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Comparison of Methacholine Bronchial Provocation With Wright and Devilbiss646 Nebulizers

The purpose of this study is to compare the diagnostic validity (sensitivity and specificity) and evaluate the safety of 2-min Tidal Breathing methacholine bronchial provocation tests with the Wright and Devilbiss646 nebulizers in asthmatic in Guangzhou.

Wright Medical Technology Metal-on-Metal 522 Post-Market Surveillance Study

This study is in response to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) call to all manufacturers with 510(k) clearance for metal-on-metal (MoM) total hip arthroplasty (THA) devices to conduct postmarket surveillance studies. MicroPort has various acetabular shells, acetabular liners, fixation screws, femoral heads, femoral stems, modular necks, and proximal bodies currently cleared for MoM indications. Together these components comprise the Wright Medical Technology (WMT) MoM THA ...

Wright™ Elbow Outcomes Clinical Study (WELBOW)

WELBOW study is an international, ambispective and prospective, single arm, multicenter, observational, non-comparative, Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF). Outcome data collected from this study will provide the basis for Post-Market Surveillance (PMS) reporting, Clinical Study Report (CSR) and Clinical Evaluation Report (CER) on Wright Medical Elbow system devices and support peer-reviewed publications on long-term product performance and safety.

A Comparison of Three Nebulizers for Standard Clinical and Research Use in Methacholine Challenge Testing

The study will assess three different nebulizers for use in methacholine challenge testing in order to determine if the Aeroneb Solo would make a suitable replacement for the long-used and now obsolete Wright and Bennett-Twin nebulizers. Results from each device will be compared to evaluate whether current guidelines for the methacholine challenge should be updated for superior standardization.

Investigation of Novel Procedure for Methacholine Challenge Testing

The study will compare a novel volumetric method (performed with the Aerogen Solo vibrating mesh nebulizer) with the standard two-minute tidal breathing protocol (performed with the Wright jet nebulizer) for methacholine challenge testing. The results will then give an indication as to whether the novel technique accurately assesses a given dose of methacholine with the new Aerogen Solo device. In addition, the reproducibility of test results with each method will be examined. ...

Wright Foot & Ankle Post-Market Observational Study

WRIGHT FOOT & ANKLE POST-MARKET OBSERVATIONAL STUDY, Multi-Year, Multi-Site, Multi-Device, Post-Market Observational Study, 10 sites, a minimum of 40 patients per device

Comprehensive Versus Traditional Lifestyle Program

Despite recommends that school-based interventions use a comprehensive approach for health promotions; most fitness programs exclusively emphasize physical activity. This study compared the comprehensive Translational Health in Nutrition and Kinesiology (THINK) program to a traditional YMCA program (The Sports, Play, and Active Recreation for Kids (SPARK) fitness curriculum) on measures of physical fitness, body composition, and executive cognitive function outcomes among 105 e...

Double Blinded, Randomized, Placebo-controlled Clinical Study for Nelumbinis Semen

Nelumbinis Semen, has been widely used as treatment of post-menopause symptoms in women for hundreds of years in many Asian countries. This study examines whether PM011, standardized herbal medicine made from Nelumbinis Semen, treats stress in above 5 of BDI score of human subjects and discusses its potential as treatment for depressed patients.

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The Compliance and Prognosis of NSBB Secondary Prevention of Cirrhosis With Gastroesophageal Varices Bleeding

Non-selective beta blockers are commonly used drugs for primary prevention and secondary prevention in patients with cirrhotic decompensated esophageal varices bleeding,the basic heart rate, blood pressure and condition of different patients have individual differences.This paper mainly discusses the compliance of patients taking NSBB under different follow-up methods and analyze the factors affecting patient compliance.

Hand & Wrist Pyrocarbon Implants Outcomes Clinical Study

HaWPYC is an international Post-Market Clinical Follow-up (PMCF) to collect post-market safety and performance data on commercially available Wright Medical Pyrocarbon (PyC) hand and wrist implants. Data may be used for Post-Market Surveillance, and regulatory requirements.

Inhaled Allergen Challenge Methodology: Assessment of a Vibrating Mesh Nebulizer for Allergen Administration

This study will assess the Aerogen Solo® (Solo®) vibrating mesh nebulizer as a potential new device for use in allergen challenge testing.

Chest Trauma :Prediction of Thoracic Injuries Clinically and Radiologically

• Trauma is a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Despite the advent of specialized trauma centers the outcome of patients who sustain major trauma remains disappointing. Plain radiography and more advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasound, computerised tomography (CT) and angiography, have a major role to play in the early decision making and subsequent management of patients who sustain polytrauma. This article discusses the choice of emergency imaging te...

Motion Analysis of EMP Knee Versus Posterior Stabilized Knee Arthroplasty for Osteoarthritis

The purpose of the current study is to analyze and compare the lower-limb joint motions and muscle activation patterns during activities of daily living as well as self reported health related functional outcomes for patients with osteoarthritis of the knee undergoing one of two types of knee replacements: the Evolution Medial Pivot knee (Wright Medical) or the Triathlon Posterior Stabilized (PS) knee (Stryker Orthopaedics).

Collecting Orthopedic Safety and Performance Data Using Surgeons Clinical Outcomes Registry (SCOR)

The Surgeons Clinical Outcomes Registry (SCOR) is a global registry designed to collect safety and performance data on commercially available Wright Medical products. Registry data may be used for publications, education and marketing materials, post-market surveillance, future regulatory submissions, research and development for product design, software improvements, and development of artificial intelligence learning and tools.

Preoperative IMRT for Soft Tissue Sarcoma of the Extremities and Trunk: Low Rate of Wound Complications

Postoperative wound healing complications following preoperative radiotherapy represent a severe problem in the treatment of malignant soft tissue tumors, and are reported to be 34% and more. The literature discusses intensely the advantages and disadvantages of this multimodal treatment concept and there are different opinions. The Canadian prospective randomized NCIC SR2 trial showed increased wound complication rates in the study arm receiving preoperative radiation. The Sar...

Breast Cancer Treatment Based on Organ-like Culture

Based on the breast cancer organ platform, this experiment establishes a drug sensitivity test method that is closer to the body tumor in breast cancer, provides a basis for the accurate treatment of breast cancer, and discusses the possible mechanism of breast cancer drug resistance.

Mirror Therapy After Stroke: A Dosing Study

It has been suggested that augmenting repetitive task practice with the use of box (mirror) therapy (BT) can enhance the benefits of task practice and may provide stroke survivors an opportunity to engage in self-directed practice outside of normally scheduled therapy sessions. However, the dosage of BT to be used in clinical practice is unclear. In order for practitioners to begin integrating BT into clinical practice situations more information is needed to determine what def...

Early Incidence of Occupational Asthma Among Bakers, Pastry-makers and Hairdressers

Background: Occupational exposures are thought to be responsible for 10-15% of new-onset asthma cases in adults, with disparities across sectors. Because most of the data are derived from registries and cross-sectional studies, little is known about incidence of occupational asthma (OA) during the first years after inception of exposure. This study focuses on this early asthma onset period among young workers in the bakery, pastry making and hairdressing sectors in order to ass...

Self-monitoring and Reminder Texts to Increase Physical Activity After Cancer: a Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial

Epidemiologic data consistently indicate that colorectal cancer survivors can improve their quality-of-life and prognosis by engaging in physical activity. This study aims to build on this epidemiologic work and translate the findings to inform and change patient behavior. The specific aims are to: (1) Develop a mobile technology physical activity intervention among colorectal cancer patients who have completed therapy. (2) Conduct a 3-month pilot randomized controlled trial ut...

Predicting Treatment Response in Patients With OCD

This study consists of a naturalistic follow-up of subjects with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) that have participated in a global study investigating brain signatures of OCD funded by the National Institutes of Mental Health (RO1MH113250), with the following participant sites: the US (Columbia University, PI: Helen Blair Simpson), Brazil (University of Sao Paulo, PIs: Euripedes Miguel and Roseli G Shavitt), India (National Institutes of Mental Health, PI: Janardhan Reddy)...

Systematic Transcutaneous Oxymetry Use in Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

The measurement of the transcutaneous oxygen partial pressure (TCPO2) at exercise is, to our knowledge, the only method to estimate during the exercise the importance of ischemia segment of limb by segment of limb bilaterally and carry on. The diagnosis of thoracic outlet syndrome causing remains difficult and dependent operator in ultrasound because of the risk of false positive (loss of signal) or false negative (insufficient effort, inappropriate movement). Our main h...

Embodied Empathy; Virtual Reality and Experiencing Geriatrics

The Embodied Empathy pilot study proposes to use VR technology to create original narratives of real life patients from their own perspectives for medical students to embody. Instead of using an animated avatar, researchers will use live-action first-person 220 degree video to capture these vignettes. In "Virtual Body Swap: A New Feasible Tool to Be Explored in Health and Education," Oliveria discusses the impact of using an actual person as an avatar as opposed to animation. "...

Photodynamic Therapy-Induced Immune Modulation: Part III

This study is designed as a double-blinded proof of concept of feasibility study to define if the immunosuppression associated with photodynamic therapy (PDT) can be blocked by treatment with cyclo-oxygenase-2 (COX-2) inhibitor celecoxib in comparison to placebo. PDT consists of application of the photosensitizer 5-aminolevulinic acid followed by treatment with a blue light. PDT is used to treat pre-cancerous actinic keratosis on large areas of skin. These studies are a continu...

Efficacy of External Cold and a Vibrating Device in Reducing Discomfort of Dental Injections in Children

Children in their seventh year of life (age range of 6 to 7 years) will be included in the study. All children included in the study would have to classified according to the Wright behavior classification as potentially co-operative and rated as per the Frankl behavior rating scale as positive (++) Group A and negative (-) Group B . All children included must have had no prior experience of dental anesthesia and must have at least one tooth requiring restorative procedure on e...

Donor-Derived Cell-Free DNA for Surveillance in Simultaneous Pancreas and Kidney Transplant Recipients

The AlloSure test is approved by the FDA for use in Medicare patients to assess the probability of allograft rejection in kidney transplant patients. The pivotal DART study discusses the use of the non-invasive AlloSure test to measure donor derived cell-free DNA (dd-cfDNA) and the Allosure test can by used to discriminate active rejection in renal transplant patients. Pancreas allograft rejection still remains a major clinical challenge and is a primary cause of death censored...

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