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Validation of the French Version of the CQR (Compliance Questionnaire Rheumatology)

The purpose of this study is to develop a French language version of the Compliance-Questionnaire-Rheumatology for use in French and Francophone rheumatology services

Choosing Tests Wisely in Rheumatology

This is a randomized study intended to produce a reduction in ordering of inappropriate tests by general practitioners as determined by recommendations from the CRA's Choosing Wisely guidelines. This reduction of inappropriate testing is expected in referrals to the rheumatologists randomized to the intervention group. This study will further explore which recommendations from the Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA)/Canada Choosing Wisely campaign have the most impact on re...

Identifying Novel Biomarkers in Early Rheumatology Patients

Patients new to a rheumatology practice will be asked if they want to consent to their blood sample, medical records, and hand/foot x-rays (with sharp scores) for the analysis and correlation with the diagnosis they will receive from the rheumatologist.

Seric Calprotectine in Spondyloarthritis

To date, there are no biomarkers in spondyloarthritis that can differentiate between spondyloarthritis and fibromyalgia or other pathologies. Fecal calprotectin is a biomarker that is increasingly used in inflammatory diseases of the digestive tract. A growing interest in this biomarker is emerging in rheumatology, several publications have focused on its interest in rheumatoid arthritis, highlighting an association between serum calprotectin levels and disease activity. In spo...

Pain Catastrophizing and Routine Assessment of Patient Index Data 3(RAPID3) in Ten Categories of Rheumatology Outpatients

Fulfilling by all patients consequently seen by 6 rheumatologists in a same outpatient rheumatology clinic (in at least one month period) of a set of 6 questionnaires, including RAPID3 and pain catastrophizing scales.

Patient Experiences in Rheumatology

This research is being done to learn more about patient experiences at the Johns Hopkins Rheumatology Clinic at Good Samaritan Hospital. We want to learn about the patient, his or her health and experience with the doctor. Up to 75 patients (21 years and older) who are seen in this clinic may participate.

Effects of a Multi-Faceted Psychiatric Intervention Targeted at the Complex Medically Ill: a Randomized Controlled Trial

Background: somatic patients with psychiatric co-morbidities are a major challenge for the health care system. This study evaluated a psychiatric intervention targeted at the complex medically ill identified by means of the INTERMED, an instrument to assess case complexity. Methods: of 885 rheumatology inpatients and diabetes outpatients who were assessed for eligibility, 247 were identified as complex (INTERMED score > 20) and randomized to the intervention (N=125, 84 rheumat...

Feasibility of an Immersive Virtual Reality Based Biofeedback Intervention for Outpatients in Rheumatology

The purpose is to study the use of virtual reality (VR) and biofeedback in rheumatology clinics to help manage chronic pain in patients with rheumatologic diseases. The objective is to know the usefulness of VR/biofeedback-based therapy in the clinic.

The Effects of Transcranial Focused Ultrasound on Human Motor Learning

Transcranial focused ultrasound (tFUS) is a form of neuromodulation that uses a single element transducer to produce highly focused low-intensity acoustic energy that can be used to affect cortical excitability in humans.

Electronic and Lab Pre-screening of New Rheumatology Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis

By forming the foundation of a delivery system that integrates primary care (PC) and rheumatology, this initiative strives to strengthen the roles of both primary care and rheumatology practices as they co-manage patients in a quality care delivery system. Importantly, it strives to fill an unmet need, the rapid evaluation by Primary Care providers; the appropriate and timely referral of inflammatory disease patients to a rheumatologist; and the implementation of early aggressi...

SentoClone® Compared to Reference Treatment in Advanced Malignant Melanoma

The purpose of this study is to elucidate whether SentoClone® gives improved treatment responses in patients with advanced malignant melanoma in comparison to established reference treatment(s).

Comparative Efficacy and Safety of Two Asparaginase Preparations in Children With Previously Untreated Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia

This multicentric phase III study is designed to assess the efficacy and safety of recombinant asparaginase (rASNase) in comparison to Asparaginase medac™ during treatment of children with de novo ALL

Focused Ultrasound for the Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer - an International Registry

This pancreatic cancer registry aims to collect information on people around the world who select focused ultrasound (FUS) as part of their treatment for pancreatic cancer to learn about the performance of the focused ultrasound technology and health outcomes; the impact of focused ultrasound on your overall health; and provide an understanding of the current care for pancreatic cancer.

The Effects of Ultrasound on Central Nervous System

Focused ultrasound at low intensities is a form of neuromodulation with high spatial resolution that can be applied invasively or non-invasively using acoustic energy to affect neuronal activity. The purpose of this study is to better understand the effects of low intensity focused ultrasound (FUS) on the central nervous system. Specific patient populations within UVA health system are undergoing treatment that provide unique opportunities to study these effects.

DISCOGEL ®: Evaluation of the Procedure DISCOGEL ® in Lumbar Radiculopathy on Slipped Disc

Lumbar disc herniation is the most important and frequent affection in rheumatology. The first treatment is based on an non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.Physiotherapy also is used.But when there is no efficient result, it's usual to propose to the patient corticoid injection, percutaneous intervention or arthrodesis. Recently DISCOGEL® is a medical device used for lumbar disc herniation. However there is no studies evaluating the benefit and the efficiency of this techni...

Focused Stereotactic Radiation Treatment of Prostatic Adenocarcinoma

Focused stereotactic radiation treatment of localized prostatic adenocarcinoma. in order to quantify the delay between the focused treatment and the salvage procedure.

Systems of Support Study for Childhood Depression

This study is designed to compare two treatments for depression in pre-adolescent (7-13 year old) children. A family-focused treatment will be compared to an individual child-focused treatment in this 14-week intervention.

Focused Cardiac Ultrasound in Surgery

Mortality and morbidity remain high after non-cardiac surgery. Known risk factors include age, high ASA grade and emergency surgery. Point-of-care focused cardiac ultrasound may elucidate pathology and potential hemodynamic compromise unknown to handling physicians. This study aims to investigate the effects of focused cardiac ultrasound in high-risk patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery with respect to clinical endpoints.

Hepatitis A Vaccine Dosing Regimens Among Pediatric Rheumatology Patients on Immunosuppressive Therapy

The study is a prospective, single centre, double-blinded randomized controlled trial whose goal is to compare the immune response of a population of immunosuppressed pediatric rheumatology patients on immunosuppressive medications to two different doses of Hepatitis A vaccine. The objectives are (a) to confirm that adolescents, like their adult counterparts, have a reduced immune response to hepatitis A vaccine, and (b) to compare the immunogenicity of two different dosing opt...

Effects of Ultrasound Cavitation Focused on Located Adiposity

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of cavitation ultrasound focused on localized adiposity and its effects associated with stereodynamic lymphatic drainage. The investigators aim also to know if this procedure will influence the biochemical profile of the individuals concerned, as well as whether it will be found difference between the group that will receive focused ultrasound cavitation associated with stereodynamic drainage and the group will receive only focus...

Evaluation of Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for Children

The main objective of this project is to conduct a study of RFP-C for children with disruptive behaviors. Regulation Focused Psychotherapy for Children (RFP-C) is a twice a week, play therapy intervention.

"SMS - Heals My Health"

Therapeutic patient education is an approach that has shown its usefulness in rheumatology, but the duration of its impact is limited, and therapeutic revisions are regularly necessary. The practice of physical activity is one of the goals of TPE in rheumatology and new technologies, such as SMS messages represent a possible complementary tool to amplify behavioral changes The study primary objective is to evaluate the impact of individualized SMS compared to standard SMS messa...

Nursing Care in Threat of Preterm Birth

Relaxation-Focused Nursing Care which is formed by using these two models is composed of; positive language, positive environment and reducing stressors. Relaxation-Focused Nursing Care, which is thought to have an effect on delaying birth, consists of four stages as a two-day program.In this study, it is aimed to determine the effect of Relaxation-Focused Nursing Care on stress level, cortisol level and birth week.

Improving PTSD Treatments for Adults With Childhood Trauma

The aim of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of phase-based trauma-focused therapy (PBT) and intensive trauma-focused therapy (I-TFT) for adult patients with PTSD related to childhood abuse. We will carry out a RCT, randomizing 150 patients to receive either standard TFT, PBT or i-TFT. The effects will be assessed at two endpoints of treatment (4, 8 and 16 weeks) and after a 6 and 12 months follow-up in an intention-to-treat analysis.

Venlafaxine and Hypnosis or Focused Attention In Treating Patients With Hot Flashes

Rationale: Venlafaxine may help relieve hot flashes in women who have had breast cancer. Hypnosis or focused attention may help control hot flashes in postmenopausal women. It is not yet known whether giving venlafaxine together with hypnosis or focused attention is more effective in treating hot flashes. Purpose: This randomized clinical trial is studying venlafaxine together with hypnosis or focused attention in treating patients with hot flashes.

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