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Patient Perceptions and Willingness to Enroll in Clinical Trials

The objective of our study is to determine which factors affect willingness to participate in gynecologic oncology clinical trials. Women with a diagnosis of gynecologic malignancy will be approached to complete a survey assessing willingness to participate in clinical trials. The validated Attitudes and Randomized Trials Questionnaire (ARTQ) will be used to assess willingness to participate.

Hydroxychloroquine in Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

The purpose of this clinical trial is to determine if HCQ in a dose of 400mg daily can prevent worsening of walking ability in people PPMS. The number of participants in this study will be 35. A maximum of 42 people with PPMS will be included. The trial is funded through a private donation to the Hotchkiss Brain Institute MS Translational Clinical Trials Research Program and the University of Calgary. There is no sponsorship from the pharmaceutical industry.

ATHERO: Advanced Technology Halting Early Re-Stenosis and Occlusion

The rise of minimal access surgery has heralded the approval of a number of endovascular devices with similar indications. This is particularly true for the treatment of lower extremity ischemia. Comparable devices are selected for patient use somewhat arbitrarily, often dependent on industry influence. An unmet need is NON-industry sponsored prospective trials COMPARING devices head-to-head so that endovascular surgeons can even contemplate evidence-based device selection. At ...

The 'MADe IT' Clinical Trial: Molecular Analyses Directed Individualized Therapy for Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

The standard treatment for non-small cell lung cancer, stage IV or IIIB malignant pleural effusion is chemotherapy. The decision to use a regimen is currently determined by toxicity or by physician's preference. In this protocol, the treatment regimen will be assigned based on the patients' tumor molecular profile. A tumor molecular profile analysis will allow the physician to define a specific molecular portrait that shows the genetic basis of the tumor. This analysis results ...

DNA Analysis in Predicting Response to Antibody Therapy in Patients With Follicular Lymphoma Treated on Clinical Trials CALGB-50402 or CALGB-50701

RATIONALE: Studying samples of blood from patients with cancer in the laboratory may help doctors learn more about changes that occur in DNA and identify biomarkers related to cancer. It may also help doctors predict how well patients will respond to treatment. PURPOSE: This research study is looking at DNA in blood samples to see how well it predicts response to antibody therapy in patients with follicular lymphoma treated on clinical trials CALGB-50402 or CALGB-50701.

Personalized Smoking Cessation Tool Based on Patient Lung CT Image

Imbio is developing a Smoking Cessation Report (Report) that includes data analysis from a CT lung cancer screening exam. This randomized controlled (RCT) trial will clinically validate the Report's effectiveness at motivating smokers to call a Quitline.

Normative Value of Single Heel-rise Test in School-going Children Along With Its Inter-session Agreement

Background: Single heel-rise test (SHRT) is a method of assessing the strength and endurance of plantar-flexors manually. Single heel-rise test also known as calf rise test, is a method of assessing the strength of plantar-flexor. The test was first done to determine the integrity of calf muscle. There are few studies which has established the reliability and normative value of heel-rise test in adults. But till date, there is no documented evidence of normative value of...

Study of Blood Samples From High-Risk Postmenopausal Women Who Received Treatment on Breast Cancer Prevention Clinical Trials NSABP-P-1 or NSABP-P-2

RATIONALE: Studying the genes expressed in samples of blood from patients with cancer in the laboratory may help doctors learn more about changes that occur in DNA and identify biomarkers related to cancer. PURPOSE: This research study is looking at blood samples from high-risk postmenopausal women who received treatment on breast cancer prevention clinical trials NSABP-P-1 or NSABP-P-2.

Study Evaluating the Prevalence of Undiagnosed Psoriatic Arthritis in Patients With Plaque Psoriasis

This study aims to collect Australian data on the prevalence of undiagnosed psoriatic arthritis in patients with plaque psoriasis. In addition the study will assess disease severity and quality of life in Australian patients with psoriasis attending specialist dermatology clinics.

UNISoN: anzUp Nivo Then Ipi+Nivo in Sequential Non-clear Cell.

This study aims to evaluate the safety, tolerability and effectiveness of new treatments for kidney cancer called Nivolumab and Ipilimumab. The study is in two parts; in the first instance patients receive nivolumab alone. If this treatment is not effective patients may move onto the second part of the trial, where they receive nivolumab + ipilimumab. There is no placebo. The reason to offer one treatment alone, followed by two treatments together is that it is thought t...

An RCT of a Smartphone-based TID Programme

The study aims to test the effect a smartphone-based intervention on primary school students and their parents' attitudes towards tobacco industry and their tobacco-related communications.

The Australian Colonic Large Sessile Lesion Endoscopic Resection Study

A prospective, multicentre, observational study of all patients referred for endoscopic resection of sessile colorectal polyps sized ≥20 mm conducted with intention to treat analysis

Effectiveness of Sedation Management in an Australian Intensive Care Unit

Sedation is an important treatment when caring for the critically ill patient on a respirator. Adequate sedation has been found to reduce stress, promote relaxation, induce amnesia, improve the tolerance of the respirator, and generally assist nursing care. However all sedation produces side effects for the patients. The aim of this study is to measure the effectiveness of two approaches to sedation management in an Australian Intensive Care unit.

Changes in Physical, Cognitive and Emotional Function 5 and 10 Years After Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (aSAH)

The current study is a continuation of the study "Effect of early rehabilitation in patients with acute aSAH" which was approved by the Regional Committee for Medical Research Ethics, South-East Norway, archive number 2011/2189, Clinical Trials number 0925-0586 (Clinical Trials gov. identifier NCT01656317). The original study was a prospective, controlled, interventional study comprising patients managed at the neuro-intermediate ward following repair of a ruptured intracranial...

Prospective Observational Long-term Safety Registry of Multiple Sclerosis Patients Who Have Participated in Cladribine Clinical Trials

Prospective Observational Long-term Safety Registry of Multiple Sclerosis Patients who Have Participated in Cladribine Clinical Trials

Multidrug Resistance Proteins in Patients Enrolled in Clinical Trials Outside of the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research

RATIONALE: Studying samples of tumor tissue or blood from patients with cancer in the laboratory may help doctors learn more about cancer and the development of multidrug resistance in patients. PURPOSE: This laboratory study is looking at multidrug resistance proteins in patients enrolled in clinical trials outside of the National Cancer Institute Center for Cancer Research.

Australian Trial in Acute Hepatitis C

Australian Trial in Acute Hepatitis C (ATAHC) A prospective non-randomised dual arm longitudinal cohort of newly acquired hepatitis C infection into which participants will be enrolled and then followed at 3 monthly intervals over a 3 year period. All participants will be offered a 24 week course of pegylated interferon alfa 2a which will be commenced within 12 weeks of screening (patients coinfected with HIV will be offered 24 weeks with pegylated interferon alfa 2a pl...

The Effect of Different Financial Competing Interest Statements on Readers' Perceptions of Clinical Educational Articles

Financial ties with industry are common among doctors, academics and institutions. This trial aims to investigate the influence of different types of industry-linked activities on readers' perceptions of clinical reviews. Two clinical reviews have been selected on medical topics and study participants (practicing doctors) will be sent one review each. The reviews will be identical except for the inclusion of one of four different permutations of competing interest statements. P...

A Trial of an Audit and Feedback Report to Improve Colonoscopy Performance

This project aims to measure the impact of a physician report card (also called an audit & feedback report) on colonoscopy performance. Endoscopists in Ontario will be randomly assigned to either receive the endoscopist report card or to no feedback. Using Ontario health administrative data, the quality of colonoscopy will be compared between those who received the report card and those who do not. The investigators will also measure the effect of receiving endoscopist report c...

Physician Disclosures in the Real World of Conflicting Interests

This study seeks to ascertain the best way to inform patients about their physicians' conflicts of interest (COI) with industry. Currently, there is no institutional or national standard for such physician-to-patient disclosures. The primary aim of this study is to test different written disclosures and assess their impact on patients' knowledge of their physicians' COIs and on patients' trust in their physician and their healthcare institution. The secondary aim is to investig...

Matching Patients With Hematologic Malignancy to Adequate Clinical Trials

A molecular profile of a patient with hematologic malignancy, for whom standard-of-care had failed, is identified using next generation sequencing. Patients are assigned to early clinical trials of targeted agent based on the molecular profiling or physician's choice. The improvement of outcomes in the intention-to-treat population is investigated.

Targeting Effective Analgesia in Clinics for HIV - Patient Cohort

The TEACH patient cohort will characterize a clinic sample of HIV-infected patients on chronic opioid therapy (COT) by describing basic demographics and health status, including characteristics of pain (severity and interference), aberrant behaviors/misuse of COT, substance use and trust/satisfaction with providers. In addition, data on a subset of participants will be used to supplement analysis of secondary outcomes for the TEACH randomized controlled trial (RCT), an interven...

Effect of High-carbohydrate or High-monounsaturated Fatty Acids on Blood Pressure: a Meta-analysis of Randomized Clinical Trials

High saturated fat acids diets are associated with elevated blood pressure which is associated with cardiovascular morbidity and mortality. For this reason, a change of diet is recommended to manage blood pressure and prevent cardiovascular complications. To achieve this nutritional goal, a high-carbohydrate diet or high-monounsaturated fat diet can be advised in the replacement of a saturated fat diet. Previous meta-analysis of Garg (1998) cited randomized articles with incon...

Using Rapid Cycle Randomized Controlled Trials to Optimize the Influenza Clinical Decision Support Tool

The proposed study aims to examine several iterations of the Influenza Best Practice Alert at NYU Langone Health. The goal is to increase ordering of the influenza vaccine through the alert.

Study Buddy for Cancer Trials

The Study Buddy Embodied Conversational Agent (ECA) acts as an adviser to patients participating in clinical trials, promoting protocol adherence and retention, providing anticipatory guidance and answering questions, serving as a conduit to capture information about complaints or adverse events, providing an avenue for communicating about updates; and providing guidance for those withdrawing from a protocol. The Study Buddy will use a web-based ECA infrastructure developed for...

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