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Computer-Supported Management of Medical-Legal Issues Impacting Child Health

The investigators hypothesize that by adding a patient screening and physician alerting module to a computer-based decision support system, the investigators can improve the detection and management of legal issues that may affect children's health. this randomized controlled trial will place the module in two clinics using the CHICA decision support system and compare the rate of detection and resolution of medical-legal issues in those clinics compared to two clinics using t...


Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues Substudy in Relation to the GTEx Project

The Ethical, Legal and Social Issues Substudy in relation to the Genotype Tissue Expression Project (GTEx) aims to describe tissue requesters' approach to discussions about donation to GTEx and to assess the determinants of families' and patients' willingness to donate to GTEx. It also explores ethical issues such as privacy, risks, and release of incidental findings and recommend best practices for conducting authorizations and training requesters.

The UTHealth Medical-Legal Partnership: Improving Health by Addressing Health-Harming Legal Needs

The purpose of this study is to assess the acceptability, feasibility, and preliminary effectiveness of the UTHealth medical-legal partnerships (MLP) against usual care.

Qualitative Analysis of Hospital Executives, Physician Administrators, and Hospital Legal Counsels' Perceptions of End-of-Life Care

Interviewing hospital executives, physician administrators and hospital legal counsel who work in a hospital setting (academic, governmental, private or community hospital) about their perceptions concerning current and future end-of-life care provided in their facilities

European Organisation of Research and Treatment (EORTC) Quality of Life Questionnaire (QLQ) Breast Cancer Module Update

The purpose of this study is to update the EORTC QLQ Breast (BR)-23 Module. Since the development of BR-23 published 1996 the standard therapy of breast cancer has changed. New therapies brought new side effects and different impact on QoL (quality of life) are not sufficiently covered by EORTC QLQ BR-23 and an update of the module could be useful, both from clinical and scientific point of view.

Discharge Planning Assessment of Family Needs

It is well established within pediatric and neonatal medicine that social and traditionally "non-medical" aspects of the home environment and conditions after discharge influence neonatal health both in the acute and long-term setting. Government programs and laws exist that are designed for the provision of basic pediatric health needs. Unfortunately, deficits in obtaining those services lead to preventable poor health outcomes. Hospital social workers and discharge planner...

Advanced Care Planning Using the Five Wishes Document in Young Patients With Metastatic, Recurrent, or Progressive Cancer or HIV Disease

RATIONALE: Evaluating a planning tool that helps young patients with advanced cancer develop an advance directive may be useful in addressing end-of-life issues. PURPOSE: This clinical trial is evaluating use of the Five Wishes document to develop an advance directive in young patients with metastatic, recurrent, or progressive cancer, or HIV disease.

Identification of Biomarkers in the Legal Medical Skin Wounds

Identify the cytokine or combination of cytokines, with the best diagnostic performance to characterize the vital nature of a skin wound in the body.

Housing Prescriptions as Health Care

Housing Prescriptions as Health Care is a research project studying the effects of an innovative intervention that combines services across the health, housing, social and legal service sectors in order to improve housing stability and child health outcomes among participants. The housing intervention developed for this study specifically addresses issues including families who are: paying more than 50 percent of income on rent or utilities, moving frequently, experiencing home...

Evaluation of of a Prefixed 50% N2O- 50%O2 Mixture in Legal Abortion Under Local Analgesia

To evaluate effectiveness of a prefixed 50% N2O- 50%O2 mixture in legal abortion under paracervical block.

Methods to Improve Preventative Care Uptake

The proposed study examines whether providing patients with information on the incentives for following the preventative care guidelines available through their insurance has an impact on the update of these preventative services.

Care Ecosystem: Navigating Patients and Families Through Stages of Care

This is a 3 year clinical trial evaluating the benefits of a program that supports model care for patients with dementia and their family caregivers. Subjects will be recruited from several sites in San Francisco. Subjects determined to be eligible will be consented and randomized into one of two groups. Two thirds of patients will be enrolled into Navigated Care that provides them with assistance in meeting important benchmarks in their care, for example completion of legal...

Study of the Social and Psychological Consequences of ICU Hospitalization

Patients are admitted to intensive care for serious diseases (sepsis, ARDS ...) burdened with a high mortality rate. Invasive methods of resuscitation and the diseases treated can lead to serious sequelae. Follow-up studies of patients at hospital discharge report most often the quality of life using validated quantitative scales. A recent consensus of the American Society of resuscitation an update on the physical, cognitive and psychological sequelae of ICU hospitalization fo...

Therapeutic Intervention Code in a Cognitive Geriatric Unit

The diagnostic and therapeutic progresses, associated with modifications in lifestyle and socio-cultural level of populations, have led to a remarkable increase in life expectancy. At the same time, the increasing medicalization of the individual has eroded the traditional boundaries between health and illness, normal and pathological state. This leads to the patient losing his sense of ownership of his own death. If most patients died at home before the Second World War, 75% o...

A Randomised Controlled Trial of Neuroprotection With Lamotrigine in Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

A present there is no safe treatment for reducing rate at which disability worsens in people with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. Recent research has suggested the possibility that drugs that act by blocking the entry of sodium into nerve cells can protect nerve fibres in the brain and spinal cord. In this trial, the investigators will test whether one such drug, called lamotrigine, can prevent damage to nerve fibres and reduce the rate at which MS worsens. The peri...

Holy Name Progressive Mobility in the ICU

Despite the known complications of immobility for ICU patients, compliance to mobility protocols is lacking in many institutions. Significant barriers have been described to compliance to up in chair and weight bearing orders in the ICU. Recent studies indicate that if progressive mobility is performed for acutely ill ICU patients they may have a reduced ICU length of stay, reduced overall hospital length of stay, incur lower hospital costs, and reduce the rate of some medical...

Trial of Valproic Acid in Patients With Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) is a relentlessly progressive neurodegenerative disorder, clinically characterized by parkinsonism with prominent axial involvement and postural instability, bulbar symptoms, supranuclear ophthalmoplegia, and executive dysfunction. Abnormal neuronal and glial tau aggregations affecting the basal ganglia and selective brainstem structures result in dysfunction of the five frontosubcortical circuits and brainstem functions. There is no effecti...

Access, Use and Opinions of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services of People With Progressive MS in the UK.

This survey will investigate the views of people with progressive MS in terms of physiotherapy services. In particular the study will examine the proportion of people with progressive MS on the MS register who use physiotherapy services, how worthwhile they think it is for them and how they would like their physiotherapy to be delivered. This survey will also explore how physiotherapy services for people with progressive MS varies across the UK and what other types of rehabili...

Increasing the Uptake of Advanced Directives in SingHealth Polyclinics

An Advanced Medical Directive (AMD) is a legal document in Singapore that allows one to inform their medical practitioner that they do not want any life-sustaining treatment should they become unconscious and terminally ill where death is imminent. Despite the AMD act being passed in Singapore Parliament in 1996, uptake remains low among the population. Several intervention studies have shown that education and communication can be effective in promoting end-of-life discussion ...

Progressing Home Health Rehabilitation for Older Adults

This research study explores the effects of a progressive, multi-component intervention following a stay in the hospital or rehabilitation facility. The purpose of this research study is to compare a multi-component intervention (higher intensity exercise, nutritional supplementation, and greater emphasis on functionally enhanced care transitions) with usual care physical therapy.

IssuEs in Palliative Care for People in Advanced and Terminal Stages of Young-onset and Late-Onset Dementia in GErmany

From a scientific view, palliative care issues in dementia are neglected in Germany. Neither in Germany nor internationally research has been conducted on palliative care issues in young onset dementia (YOD), although significant differences compared to late onset dementia (LOD) are expected. Most international studies have focused on patients in long term care (LTC) facilities but have neglected patients that are cared for at home. We hypothesize that in advanced and terminal ...

Nutrition Intervention in AIDS Wasting

There are no guidelines for appropriate nutritional management of weight loss or wasting in HIV infection. Some treatments may increase weight, but without improving muscle mass or quality of life. In this clinical trial AIDS patients with wasting are randomized to one of three nutritional strategies and studied over a 12-week period: 1) optimal oral nutrition with counseling and protein and calorie supplementation, and a placebo pill; 2) optimal oral nutrition with the oral ...

Perspectives on End-of-Life Care for Medically-Fragile Children and Young Adults

Hattie Larlham is a specialized long-term care facility for pediatric and young adult residents who are medically fragile and intellectually disabled, whose daily care is provided by direct care staff, Habilitation Assistants (HA), in conjunction with nurses and other direct care providers. The purpose of this study is to assess the perspectives of HA and parents/legal guardians on end-of-life care in a long-term care facility for pediatric and young adult residents who are me...

Progressive Resistance Training in Patients With Class III Obesity

To test the strength and physical performance outcomes of a 12-week progressive resistance training (PRT) exercise program in a small cohort of patients with Class III obesity who are preparing for bariatric weight loss surgery at Beth Israel Deaconess. The study will also test patient compliance to the 12 week PRT program. Whereas PRT exercise is currently recommended as a part of preoperative clinical care for bariatric surgery patients, little research has been done to measu...

Transversal, Controlled and Not Randomized Study, Laying on the Desire of Children and Eating Disorders in a Population of Infertile Women

In France , 15% of couples seek help for problems conceiving . In 10% of cases, infertility remains " unexplained" . Among the causes of female infertility , there are the eating disorders, as well as sexual disorders , these two cases may be linked. In addition, data from the literature seem to suggest that beyond a diagnosis of eating disorders, the feeding behavior of infertile women is more often disturbed than the general population. Moreover, the notions of desire for a c...

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