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Ovarian Hormones and Suicide Risk

This within-person, crossover, 3-condition, placebo-controlled study compares the impact of three perimenstrual conditions on severity of suicidal symptoms in females with past-month suicidality but minimal risk of imminent suicide attempt. The three conditions are (1) perimenstrual withdrawal from estradiol only (during progesterone stabilization), (2) perimenstrual withdrawal from progesterone only (during estradiol stabilization), and (3) perimenstrual withdrawal from both e...

Contraception Initiation Feasibility in the Pediatric ED

Many adolescents using the pediatric emergency department (ED) are at higher risk for unintended pregnancy. This is a significant public health issue and hormonal contraception is the mainstay of prevention. Many barriers to hormonal contraception exist and other studies have demonstrated that referral from the ED for hormonal contraception leads to poor follow up. This study will be a pilot study to assess the feasibility of two implementation strategies for initiating ...

EQUIP Emergency: Promoting Health Equity for Indigenous and Non-Indigenous People in Emergency Departments

Emergency Departments (EDs) in Canada often operate over-capacity and are under significant pressures. In this environment, particular groups of people experience inadequate and inequitable treatment in EDs, including Indigenous people, racialized newcomers, people with mental illnesses, those living in unstable housing or facing homelessness, experiencing interpersonal violence or using substances, and people involved in sex work. Stigma and discrimination in health care deter...

The Intervention With Microfinance for AIDS and Gender Equity (IMAGE) Study

The IMAGE Study is a cluster randomised trial of a structural intervention for the prevention of HIV and gender based violence being conducted in South Africa.

Pathways for Health Equity Quality Improvement Strategy

The PATHWAYS for Health Equity research program builds on the 5-year FORGE AHEAD Indigenous diabetes quality improvement research program (2013 - 2017). PATHWAYS for Health Equity, a 3-year research program (2017 - 2019), is a great opportunity to continue our important collaborative diabetes quality improvement research with an increasing number of Indigenous partnering communities and researchers and key stakeholders (collaborators, policymakers and knowledge-users). Four pa...

Outpatient Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

The purpose of this study is to compare a fixed-schedule therapy versus a symptom-triggered therapy for alcohol withdrawal syndrome in medical outpatients. Objectives: - Self-governance in monitoring AWS (alcohol withdrawal syndrome) symptoms and medication - Clinically controlled trial of two regimens for medical treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome - Outpatient treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome

The Effect of Exercise on Acute Nicotine Withdrawal

The primary aim of this project is to test the effect of exercise on acute nicotine withdrawal. Acute nicotine withdrawal is characterized by a complex array of symptoms associated with increased risk of relapse among individuals attempting smoking cessation. The available remedies do not target all aspects of withdrawal. For example, pharmacologic treatments reduce withdrawal-based craving, but have no effect on cue-related craving, altered sleep, and mood disturbances during ...

Utility of Olanzapine in the Treatment of Opioid Withdrawal in the ED

Withdrawal from opioids is a clinical scenario that emergency department physicians encounter frequently. Patients who present with opioid withdrawal display symptoms such as agitation, anxiety, myalgias, abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. Currently, the standard treatment for opioid withdrawal is clonidine (an alpha-2 adrenergic agonist), as well as supportive cares (anti-emetics, intravenous fluids). Olanzapine is an atypical antipsychotic that is given frequentl...

9 Minutes for Colonoscopy Withdrawal

A withdrawal time of at least 6 minutes has been considered to be necessary to guarantee the adenoma detection rate and the critical quality criterion of colonoscopy. However, several large observational investigations demonstrated that 9 minutes will be in favor of higher adenoma detection rate and lower risk of interval colorectal cancer, when compared with 6-minute withdrawal. Meanwhile, a few studies also indicated that no significant benefit were observed in longer withdra...

A Pilot Study Evaluating Nicotine Lozenges and Self Help

The investigators are hypothesizing that by offering both self-help materials and mailed nicotine lozenges we will be able to help increase tobacco abstinence rates among ST users, as well as decrease tobacco withdrawal.

Treatment of Alcohol Withdrawal in Hospital Patients

The purpose of this study is to test how tolerable and effective lorazepam is when used to treat alcohol withdrawal in hospital patients at risk for alcohol withdrawal.

Ibudilast and Withdrawal-Related Dysphoria

Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is a prevalent and disabling psychiatric disorder with few, and only moderately efficacious, treatment options. Consequently, the identification of novel treatment targets and the development of rigorous laboratory paradigms to screen and optimize novel therapeutics represents a research priority. Ibudilast (IBUD) is a neuroimmune modulator that inhibits phosphodiesterase-4 and -10 and macrophage migration inhibitory factor. Recently in an AUD sample,...

Lowering Total Immunosuppressive Load in Renal Transplant Recipients More Than 12 Months Posttransplant

To compare the change in renal function between CsA or MMF withdrawal from before to 12 months after drug withdrawal in renal transplant recipients on triple immunosuppressive therapy

Impact of Ibis on Patients With Advanced COPD

The purpose of this research is to determine if Ibis™, a digital therapeutics solution developed by Senscio Systems, reduces the emergency room visits and hospitalizations of patients with COPD.

Signs and Symptoms of Opioid-associated Iatrogenic Withdrawal in Critically Ill Adults

Mechanically ventilated critically ill adults may require prolonged administration of opioids to facilitate ventilator support and maintain comfort. The prolonged use has been associated with withdrawal symptoms upon rapid weaning in critically ill patients, known as the opioid-associated withdrawal syndrome (OIWS). Such withdrawal symptoms are well described in the paediatric population, however there is a lack of information in the adult population. Currently there is no beds...

HDL Acute Lipid Optimization in Homozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia

Assess the effect on coronary atheroma of serial infusions of autologous selectively delipidated HDL/preβ enriched plasma following use of HDL Therapeutics PDS-2™ System

Tanglewood to Table: A Walking Farmer's Market Group and Control

This program encourages community members to walk approximately 1 mile to the Whitesburg Farmers Market each Thursday or Saturday. The study aims to determine if walking to the market to receive vouchers improve health outcomes beyond controls who receive nutrition education.

Medico-Economic Comparison of Four Strategies of Radioiodine Ablation in Thyroid Carcinoma Patients

In France, 3,700 new cases of thyroid cancer are diagnosed each year. Differentiated thyroid carcinoma represents more than 90% of all thyroid cancers; and has a 10-year survival of 90-95% of patients. This favorable prognosis is the result of an effective primary therapy, which consists of a total thyroidectomy that is followed by radio-iodine ablation with 3,7GBq (100mCi) in case of significant risk of persistent disease. Few centers investigated the possibility to administer...

The Effect of Valproate on Benzodiazepine Withdrawal Severity

The aim of this study is to determine whether valproate is effective in the treatment of benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms in subjects receiving maintenance treatment for opiate dependence.

Observational, Non-Interventional, Prospective, Post Market Surveillance & Post Market Clinical Follow up, International, Medical Registry to Confirm the Safety and the Performance of the Anecova Intra Uterine Culture Device

This study is designed to generate a comprehensive survey of the use on the market of the Anecova device within its intended indications according to the Instructions For Use. The Anecova Registry is part of the Anecova quality system, to enable the Post Marketing Surveillance and the Post Market Clinical Follow-up.

Effect of Ondansetron for Withdrawal Symptoms

We hope to determine whether Ondansetron, an anti-nausea medication, works to help relieve withdrawal symptoms experienced while the patient is being weaned off opioid medications. This medication has shown anecdotal evidence of being affective for the treatment of withdrawal symptoms and we hope to determine whether this is affective.

Pregabalin for Opiate Withdrawal Syndrome

It is a single blind randomized symptom triggered study to assess efficacy and safety of pregablin combined with the symptom triggered treatment for opiate withdrawal syndrome vs. clonidne with the same with the symptom triggered treatment for opiate withdrawal syndrome.

MP Diagnostics HTLV Blot 2.4 Post-Market Clinical Study

The purpose of this study is to assess the performance of the HTLV Blot 2.4 from patients with the following conditions: infected with HTLV and neurological conditions with symptoms similar to HTLV infection.

An Algorithmic Approach to Ventilator Withdrawal at the End of Life

The proposed study is an important, under-investigated area of ICU care for terminally ill patients undergoing terminal ventilator withdrawal. The proposed research has relevance to public health because an algorithmic approach to the ventilator withdrawal process will enhance clinicians' ability to conduct the process while assuring patient comfort, using opioids and/or benzodiazepines effectively.

Effects of Buspirone in Opiate Withdrawal

Dependence on heroin is a major public health problem because of its association with criminality, law enforcement costs and healthcare costs. Managed withdrawal is a required first step for a long term drug-free treatment of heroin addicts. Methadone and clonidine have been the mainstay of treatment for the relief of heroin withdrawal symptoms but both have limitations. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of buspirone in the alleviation of the withdrawal ...

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