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Family-Based Drug Services for Young Disaster Victims

This protocol seizes this rare scientific opportunity to test an integrative family based model to address youths' coexisting substance abuse and trauma in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. The study would address a number of gaps in the current evidence base related to understanding and treating comorbid teen drug abuse and trauma that may be initiated or exacerbated in the wake of disasters such as Hurricane Katrina. This study would compare two promising interventions for youth...

Trial of the Impact of Vitamin A on Maternal Mortality

Main objectives: To evaluate the impact of weekly vitamin A supplementation (VAS) to women of reproductive age (15-45 years) on maternal mortality in rural Ghana, and to compare this with the impact on overall mortality. Hypotheses: 1. Weekly supplementation with vitamin A (7000 µg retinol equivalent [RE]) to reproductive age women will reduce maternal deaths by 33%. 2. This impact will be achieved by reductions in both pregnancy-related and non-pr...

Aldosterone bloCkade for Health Improvement EValuation in End-stage Renal Disease

Individuals receiving dialysis are at risk of heart failure and heart related death. There is an urgent need for treatments that reduce the risk of these problems in patients that require dialysis. Spironolactone is a pill used to prevent heart failure and related deaths in patients that do not require dialysis. It works by blocking a hormone (aldosterone) in your body that causes high blood pressure and can damage the heart. Although spironolactone is very effective in ...

World Maternal Antifibrinolytic Trial_2

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) is responsible for about 100,000 maternal deaths every year, almost all of which occur in low and middle income countries. When given within three hours of birth, tranexamic acid reduces deaths due to bleeding in women with PPH by almost one third. However, for many women, treatment of PPH is too late to prevent death and severe morbidities. Over one-third of pregnant women in the world are anaemic and many are severely anaemic. We now want to do th...

Verbal Autopsy of Maternal Deaths, Stillbirths, and Neonatal Deaths in BetterBirth

The purpose of this study is to conduct Verbal Autopsies of deaths (maternal deaths, stillbirths and neonatal deaths together) identified in the BetterBirth trial to identify their potential causes, timing, and social determinants.

Gardasil Knowledge

Human papillomavirus (HPV) is the most common viral genital tract infection. The majority of women and men who are sexually active will be exposed to a strain or strains of the virus. While there are hundreds of viral strains, high risk strains are associated cervical and oral cancers. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), between 2008 and 2012 there were 38,793 deaths attributed to HPV related cancers. Vaccinations were created in an attempt to prevent infection ...

Effect of Low Socionomic Status and Psychosocial Factors on Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Mexican-American Women

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in American women, claiming on average 40% of all female deaths each year. Although the number of CVD-related deaths in the United States has decreased over the last several decades, the rate of decline has been less for women than for men. Specifically, minority women of low socioeconomic status make up a disproportionately high number of CVD cases and related deaths. Previous studies suggest that, in addition to many ...

Asia Pregnancy Outcomes Study

Preterm birth is a major cause of child mortality and morbidity, most of which occurs in south-east Asia and sub-Saharan Africa. To date few neonatal cause of death studies, especially in low- and middle-income countries have determined the specific causes of preterm death, instead attributing all neonatal deaths of infants born at less than 37 weeks to prematurity. Infections are responsible for a large proportion of these deaths but because of complexity and costs associated ...

Evaluation of Cognitive Function in a Suicidal Crisis

The aftermath of suicide is devastating, being the cause of 800 000 deaths every year worldwide. In France, suicide still causes about 10 000 deaths per year and the number of suicide attempts (SA) is estimated between 170 000 and 200 000 per year (InVS). It is often thought that a suicidal crisis is only related to depression, as it actually is a far more complex phenomenon. A suicidal crisis can occur on various grounds like psychiatric disorders but also contextual events o...

A Randomized Controlled Trial in Women With Coronary Artery Disease Investigating the Effects of Aerobic Interval Training Versus Moderate Intensity Continuous Exercise

Heart disease is the number one killer amongst chronic diseases around the world, and it is responsible for taking the lives of an estimated 17.5 million people each year. Exercise-based cardiac rehabilitation (CR) programs, which help heart patients improve their current health, prevent future heart problems, and improve their quality of life, are an effective strategy for lowering the risk of heart-related deaths in heart patients. CR programs currently have their patients pe...

POISE Trial: Perioperative Ischemic Evaluation Study

This trial will evaluate the ability of metoprolol (a beta-blocker drug) to prevent heart attacks and deaths around the time of surgery.

Bovine Lactoferrin and Neonatal Survival in Low Birth Weight Babies.

Pakistan has the third highest number of neonatal deaths worldwide. During the last two decades (1990-2013), neonatal mortality rate in the country has declined by only 1.0% per year. Severe infection is the second most leading cause of neonatal mortality, account for 28% of all deaths in Pakistan. Majority of neonatal deaths occur in infants who LBW (birth weight

Naloxone Treatment in Skåne County - Effect on Drug-related Mortality and Overdose-related Complications

Death in overdose is the single most common cause of death in people using heroin. In Sweden, the number of drug-related overdose deaths has increased gradually since the early 1990s. The purpose of the study is to investigate the effects of a Naloxone distribution program in Skåne County. The primary issue is whether the project had an effect on overdose mortality and overdose related injuries.

Opioid/Benzodiazepine Polydrug Abuse

Benzodiazepine (BZD)/opioid polysubstance abuse (PSA) dramatically increases risks of overdose, disability and death; however, little is known about phenotypes that could be targeted to decrease this use and these associated risks. The opioid abuse epidemic is generating unprecedented numbers of overdoses (OD) and deaths from prescribed and illegal sources (e.g. fentanyl combined with, or sold as, heroin). Yet, medical and epidemiological data suggest these adverse outcomes ar...

PeRioperative Omega Three and the Effect on ImmuNity

Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in the UK, with 50,000 new cases and over 15,000 deaths annually. Surgery is the mainstay of treatment and the most common complications are an infection of the wound or lungs. These can lengthen hospital stay, reduce the quality of life, and even increase the risk of death. Bowel cancer patients are often malnourished. Optimising nutrition with supplements such as fish-oils can improve the immune response of ...

Gastrodin Prevents Cognitive Decline Related to Cardiopulmonary Bypass

The incidence of cognitive decline related to CPB ranges from 20% to 80%, which may affect length of hospital stay, quality of life, the rehabilitation process, and work performance.However, there is no method to prevent the decline.Gastrodin,the active constituent of gastrodia elata, has been widely used for the treatment of paralysis, hemiplegia, headache, vertigo, and Alzheimer's disease. Gastrodin is safe. No severe side-effect has been observed in the treatment. We postula...

Impact of School Based Education Program

Good health is an important indicator of the quality of life, in which healthy nutrition and physical activity take an important place. Healthy nutrition and physical activity according to the guidelines of WHO are closely related to lower general and specific mortality rates due to heart and coronary diseases and cancer, which are the top reasons for mortality from non-communicable diseases. Every year, 41 million people die from non-communicable diseases, which represents 71...

Various Insulin Regimens for Diabetic Inpatients With Cirrhosis Trial

Liver disease is an important cause of death in type 2 diabetes. In the population-based Verona Diabetes Study cirrhosis was the fourth leading cause of death and accounted for 4.4% of diabetes-related deaths. In another prospective cohort study , cirrhosis accounted for 12.5% of deaths in patients with diabetes. In Egypt hepatitis C virus the commonest of cirrhosis here has a prevalence of 9.8% in the population with the greatest burden over national health care bills. Patient...

Study of TA-NIC to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of the Vaccine as an Aid to Smoking Cessation

Over 1 billion people worldwide smoke, resulting in an estimated 4 million deaths annually from smoking-related disease.1 Persistent and long-term smoking leads to an increased risk of cardiovascular damage, respiratory disease, and a higher incidence of a variety of cancers; but for smokers who can quit there is an immediate and significant beneficial impact on their health and life expectancy. Cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death in the United Stat...

Study of Chlorhexidine as the Hub Antiseptic to Prevent Catheter Related Infections in Newborn Infants

The purpose of this study is to prevent catheter-related infections in newborn infants admitted to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). This study will compare the effectiveness of daily chlorhexidine versus isopropyl alcohol in preventing the growth of microbes in catheters.

Children With Asthma in New Orleans After Hurricane Katrina

This study will examine whether exposure to the increased levels of mold and other allergens in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina affect symptoms in children with asthma. It will also determine if having an asthma counselor (AC) can reduce a child s asthma symptoms in this setting. An AC helps the families in the study obtain appropriate health care, medicines and social services for their asthmatic child and instructs them about avoiding allergens and ridding allergens from...

Geography of ED Use and Population Health

The goal of this study is to create predictive models of emergency care and metrics for population health that can be used to analyze how events like hospital closures or disasters like Hurricane Sandy affect health care utilization by patients in specific populations or geographic regions. Additionally, it will allow the development of metrics for population health that can act as surveillance mechanisms to measure disease prevalence and identify patterns in emergency departme...

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Female Aneurysm Screening STudy

An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a swelling of the main blood vessel (aorta) in the abdomen. If the swelling gets too large the aorta can burst and this is usually fatal. In order to prevent rupture, AAA can be surgically repaired. This is usually carried out when the size of the AAA is more than 5.5cm in diameter as below this size, the risk of rupture is lower than the risk of surgery. AAA are usually asymptomatic before rupture but can easily and safely be diagnosed by ...

Adverse Drug Reactions With Fatal Outcome

The purpose of this study is to determine the incidence of drug-related deaths in a university hospital during the year 2015

Program of Rehabilitative Exercise and Education to Avert Vascular Events After Non-disabling Stroke or Transient Ischemic Attack: A Multi-site RCT

The objective of the Program of Rehabilitative Exercise and Education to avert Vascular Events after Non-disabling stroke and Transient ischemic attack (PREVENT) Trial is to determine whether the timely delivery of secondary stroke prevention strategies will reduce modifiable vascular risk factors in two groups of people who have survived NDS or TIA. One group will receive a comprehensive education and exercise program (PREVENT); the other group will receive usual care (USUAL ...

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