenance.

This study had three aims: 1. To determine the impact of consecutive days of exercise on thermoregulation and cardiovascular strain. 2. To determine the efficacy of a hand cooling device to cool individuals throughout a heat acclimation period. 3. To assess the maintenance of thermoregulatory and cardiovascular adaptations derived from heat acclimation during a 25-day intermittent exercise-heat exposure protocol.

The Impact of Internationalize Medical Services to localPeople Seeking Medical Care

Recently The Department of Health of Taiwan has launched the "Internationalize Medical Services Flagship Program", expecting to promote Taiwan's high-quality of medical services to the international market, and anticipating "customers stroll in, medical services walked out". In order to avoid expansion of this program might alienate the rights and best interests of local people seeking medical services, therefore, this research project is a join effort of experts to form...

A Study on the Use of the MMF07 Foot Massager and Heat Therapy Treatments for Restless Leg Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to assess whether the MMF07 Foot Massager and/ or heat therapy may improve symptoms of restless legs syndrome (RLS). It will also assess the effect of the MMF07 Foot Massager and/ or heat on quality of life and sleep in people affected by RLS. Participants will be randomly assigned to one of four treatment groups; 1. MMF07 Foot Massager device 2. Heat therapy 3. Heat therapy and the MMF07 Foot Massage device 4. Neither heat n...

Occupational Heat Stress on Workers' Productivity

Workplace heat exposure affects billions of people during their everyday work activities. Occupational heat stress impairs workers' health and capacity to perform manual labour. Therefore, the aim of this study was to observe the heat strain experienced by workers in occupational settings and test different strategies to mitigate it during actual work shifts in agriculture, manufacture, tourism, construction, and other services.

Reducing Musculoskeletal Stresses and Work-related Injuries Among Allied Health Professionals in Surgical Care

1. What are the risk factors that contribute to musculoskeletal injuries and fatigue on allied health professionals in surgical care (e.g. scrub nurses, surgical assistants, and circulating nurses)? 2. Can the investigators design wearable devices that the investigators can later evaluate?

Efficacy and Safety of Ryanodex® (EGL-4104) as Adjuvant Treatment in Subjects With Exertional Heat Stroke (EHS)

Study EGL-4104-C-1502 is a phase 2, single-site, open-label, randomized, 2-arm parallel study of Ryanodex for the adjuvant treatment of exertional heat stroke (EHS) administered intravenously (IV), to current standard of care (SOC). SOC for the treatment of EHS is defined as effective body cooling, which should be implemented as quickly as available after diagnosis of exertional heat stroke.

Efficacy and Safety of Modified Gegen Qinlian Decoction for Ulcerative Colitis With Damp-heat Syndrome

Ulcerative colitis(UC) seriously affect the quality of life in patients. Clinically, it is effective to apply therapeutic method of clearing heat and promoting diuresis to the common syndrome of dampness-heat. Dysbiosis of intestinal microbiota is closely related to the immune imbalance and intestinal mucosal barrier injury. C1orf106/CYTH-1/ARF6 signal pathway, which derive from intestinal micro environment changes,is the mainly cause of intestinal mucosal barrier injury, and t...

Online Training & Certification for Competency in Dementia Friendly Hospital Care

This research study will evaluate the CARES Dementia-Friendly Hospitals online training and certification program for Allied Health Workers (nursing assistants, dietary aides, housekeeping employees, hospital transporters, lab/x-ray techs, and unit secretaries) who work in a hospital or medical center. Participants who sign up for this study will complete two 1-hour assessments (on day 1 and day 45). Participants will be randomly assigned into either an "immediate group" (wher...

New International CTEPH Database

The New International CTEPH Database is a prospective, observational multi-center disease registry run by the International CTEPH Association (ICA), which will collect data in chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH) patients worldwide. The registry will run for approximately 5 years. Its objective is to provide an overview on epidemiology of CTEPH, mode of diagnosis and treatment approaches worldwide as well as determinants of long-term outcomes as measured by New...

Chronic Heat Therapy for Improving Vascular Health

The purpose of the study is to investigate whether long-term heat therapy (i.e. 8 weeks of hot tub 4-5x per week) improves biomarkers of cardiovascular health in young, healthy, able-bodied individuals. Although exercise is a potent means of improving cardiovascular health, many patients are unable to exercise effectively, and thus there is high demand for novel therapies to better manage cardiovascular risk in these patients. If successful, this study will set the groundwork f...

Cold Induced Changes in White Adipose

An adaptation to a cold environment is a tendency to generate heat within our body. Some of this heat comes from our fat tissue. Although most fat tissue is "white fat", there are pockets deep within the body that are called "brown fat", which are specially adapted to burning fat and making heat. The investigator believes that our white fat, just underneath the surface of our skin, also has this property to burn fat and make heat, although not at the high level of brown fat. Th...

Home-based Leg Heat Therapy

The objective of this study is to evaluate the benefits of participating for 8 weeks in a home-based daily treatment with heat therapy (HT) or a thermoneutral control intervention, as assessed by vascular function, walking tolerance and quality of life.

Heat Intolerance- A Lesson From Global Genomic Response in Lymphocytes

Heat Intolerance (HI) is a life threatening deficiency that can lead to heat exhaustion, heat stroke (and possibly death) in a large number of military and civilian occupational groups. We have demonstrated malfunction of transcriptional pathways in the heat stressed HI phenotype and an altered gene expression profile compared to Heat Tolerant (HT) individuals. Such differences are evident even under normothermic basal/comfort conditions. Heat and exercise challenges during th...

Heat Emergency Awareness and Treatment (HEAT)

Investigators propose an intervention trial of a comprehensive education and treatment bundle designed to reduce morbidity and mortality associated with heat-related illness for low resource settings. Two set of interventions will be developed each for emergency department and for community/home. These interventions will be developed by an internal expert group and will be customized and implemented at the home and emergency department (ED) levels, will include evidence-based e...

Applied Topical Heat as an Adjunct for Pain Control in First-Trimester Surgical Abortionl

Paracervical blocks are routinely used in first trimester surgical abortions and are a proven method for decreasing procedural pain. Even when paracervical anesthesia is used, an overwhelming majority of women still report at least moderate pain during a first trimester abortion procedure. Other than some non-pharmacologic modalities (music and visualization), only the addition of intravenous medication has been shown to reduce procedural pain. Applied topical heat is effectiv...

Heat Therapy to Reduce Pain and Improve Walking Tolerance

The purpose of this study is to investigate whether exposure to heat therapy improves calf muscle oxygenation and enhances walking tolerance in patients with symptomatic Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD).

Telehealth Allied Health Care With People Who Have Parkinson's Disease Living in Rural Nevada and Wyoming

The investigators have developed a three-part allied health care intervention to be delivered via telehealth. These interventions are usually provided face-to-face. Telehealth access to healthcare is needed for people with Parkinson's disease living in rural locations, where providers are sparse and long travel times are often not feasible because of weather conditions, as well as the hallmark symptom of Parkinson's disease, movement disorders

Social Inequalities in Emergency Call and Emergency Response Patterns

Background: Inequality in access to healthcare is a challenge internationally. Despite that medical emergency calls can be considered as access point to pre-hospital emergency care and hospital admission in emergency situations, no data on inequality in access to healthcare through emergency calls is reported in the international literature. Study aims: The aim of this study is two-fold: 1. to evaluate the association between socio-economic characteristics of ...

Efficacy of Treatment for Gestational Diabetes Diagnosed by the IADPSG Criteria.

There is a lack of international uniformity in the approach to the screening and diagnosis of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM). The new diagnostic criteria by the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG) based on data from the study of Hyperglycemia and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes (HAPO) have created controversy because of the lack of clinical evidence of treatment benefit for mild GDM and the treatment effects on perinatal outcomes. The purpo...

Heat Killed Probiotics in the Prevention of Necrotizing Enterocolitis

Prophylactic probiotics have been shown to decrease the incidence of Necrotizing Enterocolitis (NEC) in premature neonates. However, there is some resistance to giving live bacteria to small babies. Based on animal data, the investigators hypothesized that heat inactivated probiotics would also reduce NEC.

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