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Paid Price Information on Image and Procedure Ordering Rates

The investigators' study seeks to explore the impact of price information on physicians' ordering behavior and care quality. The investigators will evaluate the impact of the physician price transparency initiative at Atrius Health (ATRIUS) on rate of overall procedure and test orders, clinically inappropriate orders, and appropriate orders. Ultimately, this study will help stakeholders understand the degree to which price information can help improve the value of healthcare.

Meals-for-Moms: Experimental Grocery Store Study

This is a study about how the price of foods affects food buying choices at the grocery store. The price of foods can have a big impact on what people choose to buy and prices change over time. This study is being done to see how changes in food prices affect what mothers choose for their families.

Food-for-Families: Experimental Grocery Store Study

This is a study about how the price of foods affects buying choices at the grocery store. The price of foods can have a big impact on what people choose to buy and prices change over time. This study is being done to see how changes in food prices affect what mothers choose for their families.

Intrastromal Correction of Ametropia by a Femtosecond Laser

This study evaluates the intrastromal correction of ametropia with a femtosecond laser made by 20/10 PERFECT VISION. This laser generates a beam of ultrashort, infrared pulses which enables very precise cuts in the cornea. By these cuts lamellae of the cornea are separated locally, and in the consequence the curvature of the cornea is changed, and the correction of the diagnosed ametropia can be achieved. On the contrary to cuts which are generated with a sharp knife, the cuts ...

Fast Food Photo Study

The investigators aim to discover if people of different demographic levels are more or less attentive to changes in calorie information vs. changes in price information on a restaurant menu. The investigators will record whether the calorie/price change was noticed or not, as well as how quickly the calorie/price change was noticed, depending on condition and individual differences.

Trial Comparing Cosmetic Outcomes of Pediatric Laceration Closure Using Skin Glue, Medical Tape Versus Stitches

There are several methods of closing a skin cut: stitches, skin glue, and medical tape. Stitches have been used for a long time to close skin cuts. Skin glue (invented in the 1970s) and medical tape (invented in the 1960s) are two newer methods to close skin cuts. The purpose of this study is to find out which method (stitches, skin glue, or medical tape) of closing skin cuts results in the least amount of scarring. Other things we will be looking at are which method is the che...

IN Ketamine vs IN Midazolam and Fentanyl for Laceration Repair

Often, repair of the cuts (laceration repair) proves to be traumatic for the children and the parents. Nasal spray (Intranasal/IN) approaches for procedural pain reduction, such as during dental work, have been demonstrated to make drug administration painless and well tolerated. We are comparing IN ketamine to IN midazolam and fentanyl for pain and reducing anxiety during repair of cuts in children.

Do Taxes Reduce the Purchasing of Soda?

The study will take place at a cafe managed by university dining services and is located in a university building adjacent to the psychology building. The cafe sells sugar-sweetened beverages and a variety of diet drinks. The campus dining services and the manager of the cafe have given investigators permission to "tax" their sugar sweetened beverages and will provide their sales data for a 12 week period. The investigators will introduce four arms to the experiment. One arm w...

Optimal Human Dose for GII.2 Norovirus (Snow Mountain) Challenge Studies

This is a phase I, randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled safety, illness, and infection study of a new experimental human challenge stock of the Norovirus genogroup II, genotype 2 (GII.2) isolate designated Snow Mountain virus (SMV). The primary objectives are to evaluate the safety and reactogenicity of the norovirus GII.2 challenge stock and to determine a safe and optimal challenge dose of GII.2 Snow Mountain norovirus to achieve illness in a high proportion of subjec...

Comparison Between Two Operational Techniques for Total Knee Replacement

Advance Knee osteoarthritis is treated by Total knee replacement. Since the first TKR in 1973 there has been continuous advance in implant technology as well as operative technique, yet current patient satisfaction after the procedure is accepted to be about 80%. There are a few operative techniques to perform TKR. Until recently the most common technique is the anterior approach to the knee and then using mechanical instrumentation to make the bone cuts for the femur and tibi...

Analysis of the Osteogenic Potential of Multipotent Cells From Different Anatomical Regions

The aim of hip replacement surgery is to re-establish the physiological hip function and to obtain a stable fixation between the prosthetic components and the native bone. Commonly, the fixation is obtained by bone ingrowth between the prosthesis and the native bone. Thus, the quality of the patient's bone stock is essential to achieve this aim. However, several clinical conditions may impair the bone stock; therefore, in these cases bone grafts are necessary to improve the pro...

Anterior Referencing Versus Posterior Referencing in Minimally Invasive Total Knee Arthroplasty

The purpose of this study is to look at two different referencing systems for total knee replacement surgery. In anterior referencing system, referencing cuts are made from the front surface of the femur. This allows for a more exact cut. The anterior referencing system is more difficult for the surgeon to use. This may increase surgery time. Posterior referencing, on the other hand, references cuts from the back of the femur. The posterior referencing system is quick and...

Influence of the Different Ways of Appendix Stump Closure on Patient Outcome in Laparoscopic Appendectomy

During laparoscopic appendectomy, the base of the appendix is usually secured by an endoloop ligature or the stapler. Non-absorbable plastic hem-o-lok clip was shown as an alternative technique with which laparoscopic appendectomy was done faster and cheaper than the standard techniques. However, biocompatibility of different materials udes in securing the base of appendix is different. It was observed that stapler's clips made by titanium caused the mildest inflammatory reacti...

The INCREASE Study - Delaying the Onset of Alzheimer's Symptomatic Expression

The study will examine the impact on cognitive reserve of a pharmacist-physician patient-centered medication therapy management intervention to address inappropriate medication use as identified by the Beers 2015 list. By bolstering cognitive reserve, this project will directly address the National Alzheimer's Project Act 2015 priorities serving to delay onset of symptoms in preclinical dementia. The results of this study will provide valuable insights on how to expand this int...

Intranasal Ketamine for Procedural Sedation in Pediatric Laceration Repair

The purpose of this study is to compare how well three different doses of ketamine, given as a spray into the nose, help to sedate children and help them tolerate repairs of cuts on their faces.

Evaluation of a Short Femoral Stem in Total Hip Arthroplasty

In recent years, short femoral stems have been introduced. Short stems are designed based on traditional stems with good clinical results. The assumed benefit of short stems is that they are easier to use in mini-invasive surgery, and that preservation of proximal periprosthetic bone stock is better. Preservation of periprosthetic bone in the proximal femur is thought to secure long time anchoring of the implant, and reduce the risk of loosening. In addition, a good proximal bo...

Antibiotic Prophylaxis for Simple Hand Lacerations

Research Question: In emergency department patients with simple hand cuts, do prophylactic antibiotics reduce the risk of wound infections?

Experimental Study to Assess Interventions Aimed at Improving the Equity Impact of Community-Based Health Insurance

The purpose of this study is to assesses interventions aimed at improving the distributional impact of a community based health insurance scheme in rural India.

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Development of Novel Designed Force Plate for Measuring the Balance Ability for the Elders

To develop a force plate with a proper computing algorithm that can be used in the average household as well as within community care centers. An affordable price range will also be necessary.

Vouchers to Promote Tdap Vaccination

This study is a small-scale randomized, placebo-controlled factorial trial of two interventions to increase Tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap) immunization rates among infant caregivers. Specifically, the trial will compare a full cost vs. $5 Tdap voucher with or without an educational video.

The Use of 3D Printing in Orbital Fractures

The study is a prospective randomized longitudinal clinical study to compare pre-adapted patient-specific orbital implants utilizing an office-based 3-D printer versus standard non-adapted orbital implants (the latter being the traditional approach and current standard of care).

Effectiveness of Iron-Fortified Milk on Iron Status and Anemia in Young Children in Mexico

Iron deficiency and anemia in infants and young children impair neurodevelopment. Efficacious interventions for reducing the prevalences of iron deficiency and anemia, under controlled conditions, are available. However, little information is published about the effectiveness of large-scale programs. Objective. Assess the effectiveness on iron deficiency and anemia in young children of a large-scale program that provides iron fortified milk at a subsidized price to low inco...

Kids' Choice Restaurant Program

This study will introduce healthy child menu items into 8 independent full service restaurants in San Diego County. The restaurants will be assigned either to receive new, healthy kids' menu items or to receive the new menu items in addition to marketing materials and staff trainings to support promotion of these new menu items. The primary outcome for the study is sales of kids' menu items. Additional customer observation and interview data will be collected, as well as man...

Reducing Anemia Through Food Fortification at Scale

Anemia is the most common form of malnutrition, affecting approximately 1.6 billion people world-wide. Most commonly caused by iron deficiency, its adverse effects include increased mortality (especially during childbirth), impaired cognitive development among children, chronic fatigue, and reduced lifetime earnings. While iron deficiency is the main cause of anemia worldwide, its etiology is complex and it can also be caused by an insufficient intake of other micronutrients su...

Safety and Efficacy of CJ-50300 in Healthy Volunteers

The currently available stock of smallpox vaccine would be insufficient in the face of an incident of smallpox attack. Thus, new manufacturing methods for smallpox vaccine are urgently needed because previous manufacturing methods using calf lymph are no longer acceptable in the view of current standards. Recently, CJ corporation in Republic of Korea has developed cell-culture derived smallpox vaccine (CJ-50300) which was manufactured by infecting MRC-5 cells. The aim of this c...

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