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Local, Non-Interventional Study of RoActemra (Tocilizumab) in Poland (ACT-POL): First-Line Treatment in Routine Clinical Practice of Patients With Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)

The aim of this non-interventional, prospective, observational study is to assess the effectiveness and tolerability of RoActemra (tocilizumab) used as a first-line biologic treatment in patients with moderate to severe active RA who are inadequate responders to disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs), or patients who are intolerant to DMARDs, in a routine clinical practice setting in Poland. The length of the entire study is anticipated to be 21 months.

A Study Investigating the Effects of Niagen™ in Healthy Adults.

This study will evaluate the effect of repeated doses of Niagen™ on Niagen™ metabolite concentrations in blood, urine and muscle. There will be 3 doses of Niagen™ compared to a placebo. One quarter of subjects will receive the low dose of Niagen™, one quarter will receive the moderate dose of Niagen™, one quarter will receive the higher dose of Niagen™ and one quarter will reveive the placebo.

Training Workshop for Promoting Family Well-being Through a Community-based "Learning Families" Campaign

To strengthen family well-being and neighborhood cohesion in Kwun Tong community, a community -based "Learning families" campaign was conducted. As an initial step of this project, the investigators conducted a need assessments before designing and conducting a train-the-trainer workshop.The train-the-trainer workshop aimed to prepare the members of Estate Management Advisory Committees (EMAC) and Mutual Aid Committees (MACs) to implement and assist in conducting a series of co...

Health Status and Its Socio-economic Covariates of the Older Population in Poland - the Nationwide PolSenior2 Survey.

The PolSenior2 survey is aimed to characterise health status of old and very-old adults in Poland.

Analgesic Potentials of Preoperative Pregabalin,Magnesium Sulphate and Their Combination in Acute Post-thoracotomy Pain

This study evaluates the effect of giving preoperative adjuvant drug as pregabalin or magnesium sulphate or a combination of both drugs to decrease postoperative morphine consumption and pain intensity in the first 24 hours in postoperative period . quarter of patients receive single dose oral pregabalin 300mg 1 hour preoperatively ,other quarter receive single intravenous Magnesium sulphate 50mg per Kg over 200ml saline over 20 minutes preoperatively , other quarter receive co...

Healthy Corner Store Initiative

The proposed research will evaluate the efficacy of an intervention in urban corner stores. Community-based, environmental manipulation of corner stores is an understudied area and represents the next step in understanding and improving the nutritional intake of school students to prevent obesity.

Using Ex-vivo Normothermic Machine Perfusion With the Organox Metra™ Device to Store Human Livers for Transplantation

This trial will examine the safety and feasibility of using the OrganOx Metra device to transport and store donor livers under normothermic conditions prior to transplantation. Participants will be followed for 3 months following transplantation and their outcomes recorded.

Meals-for-Moms: Experimental Grocery Store Study

This is a study about how the price of foods affects food buying choices at the grocery store. The price of foods can have a big impact on what people choose to buy and prices change over time. This study is being done to see how changes in food prices affect what mothers choose for their families.

To Assess Safety, Reactogenicity & Immunogenicity of 2 Doses of GSK's Oral Human Rotavirus Vaccine in Pre-Term Infants

This study is planned to evaluate the safety (in terms of occurrence of any serious adverse events), reactogenicity (any side effects) and immunogenicity (ability of the vaccine to develop antibodies that fight infection) of the HRV vaccine when used in pre-term infants aged between 6 and 14 weeks at the time of the first dose in Portugal, France and Poland and in pre-term infants aged between 6 and 12 weeks at the time of first dose in Spain. The study will be performed in fou...

Food-for-Families: Experimental Grocery Store Study

This is a study about how the price of foods affects buying choices at the grocery store. The price of foods can have a big impact on what people choose to buy and prices change over time. This study is being done to see how changes in food prices affect what mothers choose for their families.

Influence of Male Hormones on Regional Fat Metabolism

The male sex hormone, testosterone, plays an important role in determining body fat distribution in men. This is especially evident in the dramatic shift in body composition as boys and girls reach sexual maturity. Normal weight women have twice the body fat of a normal weight man (30% vs. 15% on average) and men will have twice the stomach fat as women (10% vs. 5% of fat as intra-abdominal, men vs. women). These are likely sex-steroid linked events. Short and long term change...

The Effect Of Stretching Exercise on Pectoralis Minor Myofascial Latent Trigger Points

This randomised-controlled trial investigates whether a single intervention of manual pressure release combined with stretching exercise has an effect on muscle length, pain perception threshold, and respiratory function in subjects with latent myofascial trigger point in the pectoralis minor muscle or not. First quarter of the participants will receive a single intervention of manual pressure release combined with contract-relax PNF stretching exercise of pectoralis minor musc...

Study to Learn More About the Effect of Itraconazole (ITZ) Given Repeatedly by Mouth on the Way How the Study Drug BAY1902607 Given One Time by Mouth Acts in the Human Body of Healthy Male Participants

BAY1902607 is a new type of drug under clinical development for different conditions including the treatment of endometriosis, i.e. a condition where the tissue that usually grows inside the womb grows outside of the womb. Itraconazole (ITZ) is an approved drug often used for the treatment of fungal infections and possibly inhibits the breakdown of BAY1902607. In this clinical study, BAY1902607 is given alone by mouth or in combination with ITZ. Researchers want to learn more ...

Protocol for Evaluation of Quarter-Time Cardiac Imaging: 5-Minutes Rest and 3-Minutes Stress Wide Beam Reconstruction (WBR) Versus Full-Time Filtered Back Projection (FBP)

A new, innovative software image processing method, wide beam reconstruction (WBR), utilizes resolution recovery and incorporates Poisson noise-reduction into the reconstruction process of NM images. This method facilitates the reconstruction of low count density myocardial perfusion SPECT images. Preliminary research indicates that SPECT acquisition time consequently can be reduced by 60% (less than 5 minutes) for rest and by 75% (just over 3 minutes) for stress, while tomogr...


Coronary bifurcation lesions pose therapeutic problems during percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) and are associated with higher rates of periprocedural complications as well as higher rates of in-stent restenosis and stent thrombosis. Provisional T-stenting (PTS) is the best treatment strategy at the moment. However, the optimal approach to coronary bifurcations treatment is still a subject of debate, especially when the side branch is large, not easily accessible and na...

Radiological Re-evaluation of Failed Anastomotic Uretheroplasty for PFUDDI Using Computed Tomographic and Magnetic Resonance Urethrography

Estate vlue of CTU and MRU in evaluation of failed anastomotic urethroplasty for pelvic fracture urethral distraction defect injury[PFUDDI] combared to retrograde urethrography and voiding cysto-urethrography .

Vulnerability of the Fetus/Infant to PAH, PM2.5 AND ETS.

The goal of this study is to examine the effects of in utero and postnatal exposure to environmental pollutants in a cohort of pregnant women and their newborns in Krakow, Poland

Epi Cystic Hydatid Disease Peru

This is a study developed by researchers from the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos and other local and foreign institutions. Researchers are performing this research in human beings and animals, in order to determine the best way to understand and eliminate a parasite called Echinococcus granulosus (tapeworm). The parasite grows and develops in the dogs´ bowel. The tapeworm produces eggs which are eliminated among the feces and remain i...

Supermarket and Web-Based Intervention Targeting Nutrition (SuperWIN) for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction

The Supermarket and Web-based Intervention targeting Nutrition (SuperWIN) for cardiovascular risk reduction is a novel, randomized controlled trial aimed at increasing diet quality and decreasing cardiovascular risk. SuperWIN will deliver individualized, nutrition education at the point-of-purchase (POP), either in the aisles of the physical store or via online shopping platforms coupled with other modern software tools.


This is a single center, randomized, controlled trial in which tunneled central line catheters will be placed in two distinct, select positions. The catheter tip position will then be followed up prospectively after placement to determine whether there is any malpositioning of the tip and if one placement is better than the other.

Bioequivalence Study of Clavamox, Film-coated Tablets, 875 mg + 125 mg Pharmtechnology LLC, Belarus), and Augmentin®, Film-coated Tablets, 875 mg + 125 mg (GlaxoSmithKline Trading CJSC, Russia), in Healthy Volunteers Under Fasting Conditions

This was an open-label, randomized, single-center, single-dose, two-treatment, two-sequence, two-period, crossover, comparative study, where each subject was randomly assigned to the reference or the test formulation in each period of the study (sequences RT or TR), in order to evaluate if both formulations are bioequivalent.The study was conducted in multiple groups.

Samples Procurement for Colorectal Cancer, Gastric Cancer, and Non-malignant Disease

The purposes of this study are to collect and store samples including blood, normal and tumor tissue from patients with colorectal cancer or gastric cancer, to collect and store samples including blood and/or normal gastrointestinal tissue (if available) from patients with non-malignant disease (including, but not limited to, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), gastric ulcer, hemorrhoids or hernia), and to create a database for the collected samples and allow access to relevant c...

The Effects of RFA in Combination With Second-line Chemotherapy and Bevacizumab on Unresectable CRLM

Basing on the strong evidence from former researches, patients with CRLM can benefit from the treatment of bevacizumab combined with sencond-line chemotherapy. Recently, although with the popularization of RFA, the role that RFA plays in the long term survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer (CRC) is still confused. In this designed, randomized, controlled, prospective, and open clinical trial, the effectiveness of RFA combined with second-line chemotherapy + beva...

Bioequivalence of Azathioprine Suspension 10 mg/mL (Jayempi) Versus Azathioprine Tablet 50mg (Imurek®)

A single center, single dose, open-label, randomized, two period crossover study to assess the bioequivalence of an oral azathioprine suspension 10 mg/mL (Jayempi™) versus oral azathioprine tablet 50mg (Imurek®, Aspen Pharma Trading Limited, Dublin, Ireland.) in at least 30 healthy adult subjects under fasting conditions.

Endocrine Therapy Plus CDK4/6 in First or Second Line for Hormone Receptor Positive Advanced Breast Cancer

Given the uncertain benefit in efficacy of adding CDK 4/6 to first rather than second line endocrine treatment, the aim of this project is to evaluate whether the sequence of an aromatase inhibitor plus CDK 4/6 in first line followed by fulvestrant in second line is superior to the sequence of an aromatase inhibitor in first line followed by fulvestrant plus CDK4/6 in second line.

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