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Teacher Anxiety Program for Elementary Students

The purpose of the study is to compare two teacher trainings developed to assist elementary students who struggle with excessive anxiety. The goal of both teacher trainings is to improve teachers' knowledge and skills for identifying and assisting students with excessive anxiety. The first training program is called TAPES (Teacher Anxiety Program for Elementary Students) and involves a 6 hour teacher training. Teachers in this training program will implement anxiety reduction s...


Comparison Study of 'Virtual Teacher' Support for Rehabilitation After Stroke.

The aim of the project is to assess whether the continuous visualization of on-line teacher in virtual reality (VR) is effective for the improvement of upper limb motor function, in stroke patients.

An Integrative Approach to Improve Child Outcomes Through Research-based Parent and Teacher Interventions

The purpose of this study is to learn whether a combination of two research-proven programs, a responsive caregiving parenting program and a teacher training program, will have an effect on infants' and toddlers' language, cognitive, social-emotional, and self-regulation skills. The interventions are designed to specifically target parent use of a responsive, stimulating caregiving style in the home in combination with teacher instructional practices and the use of a responsive...

Evaluation of the IY TCM Program in Norwegian School and Day-care Settings

The purpose of this study is to evaluate whether training teacher and staff in the Incredible Years (IY) Teacher Classroom Management (TCM) program reduce behavior problems and promote social competence in student aged 6-8 years (school) and in children aged 3-6 year (day-care). To examine group differences from baseline to 8-9 months after, a quasi-experimental control group design with pre- and post-measurements was used.

Teacher Help for Children and Youth With Mental Health Disorders

Teachers are increasingly faced with classrooms of students whose needs require support far beyond what traditional teacher-training programs prepare educators to provide. The presence of students with greater challenges in classrooms is due in part to the move to a full inclusion model of education and also to the rising epidemic of mental health disorders in youth. Mental health problems affect up to one million Canadian youth and their families. However, few of these individ...

Pilot Optimization Trial of Decision Partnering Intervention for Advanced Cancer Family Caregivers

Using a highly innovative methodology, the Multiphase Optimization Strategy (MOST), the purpose of this study is to pilot test, for the first time, an optimization trial approach to develop and refine the decision partnering skills of family caregivers of persons with newly-diagnosed advanced cancer. Using a 2x2x2 full factorial design, 40 family caregivers of persons with newly-diagnosed advanced cancer will be randomized to receive one or more nurse coach-delivered decision p...

Pathways for Health Equity Quality Improvement Strategy

The PATHWAYS for Health Equity research program builds on the 5-year FORGE AHEAD Indigenous diabetes quality improvement research program (2013 - 2017). PATHWAYS for Health Equity, a 3-year research program (2017 - 2019), is a great opportunity to continue our important collaborative diabetes quality improvement research with an increasing number of Indigenous partnering communities and researchers and key stakeholders (collaborators, policymakers and knowledge-users). Four pa...

Program Evaluation of an In-school Daily Physical Activity Initiative

The school system is one setting in which children's physical activity levels may be increased through daily physical activity (DPA) policies and initiatives. Adherence to DPA policies is typically poor and results are limited in regard to the associated benefits for participating children. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to evaluate a range of psychosocial outcomes following a community-led, in-school DPA initiative for 9-14 year old children and youth. This program e...

Improving Partnerships With Family Members of ICU Patients

The purpose of this study is to improve the outcomes of critically ill older patients and the health outcomes of their families by capacitating and partnering with families in optimizing patient/family centered care.

Virtual Task in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Thirty individuals with ALS (18 men and 12 women, mean age 59 years, range 44-74 years), and 30 healthy controls matched for age and gender, participated. Individuals with ALS and from the control group were randomly divided into three groups, each using a different communication device systems (Kinect®, Leap Motion Controller® or touchscreen) to perform two task phases (acquisition and retention). Performance was then explored in a third phase (transfer) by switching devices...

Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT): Randomized Control Trial

This study is being conducted to evaluate the effects of TCIT on child development, child behavior, and teacher use of skills in the classroom.

Expanding the Click City Tobacco Prevention Program to Include E-cigarettes and Other Novel Tobacco Products

The overarching goal of the proposed Phase II research is to demonstrate the short-term effectiveness of the modification of an existing, effective, computer-based, tobacco prevention program, Click City®: Tobacco, to prevent the initiation of e-cig use among youth. A secondary goal is to modify the program to increase marketability by expanding the range of devices on which the program can be delivered (e.g., tablets to desktops), simplifying the student user interface, and ...

Parent Engagement Package: Initial Testing of Strategies to Increase Participation in Parenting Interventions

This study evaluated the effectiveness of strategies for engaging parents into parenting programs. Engagement strategies included a booklet showing testimonial quotes and photos from prior participants, a recommendation to attend for the child's teacher, and a motivational call from the parenting program provider. It was hypothesized that the combination of engagement strategies would increase attendance at a parenting intervention compared to receiving only a promotional broch...

Physical Activity Across the Curriculum (PAAC 3):Teacher vs. Remotely Delivered Classroom Physical Activity Breaks

The study is designed to compare two methods of delivering short (~10 min) physical activity breaks that will occur during the regular school day for 3 years. Schools will be randomized to deliver physical activity breaks led by either the regular classroom teacher or by a remote instructor through a video in the classroom. Both delivery methods will promote a variety of whole body movements using large muscle groups. The schools will not be able to choose which group (regular ...

City of Rochester Teen Outreach Program (TOP™) Evaluation

As part of a 5-year national effort to reduce teen pregnancy, the University of Rochester is partnering with the City of Rochester Department of Recreation and Youth Services to evaluate the City's replication of the Teen Outreach Program (TOP™) for 11-14 year old youth registered at 11 selected Recreation Centers (RCs). A youth development program with demonstrated efficacy to reduce teen pregnancy, school failure and drop-out rates, TOP™ has never been studied in RCs. Adv...

Translational Health After School Program on Health-Related Knowledge/Behaviors and Exercise Perception

The aim of this study is to examine the effects of a translational health in nutrition and kinesiology (THINK) after school program on physical variables, nutrition and exercise knowledge base/behaviors, and exercise enjoyment and confidence. Partnering with the YMCA investigators in the Kinesiology and Sport Sciences department at the University of Miami will set up the after-school THINK program offered three afternoons per week for nine months in two experimental and two co...

Effectiveness of Behavioral Preschool Teacher Training

A cluster randomized controlled pre-post effectiveness trial of behavioral preschool teacher training (BPTT) delivered in a practitioner assisted group format for children with externalizing behavior problems. Preschools were randomized to either intervention in 25 preschools or as 22 waiting list control preschools, where teachers in preschool classes with the target child or children were program receivers. Participants were 100 target children 3-5 years old together with 72 ...

Interdisciplinary Study of Arm Rehabilitation After Stroke

This study is about arm and hand recovery after a stroke. The investigators are testing an experimental arm therapy called Accelerated Skill Acquisition Program (ASAP) which combines challenging, intensive and meaningful practice of tasks of the participant's choice compared to two standard types of therapy (usual and customary arm therapy totaling 30 hours and usual and customary arm therapy for a duration indicated on the therapy prescription). A second objective is to char...

The Impact of Teacher Nonverbal Behaviors on Children's Intergroup Attitudes and Mental Health

Researchers in education have found that teachers often differ in their nonverbal behaviors toward children from different social groups and these behaviors correlate with achievement gaps and academic stereotypes about the groups. Early elementary school, when achievement gaps first emerge, is also the time when White, majority children begin to show group-level biases, and when racial minority children are able to detect discrimination and experience anxiety related to their ...

Evaluation of the Media Detective Program for Elementary School-Aged Children to Prevention Substance Use

The purpose of this study was to determine whether a media literacy education program taught be teacher to late elementary school students (grades 3-5) positively affected students' critical thinking skills and substance use-related health outcomes.

A Multi-Method Early Intervention Program for Inhibited and Anxious Preschoolers

This project aims to develop and evaluate a novel early intervention program that targets the specific risk factors implicated in the development and persistence of shyness, social reticence, and withdrawal in children. The project includes a program development phase, Phase I (pilot test of full study procedures using developed treatment protocol), and Phase II (randomized controlled trial/RCT). Outcomes that will be assessed include change in child behavioral inhibition and p...

Assessing the Performance of Lotrafilcon A Lenses During a Three Month Period

This trial will aim to assess lotrafilcon A lenses, in terms of comfort and symptoms, that include the following upgrades: the addition of Copolymer 845 (Co845) as a conditioning packaging saline additive, an inversion marking in the form of the letters 'OK', and a visibility tint.

Evaluation of Lotrafilcon A Upgrade Lenses Over a Three Month Period

This trial will aim to assess lotrafilcon A lenses that include the following upgrades: the addition of Copolymer 845 (Co845) as a conditioning packaging saline additive, an inversion marking in the form of the letters 'OK', and a visibility tint.

Cardiac MRI for Optimal Heart Failure Outcomes With CRT Upgrades

This study will investigate the use of cardiac MRI in patients with standard ICDs and pacemakers to inform how cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT) can best be implemented in these patient and which patients are the best candidates for CRT.

Translational Obesity Research

The proposed project takes an innovative approach to childhood obesity prevention, for which there currently no evidence-based programs, and for which results of current trials have produced mainly short-term or disappointing effects. The aim of this project is to adapt and revise parts of two nationally recognized programs for drug prevention for use with children in grades 4-6 with the express purpose of obesity prevention. The current study will attempt to promote emotion re...

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