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Does the Embryo Transfer Technique Affect the Success of in Vitro Fertilization?

Prospective, open, randomized, parallel, two-arm trial to compare the clinical pregnancy rate between most commonly used two embryo transfer techniques: trial followed by transfer technique and afterloading technique

Master Preceptor Fellowship Program: A Pilot Study

The Master Preceptor Fellowship Pilot Study is a prospective cohort study that is being conducted to measure changes in participant knowledge, teaching efficacy, leadership skills, job satisfaction and quality of life.

Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening in Women Under the Age of 36 Years With Single Embryo Transfer

BACKGROUND: Single-embryo transfer is a well-accepted strategy to avoid multiple pregnancies in an assisted reproductive technology programme. The selection of the embryo with the highest implantation potential is a crucial step. Besides the morphological quality and embryo kinetics up to the blastocyst stage, pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) of aneuploidy has been advocated as an adjuvant approach by which to select the right embryo for transfer. METHODS: Couple...

Study Comparing Outcomes Between Conventional IVF and a "Freeze-all"-Strategy in Assisted Reproductive Technology

The purpose of this study is to compare conventional fresh embryo transfer with a "freeze all and transfer later strategy" in assisted reproductive technology in terms of ongoing pregnancy rates, live birth rates as well as perinatal outcomes.

Patient Transfer Monitoring System in Hospital Using Mobile IoT Technology

This trial is multi-center prospective study to develop Patient Transfer Monitoring system using mobile lot network and the Risk Factor Detection System and apply to real In-Hospital Patients and verify the efficacy.

PooR Embryo Yield Cleavage Stage Versus blaStocyst Embryo Transfer

The purpose of this study is to compare IVF outcomes between day 3 and day 5 embryo transfer in patients with five or fewer embryos in a fresh embryo transfer in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. Information derived from this trial would allow us to maximize the chances of success for these patients undergoing IVF.

Pilot Study to Assess the Quantitative Dermal Transfer Efficiencies of Solids for Multiple Transfer Pathways

Dermal transfer efficiency has been defined as the amount of material that moves from one surface to another following contact. The investigators propose to measure dermal transfer efficiency for the following pathways: (1) object to skin, (2) skin to skin, (3) skin to mouth, (4) clothing to skin, (5) gloves to skin, and (6) air to skin. First, the quantitative dermal transfer will be measured for the two selected test substances (lead, Tinopal) for each of these six pathways....

Cleave-stage Transfer on Day 3 Versus Day 5 Transfer When Only One Embryo Available

When only one embryo is available after in vitro fertilization, the option is to transfer either day 3 or day 5. There is no randomized trial compared the day 3 to day 5 for this subgroup.

Trans Alveolar Pressure Measurement as an Index for Lung Recruitment.

the study is conducted on hypoxic adult patients underwent open heart surgery after arrival to the intensive care unit and stabilization of patients' hemodynamics to assess the efficacy of transalveolar pressure measurement as an index for lung recruitment.

Clinical Effectiveness of Frozen Thawed Embryo Transfer Compared to Fresh Embryo Transfer

The objective of the present randomized controlled study is to compare clinical effectiveness and safety of freezing all embryos followed by frozen-thawed embryo transfer (FET) compared to fresh embryo transfer, in women undergoing IVF treatment.

Preparing and Timing of the Endometrium in Modified Natural Cycle Frozen-thawed Embryo Transfers

The increasing use of FET emphasizes the importance of preparing and timing the endometrium in FET cycles, however there is no consensus on luteal phase progesterone supplementation in mNC-FET and the optimal day of blastocyst warming and transfer. The aim of this multicenter RCT is to assess the effect of progesterone supplementation in hCG-triggered mNC-FET and the effect of embryo thawing and transfer at hCG+6 or hCG+7 days, respectively. In total 604 patients will be includ...

Value of Technology to Transfer Discharge Information

The transition from hospital to home is a high-risk period in a patient’s illness. Poor communication between healthcare providers at hospital discharge is common and contributes to adverse events affecting patients after discharge. The importance of good communication at discharge will increase as more primary care providers delegate inpatient care to hospitalists. Any process that improves information transfer among providers at discharge might improve the health and safety...

The Effect of Lung Recruitment Maneuver on Postoperative Atelectasis in Children

We investigate whether the atelectasis can be prevented in the recovery room when recruitment maneuver is performed after anesthetic induction in children. In addition, we also investigated whether there will be difference in the degree of atelectasis between conventional recruitment maneuver and ultrasonography-guided lung recruitment.

Study To Evaluate Upper Arm Autologous Fat Transfer

The objective of this pilot study is to observe the utility of autologous transfer of fat collected using ultrasonic assisted liposuction into the upper arms with ultrasonic visualization.

Comparison of 5 Day Embryo Transfer With 2-3 Day Transfer in Patients With Previous In Vitro Fertilization Failure

The purpose of this study is to determine whether embryo transfer on day 3 versus day 5 shows a significant difference in implantation, clinical pregnancy, live birth, miscarriage and multiple pregnancy rates among women with at least two previous IVF failures

Independent Transfer Training

The objective of this research study is to 1) evaluate the effectiveness of web based transfer training materials for wheelchair users and 2) determine the reliability of a refined transfer assessment instrument (TAI) as completed by individuals who use wheelchairs for a majority of mobility and clinicians who score transfers in-person and remotely.

3Ps for Prevention Study (Perception, Partners, Pills)

This study has two phases. It will be conducted in one site in CT only. Phase I is to enumerate interest in PrEP uptake among young South African women exposed to a culturally-appropriate social marketing campaign. This enumeration will also serve as a recruitment strategy for a cohort with open-label PrEP access in Phase II. The cohort will assess PrEP acceptability and adherence among 200 HIV-uninfected young women who are offered open-label daily oral PrEP and randomized to ...

Embryo Transfer: Direct Versus Afterloading Trial

The purpose of this study is to evaluate two types of embryo transfer procedure. The investigators will compare direct embryo transfer against afterloading embryo transfer.

SHorter Treatment of Replacement Therapy for Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

This is a Single-centre pilot study, randomized, controlled open-label trial with the aim to assess the clinical pregnancy rate and the early pregnancy loss rate between two different schemas for frozen embryo transfer cycles stimulated with HRT. Furthermore, the investigators would like to evaluate the predictivity of pregnancy and early miscarriage by looking at the endocrinological profile (estradiol and progesterone levels) within the endometrial preparation and the day of ...

Optimal Timing For Embryo Transfer For Low Responder Patients

Women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF) therapy, who are low responder and agree to enter the trial will be randomized to a study group, for whom embryo transfer will be done on the same day as oocyte aspiration and fertilization; and a control group for whom embryo transfer will be performed 48 to 72 hours later, as is the current accepted practice.

Ventilatory Monitoring in Children With Respiratory Distress Syndrome With Electrical Impedance Tomography

INTRODUCTION: Electrical impedance tomography is a tool for noninvasive monitoring of pulmonary ventilation in real time, which is used during alveolar recruitment maneuvers in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. OBJECTIVES: To identify ventilatory and hemodynamic changes during the alveolar recruitment maneuver in children with acute respiratory distress syndrome using electrical impedance tomography. METHODS: Twenty children, aged 4 to 12 years, who present a d...

Epigenetic Safety of Assisted Reproductive Technology

The primary purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between different protocols of assisted reproductive technology and the epigenetic safety of the offspring. Different interventions of assisted reproductive technology include controlled ovarian hyperstimulation (COH), in vitro embryo culture, in vitro fertilization(IVF), intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI), frozen-thawed embryo transfer(FET), preimplantation genetic testing(PGT). The investigators are also ...

Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- Based Centralized Monitoring System of Asthma Control

The aims of this study is to evaluation of the clinical efficacy and stability of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- based centralized monitoring system of asthma control monitoring in asthma patients. We planed to enroll 100 asthma patients (50 subjects using ICT systems, 50 controls). We will monitor the asthma control status, lung function, exacerbation rate and stability of ICT systems. This study is based upon work supported by the Ministry of Trade, Industry...

New Device to Maintain the Embryo Temperature During Transfer

The embryo transfer implies transportation from the incubator where they have been at 37 ° C, to the transfer catheter inside a laminar flow hood whose working surface is also maintained at 37 ° C. . From the laboratory to the operating room the embryo is exposed to a temperature drop, and consequently thermal stress occurs, which may compromise its future viability. The aim of this study is to assess the possible improvement in the clinical results when the embryos ar...

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Based Centralized Clinical Trial Monitoring System for Drug Adherence

Immunosuppression nonadherence is associated with acute rejection and renal allograft loss in kidney transplant recipients. This study suggested information and communication technology (ICT) based centralized monitoring system for clinical trial in supporting drug adherence of kidney transplantation patients. A prospective, randomized controlled and multicenter study aims to investigate the effectiveness and stability of ICT based intervention. This study is based upon...

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